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  1. <p><h1><strong> The Faire </strong></h1> Tomorrow I am going to a Renaissance Faire with a few of my friends. I'm rather excited about it, since I have not been
  2. to the faire since I was in college.<br>
  3.  I plan on bringing some <q>syrup</q> to put in my coffee for no reason other
  4. than because I can!</p>
  5. <p> <h3>Here is a list of a few of the things <em>I</em> would like to do tomorrow:</h3>
  6. <ul>
  7.    <li> Drink a horn of mead</li>
  8.    <li> Call out to all the comely wenches I fancy!</li>
  9.    <li> Resist the urge to buy a sweet morningstar</li>
  10. </ul> </p>
  11. <p> The massive liger will be there as well, which is magnificent sight to behold! The liger is a cross between a male lion and a tigress.<br>
  12. <h4>Here is a list of other genetic hybrids:</h4>
  13. <table>
  14.    <tr>
  15.      <th>Father</th>
  16.          <th>Mother</th>
  17.          <th>Offspring</th>
  18.         </tr>
  20.     <tr>
  21.           <td>Donkey</td>
  22.           <td>Horse</td>
  23.           <td>Mule</td>
  24.         </tr>
  26.         <tr>
  27.           <td>Tiger</td>
  28.           <td>Lioness</td>
  29.           <td>Tiglon</td>
  30.         </tr>
  32.         <tr>
  33.           <td>Horse</td>
  34.           <td>Donkey</td>
  35.           <td>Hinny</td>
  36.         </tr>
  37. </table>
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