Witch ideas

Jul 17th, 2016
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  1. Stat rolls: 16/15/14/12/13/9 and I get 7 points to add any where only 1 18 and after that max 16
  2. Race: Human Samsaran Elf Sylph Tiefling Changeling Wayang or Ratfolk all give both dex and int Lashunta gives +Int
  3. Class: Witch(winter witch)
  4. Familiar: pick from bat, cat, fox, hawk, owl, rat, raven, or weasel.
  5. Witch Patron: Deception: 2nd—ventriloquism, 4th—invisibility, 6th— blink, 8th—confusion, 10th—passwall, 12th—programmed image, 14th—mass invisibility, 16th—scintillating pattern, 18th—time stop.
  6. Hexes:
  7. Feat ideas: level 1 accursed hex, level 3 create wondrous, level 7 improved familiar, level 1,5,9,11,13,15,17,19 extra hex
  8. If Samaran extra spells: animate dead/ or create undead, bornshatter, silence, Contingency, Gravity bow, magic missile,
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