Lailynn Attacked

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  1. MalfurionXXI  His travels had taken him far from where it was he had been to the point that 'home' didn't have much of a meaning anymore when it came to the world that he was from. The longer the weeks passed him by the more it felt as though time was wasting, he wasn't finding much in the way of answers and he was beginning to think that he needed a break. It had been roughly six months' time in his world upon returning from the place where he had met Lailynn. He was weary of traveling as supplies were getting to be in short supply in the winter months, despite being able to pick up almost anything and turn it into something edible with the use of his abilities, one could get bored of eating mushrooms day in and day out. Sariel took to his favored flight form, a Great Horned Owl with dark brown and tan coloring and bright yellow eyes. He really enjoyed their unique vision and the way their head moved, also mice were very plentiful and easy to catch once he had spent enough time to learn the best way to do it and having watched a few other owls at least a few times now. The damp and dreary forest he was currently resting in had plenty of old trees which had great nesting possibilities and were a lot easier to find when he didn't want to stay in a village or town of any sort. It was enough having to wander through them during the day anyway. Nightfall meant he could find food and a place to get out of the rain. The glow of his eyes as they caught what little moonlight filtered through the canopy reminded him of Lailynn and so he hopped down to the base of the tree where he had stashed his meager belongings and shifted back, pulling his long coat back on and finding the token in the pocket that she had given him he picked up the small pack he had recently acquired and activated it, appearing within her grove after a moment and looking around for her.
  2. DeviousMiskreentDeviousMiskreent : After Rah had gone, it took Lailynn a couple of weeks to return to her normal routine. She missed him terribly, though that was an odd thing for her, but she accepted that she had come to care greatly for him. Thinking of him made her smile at first, and then lonely. Her isolated existance something that took its toll. Other 'visitors' came and went as they always did over the months and soon she was back to her norm. The last visitor though had been angry and violent, insolent that he had been brought here to her glade against his will and furious that she had not the power to let him out. Unfortunately he had had power over animals, and when he beat and raped her, he had kept them at bay. The thing that stopped the attack was Rah's portal opening and the man slipped out of the glade through it, leaving Lailynn a bloody and unconsious mess nearby. --
  3. MalfurionXXI: "Lailynn?" He spoke her name with a worried tone that changed the color of his eyes but not his expression, he didn't know what was going on nor why the man who had rushed by him was in such a hurry to leave, and then Sariel caught the scent of fresh blood at his passing and knew it was hers. There was no time to go after him so Rah followed the scent to her and found her unconscious not too far from where he had appeared. "Shu, nindol zhah myar." [Shit, this is bad.] He spoke in his tongue, cursing the extent of the damage done and healing as much as he could in hopes she would wake and be able to explain. "Zexen'uma xuil uns'aa, Lailynn. Zexen'uma xuil uns'aa." [Stay with me, Lailynn. Stay with me.] His brow furrowed with concern as he waited for her to wake.
  4. DeviousMiskreent: All kinds of howls and whimpers could be heard in the surrounding forest, though unknown to Rah, the animals were all trapped within, whatever magic holding them back only angering them more. Lailynn however, would wake slowly, the bit of healing Rah could do helping to rouse her. She groaned softly, but hadn't moved yet, unsure of what was happening or if it was over yet. Her eyes were still quite swollen but they opened slowly, just barely slits. --
  5. MalfurionXXI: His expression shifted slightly as he caught the sound of her groaning yet not moving much aside from trying to open her eyes. "He's gone, Lailynn, you're with me now." He reassured her, shifting to speak in common once she woke, the frown reappearing briefly, he was close but not too close and very concerned for her so was hovering in his own way and watching her.
