And in the beginning?

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  1. Despite the efforts made in attempt to finding a more suitable challenge for himself. He'd lie if he was to say he expected this outcome. "Really?" He questioned, a lick of his lips as he exhaled. "You know, I'd say you're quite brave... See, I am not here to kill everyone in this city."
  3. Words accompanied by the gathering of mana from within, the heat reflecting in the pale visage ripening. A shade of pink before laughter escaped past pressed lips.
  5. "I made a promise however, to burn this place to the ground... It's nothing personal, just an agenda that requires an ending."
  7. Drawing out Masamune from it's sheath, the foxes senses heightened before the lean frame was shrouded within a blazing inferno. Glory be the wings that shred out from his back. Without a shirt, all that could be seen from behind were a patch, ashen from the totality of his magics.
  9. "Either way, Oscuri… We'll make a warrior out of you, Choice or not." A subtle glance exchanged in the hares direction before returning back to the male before him.
  11. A lack of words were left as he charged forward in the midst of the city. Absent of the care for the chaos to ensue following a bout between two warriors within such a confined location.
  12. (Laemor)
  14. Seeing more civilains…. warriors... people... yeah seeing more people show up the man only could stare out still holding his apple and chewing it.
  16. He just sat there and thought " I wonder what the highlight of the others day was." He thought throwing the apple off to the side wondering if he could land it in the well, but unfortunately it missed and slapped against the side of the well.
  18. He then looked over to see if it made it but there was apple everywhere and then he shrugged his shoulders wondering how this will play out.
  20. The bench was a nice one he didn't seem to.... bothered.
  21. (Sia Mori)
  23. L. Vos says, "ooooh~"
  25. L. Vos says, "Kids these days are so brave, haha."
  26. She tapped down on the grass, not floating for once as she came upon the scene Loretta had screeched about. The Ultovex frowned, clearly frustrated that those from Briar Locke opted to attack Dawn directly.
  28. It was bold. She couldn't fault that, but it was also something she couldn't exactly stand for. A single look was given to Artaghh, and Clara face back around, eyes locking upon Ahmir. Ahmir who, years prior, had tried to capture her when she had initially left Dawn against her Father's orders.
  30. Who had bested her.
  32. The woman had a bone to pick with him, and she shook her head,
  34. "You. All of you need to leave, now," She said solemnly, though her gaze never left Ahmir. "Even if I have to see you out myself."
  35. (Clara Ultovex)
  37. Wandering swordsman with a smile as broad as could be. A bit jealous of today's generation, so brave to charge into the eye of an enemy.
  39. Not this man though, he enjoyed breathing.
  40. (L. Vos)
  42. He'd blinked, and now he was at Dawn. Whatever that strange man had done had brought him here out of nowhere, and it seemed that, for whatever reason, the town was going to be attacked. The numbers seemed greatly on the side of aforementioned townspeople, though, so he did what any aspiring author would do.
  44. From his pack he draws out the pen and paper which he is going to use to notate all of the events that transpire here, hopefully getting some inspiration for his book.
  45. (Siegfried)
  47. In silence he listened, a visage of apathy slowly eroding to one of eagerness. Inexperienced perhaps, but that was slowly changing. What better baptism for an Oscuri than one of fire? Again and again?
  49. The blazing inferno of reika erupted from his form, smooth angelic wings forming upon his back. The pulse of the energy funneling through his mana-circuits. The push of impending violence forcing more and more through is frame. Just as before he'd channel as much of the raw weight of Azrael's gift against the Kitsune.
  51. His gaze shifted towards the house in the moment Laemor's own glanced to the hare. The White Gold, today he'd defend not just his city but his home itself. The heat was what brought him back to the threat. Hurtling at him like a blazing inferno. The civilians and bystanders would have to take cover
  53. His frame quaked for a moment as the burst of reika infused his muscles with greater power. With the flap of emerald wingshe'd rush to meat the clashthemselves this time.
