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Sequoia Session 20-3

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  1. [22:02:53 ][Doxy] Lucian wakes up, and has a little time to catch up with the others around the campsite~ Robin has started a big bonfire, and Adrienne and Dann are around doing some cooking and morning training, respectively. Percival is presumably around, doing... things? Who knows! Anyway it seems to be another beautiful sunny here in Luvdisc Bay. It's still not too hot yet, and there's a nice
  2. [22:02:53 ][Doxy] breeze blowing in.
  3. [22:04:54 ]* Lucian rounds his Pokemon up after their morning training sessions tries in vain to get them presentable. With the token effort done he takes them down to the tent Dann told him about the night before, knocking on the tent's flap with an audible *paff*.
  4. [22:06:30 ][Doxy] "Come in~"
  5. [22:07:30 ]* Lucian enters cautiously, poking his head through to get a better look at the interior before finally stepping inside. "Hey, I'm Dann and Adrienne's friend. They told me about you guys so I thought I'd come check it out."
  6. [22:11:09 ][Doxy] The large tent is ... well, the word that comes to mind is "lush". There's lots of soft cushions, soft fuzzy carpet, blankets, etc. Three women are sitting around in a half-circle as you come in, although you get the feeling they just hastily sat down as you were coming in...
  7. [22:11:49 ][Lucian] "Woah, they didn't do this place justice..."
  8. [22:12:19 ][Doxy] "Oh, hello!" says one with platinum hair and a dark dress. "I'm Paula. These are my sisters-" "Emily~" "And Tricia." "You have very nice friends" "I'm glad they've recommended us~"
  9. [22:14:49 ][Lucian] "Oh, for sure."
  10. [22:14:55 ][Lucian] "Nice to meet you three."
  11. [22:15:15 ][Lucian] "So do I just sit down anywhere?"
  12. [22:15:35 ][Doxy] "Would you like anything to drink?" "Tea perhaps?" "And of course, sit down~" "Make yourself comfortable."
  13. [22:17:13 ][Lucian] "Tea would be delightful, thank you. Just...anything besides alcohol. Had sort of a rough night..."
  14. [22:17:23 ][Lucian] "...in more ways than one."
  15. [22:17:56 ]* Lucian finds a seat somewhere amidst the seat of cushions and blankets and looks at the three, "So how exactly does this work?"
  16. [22:18:03 ][Lucian] "My friends were sorta cagey about the details."
  17. [22:21:30 ][Doxy] Paula explains; "Well, it's simple. We'll taake a look at your Pokemon and examine their health," "Their psychological state," continues Emily, the violet haired sister "And their bond with you," finishes Emily, the blonde, as she hands you a cup of tea and a plate of butter cookies.
  18. [22:23:38 ]* Lucian takes a careful sip of the tea and then a not so careful handful of the cookies. He smiles at them sheepishly but makes no apology for pigging out. "That's cool, I've got a good handle on the former but I guess I'm pretty clueless about the latter two."
  19. [22:24:32 ][Lucian] "Well, first up is Roy, then. Do I just need to let him out or something?"
  20. [22:27:33 ][Doxy] "Yes. We can move outside if any of your Pokemon are particularly tall."
  21. [22:30:44 ][Lucian] "Nah, they're all big enough to fit in here."
  22. [22:30:59 ][Lucian] "Trouble is, they're like to make a mess. We should probably head out."
  23. [22:31:28 ]* Lucian lets Roy out of his ball wherever they indicate is fine, in or outside of the tent.
  24. [22:32:48 ][Doxy] You all head outside the tent, and the sisters simply sit down on the sand outside.
  25. [22:33:21 ]* Lucian kicks the shrew on the behind, nudging him toward the sisters. "Don't worry, they won't hurt you."
  26. [22:34:04 ][Doxy] Emily picks up Roy, pulling him onto her lap. "Oh! What a strong spirit!" "He yearns to improve himself, that much is clear." "A warrior at heart, definitely." "And definitely healthy - his plates are hard and shiny, not at all brittle.'