  6. DeviousMiskreent: She cringed lightly at the sound of a voice. It was very muffled for her and she was still very disoriented and unable to make out who ''me'' was. Her body curled in on itself, into a fetal position, slowly, very very slowly. Her whole body hurt but at least the worst of the bleeding had stopped. It took her several long minutes to be able to realize it had stopped, that someone was there. "help . . help me . . please" she moaned softly. "the lake . . I need to get to . . the lake" --
  7. MalfurionXXI: The first moment she spoke the word help, Rah moved instantly to her side and as she told him she needed to go to the lake he picked her up, cradling her in his arms and brought her to the lake as quickly as possible. "I've got you, Lailynn, hold on to me." he told her gently, not aware that she wasn't sure who was speaking to her but carfully walking into the waters of the lake until she was submerged yet still in his arms. He would let go easily if she made to move from his arms but if not he would just hold her.
  8. DeviousMiskreent: She cried out as he lifted her, her whole body hurt like hell. The lake though was enchanted with healing waters, and was the source of the mystical fog that protected her home. She slipped in an out of consiousness as he held her, making no move of any kind. It would be clear to him what the lake was doing though, not just washing away the blood but healing the wounds and bruises. It would take time, but after about a half hour she would stir, startling a bit as she felt his touch, nearly screaming before she realized it was him. She was still really out of it, but doing better. "Rah?" she whispered, finding it hard to believe that he was back. --
  9. MalfurionXXI: "Yes, it is I." He spoke gently, having only held onto her so to keep her from falling into the waters hoping she was okay now that she had been able to heal better. "When I arrived you were unconscious and bleeding badly so I stayed to help, the man got away when I arrived though," He told her, his gaze turning to a deep purple once more as he looked down at her in his arms in the water, both of them soaked but the temperature of the water was not uncomfortable. He started to head back towards the shore so she could stand and not gulp water if she wished to try and stand on her own two feet.
  10. DeviousMiskreent: She listened quietly to him as he explained, though she was having a hard time remembering the last few hours. "L . . leif . . " she murmered, shivering terribly as Rah moved them closer to shore. She wasn't clinging to him, but not making any motions to get away either. Her clothes, what was left of them, were torn, and while she was mostly healed, she was still pretty badly bruised. "thank you Rah" she whispered as she put down one foot then the other. She cried out as she tried to stand though, and fell to her knees in the shallows with a hiss of pain and frustration. Doubled over, she held herself as she fought back tears that were on the verge of spilling from her eyes. --
  11. MalfurionXXI: Letting her stand he reached for her hand, his dark brows furrowing visibly as his concern for her intensified by her cry of pain, attempting to help her stabilize but she then fell to her knees in the shallows. "Come, let me help you inside," he offered her his hand also, "you need rest and being wet isn't going to help much."
  12. DeviousMiskreent: She sniffled a little, wiping her arm accross her eyes to clear the water from them. "You your right Rah. I'm sorry" she said shakily as he helped her back to her feet. She leaned heavily on him as she limped back to her home and moving to her living area and the sofa. She was shaking lightly and pulled a large blanket around herself. "Thank you Rah" she said softly as she curled up in the blanket. --
  13. MalfurionXXI: "You have nothing to apologize to me for, Lailynn, you were assaulted." His concern still showed on his face and the color of his eyes shifting from deep purple to magenta and then violet as several of his emotions kept cycling through his thoughts. He helped her get settled as best he knew how from his previous stay in her home, grabbing towels and more blankets for her and helping her to warm up. The deep purple of his gaze settled on her as she curled up and thanked him, "Of course, I was lucky to find you when I did. I keep thinking of you every evening and I missed talking with you."
  14. DeviousMiskreent: Lailynn watched him with wide eyes, his every movement his every gesture. She was still trying to piece things together and was still quite jumpy. "L . .leif . . his name was leif, he was so angry . . ." she shuddered, her eyes closing as she huddled in the blankets. "never before . . .has the fog brought someone like that" she added, tears sliding down her face.--
  15. MalfurionXXI: Her pain moved him more than he had anticipated it would, even his mixed feelings of affection were still clouded and uncertain in his mind, but seeing her in pain was something he really did not like seeing. "I wish I had come sooner to check in on you." He stated, setting his pack down near the sofa and reaching for a dry set of clothes he could change into, his gaze meeting hers with concern. "I will be right back, I need to change." He told her, moving to the spare room where he had stayed previously and quickly getting out of the wet clothes he had and very thankful for the enchantment of the pack he had which kept his other things dry. Once changed he made his way back out to her, sitting crossed legged on the floor beside her so that he was as close as possible without touching her physically. His feet bare and his chest exposed with the loose shirt he had on. "That man is now in my world." He turned the thought over in his mind as well as his name, wondering if he could track him once he went back.
