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  1. [02:51 PM] Pavel Morozov has been given a Very Important Assignment, one that he was assured would fit his talents-- though he didn't quite like the smirk his handler had given him-- and been sent off to his new "employment", supposedly given to the royal house by a noble with ties to Pavel's own country as a gift but truly sent as a spy to infiltrate the palace and the good graces of the royalty living there.
  3. Pavel was not so sure he was a good choice; he was best at making contacts, getting information, working to send things back, not working on the ground to collect it or pretending to be a servant to slip invisibly into high places. Still, when your commander told you to jump, your feet either left the ground or your head left your shoulders, and so it was that Pavel arrived at the palace dressed in humble clothes and a slave collar. It wasn't... well, it wasn't the worst assignment, so far; the collar was padded, and he knew the trick to unlocking it if he needed to, with or without the key (which was passed from the noble to a guard along with custody of the new servant-slave), and he suspected that the royal palace would have cats in its employ to keep rats out of wherever Pavel was to sleep, which would be a nice change from some of the places he'd been sent. Still, he felt incredibly awkward, trying to chat cheerfully with the guards and given unimpressed looks instead of charmed ones. Maybe servants aren't supposed to be charming, he realizes, and muffles himself with difficulty, just trying to look pleasant as they lead him up to have an audience with his new employer.
  5. Having somewhat expected a butler or housekeeper, Pavel is somewhat startled when he's pushed into a lavishly decorated room with a handsome young man draped across some pillows, wearing decidedly unservantly clothing-- for one thing, most servants wore more-- and is very startled that the guards don't seem terribly surprised that the handsome young man has someone face-down in his crotch, apparently, uh. Doing things. Down there. Wow.
  7. Turning red, Pavel directs his eyes up, to the young man's face-- and he's probably not supposed to meet royalty's eyes, but, uh, it's the better option right now, wow.
  8. [02:51 PM] Artyom Alexovich: (( OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY ))
  9. [03:13 PM] Artyom Alexovich is most definitely as unservantly as they come, body dripping with gold bands and green jewels that could be anything from emerals and tourmaline to alexandrite and spinel, dazzling and yet not outshining the man's bottle-green eyes; a dangling circlet resting on short, warm black hair. His clothing is minimal, some what he is wearing so light and airy its like cloth made of moonlight, a sheer tunic under a delicate vest hanging off his slender frame. A panel skirt is apparently all he was using to hide his shame from the world, and the waistband rests so low on his hips that if it weren't for the fabric already pushed aside, his dick would be in danger of the base showing regardless, his treasure trail clear as day.
  11. But the panel skirt is pushed aside, the young man's legs spread with another man, kneeling on the ground before him, face buried in the royal-looking boy's crotch, bobbing gently, maybe giving the new servant a glimpse of cockflesh slick with saliva. And he's just reclining so relaxed, amongst his cushions on his seat, a hand resting gently on the head of the man between his thighs, the other lazily holding the handle of the hose of a truly extravagant hookah resting on a table beside his seating, giving off a delicious, fruity scent, and something more than that.
  13. The young man had been watching the servant between his thighs with a lazily pleased expression and a slight smile, but he glances up when Pavel enters the room. He doesn't say anything at first, watching him with those sleepy, daydreamy eyes, gentle smile not fading even as he takes a hit from his hookah. But finally, he speaks, smoke pluming from between his lips with his words.
  15. "Come here," He says, voice low and soft, words slightly slow. He talks so calmly, like his cock isn't buried in a man's mouth and throat right that second. "You're the new one, aren't you? Want to get a better look at you..."
  16. [03:23 PM] Pavel Morozov is trying very hard not to look at the wet cock between the other servant's lips, because, uh-- uh-- well-- it makes him feel weird and jittery to be in this situation at all, like he's seeing something he shouldn't be, and it's with trepidation that he comes closer. It's not like this is some... some awful thing he's seeing, because he's seen much more awful things before, but the placid enjoyment of the-- prince? Young lord? Excessively pretty young man makes it seem intimate, and makes Pavel feel like he's definitely intruding somehow.
  18. Clearing his throat, Pavel advances, looking at the pretty swirls of smoke through the air before he gets close enough that bowing feels appropriate. "... Hello there, uh, sir?" he says, because he has no idea who this is but it's definitely 'sir' at the ABSOLUTE least. Probably 'your lordship' or 'your eminence' or 'your highness', but his country really doesn't go much higher than 'sir', so... (Inside, he doesn't know what he's doing and is screaming a little.)
  19. [03:35 PM] Artyom Alexovich chuckles softly at Pavel's confused address of him, his shy eyes and jitteryness, suspecting that the servant might not be sure what's going on, or who he is... That's fine. He doesn't really need to. All he needs is to obey, and to make Artyom feel good... He gives a soft noise of approval, though, now that Pavel is closer, and he... very blatantly looks Pavel up and down, and wets his lips with his tongue.
