paralysis vision

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  1. I chuckled again, closing my eyes for a moment before snapping them open.
  3. Almost immediately, Adam tensed, releasing a low grunt before planting his feet and letting his hand fall reflexively back to his blade. He took a step to the side, but pinned beneath my gaze it didn’t help. His movements were a touch slower than before until he consciously made himself move faster—but if it had been anyone but me watching, I doubted they’d have noticed the difference.
  5. I guess that was to be expected of a high-level target—and a low-level ability.
  7. Gorgon (Active) LV1 EXP: 0.00%
  8. The eyes are the windows to the soul—and the doors. Like mice beneath the serpent’s predatory gaze, targets of this ability find themselves frozen in fear. By channeling and modulating the Aura around one’s eyes, the user can exert a paralyzing effect on opponents. The effectiveness of this ability increases with the power and INT of the user; at higher levels, greater effects may be shown and even the target’s ability to breathe might be inhibited.
  9. Low-level targets are paralyzed while under the gaze of the user.
  10. Higher-level targets decrease DEX by 10 points so long as the user focuses on them.
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