  16. DeviousMiskreent: She nodded as he said he'd be right back. Once out of sight though, those tears slid down her cheeks again as she cried silently, remembering more and more of what had happened. She felt sick and dirty and confused. Why would the fog bring someone like that? Had she angered the Gods in some way? She was still sniffling when he came back out, her face hidden in the blankets and towels. "he . . he could be anywhere . . I dont . . know where everyone comes from" she said, her words interupted with hiccups--
  17. MalfurionXXI: "He left via the portal I opened when I used the token you gave me to come directly here from my world, so I expect he may be in for a surprise once he realizes he's not in his home and if he is as violent as all this it would not be good for him in my world. Violence against others is not taken lightly where I come from." He explained, his expression calm once more aside from the deep purple of his gaze.
  18. DeviousMiskreent: She nodded slowly as he spoke, just the sound of his voice bringing back the good memories of his stay. She closed her eyes, just listening to him, even though those fine tremors still ran through her. Peeking out she would slowly reach her hand out to touch his shoulder, just to be sure he was real. She had dreamt of him for so very long, remembering that brought a small smile to her lips, a bit of a blush to her cheeks. Her fingertips trailed his shoulder, over his shirt to his hair. "he . . he deserves whatever the gods have planned for him" she murmered as the texture of his being helped reassure her he was here. --
  19. MalfurionXXI: "I agree completely." He said briefly, not moving as she reached out and touched him as if to make sure he was real. "It's okay, I am here now." He said gently, reaching his left hand up to hold hers once she ran her hand through his long hair. "It's been a dull, cold, and hard winter so it is likely that he'll be met with a very dissatisfying climate. Not like this place at all." He told her, thinking of how he had gotten on the past few months on his own, barely.
  20. DeviousMiskreent: She gasped softly, nearly pulling her hand back as he touched it. She shuddered slightly but didn't pull back too far. "I . . I see" she said softly, a hard tone in her voice though. "I hope the elements take him then" she said, her own eyes going dark with the flat tone of hatred that came from her then. She squeezed his hand gently though. "i . . I've missed you Rah." she whispered then. "so much." ---
  21. MalfurionXXI: He didn't move when she gasped and pulled her hand back, staying absolutely still as she shuddered and then spoke softly. He agreed completely that the man deserved whatever fate he had earned from harming her in such a way that she had such hate in her tone and the reaction of almost pulling back from him was certainly of concern as well. Thankful that she hadn't pulled back completely he returned the gentle squeeze she gave his hand and let a smile form on his lips after a moment. "I have also missed you, Lailynn." He spoke gently, "I think of you constantly aside from furthering my quest, which has not been fruitful as yet, though I still have the desire to see it through."
  22. DeviousMiskreent: She was gratefull for his patience with her, especially when she had startled. "your . . really here" she said softly, her voice full of wonderment as she felt him squeeze her hand. "You . . you saved me by coming when you did . . . I . .Im sure he would have . .done much worse if you hadn't. Thank you Rah" She moved then, slowly, but put her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly and crying into his shoulder. --
  23. MalfurionXXI: "Yes, I am really here." He nodded in response to her statement about the man whom had assaulted her. In all his years the only person whom he had willingly let embrace him was his birth mother, at least at the time before he had chosen the path of the druid and had left the Shadowfell to live in the primordial plane from where the Shadowmists had brought him to all those years ago, but with Lailynn it was as natural to him as breathing and so he held her gently and let her cry on his shoulder as long as she needed to, allowing her to find comfort in his physical presence as needed. "I am grateful that I was able to do so," He said softly.