  21. "You're cuter than I'd hoped." He says, clearly pleased with the new slave his people had purchased for him. "Normally, I consider my preferences to lie with more 'fit' men, but... I think you might be about to change that." He's saying that Pavel's round face and belly is fucking cute as fuck and also very attractive. He can tell Pavel's got strength to him, too, which is also very attractive.
  23. He takes another breath from his hookah, and then gently shoves at the head of the man between his legs, who then backs off, leaving Artyom's cock wet and hard against his thigh and tugging his hand away, previously unseen from Pavel's angle, fingers having apparently been buried in the decorated young man's ass. His panel skirt is still left aside, leaving him exposed. "Want you." He says, bluntly, eyes giving Pavel another once-over. "I'm betting you have a nice cock."
  25. This royal looking guy wants you to fuck him, Pavel! What do!
  26. [03:36 PM] Artyom Alexovich (the answer is: fucking do it, youre supposed to be playing the role of a slave)
  27. [03:37 PM] Pavel Morozov's internal monologue turns into a ?. Just a ?.
  29. ?
  30. [11:19 PM] Pavel Morozov is not... entirely... sure... uh, he just doesn't know what's happening, to be honest. Is the other man... uh, 'flirting'? With him?
  32. He says, voice a little shaken and with a discombobulated air about him, "I-- I-- uh, we're both... men... though? I, I, I mean, I am here to serve, but, uh, I don't know, uh, you know, what you're asking me to do--"
  34. Pavel is very shaken, because what the fuck is happening here?? Nothing he understands! Aaaa!! Though he understands enough to look very, very red, cheeks flushing and a hand raised to fuss with his collar, which feels suddenly tight and uncomfortable.
  35. [11:23 PM] Artyom Alexovich is more than just flirting with you Pavel. I'd say he's coming on to you, but he's doing more than that, too. He's outright propositioning Pavel. At Pavel's fluster, though, initially, Artyom thinks it's cute, but... the 'we're both men' comment earns Pavel a look from the decorated young man like he thinks Pavel is rather stupid.
  37. "Of course we're both men... Did you think I didn't know that when I had another man sucking me off just now?" He says, simply, and takes another hit off his hookah, then blowing the smoke in a steady, gentle stream at Pavel. "All I'm telling you to do... is fuck me."
  39. Seems simple enough, right? That's what he thought at least. "You don't need me to show you how, do you?"
  40. [11:32 PM] Pavel Morozov is solid red from cheeks to chin, and takes a few shy steps closer, because he's, uh, probably not going to fuck this guy from across the room-- god damn, the fucking things he does for his country, eh? He doesn't even know how to fuck a guy (or anyone), but he's pretty sure he'll need to be in touching distance for it. "Uhhhh... blin, maybe I kind of do, sir?" he says, hesitantly, because... well... because your feet leave the ground or your head leaves your shoulders, eh? He doesn't really, uh, want to fuck this guy, but he really doesn't want to fuck up his assignment ten minutes in, and he tries a charming smile, though he mostly looks uncertain about it. "If, uh, you'd be so kind as to show a servant his... his... his duties?"
  42. This is so fucking weird.
  43. [11:39 PM] Artyom Alexovich is not really the most caring person right now, so the uncertainty in Pavel's face doesn't bother him- only the charm Pavel tries to put into it does, and it works a bit. He is rather charmed, even if the smile he gives Pavel in return is a bit patronizing, if forgiving.
  45. "It's just sex, how do you think it works..?" He murmurs, and beckons Pavel a bit closer- let him touch you, maybe? Run a slender hand up your arm, down your side? "You take your dick, get it nice and hard... And then you push it into my hole."
  47. He'll show Pavel, if it helps! Taking his hand away from the other man, he slides it down his body, down to his crotch, past his cock and his balls, to his slightly slicked entrance, where the previous servant had been fingering him open just a minute ago. He easily slides his middle finger into himself with a small noise of pleasure. "Right here," He says, voice gentle and low, and he takes his finger back out. This time, he gestures to a large vial on the table beside his seating. "Use this- it lubricates. Makes it easier, and feel fantastic... use it on your cock, and then just put it inside of me. It's that simple, my friend. I think you will know what to do from there..."
  48. [11:47 PM] Pavel Morozov admits, glowingly nervous, "Well, I've never had sex before! Not, ah, not a lot of chances, you know?" as he comes closer, glancing behind him-- are the guards going to watch? He hopes the guards aren't going to watch, they didn't seem to like him being chatty and he is maybe not going to be able to unchatterbox himself while he's this shaken. "But, but, that does sound pretty simple. Let me-- uh-- you know, I'm sure you'd let me know if I fucked it all up, eh?"
