Feb 11th, 2018
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  1. ( RED VELVET‼ )
  3. ━ PASSWORD » rvs bad boy
  9. ━ BIRTHDATE » MARCH 16, 2001
  10. ━ AGE » SIXTEEN
  12. ━ WEIGHT » 50 kg
  13. ━ HEIGHT » 165 cm
  15. ( SERIES 2‼ )
  16. ━ FACE CLAIM » PRISTIN's kyla
  17. ━ BU FC » AKDONG MUSIC's soohyun
  18. ━ 2 BU FC » GFRIEND's umji
  20. ━ SLOT » DUMB DUMB
  22. ━ FAMILY » role|name|age|job
  29. ━ BACKGROUND » korain was born in incheon, south
  30. korea, but due to the fact that her older
  31. brother was born deaf, they quickly moved to
  32. busan, south korea, where most of her family
  33. was located. because her parents were young,
  34. and their first children were a set of twins,
  35. and one was claimed deaf, they needed help
  36. from their own parents. korain and her brother
  37. lived like any other family, of course they
  38. had to take other measures for her twin
  39. brother, but he's just like any other person.
  40. korain even went as far as being attending a
  41. school for deaf kids just to take care of her
  42. brother, she was a student in a program for
  43. hearing students, who were either losing their
  44. hearing or simply wanted to be a student
  45. there. she was fluent in the language, though
  46. she still felt out of place beause she was a
  47. hearing student, sooner or later, korain and
  48. her brother had to go into high school and
  49. they both decided on entering a hearing
  50. school that was located in seoul, south korea,
  51. so the whole family moved for their education.
  52. it was, and still is, difficult on her twin
  53. brother ki, and though korain has changed
  54. her personality a bit, she still protects her
  55. brother. the first year of attending a hearing
  56. school, they were both slightly bullied
  57. because they conversed in their own language.
  58. and though korain's brother was an oral deaf
  59. person, he was still treated poorly. because
  60. of so, korain began treating people the way
  61. they treated them. she would throw things at
  62. people, say horrible slurs, get into fights...
  63. all to take care of her brother. in her
  64. mindset, she changed for the better. but in
  65. her brothers and everyone else's, she changed
  66. for the worse.
  68. ( BAE JUHYUN‼ )
  73. ━ HOMETOWN[S] »
  74. — BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA... from the age of 3 to
  75. the age of 12
  76. — SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA... from the age of 12 to
  77. her current age
  79. ━ LANGUAGES »
  80. — KOREAN... since she was born, she spoke this
  81. language
  82. — KSL... korean sign language, her older
  83. brother is deaf, and her mother is an
  84. interpreter, so she learned the language
  86. ━ PERSONALITY » korain is fairly intelligent,
  87. she has great memory and she's always doing
  88. her best to work hard. she's made the honor
  89. roll multiple of times, though it's not hard
  90. to make it on there. though, people tend to
  91. question if she's truly as intelligent as
  92. teachers and paper makes her out to be. korain
  93. happens to be extremely clumsy, even more
  94. clumsy that intelligent. so yes, she could
  95. write a paper in an hour or two about
  96. something people have NO idea upon, but she
  97. could also somehow manage to break something
  98. in a matter of seconds. people blame it's
  99. because she's too curious, korain is the type
  100. to poke st everything and go "woah!!" at
  101. almost every single thing, because she's
  102. easily amazed. but because she's easily
  103. amazed, she gets easily excited and therefore
  104. gets too handsy. at the end of every
  105. situation, korain has managed to either drop
  106. your phone on the floor or rip your backpack's
  107. strap by accident. she's a lot of fun though!
  108. once you drop the fact that she can trip and
  109. fall at NOTHING. korain is the type where she
  110. can make ANY type of situation a fun type.
  111. bored in class and stuck to do an assignment?
