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  1. The beast Dango Call The Usurper Advut Goronmeus The Controller Theseus Kamisama
  2. From the Primordial Chaos, the elements have risen, and from the cascading mix of elements the spheres were born.
  3. From the combinations of Spheres, the gods came to be. Some gods chose to wait out creation of the first planet, either for personal gain or the creation didn't interest them, no one knows. Call, The Controller, Goronmeus and Theseus all worked together to create 12 continents on their unnamed world. Life there is mostly the same, besides a few anomalies. Kamisama has created the first sentient life who share a great love for their creator, they are bipedal with 2 arms, 2 legs and a head.
  4. He also added tiny insects that use their arms as blades to cut down their prey and a tree that blossoms during the spring
  6. In the year 100, Advut spent some of his power granting the humans greater intelligence, even now they have begun to invite the wheel and have cleared away some jungle for basic farms.(edited)
  7. Kami has visited some island humans and taught them how to farm rice, the island is now dotted with rice patties, with so called rice kings ruling over portions of it.
  8. Call decided that he could not remain as one form for a second longer and split himself into 12 shards, Spa, a creative woman; Doo, one who makes many sacrifices; Bre, a free spirit who always knows where to go next; Har, a unique individual;, Ra, a wrathful thing; Li, a learned and boastful man; Ti, a destroyer and twister of fantasies; Fe, a powerful being that plays with chance; Blu, a woman with many friends and many responsibilities; Mi, one who makes an abundance of choices; Ho, a man bursting with possibilities; and Voi, an empty hole where there should be a person.
  9. each shard  incarnates to a tribe of humans
  10. they each attempt to take a leadership role in each tribe and should they succeed will lead their people in their own way
  11. Unfortunately The Controller had different plans
  12. The shards only had 1/12 the power of a God each
  13. The Controller easily beat the shard known as Fe but failed to consume him and gain his sphere. Fe is now the right hand man in The Controller's tribe, which has already began to expand.
  15. Gonronmeus has granted the humans knowledge on how to read and write, not a lot of humans see use for this because they are basically cavemen, but the legends are written down of their encounters with the gods
  16. Advut has created a magical hoe that allows crops to grow faster. He then spread the word of this magical artifact, and once its magical nature was confirmed, the humans began sending expeditions into the forest to find more artifacts. The first age of discovery has begun
  17. Theseus has appeared to Blu, one of the shards of call to tell her where she can learn how to better defend her people, she has refused to do so, not wanting to leave her people behind.
  18. Kami has created a realm in which people can contact spirits in return for magical power. Unfortunately no one has gold and only the rice kings have food to spare, so they have a monopoly over magic. He also sent some envoys to blu's people to teach them how to defend themselves
  19. The controllers armies marched forth once more, getting another commander from the godly shard known as Ti, his empire has grown to encompass several square miles, impressive considering there are no towns or cities yet.
  21. Theseus has faith Har the oath of marriage, unfortunately it seems Har didn't understand that marriage makes it monogamous. The idea of formalized bonds between parents quickly spreads to the other tribes
  22. Kami has taught the rice kings how to make bricks and construct buildings with them. He also began to train militias for reasons. He created the first creature designed to be tamable, massive turtles that attract fish with the plants that grow on their back . He then constructed a massive castle that is rumored to be 2 miles tall and 5 miles long, a true fortress fit for any king.
  23. The controller crushed two more shards for one turn, he now has a foothold in the rice kingdoms islands and has already began to eye up the remaining 8 shard tribes. He also created and recruited deadly berserker shock troops known as the mad. These things are merciless and they now form the bulk of his army.
  24. Kami also created several weebwoos, they re bipedal dogs that do his bidding, with strange and impractical weapons.  Advut has created several more artifacts that the villagers have been looking for, they are mostly in the rice kingdoms because that's where the most people live at the moment, but the boots of got'a go fast are in the border of The Controller and Voi's territory
  26. The Controller began to develop the dominion, expanding his reach with new soldiers and new towns and cites. As the first village of his conquest, The Controller made Fe's village the capital, in which he administrates his empire. Talks have begun about the formation of the greater dominion states, which seems to cover most of the free tribesmen left
  27. Beastmen have been created, savage creatures  that have ravaged some of the outlying villages of the dominions and besieged some of the free tribes. Their outright hostility has lead to them being killed on sight, yet without superior technology and the rice kings refusing to leave their island to help, the beastmen are winning the long war.
  28. The usurper has awoke from his slumber and began to influence the world of mortals. He created two crowns, one he gifted to the Controller, if he chooses to accept it and another to one of the king of the largest rice kingdom. Already several civil wars have seen that kingdom fall into decline
  29. He then creates the kings cutlery who is marching into the savage lands to challenge the leader of the dominion
  30. Theseus has built a temple for marriages, all of the free tribesmen flock their to have their marriage be set in stone
  31. Goronmeus has created a race of nomads who wander the lands beyond the savage lands, into the greater unknown, they bring back exotic food and animals to trade with the rice kingdoms
  32. Kami has created the first blade for the weebs, a blade folded 1,000,000,000,000 times to ensure the highest quality, but the time needed to make it has seem them in short supply
  33. -------------------------------------
  34. You feel reality start to crack and buckle, until it's finally broken through and out flows a dingy space ship that has crashed into the ocean in between the rice kingdoms and the savage lands.
