Liliana and Champloo greet

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  1. [11:34] Liliana cos Morneau exclaims, "Oh-! Champloo!"
  2. [11:35] Liliana cos Morneau exclaims, "Long time no see!"
  3. [11:36] Champloo Borin asks, "Mhm. I see ya are out of the... The thingy. That's great. How ya doin'? Mem told me ya two are married or somethin'?"
  4. [11:37] Champloo gave a warm smile, it was great to see that some of his friends still lived.
  5. (Champloo Borin)
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  8. [11:42] "Mhm! That I am, it's quite the long story." She'd smile. "I'm doing great, I got my own garden and started on growing my own ingredients for cooking."
  10. The topic of marriage, she'd softly chuckle. "No, not quite. We're very serious though. I honestly wouldn't doubt if he'd ask me to marry him soon." She'd chime.
  12. "How about yourself? How have you been doing?"
  13. (Liliana cos Morneau)
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  16. [11:49] "Ah... That's good. I figured ya would be a good cook, as well as gettin' ya own garden? That's nice..." While he was talking, he tried his best to sneakily wrap his long coat around the bandages.
  18. "Well, when ya do, is it alright if I come? It'd be hard not to make a fool of myself though... Heh..." Another attempt was thrown at covering up the bandages with his long coat.
  20. A warm smile was given when she asked her question, honestly he was on the verge of death from being impaled the day before, but he was going to lie instead. "I've been... Doin' great. I'm now a soon to be but still in trainin' legendary swordsman with a rival."
  21. (Champloo Borin)
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  24. [11:55] She kept her attention remained on Champloo, nodding here and there to recognize that she was indeed listening to him. Though, there was the occasional glance to the fabric that is tugged over himself.
  26. "I'm slowly improving, faster now than ever, that's for sure." She'd continue to smile, even as she points to the area he continued to adjust his coat over. "What's in there? Hiding a present from me?" She kindly muses.
  28. "Of course you can come, I don't see why you wouldn't be invited. If you're talking about the garden house, we can go there now for you to get a better look." She'd nod her head.
  30. "And that's great! You're truly going to be a legendary swordsman! I'm proud of you Champloo."
  32. "I do hope to learn holy magic and to become a doctor. Both I hear are quite difficult but I am up to the challenge."
  33. (Liliana cos Morneau)
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  36. [12:08] "Its always good to improve in my book." As he continued to speak, a thought was given to his own training. It was coming to somewhat of a standstill after almost dying, but he was determined to not let it end here.
  38. "U-umm.... I wish, yeah? Heh..." He cleared his throat, and continued to speak. "Oh? Sure. I'd like to see what garden ya are at now, yeah?" He would chuckle slightly.
  40. "Learnin' holy magic huh... I think that's what Mem learned, yeah? And becomin' a doctor is nice. I could probably never do it, I hurt myself just tryin' to put bandages-"
  42. He would clear his throat once more, almost letting out his secret. "A-anyways, lead the way to ya garden, yeah?"
  43. (Champloo Borin)
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