  50. He's standing awkwardly in front of Artyom when he starts unlacing the front of his pants, fingers trembling a little and still flushed, and continues, "I gotta, gotta say, this isn't what I expected from my... my first day in a new household, eh? Normally you get shown the kitchens and sleeping quarters, and the job you'll be doing, not, not, uh, engaging with nobility, aha. It's certainly an interesting change, though! And you're much prettier than my past few masters, priyatel, all of them were at least, ah, ten or fifteen times your age, eh?" He laughs, nervously, and flashes a smile at Artyom, and his cock-- well, it might be nice once he gets it hard, and he's definitely stroking it in an effort to get it there, though it seems to be slow going. He was not expecting to have to call up a boner on short notice!
  51. [11:53 PM] Artyom Alexovich may or may not still have guards in the room, he really doesn't pay attention to them at all, they might as well be wall decorations to him compared to his handsome, handsome servants... Pavel might be pleased to find, however, that as he starts to chatterbox out of nerves, the noble young man doesn't look annoyed. Mostly, he looks pleasantly amused, smiling softly- really, he thinks it's rather charming, actually... None of the other men ever talk this much to him. It's... not an unwelcome difference.
  53. "Normally I'm told I am handsome, but I guess I don't mind 'pretty'." He comments airily, "Anyway, as for being shown the job you'll be doing... Well, that's what's happening here. Only you're not being shown the kitchens..." Instead, he was shown the very attractive prince who is openly admiring Pavel's cock, even if it's not hard yet.
  55. "You'll be expected to wait on me... and pleasure me. Not so difficult, I don't think." He says, and reaches out to touch Pavel again... this time, his hand gently stroking across Pavel's belly, brushing his fingertips down through his treasure trail, until his thumb brushes the base of Pavel's cock... "... Want some help?"
  56. [11:58 PM] Pavel Morozov makes a very undignified little squeak, entire body twitching at the touch to his belly, but he takes a breath and says, "I-- shit, yeah, let's do this, can't be the worst job I've ever had, eh?" He manages a real charming smile down at Artyom, and takes another couple deep breaths, trying to quell his nerves even as his stomach flips. "Do whatever it is you want, sir, I'll, eh, I'll do my best to follow along?"
  57. [12:00 AM] Artyom Alexovich can't help but grin- that squeak was so cute! He can't believe he's managed to get such a cute new servant to play with... So handsome and charming, and one that hasn't even had sex with a woman before... that's rare. Servants and slaves usually breed like rabbits.
  59. "You'll like this..." He insists, pushing himself upright as he takes one more breath from his hookah. Green eyes focused on the cock in front of him, the young man lets the smoke out of his mouth slowly, before leaning forward, grasping the base... and eagerly taking all of Pavel's cock into his mouth, sucking on it gently. Get hard for him now please? <3
  62. Pavel makes many, many startled and squirming noises, and his hands hover uselessly as he whimpers, eyelids fluttering and cock getting much bigger very quickly in Artyom's mouth, warming and getting fat and impressive. Surprise! It's exactly Artyom's favorite type of cock, thick around the middle but not all that tall (just like Pavel himself)! There might be some helplessly twitching hips, too, holy shit, no-- no wonder this guy was having another servant do this to him, when Pavel arrived, this feels fucking great, holy shit. Hands will never again be the best option.
  63. [12:13 AM] Artyom Alexovich is pleased!!! He was getting a little worried that maybe his new handsome guy was impotent... That would've just been so sad! But no, this cock is getting nice and thick in his mouth- fat, even, a pleasingly girthy cock and stretches his jaw just a bit, thickest in the middle, without being absurdly long... How lovely! Artyom hums around the cock in his mouth, encouraging those twitching hips with a couple bobs of his head...
  65. But then he pulls away, licking his lips and looking very pleased with himself. "Mmh- what a good-looking cock. Knew you had to have such a nice one just by looking at you..." He takes his hands off Pavel's cock just long enough to fetch that vial, pouring a modest amount of some slick fluid with a pleasing scent into his palm. Then the vial is aside again, and he's stroking Pavel's cock with that hand, now so slippery smooth, coating Pavel's length with the slick substance.
  67. And then he wipes his hand on Pavel's pants before leaning back to recline once more, and take the hose of his hookah back up for another smoke. "That should do it, right? Think you can fuck me now?" He raises an eyebrow at Pavel with a smirk. "If you need me to remind you, all you have to do is push into that hole waiting for you..."
  69. You know, that cute lil asshole between Artyom's spread thighs, under his sack... He even shifts about slightly, to angle his hips up a bit more, knees bending, to make it a bit easier.
  70. [12:21 AM] Pavel Morozov groans when Artyom pulls away, looking a little shaken, and then groans again when Artyom's oiled hand strokes his cock... ahhh, holy shit, he didn't know things could feel this damn good, this is, like, so fucking much better than jerking it to get to sleep--
  72. "Yessir," he agrees, breathless and flustered but clearly much, much more into this than he was a few minutes ago, almost eagerly settling onto his knees between Artyom's legs, cheeks pink with lust more than embarrassment. He was pretty uncertain there for a second, but this might not be so bad, huh? "Just-- just push it in, right, I can do that," he mumbles, and leans carefully over the other man, their cocks brushing for a moment-- oh, that's, uh, kind of nice, too-- before Pavel realizes that aiming something wobbling and long at a very small target isn't likely to work to well, and reaches down with one hand to steady his cock, the head rubbing behind Artyom's balls and over his hole, slipping around as he tries to find the hole he's supposed to push into...
