Anon - Mellow Games @ Bro-House

Jun 8th, 2014
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  1. >It’s raining down hard
  2. >You can hear the droplets falling down and onto the ceiling of the bro-house
  3. >Gemini is looking out of the window
  4. “Well that’s it for the plan of exploring the woods today...”
  5. >He hangs his head and starts to undress his explorer outfit
  6. >Female explorer outfit, with a very short khaki explorer shorts and a very skimpy vest
  7. >You resist the urge to keep watching him as he wiggles out of his outfit
  8. >Virgo himself jumps on one of the bean bag chairs and looks bored
  9. “Damn rain...”
  10. >Waspy seems to share Virgos opinion as he sighs on the couch while looking bored
  11. >Acteus just digs up one of Virgos magazines and starts to flip trough it
  12. >Virgo takes notice of this and smirks
  13. “Oh Acteus, what would you sister say if she’d find you looking trough those magazines...”
  14. >Acteus seems unaffected at Virgos little jab
  15. “Whatever she’d say would not be as bad as what she said to you when you asked her out”
  16. >Virgo goes silent and blushes a bit while rubbing the back of his head
  17. “Point taken”
  18. >You turn to look at the two
  19. >”Virgo did that? C’mon man you’ve got to tell some details now”
  20. >Moon Dust also starts to pay attention to the conversation now, as do Pepper Dust and Operator
  21. >Vigo sighs
  22. “It’s nothing special, She just looked at me like I had grown another head and then said no”
  23. >Acteus shakes his head a bit while suppressing a laugh
  24. “If I remember correctly her exact words were `I’d rather date a diamond dog´, amongst some others”
  25. >Gemini returns back to all of you, now nude
  26. >Well, the term nude is a bit wrong but still
  27. >And you once again take notice of just how feminine he looks and turn away from staring at his flank
  28. “You’re paying a lot of attention to Geminis behind Anon”
  29. >You blush and look at Operator with mild surprise on your face
  31. >”I was not!”
  32. >Your deepening blush is not helping the matter at all
  33. >Virgo smirks while everyone else is laughing, Gemini more embarrassedly than the rest
  34. “Don’t worry Anon, we understand; heck if I’d go gay I’d be after Gemini as well”
  35. >Gemini’s blushing furiously now
  36. “Him or Moon Dust”
  37. >Now Moon Dust looks shocked and appalled
  38. “I’m not gay Vigo!”
  39. >Virgo smirks
  40. “But you like dressing up don’t you?”
  41. >Moon Dust blushes hard now and starts to shift his eyes towards the walls and the ceiling
  42. “I don’ anything like that...”
  43. >Pepper Dust lets out a sneeze next to you as Moon Dust fumes at the laughing Virgo
  44. >”That must suck a lot huh?”
  45. >Pepper Dust wipes his nose with his hoof and looks at you
  46. “Yeah, but I’m so used to it that it does not bother me that much anymore”
  47. >Acteus sits down with you two on the couch while ditching the magazine
  48. >You spy the name of the magazine, Humpy-Rumped Love Bumps
  49. >Seems like Acteus is an ass man
  50. >Then again so are all of you
  51. “Too bad the trip got cancelled due to the rain”
  52. >Pepper Dust and you nod
  53. “I looked so much forward to it”
  54. >”Hopefully Gemini’s not feeling too much down, the whole thing was his idea after all”
  55. >All three of you take a look in his direction, and then quickly look away
  56. >Gemini is reaching for a glass and it’s making his rather feminine curves be very visible
  57. >The way he’s reaching for it and fumbling with it he’s bound to only end up dropping it
  58. >You sigh and get up, might as well get something to drink yourself while at it
  59. >You pass Virgo and Moon Dust, Virgo must have gotten the upper hand since Moony is blushing very hard now with a scrunch on his face while Virgo lees at him in triumph
  60. >Operator and Waspy seem to be caught in a game of cards
  61. >Judging by the chips Operator is wiping the floor with Waspy
  62. >You reach the kitchen counter area where Gemini is reaching for the glass
  63. “Just...get...over here you...”
  65. >Gemini jumps a bit in surprise as you reach past his head and grasp a few glasses
  66. “Anon?”
  67. >You pull out the glasses
  68. >”Saw you struggling and needed something to drink myself”
  69. >Gemini smiles and gets back to standing normally instead of reaching
  70. “Thank you Anon...”
  71. >”Don’t mention it”
  72. >You walk to the fridge and Gemini follows you
  73. >”So, what did you want?”