  112. she'll use her second language to trash talk
  113. the assignment and teacher in a funny way, as
  114. she uses funny expressions and a loud way to
  115. express her actions. or, you're getting in
  116. trouble by a teacher for something you did or
  117. probably didn't do? she'll make a few jokes
  118. here and there, act cutely and funny, and
  119. somehow makes the teacher drift off and forget
  120. everything. she's always handy, though because
  121. of her clumsiness, some people don't want to
  122. have to have authority over the girl.
  124. ( KANG SEULGI‼ )
  125. ━ LOVE INTEREST » SEVENTEEN's minghao
  126. ━ BU LI » WANNA ONE's guanlin
  127. ━ 2 BU LI » NCT U's ten
  129. ━ HIS PERSONALITY » love interest is someone who
  130. is quiet, which makes him seem respectful,
  131. because he is, and would rather watch the scene
  132. or people before / around him rather than
  133. speaking up or actually doing something. he
  134. isn't lazy, he just believes that opening his
  135. mouth is the most unecessary thing he could do.
  136. isn't swayed by people easily, doesn't take many
  137. peoples shit, but because he doesn't wanna make
  138. a scene or be more than what's needed, he'll let
  139. his friends pull him along to anything and would
  140. just be there.... just standing and watching,
  141. seeming intimidating but he really just wants to
  142. be left alone.
  144. ━ WHAT TYPE OF BAD BOY IS HE? » the type that
  145. doesn't want anything with anyone, so when you
  146. try talking to him or being friendly, he'll tell
  147. you to "fuck off" or that "you're being a pest",
  148. the type that doesn't even TRY to be respectful
  149. or caring towards you, and possibly many other
  150. people.
  152. ━ HOW DID THEY MEET? » korain wanted to learn
  153. another language, as if knowing two wasn't
  154. enough for her already, and she thought that
  155. love interests language was really cool, and
  156. interested in it as well, so she decided to
  157. learn the language. love interest had seen how
  158. much trouble she was doing, and couldn´t take
  159. her horrible accent, so he decided on helping
  160. her... for her sake. obviously he had a thing
  161. for her, but she had only seen him as a friend
  162. that met regularly as friends and nothing else,
  163. so he saw this as a chance to get closer to
  164. korain in a much more romantic way. and so, they
  165. did study love interests home language for a few
  166. weeks, but sooner or later they were doing more
  167. than just studying. studying sessions became
  168. dates, and dates became a relationship... sooner
  169. or later they forgot that he was suppose to
  170. teacher her his home language.
  173. love interest had moved to korea from [insert li
  174. home country] at the age of 12, and because
  175. korain didn't want him being by himself, she
  176. befriended him the exact same day he moved into
  177. the house in front of her house.
  179. ━ WHY DID THEY SPLIT UP? » during this time,
  180. love interest was going through something, his
  181. family had decided to move back to his home
  182. country but left him there because they believed
  183. it was better for him, and because he didn't
  184. want to be there without his family, he had
  185. started to begin his days in a horrible, bleak
  186. mood because everyday was just lonely and sad.
  187. though, he didn´t tell korain this, he didn´t
  188. want to seem weak to his girlfriend, so he
  189. decided to fight his decreasing dark emotions by
  190. himself. not talking to korain resulted in him
  191. bottling up his feelings, so when korain had
  192. gotten on his last string, he blew up at her.
  193. obviously they've had fights before, but nothing
  194. as big to the point where he pushed her to the
  195. ground in anger. korain saw this as an act of
  196. abuse, love interest getting negative and scary,
  197. korain was someone who grew up believing that
  198. she would never let a man treat her like crap,
  199. so thinking that love interest had changed for
  200. the worst, she broke up with him and never even
  201. batted an eye at him... just ignored him
  202. completely. though, he never ever spoke or
  203. explained to her, he just allowed her ideas to
  204. run wild but he always watched her from afar.