  35. Do you investigate it or leave such tasks to mortals and other gods
  36. (This is when the Awoos came, they were fluffy and cute. Also 18 beastmen vs every god.)
  38. After fending off the beastmen attack, the gods have decided to welcome the awoos to this world
  39. Second age begins next turn
  41. The Beast has granted the beastmen the mark of the beast, which allows this beastman to rally the hordes around him. Strangely since the mark has been granted, beastmen sightings have gone down, it's almost liked they disappeared. The Beast also grants his people weapons and such to help them wage their eternal war against humanity
  42. Goronmeus has lead the awoos into Darsio, then returned to the divine plane
  43. The Controller has created an offshoot of the mad to serve as his researcher and scholarly class. They have recently created a rule of law and have begun taxation of the subjects of the empire. Rumor has it that they are experimenting with metallurgy
  44. Pink - 07/01/2017
  45. The Usurper gives the crowns to the beastmen and the nomads. He has caused a beastmen civil war, basically nullifying the effect of the mark because of the greed for the crown. The nomads where less affected, but the crown has caused the fracturing of some of the groups after attempted theft and murder. The Usurper also creates a plate of infinite cookies for his awoos
  46. Kami has hollowed out a mountain and filled it with traps and treasure. This dungeon seems to self replenish and has a reward of a katana at the bottom. Kami has also altered his spirit plane to serve as an afterlife for Theseus and his people.
  47. Advut has incarnated to Bre and has taught them how to smoking weed. He also encouraged them to explore.
  48. This has caused the productive of Bre's tribe to drop, with many people laying about or out in the wilderness searching for artifacts
  49. Dango has created a new moon outside of the gravitational pull of the first planet. The moon he created had a liquid body of methane and water, yet was surrounded by gaseous vapors of a strange variety, perfect for traveling through but poisonous to those who had not developed an immunity to it - the vapors also block out light, giving the planet a gaseous black visage. From the core of the planet came winds and gasses, not dissimilar from hydrothermal vents on earth. The core itself is closed off by a rocky exterior, where the mineral mountains grind against each other. The sound is hellish, and mortals who would observe it would be driven mad by the sound.
  51. Then life was created for the moon. Basic life of algae and the like, but then on top of that fish and flying creatures that could only be described as flying sightless eels. They flew via thin membranes that would be carried by the gasses and winds from the core, and their tongues served to inform the creatures of their environment. They could decide where to go based on that. The fish were rather normal, though they carried electric charges that allowed for enhanced senses without charging the liquids around them, due to the unique property of methane not carrying electric currents.(edited)
  52. That was just small life. Medium sized life developed as well, most notably in the form of the aghozi. The aghozi consumed the electric charges of fish in order to survive, and had the bodies of squids and the heads of hammerheads, with the head having two prongs which would absorb the electricity. The bodies of the fish would be then left drifting in the water, where other medium sized life fed on them. This lifeform, known as the pastewyrm, was by far the most unique. While they fed on the remains of fish, their bodies emitted a gelatinous fluid - if enough came together this fluid could be used to create small burrows, or at least when the gelatin hardens they could. Algae can often be found growing on the gelatin burrows. They are vaguely worm like but also share characteristics with dinosaurs like the plesiosaur. The pastewyrms are actually sentient, and thus form the communities for social needs as well as biological ones such as reproduction.
  54. Larger life is composed of things like the mountain anenomes, giant anenomes existing on the floating minerals that along with coral create a unique environment for some animals. While not inherently poisonous, if mountains crash into each other anenomes may come into contact, creating chain reactions that kill off large amounts of the ecosystem. This allows for innovation and evolution to occur rapidly as niches are filled and emptied in quick succession. They also give off small spores known as neocellula, which are essentially jellyfish type spores which can exist as fauna before finding another mountain to reside on and become flora on. The spores often go centuries without finding homes. They are bioluminescent, and along with the bioelectricity are one of the small light sources that give Alfa, well, light. After all, there's no sunlight shining through.
  55. ??4
  56. The last notable species is the Levaghan. The Leveghan are creatures of huge size, or so all but Dango thinks. He created them with a certain purpose in mind. To live without being seen, to consume without being seen consuming - these creatures are the definition of terror. Giant sunfish, but with scales that deny light, they consume all in their wake. The scales detach only centuries after each die, leaving only colossal skeletons set adrift on the ocean. Funnily enough, some neocellula settle on these corpses and create their homes there - a reminder of the innovation of life, even in such a bizarre ecosystem.
  57. credit goes to @Dango for writing such a long post
  58. The shards of Call have created magical runes that should allow them to all communicate and coordinate with each other
  59. -----------------------------------
  60. The sun grows more volatile and has blessed some mortals with divine energies
  62. Musashi has seen the unstableness of the rice kingdoms and has decided to train militas to help protect the people. He also trains a stealthy group to help guard the people from the shadows, using this weapon. He finds great success and has managed to get himself an army of  5k soldiers.
  64. The ECG began his work and has gone on a rampage. With his bag full of ill gotten goods, he was eventually caught by the guards of the dominion and assigned a tard wrangler to keep him in check
  65. Estra has trained for 100 years to improve his swordsplay, he is now one of the best swordsmen around, but no where near his full potential
  66. Oboola has gone searching for spices and has stumbled onto a cave in the desert, inside he finds the spire garden and refinery of the legendary king of the desert. Long since abandoned but with the potential to quickly grow and process all kinds of spices.
