Under The Table

Aug 5th, 2018
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  1. >"--So then I was telling her that we actually can't do anything like that. The new government regulations, which are BULLSHIT by the way, make something like that illegal, so we'd need to go about it a completely different way."
  2. "U-Uh-huh..."
  3. >"It took a bit of work, since we're so used to doing it the old way, but after a day or two of working at it I'm actually pretty sure what we do now is a bit more efficient that how we've been doing it all this time."
  4. "That's--Huh~--N-Neat, Twilight..."
  5. >Twilight, your bestest glasses-wearing chum, frowned
  6. >"Are you okay, Pinkie? You look a little... red," she said, leaning over the table a bit to look at you. "Is it too warm in here? Do you need me to turn down the temperature? It really is hot in here..."
  7. >It takes a few seconds for you to respond
  8. >You try your hardest too answer Twilight
  9. >She looks worried, and Pinkie don't like seeing her friends worried
  10. >The problem is that tongue slowly dragging itself up your cookie
  11. >And you don't mean the emergency stash of cookies that you keep in your pocket
  12. >Or the ones you keep in your left sock
  13. >Or in your hair
  14. >You smiled as best as you could, placing an elbow on the table and resting your hand in your hand
  15. >You don't look down under the table
  16. >No, no, no!
  17. >That'd be a really, really, REALLY bad idea
  18. "Warm? Puff, I'm finnnnne," you said with a little wave of your hand. "It's just--"
  19. >The tongue slips inside of you
  20. >It wiggles around a little bit before dragging across a particular spot
  21. "Urk!"
  22. >You leaned forward, nearly slamming your face against the table
  23. >You swear to horse-god that one of your eyes looks up to the ceiling while the other looks toward the floor
  24. >Your chest heaves and your cheeks puff out as you fight back a scream
  26. >OhfuckingfuckfuckFUCK!
  27. >In a flash, hopefully QUICKER than Twi could notice, you were able to get a grip on yourself
  28. "--just all that cinnamon frosting that I a-ate this morning!" you chirped as you felt your blush creeping down your neck
  29. >Twilight sat back into her chair
  30. >"Cinnamon icing?" she said
  31. "Yeppers!" you said, clamping your legs around the head between them
  32. >Your heart skips a beat as you feel the head moves back and forth and the hands on your bottom squeeze
  33. "Mrs. Cake wanted something new f-for the weekend, so we were testing o-out some new cupcakes."
  34. >Lick. Lick Lick
  35. >The tip of the tongue swirls around your clit
  36. >Your eye twitches when you swore you could JUST pick up a moan
  37. "We made SO much icing that she let me eat as much as I wanted," you said, flashing your friend a grin as you bucked your hips
  38. >Not hard
  39. >Nope
  40. >Hard would have been bad
  41. >Hard might have made Twi look under the table to see your lewd-y Mclewderson of a boyfriend under the table
  42. >It was your fault really
  43. >Nonners couldn't help himself when you wore your trademark string tops and no pants
  44. >You had thought that you'd be able to get in a quickie before Twilight came over, but gosh darnit if your love buddy didn't like to take his time!
  45. >Another lick made you shiver
  46. >Twi frowned, looking at you with concern
  47. >"Are you sure?" she asked
  48. "Sure--" you gritted your teeth as you felt Nonners kiss the patch of hair that you kept above the ol' cookie
  50. >Sufferin succotash did you LOVE when he did that!
  51. "--I'm fine. Really, Twi," you said, drumming your fingers against your cheek with one hand and knocking on the table with the other
  52. >Your eyes dart down
  53. >Just for a teeny, tiny little second
  54. >You were able to make out the top of Nonner's head before you wrenched your gaze back toward Twi
  55. "Now w-what you were saying about your doohickey?" you asked, trying--TRYING-- to keep your breathing steady. "You're more efficient now because the government's stealing your jobs? Talk about a weird thing to say, girlfriend."
  56. >Twilight snorted
  57. >"The government isn't stealing anyone's jobs, Pinkie," she said. "This is just such a new industry is all and they're trying to--"
  58. >With that, Twilight continues to talk about her thing
  59. >Her business thing; the thing that she likes doing and talking about and the thing you like to listen to her talking about because you're her bestest friend and you love to support her
  60. >You didn't hear a word of it
  61. >Welllll, you heard some words
  62. >Sentences too, and even the occasional paragraph
  63. >But between those rare occurrences, the only thing you can really focus on is what's going on between your legs
  64. >Curse Nonners and his superior cunnilingus ability!