  27. [22:34:22 ][Doxy] "Very impressive - you clearly have a strong bond that will not easily be broken."
  28. [22:35:59 ][Lucian] "Hm, I guess that wasn't very insightful since I've had Roy for so long now. I kinda knew all that already. Still, good to know I'm on the right track."
  29. [22:36:28 ]* Lucian kneels close to the mon, "Hear that? A warrior at heart. That means you shouldn't be burying your head into the ground when trouble's lurking."
  30. [22:41:16 ]* Lucian hovers around Loptyr's ball but decides to save it for last, lest they saw something that would turn them away from him.
  31. [22:41:18 ][Doxy] Roy tries to wiggle out of Emily's grip, wiggling his feet around more or less helplessly.
  32. [22:41:27 ][Doxy] Emily thankfully sets him down.
  33. [22:41:38 ][Doxy] He then buries his head - and most of his body - in the sand.
  34. [22:43:03 ]* Lucian nudges the Pokemon with his foot, "Yeah, okay. I get it. You know, most guys would kill to be held by a girl like that." Then he squats by the dug in creature, "You're lucky my favorite."
  35. [22:44:26 ][Doxy] He buries in a bit deeper, and the sisters giggle. "Shall we look at your next Pokemon?"
  36. [22:47:05 ][Lucian] "Sure, here's Ishtore and Olivia. Don't tell them this, but I'm trying to set them up together."
  37. [22:47:09 ][Lucian] "They are super cute."
  38. [22:50:44 ][Doxy] Paula picks up Ishtor. "Oh, he's fairly healthy." "I think he could use some more access to electricity - it's bothersome, but Joltik really do need it." "He seems a bit... well, I'm not sure he understands his place in the world yet." "He respects you and likes you though, certainly."
  39. [22:51:08 ][Lucian] "Really? I thought I he hated me."
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  42. [22:54:08 ][Doxy] "He seems to be... not the easiest Pokemon to bond with, that's true" "On a scale of 1 to 6, I would say your Bond is... a 2.5?" "That's not as bad as it sounds though!  And I don't think he feels negelected." "You just need more time~"
  43. [22:55:52 ][Lucian] "That's all well and good but how cute is he on that scale?"
  44. [22:56:02 ][Lucian] "Is he in the top percentage of Joltik?"
  45. [22:57:08 ][Doxy] Emily giggles, picking him up from Paula's hands and petting him lightly. "Very cute, definitely top percentage~"
  46. [22:58:10 ][Doxy] Paula sighs, and turns to Olivia. "She... wow, what a Pokemon!" "Overflowing with Charisma!" "A spirit that demands to be heard!" "And yet, so demure." "Graceful." "But proud." "Still, I sense that her respect is not easy to win - and yet won it has been, through some manner of trial." "You and her.. I think you have a solid bond built on repect."
  47. [22:59:47 ][Lucian] "She's talented too, actually."
  48. [22:59:55 ][Lucian] "How about it Olivia, care to put on a show?"
  49. [23:01:52 ][Doxy] Olivia nods, and taps Arden's Poke-Ball.
  50. [23:02:57 ][Lucian] "You need Arden? Uh, sure, I guess."
  51. [23:03:05 ]* Lucian lets the Bronzor out as well.
  52. [23:03:47 ][Doxy] Arden pops out, bowing to Olivia as he does. Well, he can't really bend, but his body wobbles forward?
  53. [23:05:41 ]* Lucian watches to see what she does with the steel-type. Some kind of percussion performance, perhaps?
  54. [23:07:52 ][Doxy] Olivia sets up several silken strands, going from the ground up to the top of Arden's body. She begins to slowly pluck the strings or glide her forelegs across them, creating soft melodic sounds almost like a violin's. Ardent seems to be... reverberating somehow, amplifying the sound to be much louder than it ought be - the gentle melody fills the air around you, carried by the sea
  55. [23:07:52 ][Doxy] breeze.
