Dont wanna loose this chat

Apr 14th, 2021
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  1. (19:18:19) rber@freenode: Hi
  2. (19:18:29) rber@freenode: Which Phytec board is this?
  3. (19:18:43) rber@freenode: Is it an eval board, or just the SOM?
  4. (19:19:04) sahilgg: phyboard-segin-imx6ul-2
  5. (19:19:27) rber@freenode: Segin
  6. (19:19:37) rber@freenode: OK I have that in my zoo
  7. (19:19:45) sahilgg: i dont know much about it. sorry i dont know eval board and som means.
  8. (19:20:14) rber@freenode: Phytec produces SOMs - system on modules
  9. (19:20:27) rber@freenode: And they sell them so you can put it on your own board.
  10. (19:20:39) rber@freenode: They also sell eval boards like the Segin
  11. (19:20:47) rber@freenode: Which contains such a SOm
  12. (19:20:58) rber@freenode: the SOM is basically the processor/RAM/flash
  13. (19:21:02) rber@freenode: very simplified
  14. (19:21:23) rber@freenode: This is rather towards the lower end of the performance spectrum ;)
  15. (19:21:26) rber@freenode: And RAM
  16. (19:21:37) sahilgg: me copying these stuffs. will google these keywords to get overall idea
  17. (19:21:45) rber@freenode: I think I have it booting over nfs and tftp
  18. (19:22:17) sahilgg: yes this board is cheap like 100$ less specs 512 mb ram
  19. (19:22:24) rber@freenode: Yep
  20. (19:22:47) rber@freenode: The good thing about the UL is that is has very long support
  21. (19:23:03) sahilgg: yes i will try tomorrow for booting over network
  22. (19:23:38) rber@freenode: What software do you run on it?
  23. (19:23:45) rber@freenode: The phytec BSP?
  24. (19:24:27) rber@freenode: I have Linux imx6ul-phytec-segin 5.10.x kernel on it ;)
  25. (19:24:32) rber@freenode: But it's not the Phytec BSP
  26. (19:24:35) sahilgg: well i am using default doc of it. i type bitbake phytec-qt5demo-image
  27. (19:24:40) rber@freenode: OK
  28. (19:24:50) rber@freenode: Do you need graphics and qt?
  29. (19:24:51) sahilgg: sumo version of yocto
  30. (19:24:57) rber@freenode: all ancient stuff
  31. (19:25:08) rber@freenode: Do you need graphics?
  32. (19:25:47) sahilgg: no i think it would be headlesss. just python script to put it on api from plc attached to it via serial or tcp
  33. (19:25:58) rber@freenode: So don't build this huge image
  34. (19:26:23) rber@freenode: Hardware wise you only need the serial port and ethernet?
  35. (19:26:56) sahilgg: yes maybe usb too i think. i guess via usb too computer can read data,right?
  36. (19:27:26) rber@freenode: Depends on what kind it is and how you configure it.
  37. (19:27:39) rber@freenode: Generally you could have serial or network over USB
  38. (19:27:54) rber@freenode: Now I remember the issue.
  39. (19:28:02) rber@freenode: There are 2 ethernet interfaces
  40. (19:28:22) rber@freenode: And it's always fun to get those to work with the bootloader and the kernel when you want to boot over the network.
  41. (19:28:33) sahilgg: in my machine it got only one :p . man you are pro.
  42. (19:28:44) rber@freenode: On the board you have 2
  43. (19:29:10) sahilgg: oh
  44. (19:29:32) rber@freenode: I have one in my rack and just saw it
  45. (19:30:04) rber@freenode: it's 2 ethernet and a USB and the serial console is above it
  46. (19:30:04) sahilgg: i am new to freenode. so next time by using username i have to sign in just via browser?. i dont wanna lose this chat
  47. (19:30:39) rber@freenode: If you use another tool - I use pidgin it can save all your chats.
  48. (19:31:02) rber@freenode: Let me show you something else ;)
  49. (19:31:03) rber@freenode: Wait
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