  65. >Why did he love licking you so much?!
  66. >The other girls complain all the time about how hard it is to get a guy to go down on him but here you are with someone that's the complete opposite
  67. >Dangit was life so amazing sometimes!
  68. >You loved him so gosh darn much!
  69. >With a slightly shaky hand, you reached over for your glass of water
  70. >You nearly dropped it as Anon traced the words to the happy birthday song SLOWLY
  73. >You pretend to take a sip of water before putting the glass down just a little too hard
  74. >You then shifted from left to right, nodding at whatever Twi was saying, then looking to the right, then to the left
  75. >Your legs wrap around Nonner's head, the heels of your feet resting against his back
  76. >You could feel his hands running across your legs
  77. >Nonner's LOVED your legs
  78. >He loved all of you really, but he especially loved your legs, so much so that whenever you came home from work he'd rub them and your with cocoa butter
  79. >To be fair though, he did that with your boobs too...
  80. >And your tummy...
  81. >...
  82. >Huh...
  83. >Was this how those super good looking actors felt?
  84. >It must be, right?
  85. >You chewed your lip
  86. >Your stomach was tightening, butterflies flying up toward your throat
  87. >Anon was becoming more aggressive, his lick going deeper and deeper inside of you
  88. >You really hoped Twilight wasn't just pretending that Anon wasn't under the table right now
  89. >...
  90. >You also hoped she didn't notice the smell
  91. >Or those BEAUTIFUL licking sounds
  92. >"So how does seven o'clock sound, Pinkie?"
  93. >You jolted in your seat
  94. >Realizing that you were just kind of staring at Anon's head, you quickly looked up to see Twi staring at you
  95. "Seven? Seven? Sure, Seven sounds great!" you said as a bead of sweat made its way down your face
  96. >What the heck was going on at seven?!
  97. >What had Twi said?
  98. >What had you missed?!
  101. >Gosh dangit, you were gonna cum SO HARD!
  102. >Twilight smiled
  103. >"Great! I'll made sure to pick up you and Anon then!" she said, rising from her seat. "Tell Anon he doesn't have to wear anything nice. I know he will anyway, but just let him know that it'd just a night out with everyone."
  104. >Night out with everyone?
  105. >Great!
  106. >You could work with that!
  107. >You could--
  108. >Ohgoshthatfeelssogoodhowishistonguethatlongohgoshdon'tcuminfrontofTWILIGHT!
  109. "I will!" you managed to squeak out
  110. >Your fingers dug into the table as Twilight pushed her chair in and made her way to the door
  111. >Your chest was heaving, your toes were curling, and you were doing your best to squeeze Nonner's head off
  112. >"I'll see you in a few hours the, Pinkie," Twilight said, reaching for the door
  113. >You waved at her, reaching down with your free hand to roughly grab a fistful of your boyfriend's hair
  114. "Y-Y-Yep! I'll s-see you then!" you squeaked
  115. >Twi, with a smile and a wave, stepped through your door as you very quietly, very gently placed your head against the table
  116. >Closing your eyes, you opened your mouth in a silent scream as the door clicked shut and an orgasm crashed through you
  117. >Nonner's never did stop with his tongue, even when your knees were tapping against the bottom of the table and you were thrashing in your seat
  118. >He didn't stop until your body went limp, breathing like you were chasing Dashie all day and covered in sweat
  119. >You let out a whimper as you felt his tongue slip out of you
  120. >That whimper turned into a whine as you felt his tongue licking your clean
  121. You felt his hands reach back to grab your legs
  123. >He untangled himself, rolling out from underneath the table
  124. >With what little strength you had, you turned your head to look at him
  125. >The sight of his face coated in your cum sent a burst of arousal through you
  126. >If you could have moved your body, you'd have probably tackled him to the ground to show him who's the lewd master around this house
  127. >It was still him of course, but you did your best
  128. >"Soo..." he said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "Where are we headed at seven?"
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