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[[{"text": "which is on November 5th she is the", "start": 0.03, "duration": 4.829}, {"text": "queen of comedy somebody told me that", "start": 2.37, "duration": 5.279}, {"text": "she is she holds the record for being", "start": 4.859, "duration": 6.181}, {"text": "the let me she holds a record for having", "start": 7.649, "duration": 5.91}, {"text": "been on television more times more hours", "start": 11.04, "duration": 5.339}, {"text": "than any other performer in its entire", "start": 13.559, "duration": 5.251}, {"text": "history of the industry she is just", "start": 16.379, "duration": 4.501}, {"text": "wonderful and terrific and I'm so glad", "start": 18.81, "duration": 3.66}, {"text": "to have her to visit us again miss", "start": 20.88, "duration": 2.97}, {"text": "Lucille Ball", "start": 22.47, "duration": 3.32}, {"text": "[Applause]", "start": 23.85, "duration": 6.24}, {"text": "[Music]", "start": 25.79, "duration": 8.37}, {"text": "[Applause]", "start": 30.09, "duration": 6.14}, {"text": "[Music]", "start": 34.16, "duration": 5.29}, {"text": "[Applause]", "start": 36.23, "duration": 3.22}, {"text": "isn't that what does you go make when", "start": 64.5, "duration": 5.44}, {"text": "that happens yes that's very gratifying", "start": 67.09, "duration": 7.41}, {"text": "oh I didn't realize you on more time", "start": 69.94, "duration": 6.99}, {"text": "power than anybody I didn't either till", "start": 74.5, "duration": 6.03}, {"text": "I heard you say yeah I'll take your word", "start": 76.93, "duration": 5.43}, {"text": "for it do you ever want to go back again", "start": 80.53, "duration": 3.869}, {"text": "do you ever miss the the regimentation", "start": 82.36, "duration": 4.68}, {"text": "honey I'm in assuming every day of my", "start": 84.399, "duration": 4.381}, {"text": "life but I can't go back", "start": 87.04, "duration": 5.219}, {"text": "yeah you can't top what we've done 25", "start": 88.78, "duration": 6.78}, {"text": "years or more and you can't go back not", "start": 92.259, "duration": 5.131}, {"text": "go back but go forward do you ever say", "start": 95.56, "duration": 3.6}, {"text": "gee I'd like to let's get another show", "start": 97.39, "duration": 3.119}, {"text": "together sue another sitcom no I", "start": 99.16, "duration": 3.84}, {"text": "wouldn't try to top what we did we had", "start": 100.509, "duration": 5.851}, {"text": "it too good and we were in early real", "start": 103.0, "duration": 6.42}, {"text": "early and kind of made up our own rules", "start": 106.36, "duration": 6.179}, {"text": "as we went along you know and no I", "start": 109.42, "duration": 5.61}, {"text": "wouldn't try to top it I like to work I", "start": 112.539, "duration": 5.401}, {"text": "miss not working and I miss there very", "start": 115.03, "duration": 5.46}, {"text": "much and Bill and the whole show the", "start": 117.94, "duration": 5.28}, {"text": "whole arena I miss but you don't go back", "start": 120.49, "duration": 4.32}, {"text": "so what do you do", "start": 123.22, "duration": 4.23}, {"text": "give us a typical Lucille Ball day oh my", "start": 124.81, "duration": 6.99}, {"text": "god yeah I do a lot of things but I", "start": 127.45, "duration": 6.899}, {"text": "couldn't give you a typical day I'm", "start": 131.8, "duration": 5.07}, {"text": "traveling a lot now and I'm pushing", "start": 134.349, "duration": 4.261}, {"text": "stone pillow at the moment so I'm really", "start": 136.87, "duration": 2.39}, {"text": "going", "start": 138.61, "duration": 3.8}, {"text": "[Music]", "start": 139.26, "duration": 3.15}, {"text": "why did you wait so long to do a", "start": 145.91, "duration": 5.6}, {"text": "dramatic role I don't know you know", "start": 147.98, "duration": 5.67}, {"text": "because I didn't get a script that I", "start": 151.51, "duration": 4.93}, {"text": "like just scripts are kind of scroungy", "start": 153.65, "duration": 8.55}, {"text": "you know and I I had a you know an image", "start": 156.44, "duration": 10.17}, {"text": "of sorts that I personally liked and I", "start": 162.2, "duration": 