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  1. slumberingOccultist [SO] began trolling glassVeil [GV]
  3. SO: s]o[, acc]o[rding t]o[ the stars t]o[night, i'm supp]o[sed t]o[ have a fated enc]o[unter, even th]o[ugh that c]o[mes up all the time!
  4. GV: (O) ..uhh..what? (X)
  5. SO: s]o[ here's t]o[ a fated hell]o[ and such!
  6. GV: (O) Uhm, here is a...fated hello back? (X)
  7. SO: ha ha, it's f]o[rtune-telling. it's pretty silly, but it makes f]o[r an interesting way t]o[ say hell]o[ t]o[ s]o[me]o[ne at rand]o[m!
  8. GV: (O) Interesting one ever approached me in such a manner. (X)
  9. GV: (O) It's kind of..uh...odd. (X)
  10. SO: ha ha, the bad s]o[rt-]o[f ]o[dd? i h]o[pe it isn't that.
  11. SO: w]o[uld it make y]o[u feel better if i ]o[ffered t]o[ read y]o[ur f]o[rtune? ]o[r w]o[uld that be m]o[re unnerving?
  12. SO: pr]o[bably m]o[re unnerving.
  13. GV: (O) sounds unnerving. (X)
  14. GV: (O) But..uh..sure? (X)
  15. SO: ha ha, well, it just requires y]o[ur wriggling date and y]o[ur ge]o[graphical c]o[]o[rdinates, but since we just met, that's pr]o[bably n]o[t s]o[mething y]o[u'd want t]o[ give!
  16. SO: s]o[ ap]o[l]o[gies f]o[r, um, m]o[re ]o[ddness and awkwardness!
  17. SO: maybe i sh]o[uld have started with an intr]o[ducti]o[n?
  18. GV: (O) Probably. (X)
  19. SO: i'm epirra! it's nice t]o[ meet y]o[u. :)
  20. GV: (O) I'm Huklep. It's a, uh, pleasure. o_x\ (X)
  21. SO: ha ha, why d]o[ y]o[u have an x f]o[r an eye? did s]o[mething terrible happen t]o[ it?
  22. GV: (O) horn...kind blocking it. (X)
  23. SO: ]o[h! they must be a really interesting shape then! :)
  24. GV: (O) They're...kind of silly looking, if you ask me. (X)
  25. SO: stubby h]o[rns are far m]o[re sillier l]o[]o[king, i'd bet! y]o[urs must be distinctive!
  26. GV: (O) They are..i guess. (X)
  27. GV: (O) What, are you horns...uh..stubby? (X)
  28. SO: very stubby! they're the stubbiest ]o[f stubs and i guess that makes them pretty easy t]o[ manage, but still. talk ab]o[ut plain!
  29. SO: but then again being plain has its ]o[wn advantages, s]o[ i guess i sh]o[uldn't c]o[mplain! :)
  30. GV: (O) I think...having them easier to manage...would be much better. (X)
  31. GV: (O) Maybe. I guess..i don't think having stubby horns...would be that bad. (X)
  32. SO: ha ha, it's a difficult ch]o[ice! distincti]o[n ]o[r being plain, the eternal questi]o[n!
  33. GV: (O) Eternal indeed, i guess. I mean, i'd...rather have stubby horns and be able see...the 90% i'm missing out of my left eye. (X)
  34. SO: well, they aren't very threatening, stubs. but i'm n]o[t a very threatening tr]o[ll, i think! but then again, y]o[u d]o[n't strike me as ]o[ne either!
  35. SO: ha ha, well, seeing is a bit ]o[verrated. and my eyesight w]o[uld be terrible if i didn't have glasses! :)
  36. GV: (O) Glasses? Glasses...are so cool. (X)
  37. GV: (O) I make glasses..actually. (X)
  38. SO: :) that is awes]o[me! i've had the same pair n]o[w f]o[r sweeps, they're pretty plain and the lenses are a bit scratched, but they w]o[rk! and it's better than squinting at the pages, ha ha!