  54. (Ascalon Zanders)
  56. Marceline had no interest in chasing these individuals out of Dawn, despite being a resident of the city. She did intend to watch the situation escalate, however. Watching chaos unfold before her eyes was something that the fairy took bliss in, and this time she didn't even have to do anything to make it happen!
  58. So, surely there was no harm in watching. Marceline flew over to the side, finding herself next to Siegfried. A familiar face that the fairy didn't seem to recognize, since she didn't actually say anything. Her eyes were glued to the conflict!
  59. (Marceline)
  61. Every moment spent within this settlement was one that grated upon his nerves, calling from within the utmost amount of patience so that everything which played out proceeded smoothly. Yet, the premise of a single bout among combatants was one that'd been too hard to perceive. Too hard to fathom when taking into account how frustrating fate is, when it comes to Agartha.
  63. "Ahh, ya' th' one that escaped me from so long ago." The Valerius coos. There'd been many things that slipped through his fingers before, and yet all it took was but a simple reminder to sting the soul.
  65. "Agartha must be good ta' bring ya' back ta' me. Ta' struggle, n' bleed. Here, is ya' opportunity ta' make me move. For me ta' indulge in th' blood of a discount Ultovex."
  67. Conviction, twists and manifests itself into an aura of animosity. If there is a moment to have, then the Valerius would lay claim to it then and there.
  68. (Ahmir Valerius)
  70. The image born of the phoenix took shape within the fox. "You expect to match me, but you fail to realize something. Oscuri." A voice carried through the vortex of winds that came with every swing of blade. Embers tearing past the mans defense as he took to the chase.
  72. "As hard you cling to what you have... It makes you weak. You have lose something to understand what it means to rise... Only then can you even find yourself beginning to climb the mountain I stand up top." Branding Masamune, he lunged forward to meet the man more directly.
  74. Parrying the strikes when he could and unleashing a flurry of blows behind the wake of what looked like a single strike. Every blow empowered by unique style of wayfinders style and ifrits might.
  76. And as the battle continued, a look of excitement emerged. Unbecoming of a man so humble... "You've heard me say this already, but more! Give me more!" Defining the brutality of his commands as cardinal urges unleashed might capable of crushing a row of boulders with a single strike.
  78. The impact alone shattered the ground as the oscuri took to the defense, pressured by the constant array of blows. <font colors=#B28B7C>"Don't let the people of dawn see you falter!" But did it matter when the oscuri would find themselves exhausted from attempting to keep up with the fox as he toyed around with him.
  80. Striking at a moments notice as he controlled the flow of combat with ease. Grasping victory from a parry, deflecting his overhead strike and striking against his chest with a single palm. The impact alone refined by his strength sent him flying through the house he left, and into the next.
  82. "Anyone, Else!?" A blood curdling cry as he wiped what sweat had built itself from the strain of his magic in tandem of combat.
  83. (Laemor)
  85. The Oscuri had entered the battle with a hint of excitement, though it was only noticeable by the glint in his eye. Maintaining a grim visage throughout the battle, exhaustion came quickly.
  87. It was for the second time he'd clashed against the fox. As before he'd find himself at stretched to the limit. Every pulse of reika forcing him onwards in the battle.
  89. 'Give me more!'
  91. It'd been at that moment the Oscuri's energy spiked. Rushign forward to match Kitsune swordsman's flurries with his own. It was evident as the fight drug on that this burst was taking it's toil upon the young man. His muscles screamed as they where pressed against their limits, joints straining to keep up.
  93. He wasn't going to back down, not at this moment. The crack of his whip echoed in the air, the screaming whiz of his reika as his fist swooshed through the air. His form bulged with strength, a second wind pushing him onwards.
  95. Yet, it wasn't enough as the Briar pushed him backwards. Taking the offense with that brutal efficiency. A parry of his whip, and then the feeling of crushing force striking his sternum. Instinctively the Oscuri attempted to leap back with the blow, to mitigate it. Though the attempt was less than successful, as the warrior was hurtled through the White Gold and into the house beyond.