  67. Deathshadow has managed to take control of one of the larger groups of beastmen that fractured off because of the crown infighting
  69. Theseus has created a new oath which allows people to swear an oath of allegiance. This has help combat the wide spread paranoia and backstabbing caused by the prime crowns. He also met with the Shogun and discussed his patronage
  70. Advut spent acts creating a magical raft that leads to an island full of challenges for heroes. So far none have decided to go, but it may happen soon.
  71. Goronmeus has created the Snoops, sentients that smoke weed to get inspiration for everything they do. They have already set up large scale hemp farms and begun to sell their products to traders
  72. The Controller has taken over most of the free tribes, with only a few hold outs ruled by shards remaining. He also built an arena in which people can test their might to the entertainment of the crowd.
  73. Theseus also gifts the Shogun Musashi a sword sheat. It can accomodate a sword of any size, and make them feel weighless. It also strenghtens him against any magic aimed at his soul or mind.
  74. The Beast has granted to his people the ability to bend nature to their will, now the jungle itself help the beastmen assault humanity
  75. He also created a plague which starts its life cycle in beastmen, it drives them mad and has the infected gather and attack human settlements, they are weaker though because of the effects of the plague. If they manage to land a hit on a human, he too would be infected and will become more aggressive as his boy begins to break down until death. The plague is already rampant and has even made it to the rice kingdoms in isolated cases.
  76. ----------------------------------
  77. The ECG: 0 Musashi: 0 Oboola: 0 Estra: 0 Deathshadow: 0
  78. Estra's travels has eventually brought him to the rice kingdom, he has continued to improve his sword technique, his skills are now legendary, with tales of his adventures becoming quite famous
  79. The ECG tried to escape to steal more cocks, but the Tard wrangler caught him and now he's been moved to an institute for special people
  80. Oboola has found some more mundane spices in the desert, increasing his stock pile of rare spices
  81. Deathshadow has tried to join the war of the crown, but the plague took a toll among his men and his warband is too weak to do so
  82. Musashi has managed to overwhelm several of the weaker rice kingdoms, which has rallied the support of the people on his side. With this boost in manpower, he has managed to take over the rice kingdoms into one shogunate, how long will this last while the prime crown exists? Who knows.
  84. Advut has decided to reform his adventure island into a trial for Estra, then he created two swords and placed them as a reward for his trial
  85. The Usurper has searched the land for the greatest king to slay, he finally found it in the ruler of the dominion. The Usurper managed to get the upper hand by the element of surprise, but soon the amount of guards that came in managed to distract him for the controller to get a few good hits in.  With both of them wounded, the usurper managed to lunge at the Controller and slay him. Now the dominion is crumbling, but it is not yet defeated, a new leader may still rise.
  86. ----------------------------------
  87. Oboola manages to find that refining certain leaves in the refinery gives him this white powder, using this powder he calls "Cocaine" he manages to become wealthy enough to rule the many nomads that live in the desert. He named his kingdom spitopia(edited)
  88. Estra takes the magical raft to the island. He managed to figure out the riddle and got his twin blades.(edited)
  89. The Shogun has created a new group of mages that harness the power of their ancestors for magic, the problem is that not many people volunteered so the group is understaffed
  90. Deathshadow created a metal band that has become a hit in some of the outlying villages
  92. Dango has created a new creature that refuses to be stepped on, already several casualties have been reported by merchants accidentally treading on the snakes
  93. Pink - 07/02/2017
  94. Ti has created an artifact before all the shards gathered together and reformed call on the divine plane.
  95. Theseus has given the rice kingdoms massive dogs to guard and hunt with them. These beast have been a great success but the wild packs have been known to raid farms and villages for livestock
  96. The Controller felt that he shall never be slain again, he has created for himself two artifacts, one the stops teleportation into his capital and another to grant his Champion regenerative properties(edited)
  97. Kami has spent a great amount of power to hollow out the entirety of the underground of the savagelands/nomad desert continent into a massive regenerating dungeon that spawns in an assortment of magical artifacts, gold and jewelry. It also includes a large amount of monsters. The creation of  this massive complex has seen the rise of new magic used by new creatures. Already several adventurers have braved the depths and a dominion and rice kingdom expeditions into the dungeons are underway.
  98. The ECG: 0 Musashi: 3 Oboola: 0 Estra: 4 Deathshadow: 0
  99. Deathshadow has become magnetized, he has become much stronger but less intelligent as well. He can't fit into most spaces now.
  100. Musashi has attempted to drive out the invaders of his kingdom, but he's stretched too thin to make any real progress, but the borders are safer now.
  102. Theseus has built a guardian to watch the temple of marriage, he also built a feasting hall in the spirit realm so all of those who done good acts in life can have this reward in death.
  103. He also gifted another cup of alliances to the white sentinels
  104. Goronmeus has created the white sentinels, a guard race that keeps watch of those that they think needs guarding. They are in high demand as bodyguards
  105. Dango has changed his sneks to become highly acidic, it has lead to a 60% mortality rate of travelers and a complete collapse of the road system, with the acid keeping away predators, these snakes are eating up most of the ecosystem, it's only a matter of time until both of the rice kingdom and savage lands ecosystem and road system are unsalvageable
  106. He also has made a monolith that teaches the current kingdom how to be intelligent
  107. The Beast has created a massive tree that seems to calm down beastmen, a large group of them have settled around it and have brought the space ship to this settlement. Soon rumors of peaceful beast men with machines have spread across the land.