  207. held this strong, independent idea... telling
  208. her friends and making sure he knew that she
  209. would never ever let someone treat her the way
  210. he did, that one time, she held a wall up to
  211. others. but when she was by herself, she truly
  212. did miss him and thought about everything they
  213. had done together, she even thought of the
  214. moment where he had hurt her physically and
  215. emotionally tons of times. "he wouldn't just
  216. lash out like that for no reaon..." is what she
  217. always thought, and korain would even have
  218. nights where she'd plan to talk to him, let him
  219. explain, but the moment she saw him, she let the
  220. wall build up again and ignored him... the cycle
  221. starting over and going again and again. she was
  222. heartbroken and wanted to be with him again,
  223. even if it was just as a friend, because he
  224. wasn't just someone she loved as a significant
  225. other, he was her best friend as well... and she
  226. just can't stand talking about the most dumbest
  227. things with her friends that were girls all
  228. the time.
  231. — BEGINNING... they were already friends for a
  232. while, so they practically knew a lot about each
  233. other that many people din't know about them,
  234. though they did bond a lot once love interest
  235. was helping korain learn and study for a new
  236. language. of course, she hadn't seen him as
  237. anything other than a really close friend who
  238. she'd give up her life for, but he had seen her
  239. differently ever since he could remember. he
  240. hadn't understand why he was so into her, till
  241. the age fourteen where he figured what his
  242. feelings for her were. now, they were in her
  243. bedroom, watching lessons on youtube about love
  244. interests home language, and even having easy
  245. conversations in the language. his romantic
  246. feelings for her had gotten deeper, if that's
  247. possible, and her feelings for him were
  248. blooming. "why did i just figured out how cute
  249. and charming he totally is??" korain would ask
  250. herself every time he would make his way across
  251. the street, into his own home.
  252. — MIDDLE... during this time, they both were
  253. aware of their feelings for each other, and
  254. though they hand't touched the topic, they were
  255. like a couple. love interest would walk korain
  256. to her classes, buy her lunch almost every time,
  257. complimented her a ton, and other cute yet tiny
  258. things. though, this is what they would do as
  259. friends, and though the actions didn't seem
  260. different, they were because love interest was
  261. much more touchy and would be 100x much more
  262. closer to korain than he was before. before they
  263. had gotten closer romantically, love interest
  264. wouldn't dare hug her for more than three
  265. seconds, or call her cute or beautiful
  266. repeatedly, but now he'll give her one minute
  267. hugs... the type in which you sway together and
  268. even give cute looks to each other, and she
  269. could be slurping noodles and getting extremely
  270. dirty... and he'd still call her cute. it wasn't
  271. till they had enough of their friends tearing
  272. them, always asking if they had started dating,
  273. they asked EVERY time they saw them together or
  274. alone. sooner or later, love interest had gain
  275. the courage to ask korain if she'd be up to
  276. going out on a date with him, anywhere she'd
  277. like and he'd pay for her. she saw it as an open
  278. door to happiness, and took it.... they were
  279. that one couple everyone wanted to punch in the
  280. face. cutesy and always, always together.
  281. — END... when love interests family had left him
  282. behind rather than taking him with them to their
  283. home country, it was somewhat the middle yet end
  284. of their relationship. just a two weeks before
  285. he had lashed out at korain, he was happy,
  286. smiling from ear to ear, and kissing korain on
  287. the forehead. sooner or later korain had noticed
  288. a change in his personality, he became quieter,
  289. bleak, and he wasn't in the mood for much.