  96. (Ascalon Zanders)
  98. The difference between both opponents is evident from the beginning. Ahmir, coated in vibrant scales of mana-infused crystal, hardly flinches when bracing against the magic of his opponent. Holy brims and braces against the occult, and the corruption which does breach through the initial defense did little but sting the Gehennan's flesh as he bombarded his opponent with his own variation of magic.
  100. The waves rose rapidly, soon enough rising to create inescapable depths that'd only bear down upon his opponent in tandem. The sin of greed simply wrestled against her control, stealing away each and every option until she herself was forced to face the very waves she once controlled.
  102. The battlefield was utterly Ahmir's, and certainly had he used that advantage to his will. Water surged at his command, the enormous wave created crashing down upon the Ultovex in a conclusion that seemed all too fitting for Ahmir.
  104. Such, was probably why his gaze narrowedupon her.
  106. "Ain't enough bodies in Dawn ta' compensate for what ya' kin stole from me. Ain't enough blood in th' world..." Yet he sought satisfaction. Even if temporary. The crimson symbiote at his command lashes out in an attempt to curl a single tendril about the Ultovex's throat. The living weapon would easily, and swiftly strangle its victim if one hadn't acted quick enough.
  107. (Ahmir Valerius)
  109. Grunts as she finally let go of his hair. The boy quickly running towards the crowd. She didn't have to push him so hard. He hated that he was slow enough for him to grab him when he was trying to warn the others.
  111. Rai sighed rubbing his head. He might have lost a few strands but at least he was alright.
  112. (Rai Blackwood)
  114. Laemor spends the few remaining moments within the city to watch as the conflict ensues, with everything beginning to come to a close. The escape route was soon in thought.
  115. (Laemor)
  117. "Well then."
  119. Curious as to these 2 titans going against each other, title wise. But by the tide of the fight, Ashalle would be the victor-- possibley.
  121. Amongst the tense atmosphere.
  123. A crunch of a apple.
  124. (L. Vos)
  126. He'd actually stopped writing in all the chaos, and the excitement. The tension, at least by his perception, was almost palpable at this point. There seemed to be some history between many of the combatants, and the drama made for a good story...something he'd certainly be adapting into the novel he was penning. Some of it could be tinkered with and inserted into the backstory of a character, perhaps.
  128. Either way, now that he's caught himself zoning out and just watching instead of accomplishing his original goal, he goes back to collecting details, making a note to probably go ask what'd happened here after everything dies down.
  130. Now didn't seem like the time though.
  131. (Siegfried)
  133. "Pathetic." She remains somewhat firm and planted within her spot - a single hand lightly twirling the rather large braid, the other one carefully waving - conjuring forth a light shield as his blade slams down. In the end, her defenses seemed almost impervious...Incapable of being shattered despite the several cracks that appear, nearly exposing her mocha frame. "I think that I want both, honestly. You agreeing that facing against my people was the worst decision that you all could have made. Agree that you regret doing what you did....And all honesty?" She says, the bio-scythe twirling, crashing against his own blade.
  135. "It didn't have to happen. But you all believed in Sors. You all believed that he would be able to pull through...That he could save you, didn't you?" SHe murmurs softly, her gaze darkening considerably...Narrowing into fine daggers as he mentions Kamui's death. "You had the power to stop it. All of you had the power to not allow but you thought....You all thought, didn't you? Dawn stood against Huangzhou and Gehenna for years, but you met the right one.
  137. You met me."
  139.  It is then when she retaliates. Hands of opulent marble reach up from the ground, wrapping around his mid-section as she brings her hand back. They wouldn't be able to see the sudden jerking, but they could hear it.
  141. CRACK! The whip crashes against his back harshly, dragging down - raking against the flesh of his back, forcing blood to scatter across Dawn's grasses. When it collides, the marble shatters - leaving him upon the ground.
