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GBG Session 24: The Corpse Swallower

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  1. <Darkling> The spear draws back, then darts forward in a jab, narrowly missing Vier as it cuts through the water.
  2. <Rasia> Rasia and Ein continue to struggle and strain under the base, unable to stop its sinking completely, but undoubtedly slowing it.
  3. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Null Drei does its best to steady beneath the waves, all senses focused on Hræsvelgr, pilots synch ratio dipping.
  4. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Three layers of AT Field detected."
  5. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Looks surprisingly sturdy for such a midget of an Aesir..." Lahja says quietly while studying Hræsvelgr and directing Null Vier to move away.
  6. <Darkling> With Vier out of the way Hræsvelgr points a hand towards Ein, the water around the Aesir bubbling instantaneously before erupting in a white light that blasts up through the base.
  7. <Rasia> Left clutching twisted metal and open sea, Ein finally turns its attention to the traitor Aesir. Whipping around and bolting through the water, Ein's talons just miss their target, leaving bubbles of boiling seawater in their wake.
  8. <Wilhelm_Faustus> A piece of Null Drei's AT Field fires off, screaming through the water as it impacts with Hræsvelgr.
  9. <Darkling> Hræsvelgr float at the center of the impact, seemingly unfazed.
  10. <Lahja_Ilvainen> With a sigh Lahja has Null Vier fire off a devastating shot. She turns her head and closes her eyes as the shot fires. "I'm very sorry, Captain."
  11. <Darkling> There's a slight impact, the bullet entering Hræsvelgr, but nothing beyond that.
  12. <Darkling> Turning around in the water Hræsvelgr thrusts out the spear at Ein, the red tip striking deep into the Aesir.
  13. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Rasia!"
  14. <Rasia> A crimson cloud gushes into the water as Ein thrashes and Rasia howls in agony. Twisting and jerking, Ein darts down, grabbing Hræsvelgr by one leg and swinging the Aesir around to pull the spear free, shredding the flesh on the way out.
  15. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Don't touch her!" Drei's eyes flare, beams of energy wrapped in AT funnels as they strike out at Hræsvelgr with the Aryan's fury.
  16. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja studies the Aesir again. Hidden weak spot somewhere? Maybe a suicide mission? Is this what you were expecting? Null Vier fires off another shot as the pilot ponders.
  17. <Darkling> Another hit, and like the other blows to Hræsvelgr, it simply goes unnoticed by the Aesir.
  18. <Rasia> "Eject Ivy?" She coughs, as Ein's bleeding slows to a trickle.
  19. <Darkling> The single word "No." Echoes through the pilots minds.
  20. <Rasia> And Rasia bares her teeth. I've got enough opinions in there, thank you very much.
  21. <Darkling> The shining spear swings through the water cleaving off Ein's right arm.
  22. <Rasia> Rasia's vitals spike, not that there's a command center to receive her erratic readings, and the ocean fills with an ever-expanding rose, her tail thrashing vigorously to keep her stable in the water.
  23. <Rasia> But not to be defeated, Ein darts forward unimpeded, grabbing for the arm holding the Lance. --the first attack that Hræsvelgr even tried to dodge, but her talons sink into it all the same.
  24. <Lahja_Ilvainen> No? An answer, but somehow it doesn't make anything any better. Quite the opposite, in fact. Lahja follows Rasia's lead, noting that attempt at evading, and Null Vier sends off a single shot at the Aesir's arm.
  25. <Darkling> Another hit, the bullet sinking into the arm and exiting the other side.
  26. <Darkling> The spear swings wide, flailing past Ein harmlessly.
  27. <Rasia> Not that Rasia's doing much better, the unbalanced Aesir unable to find purchase on the arm again.
  28. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Rather than say something smug or witty the boy just yells at the top of his lungs, AT Field warping as it blasts toward Hræsvelgr in a torrent of boiling water.
  29. <Darkling> The energy smacks into Hræsvelgr, throwing the Aesir off balance. Once the blast clears, you can see the armour plating has sheered right off the arm which is glowing through molten flesh.