5.91}, {"text": "certainly don't want to just go out and", "start": 166.61, "duration": 3.24}, {"text": "do anything with four-letter words and", "start": 168.11, "duration": 5.34}, {"text": "things that I don't dig I took this trip", "start": 169.85, "duration": 7.41}, {"text": "because I wanted to work with a great", "start": 173.45, "duration": 6.6}, {"text": "director and I found one George Schaefer", "start": 177.26, "duration": 4.8}, {"text": "and mr. Schaefer came up with this", "start": 180.05, "duration": 4.92}, {"text": "subject and I thought well this is", "start": 182.06, "duration": 5.31}, {"text": "sticking my neck out and I don't know", "start": 184.97, "duration": 5.4}, {"text": "what my fans will think but I have to", "start": 187.37, "duration": 6.36}, {"text": "grow up sometime and I have to and at", "start": 190.37, "duration": 5.04}, {"text": "least this doesn't have anything that I", "start": 193.73, "duration": 5.58}, {"text": "object to and it's not a cause celeb but", "start": 195.41, "duration": 7.47}, {"text": "it's it's something close to my heart I", "start": 199.31, "duration": 5.97}, {"text": "have compassion for ya but it's I didn't", "start": 202.88, "duration": 5.43}, {"text": "start it out as a you know big did you", "start": 205.28, "duration": 5.16}, {"text": "did you get a chance like some actresses", "start": 208.31, "duration": 4.29}, {"text": "you know the method they go and they", "start": 210.44, "duration": 4.08}, {"text": "study the bag women and they become a", "start": 212.6, "duration": 4.109}, {"text": "bag woman I mean did you did you do", "start": 214.52, "duration": 3.57}, {"text": "anything like that did you know I found", "start": 216.709, "duration": 7.771}, {"text": "it very easy to be a bag Joan if you", "start": 218.09, "duration": 7.74}, {"text": "ever want to go around New York", "start": 224.48, "duration": 5.13}, {"text": "incognito that's it just take off your", "start": 225.83, "duration": 6.15}, {"text": "bag woman nobody looks at you nobody", "start": 229.61, "duration": 4.44}, {"text": "recognized you were your costume we were", "start": 231.98, "duration": 4.95}, {"text": "out 33 days on the streets of New York", "start": 234.05, "duration": 5.4}, {"text": "not one person stopped in front said", "start": 236.93, "duration": 5.93}, {"text": "you're Lucy aren't you not one person", "start": 239.45, "duration": 6.03}, {"text": "unbelievable when I sat in one spot for", "start": 242.86, "duration": 5.14}, {"text": "15-20 minutes an hour and a half", "start": 245.48, "duration": 5.46}, {"text": "not one person they they have a way of", "start": 248.0, "duration": 6.72}, {"text": "not seeing bag women next door the men", "start": 250.94, "duration": 5.85}, {"text": "you know the winos the weirdos or the", "start": 254.72, "duration": 5.46}, {"text": "bag men you can go any place you want", "start": 256.79, "duration": 6.84}, {"text": "except in to eat or a restaurant", "start": 260.18, "duration": 5.67}, {"text": "did you ever tried it yes I forgot one", "start": 263.63, "duration": 4.2}, {"text": "day yeah I forgot how I looked and I", "start": 265.85, "duration": 3.39}, {"text": "said oh let's go that place I've heard", "start": 267.83, "duration": 3.94}, {"text": "about that I went they would let me in", "start": 269.24, "duration": 5.08}, {"text": "and as you say finally Lucille Ball no I", "start": 271.77, "duration": 5.37}, {"text": "want I left I wasn't gonna try to prove", "start": 274.32, "duration": 5.91}, {"text": "it with the makeup I had I couldn't", "start": 277.14, "duration": 6.84}, {"text": "prove it well I you don't think I did it", "start": 280.23, "duration": 6.26}, {"text": "without makeup", "start": 283.98, "duration": 2.51}, {"text": "you're always so glamorous and your hair", "start": 293.35, "duration": 4.29}, {"text": "is always yeah you think of Lucille boy", "start": 295.57, "duration": 4.05}, {"text": "or you read it first do people call you", "start": 297.64, "duration": 5.25}, {"text": "Lucille or Lucy Lucy Lucy oh yeah", "start": 299.62, "duration": 5.58}, {"text": "no what was your real name Lucille