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Vengeful Alien App

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  1. Byond Key: Onnio
  3. Character Name: Tsuki
  5. Character Age: 5
  7. What are you apping for?: Vengeful Alien Rank
  9. Have any Experience with DU RP: Yes, I have rped on DU for about a year now and I also like to roleplay on discord which I also find fun.
  11. If yes. How much? If not why would you be a good choice despite that?: As I stated up there, it has been a year since I started roleplaying on DU and I have enjoyed every single bit of it.
  13. Write an RP that is at least five paragraphs long (If this is a race or rank app RP a day in the life of your character and if this is a tech app:
  17.     Tsuki stayed on the ground as he watched his whole family get slaughtered by an eternal darkness! "NO!" He yelled as he struggled to get back up, But before he could he fainted. As Tsuki woke up all he can see is destruction, all his family has worked for and gained, destroyed in a huge blast. He started to walk away until he ran into a man by the name of Katsuk, He was an elderly fellow. He offered Tsuki a cup of tea at his house since he noticed all the bruises he had and he was also bleeding a bit. They arrived at a small wooden cabin and they would both enter. Tsuki sat down as Katsuk prepared some tea for the both of them, Katsuk asked what happened to him and he explained. "A darkness rained over my home, killed my family and destroyed all the stuff I worked so hard for" Tsuki explained to the old man. Katsuk felt bad for the young boy and decided to train him in the way of his people.
  20.     Tsuki thought it was a great idea for him to get trained so one day he can face off the evil and finally beat it! Katsuk said for Tsuki to stay with him until he was ready and Tsuki gladly took the offer. The next day the got ready and Tsuki got a black and white gi to wear for the training lessons. They started with the basics, they tried to build Tsuki's overall fitness and strength. After about a whole year of training, Tsuki was ready and finally learned how to control ki. He created his own move which he named the Menacing Wave. Katsuk was so proud of how far Tsuki has come from the first time they met. But one fateful day, the darkness found its way to Tsuki and he tried to fight it off with Katsuk at his side. "WHAT ARE YOU!!! AND WHY ARE YOU COMING FOR ME!!!" Tsuki shouted questioning what this evil was. But it stayed silent killing Katsuk and leaving Tsuki. When he saw Katsuk's body not moving Tsuki felt a sharp pain, he lost someone who was like family to him and now he had no one. He decided to train for the rest of his life and stop anyone who tries to hurt him or the people he loves.
  23.     After about 2 years of pure, bodying break training. Tsuki took a break enjoying his life trying to take his mind off of his deceased family and friend. He meditating for a while trying to focus more on himself and finding inner peace. After about a month of just pure meditation, he was like a new person. He found the delightfulness in everything, he decided to go out and make friends with the locals of planet Braal. He met the race known as saiyans/yasais, he trained with them. He tried to put together a team of the strongest saiyans to help fight the darkness that has ruined Tsuki's life. As they got together he explained what he has went through, Tsuki talked about how his family was killed by a single entity and that maybe they could help him fight back, avenge his dead family and his master Katsuk.
  26.     The saiyans decided to help Tsuki in his quest to find peace in his friend and families death which was great for him! "Thank you all!", Tsuki said to them all. But this didn't come at no price, he said to each and every one of them that'd he will pay them all 10,000$ when they take down the darkness and they agreed. They all went to find the darkness but before they could find it, the darkness found them. A war broke out, the darkness slaughtered a lot of saiyans and none could stand up to its power. As Tsuki was the only one left the darkness fled. Saiyan officers found out and took Tsuki to the King. The king was furious that he would just let these perfectly good soldiers go to waste. Tsuki was speechless and was sad that he has let many people die for his only selfish needs and lied to them about the money. The King of the saiyans then sent Tsuki for jail time, but before they could look him up he escaped. Tsuki was chased off the land of the king and was never seen by them again. He now lives in sorrow and quiet by himself training to one day kill the darkness and not drag any more people in his mess.
  28.     Tsuki is now 4 (Which is age 10 for humans), He has accessed a power that was passed down through his kind's generations. He continued to train and meditate, he lived in a nice cave. After being alone for most of his life he got used to it. He doesn't care about other people unless he can support himself and normally keeps to himself when getting food. He bought a hood to wear and cover himself so he isn't noticed by any guards, he decided to also buy armor. He now doesn't go out as much and stays with himself with parts of a pod to eventually escape the planet known as Braal.
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