  74. It doesn't help that the other man's soft skin is very, very nice to rub against, and Pavel keeps on shivering or having his hips twitch as he nudges around, making it even harder to aim. Ahhh, fuck, it's so good...
  75. [12:26 AM] Artyom Alexovich is patient, and unlike some people, he really does have all day, so he's fine with Pavel taking his sweet time to get comfortable, and figure out how to get his cock where it needs to go. Artyom simply watches with interest, the mouthpiece of the hose held close to his lips, lower lip bitten gently... He groans, softly, as Pavel probes around, so at least Pavel knows he's not annoying or boring the guy, after all, the anticipation is fun in itself, not to mention the gentle contact in all sorts of little sensitive places...
  77. But he DOES want to have that cock inside of him sooner, rather than later, and he suggests, "Try aiming a little more slowly..." before reangling his hips again, this time putting a hand under his thigh to tug his leg up just a bit more. "Come on, want that handsome cock to be inside me..."
  78. [12:44 AM] Pavel Morozov nods, lips parted with his heavy breathing, and goes slower... ahhh... ahhh, there's the hole, he can feel it against the head of his cock--
  80. Slowly, slowly, he pushes against Artyom's hole, and it lets him in, lets him push his oiled cock slowly inside, and he cries out softly in pleasure, pressing his other hand to the pillows the other man is leaning against, and holy FUCKING god DAMN-- "Ah, ah, sukaaa, that feels good," he whimpers, fingers digging into the pillows, and presses closer, cock pushing deeper into the soft, warm, tight hole of the man under him. Holy shit. How did he not know this was a thing? How are men not doing this literally all the time? This is even better than Artyom's mouth, ahhhh...
  81. [12:49 AM] Artyom Alexovich takes in a breath and holds it when he finally feels the warm, smooth head of Pavel cock find his hole, pressing into it gently... And then, at last, his new slave starts to slowly, slowly push his cock into Artyom, his hole warm and already slick and slightly stretched from the thorough fingering he'd had earlier, and his cock throbs eagerly back to full hardness against his hip after having gone just a bit soft from boredom.
  83. "Mmnh- [b]you[/b] feel good-" He replies, because it's true, Pavel has such a wonderful cock that's already feeling so wonderful inside of him, the head pleasantly shaped, and with such a delicious girth in the middle, pressing out against Artyom's tightness delightfully... The noble tips his head back with a gasp and a groan, and the hose of his hookah falls from his hand as he eagerly drapes his arms around Pavel's shoulders. "Ah! M-More, please...!"
  84. [12:58 AM] Pavel Morozov wasn't sure how much of him the noble wanted to interact with-- he's mostly touched cock thus far-- but when Artyom drapes his arms around Pavel's shoulders, he relaxes a bit, and laughs, giddily. "Ahh, fuck, do I? Good, good," he says, breathlessly-- he'll take the guy's word for it, it must feel good somehow or he wouldn't be demanding cock, and gives him what he's asked for, rolling his hips awkwardly but eagerly, pressing deeper into Artyom-- nnngh, god, that's real nice, and he moves the hand that was holding his dick steady to Artyom's bare thigh instead, petting his skin like he's a cat Pavel halfway expects to be scratched by. But please don't scratch him, Artyom, he's doing his best, filling the prince up with his fat warm cock and moaning and giggling in pleasure, head coming to rest next to Artyom's on the cushions. Wow. Wow. Holy shit. This feels damn good, huh?
  85. [01:04 AM] Artyom Alexovich wouldn't lie about this! Why would he? If Pavel was displeasing him in some way, he'd probably just be kicked out. No need to spare the feelings of a slave or servant... But yes, it does feel good, it feels fantastic, even the inexpert rolling of Pavel's hips because honestly, the man's virginity is just so /charming/ to Artyom, not to mention, expertise can breed out spontaneity and be almost boring, whereas the exploration and curiosity of someone new is almost always great fun.
  87. Like a cat, Artyom almost purrs as Pavel pets at his thigh, rather than scratch at him, arching his back as Pavel fills him and fills him up with his wonderful cock... Artyom turns his head, once Pavel leans in to rest his close, and he nuzzles at the cheek of his new servant, who is already quickly rising the ranks of his favorite. "Feels good... You're doing s-so good, mnh...!" He moans, and presses kisses where his lips can reach. "Tell me your name..."
  88. [01:10 AM] Pavel Morozov likes that, likes being told he's doing good, it makes him feel [s]safe from punishment[/s] warm and happy in a deeper way than just how warm and happy having his cock buried in Artyom's ass does, and he shyly nuzzles back, trying to catch his breath so he can tell the man, "Pavel, my name's Pavel, it's-- 's nice to meet you," and then laugh against Artyom's skin as he rocks his hips, a shy little thrust inside the warmth of Artyom. "Ahhh, blin, can I be-- be doing better? Or should I just, uh, carry on?" he asks, breathy and eager to please. Maybe he will be told more about how good he's doing...!