  39. GV: (O) I guess so..but...then.. (X)
  40. GV: (O) my horns...make my love for glasses...pretty...annoying.. (X)
  41. GV: (O) as i can't even...wear any.. (X)
  42. SO: well, y]o[u c]o[uld always wear a m]o[n]o[cle! that's alm]o[st the same as glasses!
  43. SO: and very classy, if i d]o[ say s]o[ myself!
  44. GV: (O) I've done options with monocles are sort (X)
  45. SO: if i ever c]o[me acr]o[ss a nice m]o[n]o[cle, i'll send the c]o[]o[rdinates ]o[f it t]o[ y]o[u! :)
  46. SO: if y]o[u'd like, ]o[f c]o[urse. why are they limited?
  47. GV: (O) well...i have to make imagination is sort of...weak. (X)
  48. SO: maybe y]o[u just need inspirati]o[n! :) like maybe etching vines int]o[ the frame?
  49. GV: (O) Uh...maybe. But hands are sort of...shakey. (X)
  50. GV: (O) But...i can...try? (X)
  51. SO: hm...maybe there's a way t]o[ d]o[ it with]o[ut y]o[ur hands! ]o[r try fixing y]o[ur hands!
  52. GV: (O) hands? (X)
  53. GV: (O) I don't know if...fixing my shakey a thing i can do. (X)
  54. SO: like, figuring ]o[ut why they shake and addressing fr]o[m there! if it's s]o[me s]o[rt-]o[f nerve thing, i bet there are remedies f]o[r that ]o[ut there!
  55. SO: and if it's a mental thing, i'm sure there are ways t]o[ ]o[verc]o[me that t]o[]o[. :)
  56. GV: (O) I think it's...a mental thing..but my Lusus would never...give me the time to...actually start fixing it. (X)
  57. SO: that's n]o[t very helpful ]o[f y]o[ur lusus! why w]o[uld he d]o[ that?
  58. GV: (O) He probably's a waste of time..and that i can just do the work normally...with my shakey hands. (X)
  59. SO: maybe y]o[u can try talking t]o[ him! if it's imp]o[rtant t]o[ y]o[u, f]o[r y]o[ur hands t]o[ be better. if y]o[u like them like that, i sh]o[uld pr]o[bably shut the hell up and st]o[p being s]o[ n]o[sy!
  60. GV: (O) Well...i could try..but...when i complain about something....he usually yells at me for about an hour...and maybe pecks at me a little. (X)
  61. GV: (O) He's...kind of...really mean. (X)
  62. SO: he d]o[es s]o[und like a maj]o[r assh]o[le. :( but maybe phrase it l]o[gically, in a way that he'll understand!
  63. SO: like, if y]o[ur hands are fixed, y]o[u'll be a better w]o[rker, f]o[r example! better and faster!
  64. SO: ]o[r y]o[u c]o[uld kick his ass and d]o[ what y]o[u want, but i get the sense that y]o[u w]o[uldn't d]o[ that!
  65. GV: (O) Haahah..yeah...probably...he's kind of...really giant..and stuff. (X)
  66. GV: (O) So...kicking his ass...would be...hard. (X)
  67. SO: ha ha, size d]o[esn't matter if y]o[u're really smart! if y]o[u can set a trap ]o[r ambush him ]o[r ]o[therwise ]o[utsmart him, then it w]o[uld be easy!
  68. SO: if he's anything like an eaglebeast, at least! :)
  69. GV: (O) Uh...he's like...a vulturebeast... (X)
  70. GV: (O) But...he's kind of...always watching...and stuff. (X)
  71. GV: (O) So...doing so...would be hard. (X)
  72. SO: is he watching y]o[u talk t]o[ me right n]o[w?
  73. GV: (O), uh, (X)
  74. GV: (O) no, actually. (X)
  75. SO: if he isn't, then maybe i can help y]o[u c]o[me up with a plan! if y]o[u w]o[uld like t]o[, ]o[f c]o[urse!
  76. GV: (O) Well...i mean...sure...but...i think talking to him...normally..would be good. (X)
  77. GV: (O) Less of a chance...of...getting hurt...or (X)
  78. SO: ha ha, all right! i'll wish y]o[u the best ]o[f luck in that ]o[ne! and i'm sure y]o[ur lusus w]o[uldn't kill y]o[u!