  74. >You open the fridge while reaching for the bottle of honey mead, one of this villages specialties
  75. >Gemini places her hoof on her chin and looks up at the ceiling while pondering, and then she gives you a smile
  76. “I’ll have that too”
  77. >You pour some mead for two as Waspy lets out a frustrated “Come on!” as Operator wins once again
  78. >You sit down on the kitchen table as Pepper Dust and Acteus have gotten onto lying lazily on the sofa while discussing about something, taking up all the space
  79. >As you sip some of the mead goodness Gemini joins your company
  80. >”Too bad about the weather huh?”
  81. >Gemini hangs his head a bit as his ears and antennae start to droop
  82. “Yeah, I was really looking forward to it too...”
  83. >You place your hand on Geminis mane and start to pet it while sipping on your mead
  84. >”Don’t worry, we’ll get to it when we’ll have a more beautiful day”
  85. >You suddenly notice that many faces have turned to look in your direction, some of them smirking, some of them looking like they’re about to laugh
  86. “Look at that charmer go~”
  87. >You start to wonder what Virgo is on about but then it dawns to you
  88. >One of your bad habits, unconsciously petting the ponies on accident
  89. >You can still remember how much that slap from Shimmer hurt
  90. >You look at Gemini who you’re petting and he’s blushing like mad
  91. >You remove your hand and start to scratch the back of your head
  92. >”Yeah, uh sorry about that and all”
  93. >There is some laughter from your bros
  94. >”C’mon guys, you know me and my bad habit...”
  95. >Virgo zooms in on the two of you
  97. “Are you suuuure that’s all it’s about hmmm?”
  98. >You hate your face for blushing
  99. “How about leaving Anons latent homosexuality and joining me fro a game Virgo? I’ve already cleaned Waspy off of all his chips”
  100. >Virgo gives Operator a “sure” and makes his way to him as Waspy flops onto a bean bag chair, looking exhausted
  101. >You gulp down the rest of your mead fast and slam the glass on the table
  102. >”That hit the spot”
  103. >Gemini himself is still blushing and silently sipping on his
  104. “I don’t really mind...”
  105. >You turn to look at Geminis face
  106. >”What is it Gemini?”
  107. “I don’t really mind of you pet my head...”
  108. >Now you feel mighty awkward
  109. >”Thanks...I’ll, keep that in mind”
  110. >Truth to be told you like petting ponies, it feels nice, but still this whole situation is feeling more embarrassing by the minute
  111. >You stand up and leave Gemini to sip his mead in peace and make your way to Moon Dust
  112. >Pepper Dust seems to have fallen asleep and Acteus is following him suit
  113. >Moony is doing something on the floor, lying on his tummy with his hooves stretched behind him
  114. >If you would not know any better you’d mistake him for a mare right now. Ok ANon, do nto stare at the butt, there’s been enough misunderstandings for today
  115. >As you close in you notice a few cords going into his ears so you tap him on his shoulder
  116. >Moony turns to look at you and removes the earplugs
  117. “What is it?”
  118. >”Just wondering what you’re listening to”
  119. >Moon Dust shows you one of the CD cases
  120. “Some of this stuff you brought with you”
  121. >Moon Dust is holding up one of the CDs you brought from the human world
  122. >You smile at Moony
  124. >”You’ve been listening to those quite a lot, you like the human world music that much?”
  125. >Moon Dust gives you a happy nod
  126. “Yeah. Want to listen to it with me?”
  127. >You shake your head
  128. >”Maybe some other time, I’ll leave you to enjoy”
  129. >Moon Dust gives you an “ok” and plugs the plugs back into his ears and keeps listening
  130. >you can’t help but to think it is kind of cute how he’s moving his head with the tune of the music
  131. >You fall onto one of the bean bag chairs and give out a yawn
  132. >The rain keeps falling and the atmosphere in the bro-house is quiet and mellow
  133. >”You got completely wiped off the table by operator again?”
  134. >Waspy glances at you and stops fiddling with random objects
  135. “Yeah. That pony is one mean poker shark”
  136. >Virgo lets out another desperate wail as he once again looses against Operator
  137. >You glance in his direction and notice that he’s doing much better than Waspy, but still losing
  138. “Just don’t think about petting my head to console me...”
  139. >You let out an embarrassed laughter, you’ve had a fair share of petting based incidents with Waspy as well
  140. >You let out another yawn
  141. “You feeling tired as well?”
  142. >You nod
  143. >”It’s this rain and the noises it makes, combined with not doing much of anything”
  144. “Yeah, I’m struggling to stay awake as well...”
  145. >You stare at the ceiling
  146. >The bean bag chair feels extremely comfy
  147. >Maybe you’ll just close your eyes for a while...
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