  108. Call has created 12 asteroids that he calls Optim
  109. The Controller has sent his champion to take over foreign lands, he has managed to take over one continent, filled with strange men with long beards and prefer the axe instead of the sword
  110. Call also created eagles that are acid proof, the snakes no longer fly because it allows the eagles to see them easier, this has helped to stop the ecological destruction but the roads are still in disrepair
  112. ----------------------------------
  113. Pink - 07/02/2017
  114. The ECG: 0 Musashi: 3 Oboola: 4 Estra: 4 Deathshadow: 0
  115. The ECG has been broken out of his padded room by Oboola, he has gone one a rampage and his bag of ill gotten goods is full of stolen roosters.
  116. He is still at late
  117. The Shogun has created powder for fireworks, its explosive capacity is lacking but it's great for festivities
  118. Estra head into the dungeon and has managed to clear out a good chunk of it, he has yet to reach the bottom though
  119. Deathshadow has managed to take control over a large chunk of the noninfected beastmen that aren't under the tree's influence
  121. Goronmeus has created Mules that eat rock and stone that come out the other end as acid proof, while the roads have been made acid proof, these beasts have no way to digest ore, so they hardly last long.
  122. The Controller has sent his champion to fight out in a jungle continent not unlike the savage lands, but the natives where tougher then they thought and all of their advances have been pushed back with many men dead. The Controller also created an arena in the new continent to allow more bloodsports
  123. Kamisama has stolen the spaceship from the beastmen, unfortunately they already reversed engineered most of it and it was mostly used as decoration in a museum.
  124. Advut has created magical wanted signs across the world, this has created a new generation of bounty hunters, who tear down the signs and use them to track their prey.
  125. Theseus has created a new oath for his followers, he also created an afterlife for all the people who follow his code of ethics
  126. The Beast created dragons that change based on their surroundings they are born on. They have already established several nests and attack neighboring trade routes
  127. Dango has created a new variant of snek called tunnel snakes, they rule. He also gave his sneks flame breath, they once again begin to reproduce like wild. He also tried to sue the merchants, mainly the goldberg clan who runs most of the trade. Someone how they lost because the jury where strangely where replaced last minute with Goldberg family members
  128. The ECG: 0 Musashi: 3 Oboola: 4 Estra: 4 Deathshadow: 0
  129. The ECG has tried to pull off his greatest heist yet, to steal the cock of the demigod, the Controller to be more specific. He has failed and is now in the care of The Mad tard wranglers
  130. The Kobalds from the mega dungeon have managed to weaponize the fireworks made by the rice kingdom, they have begone blast mining to expand the dungeon to distant lands.
  131. RTM has negotiated with the sneks and has managed to create a NAP, tensions are still high, but it's a lot better now
  132. Deathshadow tries to get the crown, but his horde was once again decimated by rabies.
  134. The Controller has enchanted his arena to allow people to be brought back to life after a fight, already streams of fighters flood into the arena, hoping to win glory without the risk of death
  135. His champion has encountered even more trouble in his conquests, to the point where the Controller had to give him divine power to finish the conquest of the forth continent
  136. Theseus has created two more church's for marriage and has guarded them with guardians
  137. The ECG: 0 Musashi: 1 Oboola: 4 Estra: 2 Deathshadow: 0
  138. The Shogun has tried to make magical amulets to help with magic, but unfortunately they aren't that affective
  139. Estra has trained with his blade for another hundred years, but he hasn't got the breakthrough he needed
  140. Call has created 12 asteroids that orbit each other and has named them Optim(edited)
  142. Goronmeus has created a magical shield that gives strength to those who guard themselves. Already several reknown champions of the people have used it to protect the peasants and small folk
  143. The Controller has sent his champion to take another continent, he encountered merchant republics with slave trade and trade wars common. They where unprepared for the dominion onslaught
  144. He also created an arena in his recently taken land and has given his champion a worthy blade
  145. Theseus has created an order of knights who are sworn to protect the weak and helpless, they travel the land, striking down any that dare to prey on the people.
  146. Call has gifted the massive swords the ability to move on his command, hopefully this will be enough for the coming storm
  147. The userper has created a planet in which massive titans fight it out for domination, their conflicts have seen wide spread destruction, meaning that most life has evolved to either live underground or in the shadows
  148. The ECG: 0 Musashi: 2 Oboola: 4 Estra: 5 Deathshadow: 0
  149. The Shogun has developed prototype weapons that use the powder behind fireworks to launch projectiles
  150. Estra has explored the savage lands and many a beastmen has fallen on his blade, he also discovered a massive tree, where the beastmen seem calmer and more advanced then the other races, he can approach them if he wishes
  152. The Userper has created two prime crowns for his titans, already the conflict and wars fought over them are massive
  153. The Controller builds another arena and sends his champion to take another continent, he finds one barren of life with strange ruins, colonization is already under way
  154. Theseus goes out to the beastmen around Yiggasdil, he finds that they are peaceful people who don't want to fight, they seem to have constructed machines to do it for them, because of this, none of them see a reason to become a guardian of the tree when their technology does it for them
  155. Goronmeus has created a magical altar with an arrow, it's rumored that if you stab yourslef with the arrow you manifest a [STAND]
  156. Advut has created three massive titan dungeons, living dungeons that roam the land to find adventurers, rumor has it that if you reach the top you can seize control over the titan and find the true treasure
  157. The ECG: 0 Musashi: 2 Oboola: 4 Estra: 2 Deathshadow: 0
  158. Estra has approached the beastmen around the tree and tried to practice battle with them. He soon learned that they do not wish to fight but would give him twin chain blades if he would clear out one of their less civilized brethren from a cave
  159. News from the rice kingdom and the dominion, a large rice kingdom Force has invaded the former Viking territories and claimed it for their Shogun. No war was declared so time will tell if the dominion will tolerate this invasion
  161. The Dominion has built roads and such across the savage lands and their colonies, already massive cities and ports has seen their coffers fill with gold despite the constant conflict. The people both fear and respect the godking, for while he is bloody thirsty, he has brought them prosperity and power
  162. The rice kingdoms have made an uneasy truce with the sneks, and there's now a reservation for them. The breakthrough with the powder has seen the rise of new weapons known as guns. Already the sword has been seeing disuse.
