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Northern Ireland Violence October 1991

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Jan 15th, 2020
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  1. 1 October 1991: IRA apologises to two young people, whom one of its ASU knocked down and seriously injured during a get-away from a bomb attack on the Army.
  2. 3 October: In Fermanagh funeral of Kevin McGovern (19) shot dead by the RUC
  3. 8 October 1991: The UFF claimed responsibility for burning a Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) hall in Kircubbin, County Down.
  4. 7 October 1991: An IPLO unit fired shots into a Protestant-owned bar with a machine gun in south Belfast injuring 2 people.[31][29]
  5. 10 October 1991: The IPLO carried out a gun attack on the Diamond Jubilee Bar on the Shankill Road Belfast, killing a UDA member & injuring several people.
  6. 10 October 1991: The IPLO shot and injured a Protestant civilian in Newry
  7. 10 October 1991: The UFF claimed responsibility for shooting dead a Catholic taxi driver as he drove along Rosapenna Street, Belfast.
  8. 12 October 1991: The IPLO firebombs a Belfast pub.
  9. 12 October 1991: IRA firebombs in six shops in Belfast, Bangor and Mallusk cause 1,000,000 pounds worth of damage.
  10. 12 October 1991: In Rathfriland the British Army defuse a booby trap under a RUCR officer's car.
  11. 13 October 1991: The UVF shot dead a former Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) volunteer on Ormeau Road, Belfast.
  12. 14 October 1991: The UFF claimed responsibility for shooting dead a Catholic taxi driver, after he had been lured to a bogus call at Finnis Drive, Belfast.
  13. 14 October 1991: In East Belfast a shop worker is injured in a firebomb blast
  14. 14 October 1991: A ten-minute gun battle erupted between British soldiers and IRA volunteers at Derryvollen, County Fermanagh.[110]
  15. 15 October 1991: The UFF claimed responsibility for shooting dead a Catholic civilian at his workplace on Ravenhill Road, Belfast.
  16. 15 October 1991: Two bomb alerts in Belfast, and a nail bomb found in Newry
  17. 16 October 1991: A Catholic civilian died two days after being found shot in a car on Tamar Street, Belfast; the UFF claimed responsibility.
  18. 21 October 1991: A Protestant civilian survives IRA booby trap in Sandy Row area.
  19. 21 October 1991: Bomb alerts across NI, Strabane bomb defused, and mortars abandoned at Toome.
  20. 21 October 1991: In Belfast a Catholic man survived kidnap bid in Durham Street, he was attacked with knives but fought off attack and escaped in car.
  21. 21 October 1991: Fred Cobain (former Belfast Lord Mayor and UUP Cllr.) survives visit from two gunmen, as he was out.
  22. 25 October 1991: The UVF shot dead a former Provisional IRA volunteer at his home in Pomeroy.
  23. 27 October 1991: An IRA bomb exploded at Castle Court centre in Belfast as Peter Brooke was giving press conference quarter of a mile away. Film report there were also eight further bomb alerts, all hoaxes.
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