  89. [01:16 AM] Artyom Alexovich genuinely coos at Pavel, his arms curling a bit more eagerly around his neck, tugging him against Artyom in an embrace, chest to chest. "Hah... Pavel, huh? Cute name for a cute guy... Mmh... I can call you Pasha." He says, with some authority, apparently already deciding that Pavel is going to be called Pasha now, whether he likes it or not. But hopefully he likes it. Likes it like how Artyom likes that shy little thrust, it's practically cute! Ahh, and it feels so good, makes Artyom moan and tip his head back again... "Ahhh, k-keep going... You're doing good, so good, Pasha... Fuck me however you like, it feels so good."
  90. [01:22 AM] Pavel Morozov relaxes even more, because-- yeah, okay, he can work with this, and he snickers against the man's jaw. "You can call me, eh, whatever you want, sir," he says, agreeably, and just fucks Artyom like he feels like fucking him, with hesitant and awkward thrusts and rolls of his hips-- but he's getting into something like a rhythm, and his hands are moving a bit less shyly, one touching Artyom's side, over his shirt but under his vest, and the other shyly creeping from pillow to hair as Pavel nuzzles the bit of jaw he has available for nuzzling at. He is, at least, a little better at that-- apparently he's at least made out with someone before-- and the prince is so soft and smooth all over, god, Pavel really likes touching him so far. And his job may be to touch him, like, fucking professionally? This-- okay, yeah, this is probably going to be a pretty good assignment. How did the handler know!
  91. [01:29 AM] Artyom Alexovich WILL call Pavel whatever he wants! Which will mostly be Pasha, but may also include 'handsome', 'hey you', and 'cutie'. Anyways, he's really fucking enjoying how Pavel fucks him, the shy, exploratory thrusts as Pavel works out what feels good for the both of them, the growing confidence as he gets the hang of it, without losing that inexperienced curiosity, mmnh...! It's gonna be a real shame when he starts getting good at this, Artyom will have to work to make sure he doesn't fall into some sort of familiar rut or technique...
  93. Oh, but the exploration of Pavel's hands gets him, too, making him shiver or coo to match the moans and sighs he gives to Pavel's cock in his ass. But not a single touch makes him react more than when Pavel starts feeling up the young man's chest under his vest, making his back arch, pushing his chest up into Pavel's hand, Artyom groaning in delight... SOMEone likes having his chest touched! "Ah! P-Pasha...! G-Good, don't stop, mnh!" He pleads breathlessly, working his own hips with Pavel's, to deepen those lovely thrusts, cock throbbing with pleasure. "Getting closer..."
  94. [01:32 AM] Pavel Morozov can get a hint! He may not have had sex before but he can definitely get a hint! And the hint he's getting is that he should be touching the parts of Artyom that are being thrust at him, which he proceeds to do, hands touching Artyom's chest as Pavel weighs against him, nuzzling enthusiastically and rocking his hips in something that almost approaches a rhythm, though he's sometimes too busy moaning and gasping to keep it up.
  95. [01:36 AM] Artyom Alexovich is fine with that! He really likes the spontaneity, he really likes the little, minor surprise that comes with every thrust, just like he loves how perfectly Pavel's cock fits inside of him, rubbing at him and filling him out. With Pavel touching his chest under his vest, Artyom squirms under the other man in delight, making all sorts of wonderful, pleased noises between his gasping, huffing breath, face getting a bit pink from the exertion of sex.
  97. His own hips have started jerking a bit more haphazardly against Pavel's, his mouth running out of words to say beyond an occasional moan or gasp of 'Pasha', and his fingers dig into Pavel's shoulders, nails trimmed and smooth. he was right- he's getting close, especially now that the other man is properly feeling up his chest, he only needs a little more, just a bit more friction against his prostate and a bit more rubbing of his nips...
  98. [01:43 AM] Pavel Morozov is very, very happy to continue-- ahh, getting dug at like this, that's-- maybe he wouldn't mind too much if this kitty scratched him! Who knew! and he groans and shoves his cock as deep inside Artyom as it'll go, just for a moment, groaning in delight and venturing shy kisses to Artyom's jaw. His hands keep petting his chest, too, though they don't really wander to his nipples in particular-- they might glance over them, though, aimlessly, and if Artyom were to startle and gasp when he does, then maybe they'd glance over them some more...
  99. [01:47 AM] Artyom Alexovich gasps with that thrust, cock gently leaking pre, and he accepts those shy kisses... by turning his head, to turn them into real kisses! It's a bit lopsided, their faces not quite properly aligned, but lips are definitely touching lips in smoochy ways, with Artyom humming breathless moans. Speaking of moans... Pavel will definitely get louder, more delightful ones whenever his hands brush over Artyom's nips, not to mention sharp little gasps through his nose and pleased little jerks of his slender frame.