  163. The feral beastmen have disappeared for centuries, having avoided the more civilized lands. That was until a few months ago when millions of them marched at the head of a massive one that has managed to secure both the prime crown and the mark. The reason for their disappearance was the infighting but this thing was both strong and clever enough to seize control despite the crowns influence. Rumor has it that they march on the spice nomads.
  164. The spice nomads have largely pulled back further into their desert, allowing the beastmen to attrition themselves because of the desert heat and lack of supplies
  165. The Vikings have seen their land taken from them twice, first by the dominion and then the rice kingdom, several independence groups have already formed and partisans have been known to attack government buildings
  166. The Vietnamese have been more peaceful, content to farm their rice for their new overlords, not seeing the difference between the dominion and the former deposits that used to rule them
  167. The merchant republics have seen content to allow the dominion to rule them, but rumors of a shadow council that already controls a lot of the businesses in the dominion and rice kingdom has brought doubt to this
  168. The colonists of the barren land have been excavating the ruins until their disappearance. Rumors have started of creatures emerging from the ruins and the disappearances have increased lately
  169. The more peaceful beastmen have recently adopted the snoops into their own and has started large scale hemp farming
  170. The pasteworms have formed a basic civilization underwater but are having trouble developing farming
  171. The fish farms are large though
  172. The free continents have formed the alliance to oppose rice kingdom and dominion aggression, rumor has it that they have developed guns centuries ago and have tech and magical supremacy
  174. Theseus has thanked the beastmen and has granted the alliance the cup of alliance
  175. Kami sama has removed the essential molecule of gunpowder, meaning it no longer works. In the rice kingdom, with the sudden loss of most weapons, anarchy has reigned and it's on the brink of collapse. Multiple kingdoms of seceded and magical warlords have risen. The central government is weak with rebellious subjects and useless weapons.
  176. Goronmeus has made the snoops much smarter, they have already pioneered the creation of fighting suits with the civilized beastmen
  177. The Controller has made another arena
  178. Kami sama also made the dungeon indestructible, he also made gunpowder a loot item even though it's useless, maybe it's a taunt?
  179. Pink - Last Wednesday at 4:03 PM
  180. The Userper has created a living planet, giving it a crown to make the populace loyal to it. This planet is half a god, able to generate an act every 200 years and create whatever it wishes. It has already begun to command the monarchs to obey.
  181. Call has incarnated as a massive 12 armed thing and with his swords, stood guard over primus
  182. The ECG: 0 Musashi: 0 Oboola: 4 Estra: 2 Deathshadow: 0
  183. Estra has managed to clean out the beastmen cave and got some more gold to boot. When he returned to the tree he was rewarded with two chainblades
  184. The Shogun has set out to take over alliance land and he did, strangely his guns stopped working while the alliance was still able to fire. He managed to take the continent but when he returned home he saw his kingdom burning.
  185. The paradox of a molecule being unable to form and removed from existence has caused a paradox to form
  186. It grew and grew until it finally bursted
  187. A hole in the material plane
  188. Right above the largest gunpowder stockpile in the rice kingdom
  189. Then something came through, then another, and another. Until a tide of beings come through
  190. Advut has fixed the paradox and the breach has stopped growing, but the tide hasn't stopped, in fact it grows
  191. These beings seem to be turning things into their base components
  192. Call stabbed his massive moon sized swords to surround the portal
  193. This has thrown the orbit of the planet out of wack
  194. And has seen a fissure of these beings coming out from the top
  195. Dango has cleaved a bloody path and has jumped into the rift
  196. Estra  and the Shogun charge the beasts, they cleave a bloody path and have created a stronghold for survivors
  197. The armies and knights have arrived, contains the threat, but this means that they are now devouring downwards
  198. The Controller has made an ark for his people
  199. Another whole bursts open, but it appears to be broken into from the outside, out pours strange things
  200. Twisting shapes
  201. And strange forms
  202. They begin to fight the tide coming from the original paradox
  203. Dango comes out of the rift
  204. -----
  205. The heroes continue to fight but the tide is slowing
  206. -----
  207. You feel reality snap and break again and another hole breaks
  208. Out comes a massive amount of lizards all connected to each other,  they number in the billions. It's now a three way fight between whatever that thing is, the eldritch memes and the never ending tide