  56. [23:10:50 ]* Lucian claps in spite of himself, patting the spider on the abdomen for a god well done. "Woah, I'm the one who ask you to perform and /I'm/ the one being impressed."
  57. [23:12:16 ][Doxy] Olivia nods, and retreats to her Poke-Ball.
  58. [23:12:53 ][Doxy] "Wow!" "That was... incredible." "I've never seen a Pokemon that could perform like that!"
  59. [23:13:30 ][Lucian] "Yeah, me neither. I mean, I guess I /knew/ but that's just not the same as experiencing it like that."
  60. [23:13:54 ][Lucian] "There's a contest trainer out there just dying of jealousy, I'm sure."
  61. [23:18:02 ][Doxy] "Even if it's not your area of expertise personally, you ought consider entering her in a contest sometime. It might be good for her."
  62. [23:19:22 ][Lucian] "That's a pretty good idea."
  63. [23:19:45 ][Lucian] "Maybe there'll be a few open contests going on in Blackwillow I can enter under a disguise or something."
  64. [23:19:57 ][Lucian] "Anyway, since Arden is already out and all."
  65. [23:20:05 ][Lucian] "Lemme just clear out these webs."
  66. [23:21:11 ]* Lucian peels the bronzor free of the mess and polishes it off to return its regular sheen before letting it drift off to the girls.
  67. [23:21:32 ][Doxy] The Bronzor twirls around in mid air, showing off his shiny surface~
  68. [23:21:47 ][Doxy] The girls giggle, and look at him. "Well, you haven't had Arden for too long, have you?
  69. [23:21:50 ][Doxy] "*
  70. [23:21:53 ][Doxy] "Or at least..."
  71. [23:23:02 ][Doxy] "It doesn't seem you've bonded much." "But he seems to be a spirited fellow, if a bit reserved." "Truly though, it seems his loyalties lie more with Olivia than with you."
  72. [23:24:02 ][Lucian] "Yeah, I've been training him on the side but the fights we've been getting into haven't really been good spots to debut him."
  73. [23:25:43 ][Doxy] "I'm sure you will find the opportunity to let him shine."
  74. [23:26:53 ][Lucian] "Heh, I hope."
  75. [23:26:59 ][Lucian] "Alright, Merric is up next."
  76. [23:27:22 ][Lucian] "He's really stepped up recently. I'm hoping the same will happen with Arden."
  77. [23:28:38 ][Doxy] Merric pops out! He begins strutting around, trying to show how POWERFUL he is! He pushes up a little tower of sand and then BLASTS IT
  78. [23:28:44 ][Doxy] haha take THAT, tower of sand
  79. [23:29:22 ][Lucian] "Ooh," Lucian exclaims, clapping a bit.
  80. [23:30:21 ][Doxy] The girls all laugh. "Well! He's young, that definitely shows." "Ah, and he's healthy and outgoing - no shrinking violet here." "Shrinking Coral." "Right but he doesn't." "Anyway, I'm very impressed by his confidence. Clearly he senses how strongly you believe in him and believes it too." "And he thinks the world of you."
  81. [23:31:08 ][Lucian] "I found him in a closed off grotto and promised him I'd show him the world."
  82. [23:31:19 ][Lucian] "He just...gets really excited, really easily."
  83. [23:33:55 ][Doxy] "Yes, clearly." "But it's good - it reflects his innocence and his confidence, but his love for you as well." "Overall, you have done an excellent job with him."
  84. [23:34:46 ][Lucian] "I'm just hoping he doesn't get a swelled head. We haven't really lost a battle yet but it's a big world out there."
  85. [23:35:04 ][Lucian] "Anyway, I've got my last mon."
  86. [23:35:11 ][Doxy] "I'm sure his expectations will appropriatelyu temper with age and experience."
  87. [23:35:19 ][Lucian] "I'd hope."
  88. [23:35:25 ][Lucian] "You three might want to stand up for this one, though."
  89. [23:35:36 ][Doxy] They all look at each other, and do so.