so", "start": 302.89, "duration": 5.25}, {"text": "you didn't inclusio the steel ball you", "start": 305.2, "duration": 6.41}, {"text": "don't think I'd take that name I", "start": 308.14, "duration": 6.36}, {"text": "wouldn't pick it no I wouldn't either I", "start": 311.61, "duration": 4.51}, {"text": "want the one I picked was Dian Belmont", "start": 314.5, "duration": 4.47}, {"text": "oh okay", "start": 316.12, "duration": 5.91}, {"text": "I had when I was a model and there are", "start": 318.97, "duration": 4.92}, {"text": "people today say why did you change your", "start": 322.03, "duration": 4.62}, {"text": "name to Lucille Ball and I'd have to", "start": 323.89, "duration": 4.65}, {"text": "tell them that that you know I never was", "start": 326.65, "duration": 3.6}, {"text": "Dian Belmont on seventh Avenue when I", "start": 328.54, "duration": 4.23}, {"text": "was a model and to help you by the name", "start": 330.25, "duration": 4.5}, {"text": "Dian Belmont didn't help me a bit but", "start": 332.77, "duration": 4.53}, {"text": "did you act differently my kid gave you", "start": 334.75, "duration": 5.34}, {"text": "some fans well I gave myself a fantasy", "start": 337.3, "duration": 5.97}, {"text": "and I said I was from Montana and I sent", "start": 340.09, "duration": 5.97}, {"text": "to Montana and I got brochures and I", "start": 343.27, "duration": 4.89}, {"text": "knew more about Montana anaconda and", "start": 346.06, "duration": 5.25}, {"text": "buttes and people that live there really", "start": 348.16, "duration": 5.52}, {"text": "we'll be right back best images so", "start": 351.31, "duration": 4.05}, {"text": "please thank you", "start": 353.68, "duration": 2.73}, {"text": "[Applause]", "start": 355.36, "duration": 7.38}, {"text": "[Music]", "start": 356.41, "duration": 7.5}, {"text": "[Applause]", "start": 362.74, "duration": 3.92}, {"text": "[Music]", "start": 363.91, "duration": 6.75}, {"text": "November 5th stone pillow right November", "start": 366.66, "duration": 5.08}, {"text": "5th stonefellow", "start": 370.66, "duration": 4.11}, {"text": "and you'll or 9 o'clock up out here 23", "start": 371.74, "duration": 5.06}, {"text": "pounds doing it yeah", "start": 374.77, "duration": 6.12}, {"text": "isn't that wonderful oh well up to a", "start": 376.8, "duration": 6.85}, {"text": "point I mean I didn't have to lose lose", "start": 380.89, "duration": 6.21}, {"text": "that much but it was terribly hot and we", "start": 383.65, "duration": 4.47}, {"text": "were supposed to be shooting in the", "start": 387.1, "duration": 3.0}, {"text": "middle of the winter see and I was", "start": 388.12, "duration": 5.19}, {"text": "dressed for grizzly February and it was", "start": 390.1, "duration": 5.46}, {"text": "98 99 a hundred hundred and two hundred", "start": 393.31, "duration": 4.71}, {"text": "and five hundred and seven in one place", "start": 395.56, "duration": 5.82}, {"text": "it was 122 oh yeah in a boiler room that", "start": 398.02, "duration": 5.97}, {"text": "we worked in and with all the clothes", "start": 401.38, "duration": 4.74}, {"text": "and the wig and everything I lost 23", "start": 403.99, "duration": 4.58}, {"text": "pounds do you have to watch your weight", "start": 406.12, "duration": 6.0}, {"text": "Wow well no coming or going", "start": 408.57, "duration": 7.3}, {"text": "okay good tall and you've got great legs", "start": 412.12, "duration": 5.46}, {"text": "you know do you thank you do you watch", "start": 415.87, "duration": 4.17}, {"text": "do you ever I've never had to before but", "start": 417.58, "duration": 4.38}, {"text": "I don't mind losing most of that weight", "start": 420.04, "duration": 4.89}, {"text": "except that it made me ill and you know", "start": 421.96, "duration": 4.38}, {"text": "I have to put back some but I don't want", "start": 424.93, "duration": 4.05}, {"text": "to put back the whole 23 you think you", "start": 426.34, "duration": 4.65}, {"text": "should go to hospital yes I did and you", "start": 428.98, "duration": 3.33}, {"text": "know I hate hospitals", "start": 430.99, "duration": 3.51}, {"text": "I was just going to