  30. <Darkling> Behind the carnage, the dome continues to sink, completely submerged now.
  31. <Rasia> Rasia clutches her arm, hanging limp as the nerves in Ein's severed shoulder continue to convince her it isn't there anymore, a sad look to the dome.
  32. <Darkling> You can see a few submarines headed away from the base. At least someone escaped.
  33. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja continues to look away and feel like sludge when shooting, Null Vier changing the attack plan and sending out a shotgun-like blast of glowing bullets at the Aesir's arm.
  34. <Darkling> The bullets absorb into the arm, just as Hræsvelgr brings the spear tip towars Ein again.
  35. <Rasia> And Ein manages to catch it with the very claws Hraesvelgr hoped to sever, blood still pouring from the stump of its arm.
  36. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Turbines while as Drei propels itself through the water, charging Hræsvelgr. It warps its field into a weapon, a larger version of Corrin's favorite, slamming it into the enemy with a hot-blooded yell!
  37. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja's head very slowly turns to look directly at the Aesir, and she fights off the urge to close her eyes as Null Vier fires off a very well aimed shot, guided either by instinct or by luck.
  38. <Darkling> The bullet sinks into the Aesir's chest and it staggers back, hunching over in the water.
  39. <Darkling> "Guys? Is that you?" Ivy's voice comes over the comm.
  40. <Rasia> "Ivy!"
  41. <Wilhelm_Faustus> ". . ."
  42. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "... Captain?" Lahja's voice is weak, but hopeful.
  43. <Darkling> "Wha... what's going on? I don't feel good. I feel, cold."
  44. <Rasia> "Ivy sick."
  45. <Darkling> A flickering video feed opens. It's dark, you can see Ivy shifting around in her seat, almost as black as the rest of the plug, blinking red eyes looking worried.
  46. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja opens her mouth to say something, but finds Rasia's explanation enough. Then she starts to talk again as the video feed comes in, only to find herself speechless again.
  47. <Rasia> Rasia stares as well, her injuries forgotten, Ein defaulting to a lazy circle-pattern.
  48. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "I suggest pressing the attack. There is no saving Ivy or her Aesir at this point."
  49. <Rasia> "Eject?"
  50. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He shakes his head.
  51. <Darkling> "I don't think I can." A light flickers in the plug, she appears melded to the seat, her skin a deep ocean blue run through with red veins. "I don't think I'm meant to."
  52. <Rasia> The Israeli growls, but she continues to circle.
  53. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Red is all Lahja can see right now, and at Wilhelm's words Null Vier raises a hand. Seems she's not in the mood to mince words anymore. "I don't believe I can think less of you, Ivy. Do you..." she pauses, having trouble continuing.
  54. <Darkling> Outside the plug, bits of armor are falling off Hræsvelgr, revealing a glowing body underneath, red core in the chest with a single hole in it.
  55. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "I'd tell you I'm sorry but it wouldn't be sincere. Your usefulness to them is at an end, a pity you didn't see this coming."
  56. <Darkling> Hræsvelgr is no longer hunched over either. Ethereal wings unfolding from its back.
  57. <Darkling> "You may be right Wilhelm. I shall become something more then."
  58. <Darkling> The video feed cuts out and v is enshrouded in a bright light.
  59. <Darkling> The light fades slowly, Hræsvelgr still floating in front of you, but now very obviously resembling Ivy in face and figure.
  60. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "... have any last wishes?" Lahja manages too late, now wondering if she should be the one making wishes. The thought doesn't last long, quickly drowned out by mental silence as the sight sinks in.
  61. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Drei manifests a new hammer from its field, swinging for the core. It misses, the Aryan swearing.
  62. <Darkling> A voice in your head Wilhelm. Decidedly a mix between organic and computerized, with a touch enough humanity to sound like Ivy.
  63. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja continues to stare, increasingly dumbfounded. Is this a bad thing? A good thing? As much as her father's training gave her a lot of mental toughness this isn't exactly the sort of thing one can prepare for.