  101. "Ah, Pasha..!" He breathes, eyes having fallen shut, face flushed and brow damp. "Just... Just a little more, please!"
  102. [01:52 AM] Pavel Morozov is very willing to give him just a little more, and kisses him with amateur enthusiasm, breathlessly and eagerly, as his hands find Artyom's nipples and rub against them, open-palmed and uncertain of what doing but very certain that he likes Artyom liking this. He also really, really likes thrusting inside Artyom, doing his best to give him the little more he wants, and getting pretty close to giving himself the little more he needed as well-- ahhh, shit, he's definitely going to cum, and hopefully inside Artyom's okay for that because he absolutely isn't going to think of pulling out.
  103. [01:56 AM] Artyom Alexovich kinda adores those kisses, to be honest, how sweet they are! And he's more than happy to return them with smooches of his own. But he just needed that little more, just a few more hungry, eager thrusts against his prostate, filling out his ass, and paired with those rough, warm palms rubbing against his nipples, it's no time at all before Artyom arches his back up and abruptly cums, a spurt of it onto his belly and probably getting a mess on his delicate tunic. His climax is accompanied by a moaning cry of delight, arms hugging Pavel tight, scraping his shoulders slightly with his nails, and his legs abruptly wrapping around Pavel's thighs to give the full koala cling, heels digging into Pavel's behind. But most of all, his hole clenches around that thick cock buried in him, all tight and pulsing gently with his quickened heartbeat.
  104. [02:37 AM] Pavel Morozov thinks this is fucking great, holy fucking shit, this-- this is so good-- aah-- and having the pretty man wrapped around him like this-- it's so good and warm and he's being held so tightly, by arm and lets and the man's hole-- fuck--
  106. With a whimper of pleasure, he cums right in Artyom's butt, kissing him frantically and clinging to his sides, all thoughts of roles and assignments and how weird this is fleeing his head in favor of bliss and a sudden contentment with life. Yeah, this is good, this is great, nothing to complain about here...
  107. [02:45 AM] Artyom Alexovich never cared at all about 'roles' or 'assignments' regarding whether or not it's proper for a prince to have sex with a servant. All he ever cared about is servants and slaves are there to please him, so why not sexually? And speaking of pleasing him, Pavel is absolutely doing just that by kissing so desperately at him, making him coo and giggle, only to gasp sharply through his nose when he feels the sudden rush of wet heat as Pavel abruptly blows his load inside of him.
  109. "Pasha..!" He gasps, and squeezing all around the man just a little tighter for a few seconds... Before relaxing all at once, legs slipping until just his knees are against Pavel's sides, arms draped more loosely about the man's shoulders, his head laid back against his cushions, chest rising and falling quickly as he tries to catch his breath... And SUCH a pleased smile on his face as he admires Pavel, at his new love slave, who seemed to enjoy himself as much as Artyom did...
  111. "Mnnh... You did good, Pasha..." He breathes, and leans in to peck Pavel's cheek. "Felt incredible."
  112. [03:17 AM] Pavel Morozov makes a very happy noise, and snuggles into his new master, and says, breathless, "And this is my-- my fuckin' job now? Damn." He does not sound even remotely unhappy about this, and lays delighted smooches all over Artyom's cheeks and chin in return, and says, "Maybe I can-- maybe, uh, if it's something you'd like, sir, I could keep doing good?"
  114. Damn, Pavel, you didn't even know you could have sex with men not ten minutes ago.
  115. [03:20 AM] Artyom Alexovich giggles softly, and decides he absolutely must comment on that- "And to think, you didn't even know men could have sex together until, what, ten minutes ago?" He says in a teasing tone, and kisses Pavel's lips this time, but just a peck. "But yes... you can keep doing good. Definitely..."
  117. He ponders a moment, shifting a bit, with Pavel still buried inside him and making him grunt slightly, and says, "In fact... mnh, I think yours might be one of the best cocks I've ever had, if not the best..." What praise! Congratulations on the Best Cock Award, Pavel! "Certainly, I've had thicker or longer, but... there is such a thing as 'too much'. But you... God, you're thick in all the right ways, my Pasha, like you were made for me... I think I like you."
  118. [03:26 AM] Pavel Morozov turns pink, and says, "Hey, I'm not a-afraid of trying new things, you see? I just had to learn it was-- that it's fucking wonderful." He slants an excited grin at Artyom, and says, "I'm amazed that, that I don't see men falling all over each other in the streets to do it, when it feels so nice, eh? What bastard was keeping it secret from me?"
  120. And then Artyom, shifting under him, tells him that he has the best cock, and that he likes him-- ahhh, fuck, Pavel can't help but turn pinker, even as he jokes, "Not the dashing good looks? Or my clever mind? I'm beginning to think you don't even love my poetry, sir!"