ask you to wait now", "start": 432.31, "duration": 4.02}, {"text": "you're the steel ball always got your", "start": 434.5, "duration": 3.54}, {"text": "hand up here with ivy and they're taking", "start": 436.33, "duration": 4.89}, {"text": "blood over here yeah but when you come", "start": 438.04, "duration": 4.2}, {"text": "into a hospital", "start": 441.22, "duration": 3.33}, {"text": "do they just let you be sick or all the", "start": 442.24, "duration": 3.54}, {"text": "nor the hello I know I don't even", "start": 444.55, "duration": 4.32}, {"text": "remember being there let you be sick", "start": 445.78, "duration": 4.83}, {"text": "what do you mean I mean I had a", "start": 448.87, "duration": 4.41}, {"text": "miscarriage and I never got to rest you", "start": 450.61, "duration": 3.78}, {"text": "were in your right mind", "start": 453.28, "duration": 2.91}, {"text": "the door would open and they say just", "start": 454.39, "duration": 3.15}, {"text": "it's just one of the sneak and say yeah", "start": 456.19, "duration": 3.0}, {"text": "hello I love you yeah that's happened to", "start": 457.54, "duration": 3.72}, {"text": "me before when I've had things but I was", "start": 459.19, "duration": 3.42}, {"text": "so sick this time I don't even remember", "start": 461.26, "duration": 3.51}, {"text": "when Gary came to see me I didn't even", "start": 462.61, "duration": 4.86}, {"text": "remember in hello in the hospital five", "start": 464.77, "duration": 5.25}, {"text": "days I think that's too long oh I guess", "start": 467.47, "duration": 4.86}, {"text": "so let me ask you yeah that's you're a", "start": 470.02, "duration": 3.06}, {"text": "good mother", "start": 472.33, "duration": 3.33}, {"text": "um we know both kids have turned out ok", "start": 473.08, "duration": 5.25}, {"text": "thank God good god mother what was the", "start": 475.66, "duration": 3.96}, {"text": "one thing they should annoy about your", "start": 478.33, "duration": 1.74}, {"text": "kids", "start": 479.62, "duration": 4.11}, {"text": "one thing that annoyed Nia well first of", "start": 480.07, "duration": 5.07}, {"text": "all the fact that they had to grow up at", "start": 483.73, "duration": 5.79}, {"text": "all and in the 60s that was tough that", "start": 485.14, "duration": 8.31}, {"text": "was I was tough but I can't remember", "start": 489.52, "duration": 5.22}, {"text": "anything that annoyed me", "start": 493.45, "duration": 2.999}, {"text": "was so happy to have them I had them", "start": 494.74, "duration": 3.72}, {"text": "very late my first child was I was 39", "start": 496.449, "duration": 6.87}, {"text": "and I was so happy to have them that I", "start": 498.46, "duration": 6.6}, {"text": "was afraid that I would spoil the hell", "start": 503.319, "duration": 4.111}, {"text": "out of them but I didn't because my", "start": 505.06, "duration": 4.8}, {"text": "mother was around and she said hey hey", "start": 507.43, "duration": 4.65}, {"text": "hey hey hey hey hey hey hey that's no", "start": 509.86, "duration": 6.57}, {"text": "way to do it no oh if you love them you", "start": 512.08, "duration": 6.87}, {"text": "don't let them do those things so with", "start": 516.43, "duration": 4.169}, {"text": "the help of my mother I think I got a", "start": 518.95, "duration": 3.329}, {"text": "good start with them yeah I you spoil", "start": 520.599, "duration": 2.731}, {"text": "your grandkids now", "start": 522.279, "duration": 3.331}, {"text": "no I'm they're too far away to spoil and", "start": 523.33, "duration": 6.09}, {"text": "besides they're cocky they're cocky", "start": 525.61, "duration": 8.07}, {"text": "little yeah they're there they're four", "start": 529.42, "duration": 7.26}, {"text": "and a half two and a half and one that's", "start": 533.68, "duration": 5.73}, {"text": "eight months and she's a living doll of", "start": 536.68, "duration": 5.279}, {"text": "course a two and a half one he's", "start": 539.41, "duration": 4.83}, {"text": "adorable and the poor and a half is", "start": 541.959, "duration": 4.921}, {"text": "getting too smart for me to handle and", "start": 544.24, "duration": 