  64. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Your fate won't be mine!"
  65. <Darkling> Two swipes of the spear. The first misses, the second takes a leg with it.
  66. <Rasia> Rasia howls, flailing in the water as it comes clean off, twisting and swatting to try and find purchase.
  67. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "You couldn't see your own demise, you can't see my future. Now you're going to die, and I'll make sure you suffer, for hurting Rasia!"
  68. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Don't talk like you're a part of any of it! You were just an experiment!"
  69. <Rasia> The Aesir sinks, streaming blood, as Rasia gasps for air.
  70. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Another hammer, this one filled with all of the boys hate and anger, hammering home against Hræsvelgr's core.
  71. <Darkling> Hræsvelgr shudders, obviously not quite as immune to pain as before.
  72. <Darkling> The spear levels and points back at Wilhelm, Drei stopping in the water.
  73. <Darkling> Then Hræsvelgr turns, swimming down to Ein and with a quick slice, the head of the Aesir comes off, floating away from its body.
  74. <Rasia> Ein spasms, a final weak thrash, and it begins to sink. Rasia screams bloody murder, her suit lighting up with sympathetic pain, nearly knocking her unconscious. Without even the faintest attempts to resist sinking, the dense Aesir disappears into the dark depths, trailing three dark clouds of lifeblood.
  75. <Rasia> A bellow ripples through the water, rattling the armor on the Aesir. With impossible speed, Ein surges back to the surface, the armor on its head and right side utterly gone, exposing the undulating, twisting flesh underneath as whole limbs return in the span of seconds. Six exotic eyes spin in their sockets, centering on Hræsvelgr and jaws loaded with rows and rows of teeth open wide.
  76. <Rasia> Wilhelm might appreciate the way Ein moves just fast enough to create a hyper-cavitation bubble on its snout, which collapses with a spectacular flash of light as the Aesir sinks teeth larger than most men directly into Hræsvelgr's head, a mane of wild hair sprouting all down its scaled neck.
  77. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja tilts her head and looks on as Ein resurfaces, the sight diverting her attentions from Hræsvelgr. Didn't that thing just lose its head and a few limbs? As it attacks she blinks a few times, apparently regarding it as the sort of oddity she'd see in her dreams. She follows suit, Vier firing off hasty shots.
  78. <Darkling> Hræsvelgr speaks to everyone, Ivy's voice breaking through, distorted heavily. "It sates itself on the life-blood of fated men, paints red the powers' homes with crimson gore."
  79. <Darkling> The red spear finds its way into Ein again, leaving a vicious cut behind before Hræsvelgr turns, slashing out at Vier and missing.
  80. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Refuge in sickness. It's the only way to function now that the world has gone so utterly mad. Lahja's combat smile makes a return for the first time in a while. "What pretty words." And what a pretty way to die this will be, too. No matter who dies.
  81. <Rasia> Undeterred, Ein slashes and bites at Hræsvelgr viciously, filling the ocean with Jotunblut, even devouring whole chunks that get torn off.
  82. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "A bouquet for you. There are going to be a lot more after this is over. People have explaining to do." Lahja says not happily, but certainly in a manic way as Vier unleashes a shotgun-like blast right into the core with deadly accuracy. It's almost possessive, so much as shooting could be called that.
  83. <Darkling> In return the spear jabs and slashes, scoring a deep wound along Vier's head. "Brothers will fight and kill each other, sisters' children will defile kinship."
  84. <Lahja_Ilvainen> A shriek from Lahja as the hit connects, and then a violent shudder. Those words seem to have snapped some sense of guilt into her. No more smiles.
  85. <Rasia> Twisting its neck around, Ein snaps its jaws down on Hræsvelgr's reaching arm. With a crocodillian twist, Ein kicks off from the Jotun's flesh and shreds the unfortunate arm caught in its grasp.
  86. <Rasia> Wrenching itself back around, Ein sinks its teeth into Hræsvelgr's flesh. With sickening, fleshy rips amplified by the water, it begins to eat, tearing away chunks of flesh and swallowing until the water runs thick with Jotunblut, and both creatures disappear.