  209. --------
  210. For the heroes the tide has stopped
  211. I wonder where they went?
  212. -------
  213. Estra has made body magic
  214. Oobola has managed to grab the paste from the battle, a combination of hivemind, tide and eldritch corpses and GTFO
  215. -------
  216. @Goronmeus has studied the portal until something triggered. He doesn't know why, but he remembers this, it seems... familiar? He managed to remember how to close the portal.  It involves destabilizing the rift using acts so it consumes itself
  217. Pink - Last Wednesday at 5:00 PM
  218. There could be more info inside the rifts though
  219. About what these things are
  220. -------
  221. The first rift has been closed, but the tide still remains, they now flee the battle, it would be a long battle to purge them from this world
  222. ----------
  223. As the hive mind crosses into our reality, his rift closes, looks like he's a permanent guest
  224. ---------
  225. The Controller emerges from the last rift before it closes. What is the consequences of these rifts? Who where the tide and the eldritch beings? What do they want? Find out next time in Godhood quest S4
  226. The rice kingdom lives on, with large scale anarchy and the tide and the hive mind killing thousands. The hivemind appears to have assimilated people and has grown a following of people who obey it. The tide has begun to fight amongst themselves and everyone, each time they eat they grow stronger.
  227. The guns work now
  229. He also built 12 massive towers that can be melted by jet fuel. The beastmen have since occupied it as a base for raiding the surrounding lands
  230. Advut has created peaceful dragons who guard the mortal races, some of them haven't heeded his message though and have taken over some hamlets
  231. They cited that Advut isn't their real dad(edited)
  232. Massive earth elementals have been sighted in the mountainous regions
  233. The Controller has declared war on the alliance, the fighting is fierce and it's a long way from home, the dominion has managed to get a breechhead
  234. The ECG: 0 Musashi: 0 Oboola: 5 Estra: 2 Deathshadow: 0(edited)
  235. Oboola snorted the spice made from the dead bodies. It gives him divine energy and temporary strength and maddness. He also feels a faint calling coming from the rice kingdom
  236. The Shogun has reunited most of the rice kingdom using firearms, but a bunch of sword fighters follwering the re known leader Estra has refused to bend the knee
  238. Dango attempted to build a boat but found that he didn't have the proper knowledge on how to build one strong enough to survive outside the material plane. He has managed to experiment with the tide and found that they seem to be made out of acts, with each thing they devour making them stronger. Unfortunately he wasn't able to open up a rift without a paradox. He also created a drug that allows teleportation, longer life and Heightened senses
  239. The Controller used some warbeasts from the savage lands to quickly rush the capital of the Alliance. Lead by the cavalry leader known as Joseph Romkil, he was able to encircle 3/4s of the alliance army and reach the capital. They have agreed to all demands and where annexed into the dominion
  240. Theseus tried to open up another rift and failed. He keeps his eldritch prisoner tied up in his mead hall
  241. The ECG: 0 Musashi: 0 Oboola: 5 Estra: 2 Deathshadow: 0
  242. Estra managed to get a small holding of alliance land for himself
  243. The ECG became even harder to find
  245. A famous priest was discovered to actually be a beastman mechanical infiltrator! The beastmen of the tree have advanced rapidly and appear to be able to create exact replicas of other species. Who knows how many people they have replaced.
  247. Call has swung his blade and demolished the beastmen tree, without the tree's influence keeping them peaceful, the ones that survived have become the mechanical geniuses of the horde. The beastmen have subjugated the nomads and have heard of the weaking of the rice kingdom. Already rumors of iron clad boats filled with all sorts of creatures are spreading along the coasts
  248. Dango has been experimenting with the left overs of the tide and has realized that after a lengthy process they can be deconstructed into acts. He has eaten some of his specimens for points
  249. Advut has placed his signs up once again, already justice is being served throughout the dominion. This posters have become legendary amount the bounty hunter guild
  250. But then the earlier thing with Call was changed
  251. Because QM casted Retcon
  252. The ECG: 0 Musashi: 0 Oboola: 0 Estra: 2 Deathshadow: 0
  253. Estra has founded the mageknights, Knights that use magic and weapons to keep his people safe. They have been known to keep the beastmen population down
  254. The Shogun has created paper amulets in which his people can cast magic from. Rebuilding the rice kingdom is going well. With 20k pop and several cities being rebuilt. But it's no where near the height
  255. Oobola has tried to create magic spices to help with his potions, but they aren't as strong as he had hoped. (Weak level potions are now mass producible)
  257. Dango created three creatures to populate the sky. The first is essentially a translucent... well, it looks like the stuff in spam, shaped like a can, but translucent. They have tentacles, and are called star jellies. Extremely poisonous. The second is just sky cows. Flying manatees, you know, because confusion is fun. The third are angels, which are just beings made of light who can sense using light, but have no sensory organs. They reproduce using light too. He then created an artifact that will help the sneks get better tech
  258. The Controller has sent messengers out for the best mages to join him to create a magic academy. Already hordes of magic users are converging, hoping to avoid persecution and get payed at the same time
  259. Theseus has contacted the dragons and asked them to work with his knights. While some dragons where interested. Others either didn't trust humans or see themselves to important to waste their time with protecting humans.
  260. The ECG: 0 Musashi: 0 Oboola: 0 Estra: 0 Deathshadow: 0
  261. The Shogun has heard of the beastmen's technology and has decided to replicate it, he now has basic steam engines.
  262. Estra has worked with the nomads to create an ambush to separate the horde leader from the main army. The beast is huge, several feet tall with a prime crown and the mark of the beast on him. He would have to be both strong and intelligent to unite the beastmen with a prime crown.