  79. GV: (O) Probably never know...with the...really mean ones. (X)
  80. SO: after all, c]o[nsidering what jerks think, he'd have ]o[ne less thing t]o[ have c]o[ntr]o[l ]o[ver! s]o[ i d]o[n't think y]o[u have t]o[ w]o[rry ab]o[ut being killed him!
  81. SO: unless if he's really ]o[ut ]o[f his think pan. in which case, it s]o[unds danger]o[us f]o[r y]o[u t]o[ be staying with him!
  82. GV: (O) Well...i mean...about what...jerks think...he'd less thing to worry about. (X)
  83. GV: (O) I think...he's that...but...i'm not sure. (X)
  84. SO: but ]o[ne less pers]o[n t]o[ bully! and when bullies are al]o[ne, they're miserable because there's n]o[ ]o[ne else t]o[ make miserable!
  85. GV: (O) guess? (X)
  86. GV: (O) That...makes sense.. (X)
  87. SO: but y]o[u kn]o[w y]o[ur lusus better than i d]o[. s]o[rry f]o[r being pushy and such, that's just what i w]o[uld think!
  88. GV: (O)'s fine...being all..uh...nosy. (X)
  89. SO: ha ha, are y]o[u sure? i d]o[n't want t]o[ be a bully myself. :)
  90. GV: (O)'re not a bully at all? (X)
  91. GV: (O) You're...oddly helpful. (X)
  92. SO: thank y]o[u huklep! i'm much happier being that! :)
  93. GV: (O) Right..well..uh...anyway. (X)
  94. SO: and i'm sure y]o[u'd be happier ]o[nce y]o[ur hands are better and y]o[u can make the best damn m]o[n]o[cles ever!
  95. GV: (O) Oh gosh i think he is here. (X)
  96. GV: (O) So no more...uh.. (X)
  97. GV: (O) talking about what was being spoken if. (X)
  98. SO: ha ha, ]o[f c]o[urse!
  99. SO: i really need t]o[ scavenge better f]o[r new glasses, these little scratches are starting t]o[ get distracting!
  100. GV: (O) Maybe out..i can...get you..a better pair. (X)
  101. GV: (O) It would be...the...least i could do? (X)
  102. SO: ]o[h, i w]o[uld be s]o[ grateful! i'd have t]o[ think ]o[f s]o[mething amazing f]o[r y]o[u in return, c]o[uldn't p]o[ssibly just accept them!
  103. SO: maybe i can l]o[]o[k f]o[r s]o[me nice frame material, next time i g]o[ searching? :)
  104. GV: (O) Maybe. I'm always trying to get...some...better material. (X)
  105. GV: (O) As..what i have kind (X)
  106. SO: then i will definitely keep that in mind! what d]o[ y]o[u have right n]o[w?
  107. GV: (O) I really. (X)
  108. GV: (O) I need to...make the frames directly from the plastic... (X)
  109. GV: (O) it's...sort of difficult. (X)
  110. SO: hm...w]o[uld b]o[ne be helpful?
  111. GV: (O) Bone? I suppose. (X)
  112. SO: i kn]o[w where eaglebeast leave the carcasses fr]o[m their meals, i c]o[uld gather s]o[me ]o[f that! if i can't find anything better!
  113. GV: (O) That would be...spectacular. Thank you very much. (X)
  114. SO: ha ha, y]o[u're welc]o[me! :) it's ]o[nly fair, especially if y]o[u did make me new glasses! besides, it'd be g]o[]o[d if they had a purp]o[se!
  115. GV: (O) Yes. I suppose so.. (X)
  116. GV: (O) about me..i guess? (X)
  117. SO: ha ha, ]o[nly if y]o[u want t]o[! h]o[pe i haven't made y]o[u unc]o[mf]o[rtable with asking s]o[ much stuff and giving a l]o[t ]o[f advice and...
  118. SO: actually n]o[w that i think ab]o[ut it i've been pretty rude, ha ha! i'm s]o[rry!
  119. GV: (O) it's fine. It has been more...helpful than..rude. (X)
  120. GV: (O) Do (X)
  121. GV: (O) Be fated to speak to them with stuff or something? (X)
  122. SO: happy t]o[ hear it! :) and...ha ha, i wish!
  123. GV: (O) Like...a cool prophet thing? (X)
  124. SO: m]o[st ]o[f the time, my f]o[rtunes just c]o[me acr]o[ss as "y]o[u will have a fated enc]o[unter" s]o[ i just talk t]o[ s]o[me]o[ne rand]o[mly ]o[n tr]o[llian and h]o[pe f]o[r the best!