  87. <Darkling> One last sentence invades the minds of the pilots. "Earth shall be riven and the over-heaven."
  88. <Darkling> Then from the depths of the blood clouded water an explosion erupts.
  89. <Rasia> Unharmed, Ein swims free of the cloud, twists its neck this way and that, and bolts off at a sprint. Serpentine and elegant, the chances of catching it without running out of power are slim...
  90. Wilhelm_Faustus watches in silence, relaxing his aim.
  91. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja looks on as Ein and Hræsvelgr disappear. No longer intoxicated by her state of mind she vomits profusely, the sight being far too similar to Hræsvelgr and the troll for her liking. The explosion runs through Vier, battering it but it still remains functional. She manages a very sharp, twitchy salute and a few words before blacking out. "Good night."
  92. <Darkling> ============================
  93. <Darkling> Vier and Drei float in the water as Ein swims off and disappears. Below them is what little is left of Hrœsvelg, which is very little.
  94. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja's eyes slowly open. Still dark. Still watery. Still miserable. And headache.
  95. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Where the hell is she going?"
  96. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Your guess is as good as mine." Lahja says in a dazed tone, then offers a seemingly serious suggestion. "Try telepathy?"
  97. <Darkling> Further below and back behind you the entire UN Dome rests at the bottom of the ocean.
  98. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Drei folds its arms over its chest as the pilot does the same. "Rasia, get a hold of yourself. What are you doing?"
  99. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Wilhelm... just to be sure..." Vier begins turning and looking about, surveying the wreckage. "Did all of that just happen?"
  100. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Yes, it did."
  101. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Considering the new addition to each Aeisr, the boy wasn't worried about an activie time limit. He sat quietly in the plug, chin in hand as he thoughts.
  102. <Darkling> Something churns inside you Wilhelm.
  103. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "We'll have to talk soon." Vier begins sinking down toward the UN Dome. "Hello, home. I'm going to miss you, too."
  104. <Darkling> Drei seems to have responded to whatever is feeling off inside you, you can feel your senses tingling.
  105. <Wilhelm_Faustus> His nose twitches, trying to ignore the odd sensation. Is not really the time, Drei?
  106. <Darkling> Drei thinks other wise. Maybe trying to alert you to something?
  107. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "What do you think of your new grave, kitty? This is where the fish come from, you know..." Lahja says in a baby talk voice. She's trying to sound enthusiastic or happy, but fails miserably.
  108. Wilhelm_Faustus reaches out, lowering the volume coming from Lahja's broadcast. Okay Drei, I'm listening. Whats out there?
  109. <Darkling> Feels like it is trying to warn you of something. Both from below and from above.
  110. <Wilhelm_Faustus> From both directions? With a push of the controls turbines whirl, carrying Aesir and pilot lazily to the side. "Lahja, do you see anything other than the dome down here?" Meanwhile his gaze lifts up.
  111. <Darkling> Seeing the surface and beyond at this depth is impossible.
  112. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Cremation seems like a lovely option now, doesn't it, Ragnarok?" And that was way too enthusiastic. Vier begins looking around, focusing on what's below. "I'll keep my eyes open. You don't think that worm is still alive, do you?"
  113. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "No, just a feeling."
  114. <Darkling> A crackle through the comms.
  115. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Seems communications are coming back online."
  116. <Darkling> "....re us......ots...ad me..."
  117. <Darkling> "try.....lish connec.....Can y....ear us pi..."
  118. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja listens as Null Vier patrols the area. "Nothing yet, Wilhelm. Could you make much out of that communication?"
  119. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "They want us to establish a connection. I'll go toward the surface. Watch for Rasia." Turbines whine, lifting the Aesir toward the surface.
  120. <Darkling> There's a ship up there, getting closer, and the signal getting clearer as you rise up through the water. "Pilots, can you read me?"
  121. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "I read you."
  122. <Darkling> "Excellent. Instruct the other pilot to surface with you, then follow us. We will rendevous with your captain."