  24. DeviousMiskreent: She held onto him for a good long while, her mind playing back the attack. If Rah were even slightly psycic it was likely he would catch glimpses of what had happened to her. She sniffled a few times before she pulled away from him slowly. "sorry . . " she murmered, embarassed at her outburst. --
  25. MalfurionXXI: "Don't be, it is natural to be upset after what has happened to you, Lailynn." He said gently, letting her stay as long as she wished had also given him reason to want her to remain close and so he sighed a bit as she pulled back. "I want you feeling better and I came to stay with you for a while. Sleeping in hollowed out trees every night this week is not as comfortable as staying here with you." He told her.
  26. DeviousMiskreent: She chuckled softly as she wiped her face on the blanket. "Im soo glad my home is more comfortable for you" she said, it sounded snipey even to her, but she didn't mean it that way. She blushed as she even thought about her next question. "Rah . . will you . . . will you come up here . . and hold me?" she asked shyly. --
  27. MalfurionXXI: He didn't hear anything snippy in her tone and nodded lightly, "I am not used to not having a home so it's still akward for me finding shelter in my world while still traveling from place to place." He explained further the moment she spoke, catching the blush on her cheeks and attributing it to the shyly spoken question she spoke next. "I would be glad to," He said, rising from the floor to sit next to her and let her lean on him, putting his left arm around her carefully.
  28. DeviousMiskreent: Lailynn was still a little shocky and frightened so when he moved, it would take her a moment to relax again, and to lean in against him. His hand moving around her shoulders reminding her that she was still mostly nude, despite the blanket wrapped aorund her. His fingertips on her flesh made her shiver, but not in a bad way. After a moment or two, she moved a little closer, resting her head against his chest and closing her eyes. She took slow, deep breaths as she tried to find her calm once more. --d--
  29. MalfurionXXI: He let her take as much time to get comfortable with him as possible and let her find her own spot to lean against him without so much as moving unless needed, watching her carefully as he put thoughts of sleeping in the cold wet weather out of his mind for the time being and focus on her.
  30. DeviousMiskreent: (sry mom called )
  31. DeviousMiskreent: Lailynn would relax slowly, her breathing and heart would even out, and she even began to slowly drift into sleep. She was curled up in her blanket and under his arm, and felt safe for the first time in almost two weeks since Leif had first arrived. --
  32. MalfurionXXI: Rah did not mind being silent for long periods of time, emptying his mind of other thoughts, worries, tasks and anything he had been concerned with prior to arriving back at the grove. None of it mattered more to him than she did in that moment and helping her feel safe again was what she needed and so he was more than pleased that she was able to do so and even to relax enough to let her body rest and recover.
  33. DeviousMiskreent: Lailynn slept for several hours, curled into the protective ring of his arm. When she finally woke, she was a bit startled to find herself in his arms at all, and blushed deeply. She stirred a bit, pulling the blanket around herself a bit more and yawning as she sat up. "I didn't mean to fall asleep on you Rah" she said lightly. "thank you though" she added, leaning up to kiss him gently on his cheek. "I should . . go clean up" she said, slowly attempting to rise to her feet. It still hurt to stand, but this time she was more prepared for it, and managed to stay upright. --
  34. MalfurionXXI: He had managed to nod off for a short time also, the warmth of her body being something he didn't know he needed and so had also driffed off a bit while she lay there and woke easily when she stirred. "I also slept for a bit, you're fine." He told her, nodding when she said she should get cleaned up and letting her rise on her own despite feeling like he should help her, the blue hue of his eyes sofening to violet again with concern for her. "I could do with something to eat myself, I'll be in the kitchen." He told her, getting up after she had managed to stand. The kitchen itself was still a strange concept to him, but it was more than efficient and he could recall the way around her dwelling quite well even after the time he had spent away.