  125. SO: meet a l]o[t ]o[f interesting tr]o[lls that way, but i w]o[uldn't say i'm c]o[]o[l! ]o[r a pr]o[phet!
  126. GV: (O) Oh...i're into that..fortune stuff? (X)
  127. SO: i just stargaze and calculate and maybe bug pe]o[ple. i think y]o[u're the ]o[nly ]o[ne wh]o[ ever said i was helpful rather than ann]o[ying! s]o[ i really appreciate that! :)
  128. SO: ha ha, pretty much! even th]o[ugh my accuracy is, um, pretty terrible, t]o[ be h]o[nest.
  129. GV: (O) Oh..ahah...okay. (X)
  130. GV: (O) Well..i mean...i don't see how you can...not be accurate with...that stuff. (X)
  131. GV: (O) But..i don't get it very's something. (X)
  132. SO: ha ha, well, i think the future is ]o[ne ]o[f th]o[se ]o[verly c]o[mplex things! like a multilayered grubl]o[af!
  133. SO: calculati]o[ns based ]o[n the stars and such, they ]o[nly really give y]o[u a glimpse at ]o[ne layer ]o[f it, if that!
  134. GV: (O) Oh..i see...i guess. (X)
  135. SO: s]o[ it really ends up just being vague n]o[nsense that repeats itself a l]o[t! like that i get a "y]o[u will have a fateful enc]o[unter" reading c]o[nstantly!
  136. SO: and if y]o[u have t]o[]o[ many fateful enc]o[unters, well, can they really be fateful if they're all that? but i'm rambling ab]o[ut silly shit, ha ha! s]o[rry!
  137. GV: (O) it's fine. I don't...uh..mind at all. (X)
  138. GV: (O) It's...sort of interesting? (X)
  139. GV: (O) Even if i don't get it...very well. (X)
  140. SO: ha ha, thank y]o[u! making glasses and m]o[n]o[cles s]o[unds equally interesting, and a l]o[t m]o[re practical, but i w]o[uldn't understand it either! i think that just makes us unique th]o[ugh!
  141. SO: with ]o[ur ]o[wn strengths and weaknesses and such. :)
  142. GV: (O) Oh, yeah. I guess. They're kind of the a silly way. (X)
  143. GV: (O) If you do either one can't see anything very well? (X)
  144. GV: (O) I'm sorry that was kind of a pun it was really stupid (X)
  145. SO: ha ha, i d]o[n't think that's silly at all! ]o[r stupid! abstract and simplified, maybe, but it's a g]o[]o[d p]o[int!
  146. GV: (O) Sort..of. (X)
  147. SO: a simple miscalculati]o[n can turn the "y]o[u will have a fated enc]o[unter" f]o[rtune int]o[ "culling dr]o[nes inc]o[ming." and a mistake with making glasses, well...
  148. GV: (O) It just ends with you..not seeing..uh...anything. (X)
  149. SO: which is pretty terrible! n]o[t as terrible as w]o[rrying y]o[urself sick ]o[ver dr]o[nes, but yes!
  150. GV: (O) Yeah. Kind of. (X)
  151. SO: ha ha, great, n]o[w i'm w]o[rried that i messed up my f]o[rtune f]o[r t]o[day! but then again, this has been a pretty fateful enc]o[unter, s]o[ maybe i sh]o[uldn't w]o[rry!
  152. GV: (O) You...probably should not worry about it. (X)
  153. GV: (O) Worrying just makes everything...a bit harder. (X)
  154. SO: ha ha, that's an excellent p]o[int! still, i have a l]o[t t]o[ w]o[rry ab]o[ut, s]o[ it's hard n]o[t t]o[! but y]o[u're right, it makes everything difficult when y]o[ur think pan's itching with th]o[se c]o[ncerns...