  263. Reports from the battlefields, the beastmen leader has obliterated Estra and threw him back into the nomad army. He's alive but weakened. The beast then proceeded to smash through the nomad army and escape. The nomads and mags knights have lost a lot of men for no clear gain
  265. A new race was created called the desert guardians, sentinels that protect the nomads from threats beyond their lands. They have helped repeal several beastmen advances into their land.
  266. Dango has given several effects to his clouds, including various wether effects and portable solid clouds
  267. The beast has created two massive dragons, one has steel skin and rules the sky while another is like a serpent that rules the sea. Already most of the minor drakes and several dragons have flocked to them. Rumor has it that beastmen diplomats have been spotted talking to these great dragons
  268. The ECG: 0 Musashi: 0 Oboola: 50 Estra: 0 Deathshadow: 0
  269. Oobola has snorted the grounded up corpses of the tide, the eldritch beings and the hive mind. While granting him power, it also gives him madness and a better connection to the hive mind. He has begun a massive rampage while being called over to the rice kingdom. A path a destruction from the beastmen horse all the way to the rice kingdom.
  270. Estra has once again managed to isolate the leader, but this time he was prepared, the leader has his honor guard and steel plate on now. (Roll again)
  271. The Shogun has made guns with longer bayonets and called them gun swords.
  272. Estra has managed to kill the leader, once again fracturing the horde and seeing a beastmen retreat on all fronts. This bravery has seen his bonus increase to a +7.
  274. The sneks get basic electricity and machinery working powered by their bodies. They have begun to industrialize despite a lack of resources in the clouds. Requiring them to buy from Goldberg's merchant guild
  275. Goronmeus has gifted a magical cloak of protection to Estra for his hard work against the horde.
  276. Wabbastick
  277. Donut steel!
  278. The "Fuck you" stick
  279. Mr.Handsy
  280. Cool hat
  281. PinkBall!
  282. See through glasses
  283. A giant fucking sword
  284. Duct tape
  285. Jerry's Undetectable poison!
  286. Ring of a second chance
  287. Never Ending Glass
  288. See far Sea shells
  289. Chicken Chet
  290. Object in mirror is closer than it appears (OIMICTIA for short)
  291. InstaFlame
  292. Light as a feather
  293. invisblade
  294. Godly intervention
  295. The Red Pill
  296. Take out Menu
  297. Some sorta metal thing??
  298. Ring of disquise
  299. Bubble buddy
  300. Advut has created and seeded several artifacts across the world, let me know if any strike your interest and I'll gib details and tell you their general location
  301. Two more massive dragons have been born, one is a lumbering mountain and another is a massive fire dragon. The dragons have combined their forces and have founded the first kingdom of the dragons. Strangely enough the beastmen have an embassy there. The dragons took a page from the Chinese and raised islands in the sea for their land.
  302. The ECG: 0 Musashi: 0 Oboola: 50 Estra: 0 Deathshadow: 0
  303. Oboola has tried to enter the rice kingdom but has found a massive wall blocks his path, try as he might, he can't get over it, the hive mind sees he's greatest servant trapped outside and moves to help
  304. The Shogun has built a massive wall around his kingdom
  306. Goronmeus has created a race of researchers. They currently operate out of the grand library in the dominion capital
  307. The Controller has hosted a massive battle to see whose the best of the bestv
  308. Millions flock to it but only one can win
  309. The ECG: 0 Musashi: 0 Oboola: 50 Estra: 0 Deathshadow: 0
  310. The Shogun has made a long range rifle for his forces
  311. Estra has set out to find the ring of second chances. He traveled to the barren continent where the dominion have been funding colonization efforts. Strangely enough the disappearances have increased lately. Estra has found the tomb he was looking for but it looks like the ring and several research documents where looted from the tomb. The only hint is a map with an X on it and a page detailing a long ago king who experimented with mana as a fuel source
  313. Recent experimenting with the beastmen have given them the power to harness sound as a weapon, they mostly use it to play music though, because of the tree's influence
  314. Alright third age time goys
  315. --------------------------
  316. Ever since the start, you have felt like something has been watching you, you brushed it off as paranoia, who could watch or even challenge a god? But that was unfortunately not the case. A hole opens up and out steps a shifting shape.
  317. "You failed, you failed the test and you where so very close too. I done this 4 times already, it's more draining then you think. Can you please not be like the others and stay still while I wipe my plane clean"
  318. "Now I'll be taking that sun of yours, it should soften you up for your old friend's arrival"
  319. "Enjoy your stay without my protection, it's a shame you failed, I even started to line some of you"
  320. massive portals open up, rifts hundreds of feet high, and out come the swarm of the tide, but there's another portal that leads somewhere that feels sameish to where you are, another rift and the space police march out, they look very angry
  321. Pink - Yesterday at 3:01 PM
  322. "I wiped filth like you all the time, you aren't even true gods, you have no hope in defeating me, just give up and let the swarm take you"
  323. the sun sputters then dies, the gods feel a little weaker now, it's now harder to do major actions. (Harder to make planets, radical changes, etc)
  324. Pink - Yesterday at 5:39 PM
  325. the rifts grow larger, without the keeper maintaining them, there's nothing stopping them from surging forward, more and more things spew from the rift, some not even part of the tide or the police(edited)
  326. Massive war towers start beating down the tide, but there's many of them but it helps
  327. The dragon kingdoms began to breath hot fire and take down the tide as well. Some of the tide creatures seem to be getting stronger and... smarter?