  121. [03:33 AM] Artyom Alexovich giggles softly, and can only shrug, because as if he has any idea why more men aren't fucking each other all the time, because Pavel is right, it IS wonderful. More important than that, though, is how cute Pavel's blush is when he's complimented, and it makes Artyom grin! "I do think you're charming... And very cute, and very handsome, my Pasha. it's a shame, though, I haven't actually heard your poetry! Maybe you should share..."
  123. But before that, though, Artyom would like to share a little tiny teensy weensy itty bitty tidbit of information Pavel might find interesting... "It's not 'sir', by the way. The proper title to address me by is 'Your Royal Highness', or at the least 'Your Highness'. Technically, I should be 'Your Majesty', but... eh." He shrugs again, making a bit of a face. "Coronation isn't all that important, is it?"
  125. Surprise! You got your dick stuck in the Crown Prince!
  126. [03:40 AM] Pavel Morozov clearly has to think about that for a minute, eyebrows crinkling down as he tries to remember--
  128. "Oh! Oh, uh, well. Your Highness." Artyom, right? Pavel thinks his name is Artyom, he remembers that from a briefing at some point. "... Forgive me if I don't bow, but I wouldn't want to headbutt you, Your Highness. I think that'd be a greater offense, eh?" He giggles, a little giddy-nervouse, and nudges his face against Artyom's, forehead to forehead and nose to nose. He, uh, is glad he found out after and not before, this would have been much worse to learn before; afterwards, he feels happy and chill to start with, and has been assures he's in the crown prince's good graces, several times.
  129. [03:46 AM] Artyom Alexovich is Artyom, yes! Good memory, Pavel. The joke actually makes Artyom grin, and giggle besides. "Yes, I think headbutting the prince would be a hell of a faux pas, my Pasha." He says, and gladly accepts these nuzzles, replying with some of his own... and maybe a couple smooches to Pavel's lips! You are DEFINITELY in the crown prince's good graces, Pavel. You are also still in his ass. But he likes you, he thinks you're good-looking and charming and sexy and you have a perfect cock.
  131. "I have an idea..." He murmurs, lips to Pavel's, "I like to bring at least one of my slaves with me to bed every night... I think I'll take you with me tonight." This isn't presented as a suggestion, of course. If Artyom wants Pavel in his bed tonight, he's getting Pavel in his bed.
  132. [03:51 AM] Pavel Morozov says, "Ah! Well, then, once we get there, would you like me to recite 'The Ballad of the Dog who Walked Down A Boring Road' or 'The Daily Life Of A Pig In A Puddle'? They're, ah, both original works, but they should both do the trick of putting you right to sleep! Never had an audience survive them with their eyes open."
  133. [03:55 AM] Artyom Alexovich snorts, and then giggles, and then properly starts to laugh, head tipping back and everything! You have entertained the prince!! "Ahaha! Mm, I think, definitely, the latter. It sounds very good." He says, snickering between his words. "But first, it's getting a little late, isn't it? I need to go have my supper and my bath before bed... You don't need to join me."
  135. He pecks Pavel's cheek, though. "You could ask a guard or another slave to show you around the palace... tell them I sent you." He starts to wriggle, apparently Done Now and ready to be freed from under Pavel. "And tell them to have you in my bed chamber by the time I retire."
  136. [04:00 AM] Pavel Morozov says, "Of course, your Highness! I wouldn't dream of not being there. Blin, maybe I can be the first slave with a princely patron, eh?" He snickers, and pulls away, rolling to one side-- ah. Ah, yes, the guards were definitely there during the whole thing, and he turns rather red at that, but-- well-- fuck it, you only live once, and he climbs to his feet before offering the prince a hand up. And maybe, if Artyom takes the hand up, Pavel will give him a little shy kiss? "Ah, if you wish me to be present, do you wish for me to be a wrapped or unwrapped one?"
  137. [04:06 AM] Artyom Alexovich giggles softly, and then a little less softly seeing that red red face- what a cute face! Gosh! He'd love to see Pavel blush more, that would be wonderful, he thinks. He accepts to hand up, though... and the kiss, too, replying with a little smooch of his own, almost modest. Standing up, now, his panel skirt falls back into place to mostly preserve his dignity. Mostly.
  139. The pun makes him snort, though, and he nudges Pavel before saying, "Mmm... Unwrapped, I think. Less work for me. How works at bedtime? Not me." He smirks, and presses another kiss to Pavel's cheek. HE LIKES YOU, PAVEL... "Now, if you'll excuse me... I have things to do."
  141. He pulls away from Pavel, and snaps his fingers a couple times- other slaves and servants that were also hanging out in the room get to their feet, some immediately getting to work cleaning up the hookah and other things as well as getting the cushions to be cleaned, while others promptly escort the prince from the room, off to get his supper and bath. And not even a goodbye! Ah, well. He's royalty, and as far as he's concerned, Pavel is only a slave.
