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  1.     private void updateSiteFeatureToggle(@NotNull final String orgId, @NotNull final List<String> siteUrls,
  2.                                          @NotNull final Map<String, Boolean> featureToggleMap) {
  3."Entering updateSiteFeatureToggle for orgId: {}", orgId);
  4.         // updating the feature toggle value of the sites
  5.         for (String siteUrl : siteUrls) {
  6.             wxProvisioningService.updateWxSiteFeatureToggle(siteUrl, featureToggleMap);
  7.   "Feature Toggle value was updated successfully for site: {}", siteUrl);
  8.         }
  9."Feature Toggle value was updated successfully for sites in org: {}", orgId);
  10.         updateStatus(AsyncProcessStatus.COMPLETE);
  11.         updateMessage("Exiting updateSiteFeatureToggle async task for: " + orgId);
  12."Exiting updateSiteFeatureToggle: {}", orgId);
  13.     }
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