  328. Pink - Yesterday at 6:45 PM
  329. The portals grow but the gods remain silent
  330. The cops have dug trenchs and seem to be holding back the tide for now. But for the next 100 years they have to fight the tide.
  332. It's now year 2100, one century after the gods have abandoned this world, the gods have regained parts of their strength, but they will need to be strong for what's to come. If the heroes have greater ambitions, now is the time
  334. Most gods have remained quiet, maybe they plan to leave this world to its fate. Dango himself went out to fight the swarm but was unable to make a sizable dent, instead he dragged the corpses back to his lair. The champion of the dominion also slayed tide beasts.
  335. The corpse of the keeper has gone missing
  336. Along with his journal
  337. The ECG: 0 Musashi: 0 Oboola: 50 Estra: 0 Deathshadow: 0
  338. Oboola has managed to free himself from the hivemind, he wandered back to his spice fields
  339. The Shogun has created fire magic involving the new sun, it's not as strong as it could be thoughb
  340. Estra traveled to a tomb in which hostile mutants roam in front of. Inside he found cages and massive Vast filled with strange liquid. He reached the finale room to find a lich that has fused into the surrounding room. He refuses to give up the ring so it looks like a fight.
  341. Several gods have tried to fight the tide
  342. But found that they underestimated the tide
  343. They lost 2 points of income
  345. don't seem to care
  346. Dango has devoured more of the tide, helping to keep the eastern front on his world secure
  347. A massive flying beastmen has been spotted helping the war effort
  348. The earth itself has begun to crush and destroy the tide, this has helped clear a path.
  349. The ECG: 0 Musashi: 0 Oboola: 0 Estra: 0 Deathshadow: 0
  350. Disaster on the western front(edited)
  351. Oboola has tried to spend 50 acts to protect his people from the coming hordes but it only seemed to draw them in, a large chunk of the tide has diverted towards that on trench line and completely overrun it, it seems like the tide will now march towards the desert
  352. Estra has managed to defeat the lich and take the ring, he was just in time to see the breach in the space cop trench lines and the tide  breaking through
  354. The hivemind has tried to return to his home dimension for centuries but has screwed up and opened up another front in the rice kingdom. It appears like the tide will overrun primus, with a large amount of the trenches being over run and a secondary breach attacking the rear
  356. You notice the dominion Ark leaving the solar system, but you can still sense the Controller in his palace, strange.
  357. The earth continues to fight the tide, with mountains and caves collapsing on them, this has given the civilians precious time to escape.
  358. The nomads go to the mage knights
  359. The ECG: 0 Musashi: 0 Oboola: 0 Estra: 0 Deathshadow: 0
  360. Estra has created wards for the coming storm
  362. Advut couldn't find the sun but Goronmeus did
  363. Dango has consumed more of the act creatures
  364. The ECG: 0 Musashi: 0 Oboola: 0 Estra: 0 Deathshadow: 0
  365. Estra goes out to fight the best creatures in the arena, he has a +11 now in strength
  366. Oboola Spice is actually highly toxic and unusable
  367. +10 because third age
  369. A lich came out of the rift, he seems to have mastered great power. He claims to be named Lazarus and says he has seen this happen before. He believes that the only way to win is to escape. You can question him or convince him to help if you wish
  371. The gods leave the system to find the sun
  372. The mortals are on their own
  373. The ECG: 0 Musashi: 0 Oboola: 0 Estra: 0 Deathshadow: 0
  374. Estra talks to the lich, the tide grows near
  376. Estra has cleared a bloody path towards the main rift, behind him the cops are setting up massive machines around it
  377. Can he hold the line for two turns so they can finish their job?
  378. Estra is fighting a bloody battle and the more massive forms of the tide have arrived, he's still holding them back, but he can't retreat anymore or they will reach the machines
  379. Bait has managed to hold off the tide long enough for the cops to stabilize the rift, now less tide creatures can come through
  380. The ricekingdom hold outs managed to survive for in the shoguns palace
  381. The nights patrol around and fight the occasional beast, it's also forbidden to touch the equipment
  383. (And thats the end of the updates, but pink left out what happened to the gods at the sun! Here's a short version for ya from the perspective of the best god, Advut!)
  386. So gods arrive at sun to find a way to stop the universe from collapsing. it took a couple turns, but Goron and I found the control room. I ran inside the room and blew up the door, but I was ok. In the rool was CCTVS, a chest, a lock box and a portal. the chest blew up and then I went to cracking the lock box for 100 years. the password was 1234, MEANWHILE! Ranger looked into the portal and saw an angry god. Angry god walks through portal and scares everyone, no one has time to grab the even smaller lock box in the lock box. Ranger uses some true power to teleport the lockbox away, scaring away the god in the process. We all GTFO and I get to lock picking the chest, as soon as im done Ranger throws up a key. We open it and see the TRUE GOD POWER. Then Ranger goes on and on about how "you cant handle that much power" and "It took me years to handle a portion of it!" blah blah blah, I fell asleep at some time and then I ate the power for myself. I became all powerful advut. Ranger thought it was all over, so he tried leaving to the true material plane with the help of the other gods, meanwhile the OTHER other gods came through the portal. So I nat 100'd them and fucking rekt them. Then some guy with a triangle beard came down and became my friend. Then I sent away Ranger and them to the true material realm cause they wanted to leave. Then End! Advut wins
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