  35. DeviousMiskreent: She smiled softly at him as he rose. "The compost bin is full" she said, remembering his awe at what she considered her 'trash' from before. The fond memory bringing a full smile to her lips. "Would you do me a small favor Rah? When your done eating, there is a jar of bright blue salve in the workshop, on the table under the window. Could you bring it in here? It . .helps with bruises" she asked him lightly as she took her first exploratory steps towards her bathing room. She winced with the pain, but didnt fall at least. --
  36. MalfurionXXI: He chuckled when she mentioned the compost bin and paused, seeing her smile and glad of it. "Oh, sure. I think I can find it." He also nodded, mentally repeating her instructions to him in his head before going to find something to eat. His stomach was quite empty so that was of concern though he picked a few items from the kitchen that he found before heading out to the workshop, grabbing the salve and tucking it under his arm as he took a look in the bin. "Great goddess," He exclaimed, reaching for cheese, meats, veggies and fruits that were all partially decayed and stuffing a whole piece of bread in his mouth so he could chew on it while he made a bundle of goods to satisfy his hunger before making his way back inside with the salve for her. He stayed in the kitchen and within a matter of minutes he had already finished all of the items he had grabbed with the exception of a sizeable chunk of meat which he was still eating.
  37. DeviousMiskreent: She would smile again and turn to the bath, sliding into the heated, healing waters. She sprinkled in herbs and powders to aid her healing along, and took her time washing her entire self. But even the waters of the bath didn't heal everything, and it would simply take time for her to heal, thats what the salve was for. She would rise from the tub and towel herself dry, then wrap it around her lithe form. She made her way slowly to the kitchen, glad to see that he had found what she asked for. "Thank you Rah" she said, sitting and pulling the salve towards herself and smiling at the scraps that were left on the table. Without even realizing it, she had been making far too much food ever since his first visit, her compost bin always full, just in case. She only realized it as he nomed on his meal though, and it made her laugh softly to herself. --
  38. MalfurionXXI: "You're welcome." He nodded. Then his brow raised curiously as he caught the faint sound of her amusement, the soft laugh ever curious to him as it wasn't really something he was all that familiar with. "What?" He asked briefly, swallowing a bite before speaking then pausing as his eyes shifted to a light green.
  39. DeviousMiskreent: She smiled "just something I realized is all." she said as she looked up at him. "I guess . . I've been hoping you'd return more than I thought, making extra food just to put it in the compost bin for someone" she said lightly, her green eyes twinkling with her mirth. --
  40. MalfurionXXI: "Oh, I see." He gave her one of his brief smiles and the color of his eyes returned to violet once more, obviously touched by the gesture that she was making more food for him even in his absense. "That is very generous of you, Lailynn. I appreciate it a great deal. Mice really are not the right kind of food for an Elf." He added, taking another bite and chewing it thoroughly.
  41. DeviousMiskreent: She chuckled softly. "Yea . . .try eating snakes" she laughed "I once got stuck in my falcon form for two months" she chuckled, reaching behind her to grab a fresh loaf of bread for herself. --
  42. MalfurionXXI: "Actually they aren't too bad, reptiles, that is. Meat is meat, though bones and fur aren't so desireable, especially once you realize that's what the pellet is that an owl coughs up after a meal. This tastes like wild game and it is incredibly good." He told her, eating the last bite of the meat he had gleaned from her compost bin.
  43. DeviousMiskreent: She chuckled softly. "I'm glad an owl wasn't my flight form then" she said with a shudder of revulsion. She glanced at what he was eating as he commented "Oh, probably because it is" she said softly with a touch of sadness. "Leif refused the food I made, and hunted a deer from the woods. It's pelt is drying outside on the rack, I'm just glad it didn't actually go to waste" she said softly. --
  44. MalfurionXXI: "Ah, that's why there is so much of it in there. The fool must not have known what to do with all of it, that is a shame." He agreed, nodding briefly and certainly glad it was not entirely wasted as she said. "The owl form was the best choice for where I was at the time, otherwise I would have selected another form."
  45. DeviousMiskreent: "Another form?" she asked as she nibbled at her bread, she was pretty nauseious though, and only picked at it a little. "You have more than one?" she asked with a confused frown. --
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