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  1. i was in a big restaurant. Luciana agreed to meet with me and other uni colleagues.
  2. we would be acting as nothing happened between us and flirt. the two colleagues left briefly, at which point we kissed. i knew then that we're back.
  3. all of a sudden we are at her workplace, she quits her job. she tells me that she hated her job.
  4. after she goes out of the bosses room, she comes in my arms on an armchair i was resting in. it was our default cuddling position.
  5. back to the restaurant. m-am pus langa ea, can't remember much dialogue.
  7. 2 part of the dream, me and my father were in an old rv and we went to pump gas. the gas pumps looked different (irl, all gas pumps look the same). instead of a large metal rod attached to a  large trigger, it was plastic, with a very small rubber head, and the trigger was also very small. i did find it particularly odd the way it looked and j doubted that it'll work, but when i opened the car to pump gas.... the nozzle fit. i was able to pump gas and i couldn't help but notice some persons staring at me while doing so.
  9. the dreams did me dirty, man. especially the first one. I'm so fucking disappointed
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