  143. "It's really a shame that you all have so much common sense that you don't use. There's a way to avoid this, you know...You can either kiss my feet. Kick Sors out. Or give me Freya, otherwise, I won't stop attacking." Either way, she still needed her fun. She still needed her adrenaline rush...And this just isn't enough.
  145. "Get up...I'm not done with you."
  146. (Ashalle)
  148. While the fights were fun to watch, Marceline seemed very unimpressed and somewhat disappointed at the outcomes. As someone who believed the world revolved around her, she believed herself to be the reason why the groups she kept associating with kept losing. First Crafthold crumbled, then Dawn began repeatedly losing following her retreat.
  150. This could be no coincidence. She felt cursed.
  152. The fairy held an indignant expression now that she saw Ashalle had gained the upper hand, annoyed. The corrupt fae's scrutinizing gaze remained fixated on Artaghh, hands placed upon her hips. While she wouldn't fight herself, she seemed very judgmental of the people who stepped up to the plate and did so themselves! Hypocritical.
  154. "Oh my God, Artaghh. Stop losing so hard, it's so embarrassing." Marceline griped childishly.
  155. (Marceline)
  157. Ser Artaghh's aging bones and wounded body are put to the test against the might of the sin, their barrage barrage of earth and flame lapping over the knight with brutal potency as he found himself nigh bound in place by the sheer intensity of the magic they ushered forth at the battered swordsmen. Slammed repeatedly as she danced about the field around him like it was child's play. His blade parried effortlessly.
  159. Grasped by the hand of marble, the ruthless, rocky whip flayed across the bald knight's back, scourging the burn scarred flesh as the idle drips of crimson dripped down between the plating of his greaves in an idle patter of life ichor. The knight was conscious of the pain to be certain, it ached him as he collapsed to the ground upon being scourged. Yet, planting his sword into the ground as a support, the commander would force himself back up with his usual, toothy grin.
  161. "I'm a humble man Ashalle, I know ma limits. I follow my orders, do my duty, an' do my bes'ta protect my home. I didn' make Sors the adjudicator of Dawn, nor myself the commander o' its legion, but I've done my best with what I was given."
  163. Forcing himself to a standing position with a grunt of pain as the blood idly dripped down the bald swordsman's thighs and back, he smiled in spite of himself. Win or loss, such things never really mattered much to him. The thrill of the fight was what was important.
  165. "Bu' if ye' can defeat me, do ye' honestly think I could kick Sors out? I'm pathetic, righ'? Bahahahahahah!"
  166. (Artaghh)
  168. "That's the issue. You're like everyone else." Honestly, why should she be surprised? He was like most men in Agartha: they're all pathetic followers that don't think for themselves, that don't act against things that can end in their ruin - and they lay content while the entirety of their city is burning down around them. They had a chance to change this. To change everything and they ruined it. In all honesty, she feels nothing more than sheer contempt. Disgust. After all, she'd like some individuality in his person...At the very least.
  170. "Do you really think that you've done your best?" She steps forward - as sickening as the cuts and tears into her flesh are, her body heals it miraculously. She eases - nearly drifting past the blade...Although, it still pierces into her flesh time and time again. "All I hear is someone whose passive and doesn't do jack shit." She denotes him. Believing that he did absolutely nothing with the power that he has. The marble hand that grasps his body becomes terribly heated...Practice within her own sadistic aim as she speaks..
  172.  Believing he was just as useless as the others that she had ran into. Either way....He would find himself within a similar position yet again - her words streaming forth through heaving, bated breathes. "Atleast you know that you're pathetic...But the sad thing is that even while you're still so small, old, and bald. You still have a chance to change things. Get rid of him, Artaghh...Or I'll make your whole city burn. We won't just start appearing in the outskirts. Eventually, we'll move into your city." Eventually, they'll tear into everyone that he loves and care for.
  174. "I won't ignore Dawn anymore. I'll make your people scream. I swear it." She adds, the intense, reddened marble tightening before she finally lets him go...Turning around to drift away from the city before more reinforcements could come.
  176. (Ashalle)
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