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  1. The quickshop is integrated very deeply in the theme, so it will be hard to remove it completly. You can hide it from you customers by doing this:
  2. open snippets/collection-item.liquid in your template editor;
  3. delete "        {% include 'quick-shop-popup' %}"
  4. delete "<div class="image-overlay-1 trans-1">
  5.                                 <table>
  6.                                         <tr>
  7.                                                 <td>
  8.                                                         <a href="#" class="quick-shop-launcher button-1 custom-font-1 trans-1"><span>Quick shop</span></a>
  9.                                                 </td>
  10.                                         </tr>
  11.                                 </table>
  12.                         </div>"
  14. Then open snippets/collection-item-large.liquid and do the same.
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