5.07}, {"text": "he's but they're so beautiful and Lucy", "start": 546.88, "duration": 4.17}, {"text": "is such a great mother I can't tell you", "start": 549.31, "duration": 4.86}, {"text": "I mean she has done more things", "start": 551.05, "duration": 4.77}, {"text": "both of them have for that matter but", "start": 554.17, "duration": 3.03}, {"text": "Lucy has done more things than I ever", "start": 555.82, "duration": 3.54}, {"text": "could imagine that she would be good at", "start": 557.2, "duration": 4.41}, {"text": "she's a wonderful mother she's a great", "start": 559.36, "duration": 4.65}, {"text": "entertainer she dances she sings she", "start": 561.61, "duration": 4.169}, {"text": "never took lessons I don't know where or", "start": 564.01, "duration": 4.17}, {"text": "how but you don't know where no I'm", "start": 565.779, "duration": 5.43}, {"text": "surprised I can't dance", "start": 568.18, "duration": 5.52}, {"text": "you can't sing I dance sing and dance", "start": 571.209, "duration": 4.291}, {"text": "I've done a lot of it but that's I've", "start": 573.7, "duration": 4.05}, {"text": "had you know weeks of training but she", "start": 575.5, "duration": 3.93}, {"text": "just goes out there and zips around with", "start": 577.75, "duration": 8.01}, {"text": "Tommy tune and and having you let me ask", "start": 579.43, "duration": 7.649}, {"text": "you one final question because I know", "start": 585.76, "duration": 2.73}, {"text": "you have to leave for sure packing to go", "start": 587.079, "duration": 3.301}, {"text": "and packing I'm doing seminars in", "start": 588.49, "duration": 3.599}, {"text": "Florida now this is a very stupid", "start": 590.38, "duration": 3.81}, {"text": "question and I'm starting at Claremont", "start": 592.089, "duration": 4.94}, {"text": "all right", "start": 594.19, "duration": 2.839}, {"text": "if there was a time capsule I'm sure", "start": 597.089, "duration": 4.14}, {"text": "you've been asked as a mini form or", "start": 599.669, "duration": 3.93}, {"text": "heaven and they asked you to put one", "start": 601.229, "duration": 6.0}, {"text": "Lucy Show in hmm what would the show be", "start": 603.599, "duration": 6.3}, {"text": "I it has already happened and they put", "start": 607.229, "duration": 4.32}, {"text": "it in the time capsule and then they", "start": 609.899, "duration": 5.1}, {"text": "tore down the whole block it was the", "start": 611.549, "duration": 7.8}, {"text": "baby show wonderful babies wonderful", "start": 614.999, "duration": 6.78}, {"text": "Jack Benny had a show and George Burns", "start": 619.349, "duration": 4.29}, {"text": "and Gracie had a show and some other", "start": 621.779, "duration": 4.86}, {"text": "people and it was in the corner of vine", "start": 623.639, "duration": 5.07}, {"text": "and sunset and they tore down the whole", "start": 626.639, "duration": 3.3}, {"text": "block and just forgot all about the", "start": 628.709, "duration": 3.57}, {"text": "capsule then it's still down there no no", "start": 629.939, "duration": 5.46}, {"text": "that's dredged out Fairlawn that's all", "start": 632.279, "duration": 5.1}, {"text": "they care about our capsule better than", "start": 635.399, "duration": 3.45}, {"text": "if they did it again it would be the", "start": 637.379, "duration": 3.24}, {"text": "baby show I still the baby show Thank", "start": 638.849, "duration": 3.66}, {"text": "You Brad oh thank you for coming have a", "start": 640.619, "duration": 4.28}, {"text": "good time", "start": 642.509, "duration": 2.39}, {"text": "she's a dog I just love her so much it's", "start": 660.53, "duration": 5.16}, {"text": "what you call a major stars I would say", "start": 663.32, "duration": 2.7}, {"text": "so", "start": 665.69, "duration": 2.61}, {"text": "and I lovely first a lovely person and a", "start": 666.02, "duration": 5.19}, {"text": "good mother and looking great that's", "start": 668.3, "duration": 5.43}, {"text": "yeah yeah nice make the ever", "start": 671.21, "duration": 5.439}, {"text": "[Applause]", "start": 673.73, "duration": 2.919}]]
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