  90. [23:35:56 ][Lucian] "And, I dunno, protect your eyes? Valuable possessions? Stuff you wouldn't want poked out or stolen, etc."
  91. [23:36:13 ][Doxy] Emily thinks back to yesterday and buttons her shirt
  92. [23:36:35 ][Doxy] did she just mutter something about "boob terrorists"? surely you misheard
  93. [23:37:35 ]* Lucian lets the bird out but rather than let it loose to run to the sisters, he stands by and places a palm in-between the two necks and holds firm. Something the bird can break out of if it really wants to but steady enough to imply who's in control.
  94. [23:41:59 ][Doxy] Loptyr exaggerates, flailing around as if you're brutally choking him or something, one head squeaking loudly, the other falling over in a dramatic gasping squeak. His legs flail about in place, kicking up sand, until he suddenly goes limp entirely, with final "SQUOK" as he fall and hits the sand.
  95. [23:42:34 ][Lucian] "Okay, that only worked /twice./"
  96. [23:43:35 ][Lucian] "He's uh...not dead."
  97. [23:44:20 ][Doxy] One head shoots up towards you and squawks as if to say "YES I AM", and then it falls over limply again.
  98. [23:45:23 ]* Lucian slaps that head with his left hand lightly, maintaining the hold he has on the bird's body.
  99. [23:45:39 ][Lucian] "As you can see, he's very healthy."
  100. [23:46:05 ][Doxy] Loptyr suddenly rolls and pops up, striding out of your grip, and begins running - SPRINTING - around in a circle around you and the sisters.
  101. [23:47:00 ][Doxy] "Well." "He's certainly healthy!" "And not lacking in spirit!" "He likes to have fun - I imagine he can be... a handful, but I don't think he's got any true malice in him."
  102. [23:48:01 ][Doxy] "Plus, I sense... he really cares about you!" "Yes, I definitely sense that as well." "A strong bond, definitely. You help give him the confidence to act so decisively."
  103. [23:48:23 ][Lucian] "Yeah, he's kind of a jerk, like me."
  104. [23:49:13 ][Lucian] "Hear that Loptyr, you're not double Satan. Just a double asshole."
  105. [23:49:28 ][Lucian] "We're making progress."
  106. [23:49:38 ]* Lucian sticks his leg out as the bird makes another pass.
  107. [23:50:18 ][Doxy] Loptyr stumbles, spinning around dramtically and falling down. He goes the dead act again.
  108. [23:51:19 ][Lucian] "I wonder if there are any Doduo races around Blackwillow..."
  109. [23:51:34 ]* Lucian turns back to the girls abruptly, "Hey, thanks for all this."
  110. [23:51:56 ][Doxy] "No problem!" "You have a lovely group of Pokemon." "Even Loptyr~"
  111. [23:51:56 ][Lucian] "I don't really know how to repay you though."
  112. [23:52:35 ][Doxy] "Are there any you would like us to take a look at? For Y200 we can work with one of your Pokemon for a few hours, if you'd like~" "Results guaranteed~"
  113. [23:53:37 ][Lucian] "And what would that entail?"
  114. [23:54:55 ][Doxy] "We can help them in various ways~" "Let us explain-" And explain they do, roughly outlining the four Mentor Lessons.
  115. [23:58:08 ][Lucian] "How many can I leave in your care at a time?"
  116. [00:01:34 ][Doxy] "Just one for now."
  117. [00:01:51 ][Doxy] "If you would like further use of our services, you are welcome to visit our establishment in Widowgrass."
  118. [00:02:41 ][Lucian] "Olivia then. She's a splendid musician and a strong battler but I'm thinking she needs that extra push to make it in a tough competitive environment, you know?"
  119. [00:02:52 ][Lucian] (Changing Viewpoints, Brave->Adamant)
  120. [00:03:56 ][Doxy] "Yes, I think I understand. You can trust her with us. She will be ready for you in a few hours."
  121. [00:06:17 ][Lucian] "Thanks!"
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