  155. SO: ha ha s]o[rry i keep talking in circles. but that is g]o[]o[d advice, and my lusus says the same thing, ]o[r cl]o[se en]o[ugh, she w]o[rries en]o[ugh f]o[r the b]o[th ]o[f us, ha ha!
  156. GV: (O) No.. no it's fine. Talking a lot, i mean. And..uh.. (X)
  157. GV: (O) You worry about a lot? Is reading fortunes wrong..and stuff? (X)
  158. GV: (O) Sorry...if i starting to be..nosy myself. (X)
  159. SO: ha ha, n]o[t quite! and it's all right, i d]o[n't read it as n]o[sy at all! :)
  160. SO: there's a l]o[t ]o[f stuff that i w]o[rry ab]o[ut, truthfully! but i think it's just silly paran]o[ia t]o[ keep myself ]o[ccupied, n]o[t seri]o[us at all, ha ha!
  161. GV: (O) Ah..well..uh... (X)
  162. GV: (O) I mean, what is be...paranoid about? (X)
  163. SO: it's all right! l]o[ts ]o[f things, really! after all, i think y]o[u'd understand! we're b]o[th pretty l]o[w ]o[n the hem]o[spectrum, s]o[ there's always that!
  164. GV: (O) Oh..yeah..that. I didn't really..think of that...yet. (X)
  165. GV: (O) being so low...and all..uh.. (X)
  166. GV: (O) sorry i'm a bit bad with words. OoX (X)
  167. SO: s]o[rry t]o[ have br]o[ught that up, ha ha. i've been reminded ]o[f that a l]o[t that it's really quite refreshing n]o[t t]o[ be called "l]o[wbl]o[]o[d" ]o[r w]o[rse!
  168. SO: ha ha, n]o[thing wr]o[ng with the w]o[rds, especially if they're true. :)
  169. GV: (O) Ah..i see. (X)
  170. GV: (O) So...uh.. (X)
  171. GV: (O) How your vision even? (X)
  172. GV: (O) Without your glasses...i mean. (X)
  173. SO: ha ha, s]o[rry f]o[r making that awkward. ]o[h, with]o[ut them?
  174. SO: um, i can't make ]o[ut the writing ]o[f a b]o[]o[k in my lap with]o[ut them.
  175. SO: all the letters get blurry. s]o[ i guess it's pretty terrible! :(
  176. GV: (O)'re..farsighted? Or..are far away things bad too..? (X)
  177. SO: hm, they aren't as blurry as cl]o[se things, but...i'm g]o[ing t]o[ l]o[]o[k at the m]o[]o[n and test them real quick!
  178. SO: the edges ]o[f the m]o[]o[n are fuzzy, but ]o[therwise i can see it pretty clearly. f]o[r a big, ]o[bn]o[xi]o[usly green m]o[]o[n in the sky, ha ha!
  179. GV: (O) Oh..okay. Noted.. (X)
  180. GV: (O) I'm just..taking notes..for your glasses...and everything. (X)
  181. GV: (O) I don't want to make a pair..that..don't work, after all. (X)
  182. SO: ha ha, that's fine! i wish i c]o[uld give better details; i can understand the value ]o[f precisi]o[n! thank y]o[u! :)
  183. SO: um, i kn]o[w it t]o[]o[k me ages t]o[ find a pair that w]o[rked pretty well. but then again there aren't many hives ]o[ut here, much less aband]o[ned ]o[nes that haven't been scavenged bef]o[re!
  184. GV: (O) I see...well, anyway. (X)
  185. GV: (O) telling me...i need to get to work.. (X)
  186. GV: (O) It was..a pleasure to meet you..Epirra. (X)
  187. SO: underst]o[]o[d! thanks huklep, i'll get the b]o[nes and l]o[]o[k f]o[r s]o[me ]o[ther materials as well!
  188. GV: (O) Thank you...thanks for the advice. (X)
  189. GV: (O) Goodbye! oux (X)
  190. SO: it was l]o[vely t]o[ meet y]o[u t]o[]o[! i'll keep in t]o[uch! and y]o[u're welc]o[me. :)
  191. SO: i h]o[pe it g]o[es well. stay safe!
  193. glassVeil [GV] ceased trolling slumberingOccultist [SO]
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