  123. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Vier and pilot are blow in range of the dome, Ein swam off out of range."
  124. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Lahja, time to surface."
  125. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Time to go. But with luck I'll be back in some form someday." Vier lingers a few moments longer to cast a final glance downward and then at the dome before rising.
  126. <Darkling> "We are aware of the location of ein and are currently tracking the rogue Aesir. Do not concern yourself with it."
  127. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Very well then."
  128. <Darkling> The ship brings them to a small remote outpost resembling a smalelr version of the UN Dome. There are a few submarines docked underneath it.
  129. <Darkling> After some time of making a spur of the moment dock for the Aesir you are brough on board where Lit is waiting for you.
  130. Wilhelm_Faustus runs a hand a long his skin, waiting for Lit to speak. He'll need a bottle of water for experimenting later.
  131. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja pauses at the sight of Lit, staring for several long moments.
  132. <Darkling> "I'm glad you both are safe. Let's get you out of those suits and cleaned up."
  133. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Any time out of the test suit was a good time.
  134. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "That's a good idea, sir." Lahja nods wearily. Her arm twitches a little.
  135. <Darkling> "...are you alright Wilhelm, you look a little ill."
  136. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "I'm fine, sir. Just the depth and pressure, perhaps." Because lets face it, the boy didn't bat an eye at the thought of killing Ivy.
  137. <Darkling> "Right.." he still gives you a funny look then leads you off.
  138. <Darkling> There's some cramped quarters you are assigned to, and some standard issue Nerv clothing for you.
  139. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja's head sharply turns toward Wilhelm at that. Does he really look worse than me? She sucks it in as she moves on after Lit.
  140. Wilhelm_Faustus turns off the light to the puny, temporary quarters. As he peels away his test suit he watches for any other signs of change to his body.
  141. <Darkling> The room lights up as the suit comes off. Fluorescent blue markings winding their way down your arm and back. They've made progress it seems.
  142. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Enough to cast that much light? Even Wilhem felt a momentary pang of concern, making his way to the bathroom. Lets see what the mirror says.
  143. <Darkling> The mirror tells you quite the story.
  144. <Wilhelm_Faustus> ...fantastic. Wonder how Lahja is doing, or Rasia for that matter.
  145. <Lahja_Ilvainen> No such concerns from Lahja. Shower. Reflect. Plot. Let the emo out. And then, just for fun, think about all the flowers. Might as well make it a long one just to run up the water bill, if this boat even has to worry about such a thing.
  146. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Wilhelm doesn't bother with a shower, or with experimenting. It didn't seem important right now. Instead he crawled naked into bed and decided to take a nap.
  147. <Wilhelm_Faustus> It didn't feel quite the same without Rasia there. So he frowned, looking unhappy even in sleep.
  148. <Darkling> =============ELSEWHERE=============
  149. <Darkling> "Eject commands accepted."
  150. <Darkling> The plug in Ein shoots out onto the white sandy beach where the giant was resting.
  151. <Darkling> "Retrieve our pilot with caution." The black clad figure orders and a few soldiers and medic rush forward, opening the plug and peering inside.
  152. <Rasia> LCL gushes out, soaking into the sand. Rasia sits perched inside, awakened by the ejecting plug. A pregnant pause, and she draws a breath. Would she attack, like before? Maul the medic and need to be put down? Had she gone rogue completely, joined some terrorist cell? "Wilhelm."
  153. <Darkling> "He's safe. We'll take you to him." The figure approaches Rasia, extending a metal clad hand.
  154. <Rasia> She...glows. Not literally, like her beau, but she's possibly healthier than when she left, flush with life. Rasia takes the metal hand quietly, rising to her feet. Berzerking could have been...therapeutic for her?
  155. <Darkling> "Let's take you home. Your comrades are waiting for you." There's a helicopter waiting a bit of a way down the beach.
  156. <Rasia> Clambering out of the plug, she draws a deep breath, mouth open to taste the air, even as her stomach gurgles with swallowed LCL. "Mmn~"
  157. <Darkling> ============END============
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