  142. [04:14 AM] Pavel Morozov will take 'now if you'll excuse me' as a goodbye, and lets himself be escorted away, practically glowing with contentment. Yeah, this will... this will definitely be good, he thinks, this assignment. He wasn't sure about how to apply his talents before, but now? Knowing he'll be making the fucking crown prince into his contact, pumping him for information in a gentle charming way? That makes sense, and it's with satisfaction that he lets himself be shown to the servant's dinner and then back to where Artyom will find him, an unwrapped present laid out on the bed and pretty damn flush with growing self-consciousness, wearing only the slave collar. Artyom is free to come by and admire him!
  143. [04:20 AM] Artyom Alexovich will come by and admire him! He's fresh from his bath, smelling like lovely fragrant soaps and oils, short hair and olive skin still just slightly damp, and the heat of the bath water still clinging to his skin. He's no longer wearing any jewelry, instead simply wearing a loose and comfortable, yet definitely elegant and expensively made and decorative robe. And he admires Pavel after he's escorted into his room, other slaves leaving, because apparently Artyom is fine with it just being him and Pavel tonight, and he makes his way to the bed, where he can openly admire his unwrapped present.
  145. "Look good." He whispers, voice so soft, after openly looking Pavel's body over. He sheds his bathrobe, and climbs into the extravagantly sized, cushioned, and decorated bed- tugging a tasseled golden rope on his way in, which allows knots to come loose and close all the silken drapes and curtains all around, until Artyom and Pavel are left alone in a plush world of silks and velvets, naked together. Artyom closes the distance between them, coming right up to Pavel to nuzzle and kiss at his face, hands planting on the bed on either side of Pavel.
  146. [01:34 AM] Pavel Morozov flushes pinker, and grins, shyly, at the prince. "Ahhh, you don't have to flatter me," he says, though he looks pleasantly warmed by the flattery. "I-- I, uh, couldn't look nicer than you do, anyway, eh?" He winks, because he's trying to be flirtatious, and then snorts and laughs at his own absurdity. "Ahhh, shit, that was stupid, wasn't it? I don't know what I'm doing, chuvak. Your Highness. Don't mind whatever bullshit spills from my mouth, eh? It's way too overactive..."
  147. [01:37 AM] Artyom Alexovich snorts, and says, "Not flattery, just truth..." Awwh, but what a compliment from Pavel. It's so sweet! And definitely earns him a smile and SEVERAL smooches, mostly to his lips. "Like your mouth... and the stuff that comes out of it, too."
  149. He'd like to try putting stuff IN your mouth sometime, though, Pavel... But right now, once he's given his slave a thorough smooching, Artyom cuddles up, and... starts to settle down, against Pavel's side, drawing the covers up over them before curling his arm around Pavel's middle. This doesn't look like sex!
  150. [01:40 AM] Pavel Morozov isn't sure whether it looks like sex or not, honestly, though he mirrors the prince, sinking down into the mattress and pillow and curling his arm over him in return, curling his cool fingers between Artyom's shoulderblades. "Well, the mouth is yours now. Lucky you! You like it and can have it!" he chirps, sounding like a fucking goofball, and uses his mouth to give Artyom many smooches back, also mostly to his lips.
  151. [01:42 AM] Artyom Alexovich kinda likes goofball! It's cute!! And also, Pavel's kisses are nice, and Artyom gladly accepts them, before pulling his face away to instead nuzzle up to Pavel's neck and collarbones... "Mmh... Didn't you have a poem to put me to sleep..?" He asks softly, closing his eyes. "Maybe tell me..."
  152. [01:48 AM] Pavel Morozov nuzzles at Artyom's hair in return, and agrees, "Ah, yes, the Pig in the Puddle! I think that's the one you picked, right? I can definitely put you to sleep with that one, Prince Artyom, and it starts something like this:
  154. "At break of day, the little pig
  155. With tail curly and snout stout
  156. Trots into his fine mud-fill'd puddle
  157. And rolls himself about!
  158. What does the pig see in that puddle,
  159. What good could the mud do?
  160. The piggy knows, and the piggy tells,
  161. But only for wheat-grain stew!"
  162. [01:48 AM] Pavel Morozov's doggrel continues for a while.
  163. [01:49 AM] Artyom Alexovich falls asleep, like, 4 lines in, to be honest.
  164. [01:50 AM] Artyom Alexovich has his eyes closed, with dark lashes  against his cheeks, skin clean and sweet-smelling, his head resting against Pavel's chest... and his breathing slows shortly into Pavel's poem, drifting away to sleep so swiftly, cuddled up to and holding Pavel like a great big teddy bear... Even if he's more of a cub than a proper bear. (ayyy)
  165. [01:54 AM] Pavel Morozov is into this cute little prince! Surprisingly into! And while he expected something a little more like their original meeting in this bed, he can't complain about being a bedwarmer for the prince, when the bed is this warm and deep and soft and full of cute boy who might want to have his diq again??? Literally nothing to complain about here, and while he mumbles his way through the poem, he lets Artyom sleep peacefully.
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