  290. people even believed they went through a
  291. breakup, but korain would always disagree while
  292. love interest was too into his own mind to
  293. answer or even listen. and, when korain has
  294. visited love interest at his home, with food in
  295. her hands, she regretted ever going there that
  296. day because he suddenly slapped the food out of
  297. her hands. maybe it was because she kept asking
  298. about his family, kept speaking about his
  299. weakness. and because love interest didn't want
  300. to hear her yelling to him anymore, his reflexes
  301. pushed him to do and push korain. since then,
  302. they didn't even breathe the same air. of course
  303. he was hurt, he wanted to be with his family and
  304. make things right with his girlfriend, or ex
  305. girlfriend, but he couldn't because he just
  306. wasn't in the MOOD to do anything. and korain,
  307. well she acted as if she didn't care, told the
  308. group she hanged with that he wasn't worth her
  309. worry, because she did notice how depressed and
  310. out of it he was. she still cared for him, and
  311. he still cared for her, but they always made
  312. sure not to cross each other because they
  313. weren't sure what to do. that is, till korain
  314. was paired up with a student from another class
  315. for a project, and it happened to be love
  316. interest. they were awkward at first, but they
  317. talked like friends, and they both wanted to
  318. develop like before, like boyfriend and
  319. girlfriend, but they needed to touch a topic
  320. neither were emotionally ready for. (idk if they
  321. end up back together?? like the couples?? buT
  326. — they were at an arcade and were playing that
  327. claw game that everyone seem to hate, but love
  328. interest seemed to be extremely good at it, and
  329. korain would peck his whole face every time he
  330. won her a plushed toy. (a couple scene bc those
  331. are always cute tbh)
  332. — an awkward air around them, when they had just
  333. met each other yet again, because the classes
  334. were meeting their partners for the project that
  335. they were paired for. meanwhile, everyone were
  336. talking and being friendly while they just stood
  337. beside each other, not trying to make eye
  338. contact. they weren't angry or sad... just
  339. awkward because??? what were they suppose to
  340. do?? and it was even more awkward when they were
  341. given their fake baby, since the project was to
  342. take care of a baby.
  343. — a few days after they had ended their
  344. relationship, korain has walked into the gym to
  345. notify the physical education teacher that the
  346. office wanted to speak with him, though she
  347. walked into a scene which made her much more
  348. angrier towards her ex boyfriend. korain walked
  349. in, and saw love interest, doing NOTHING but
  350. standing at the side yet still got angered for
  351. just watching his friend on the verge of
  352. breaking another students pair of glasses.
  353. — a month or so after they broke up, korain was
  354. walking out of the lunch area, looking back at
  355. one her friends and laughing at whatever the
  356. other party had said. though, she wasn't paying
  357. attention to walking, her priority was to talk
  358. and laugh. so, when her ankle has folded and
  359. love interest was seeing it all, he ran behind
  360. her and caught her, as if it was some drama and
  361. the knight HAS to help the princess in trouble.
  362. "are you alright, korain?" her heart was aching,
  363. as well as her ankle, and since she couldn't
  364. keep on walking, love interest couldn't help but
  365. take her to the infirmary because he CARED that
  366. much... yet all she was worried about was her
  367. lunch, muttering about it.
  368. — korain knows that love interest has troubling
  369. friends, and how he won't do anything to
  370. disagree on not wanting to go with them when
  371. they're planning on doing something idiotic.
  372. they had just gotten closer and were beginning
  373. to get back how they were before, so when love
  374. interest was being sent to the office because he
  375. was being the one blamed for something HIS
  376. friends did, korain stood up for him. "he didn't
  377. do anything! all he was doing sitting at the
  378. curb far away when his friends were harassing
  379. that girl! i have evidence! look mister!" and,
  380. korain has videos and pictures, showing how love
  381. interest wasn't even CLOSE to the scene, hell he
  382. didn't even know what was happening, he was too
  383. invested into his phone with his headphones on.
  384. he had saved him, and that made their
  385. relationship stronger.
  387. ( WENDY SON‼ )
  388. ━ HER GRADES » B+'s OR A's... she's one of the
  389. students that aren't gifted but do study what
  390. she's given like crazy, and she tends to always
  391. get good grades and pass all tests, and this is
  392. exactly what gets her out of trouble most of the
  393. time.
  396. — DETENTION FOR A WHOLE WEEK... because she had
  397. thrown the fake baby she and love interest had
  398. to take of for a project, she had left a huge
  399. dent in the fake babies head, and the teacher
  400. wasn't taking it so she gave korain a whole week
  401. of detention with her. hell its science class,
  402. the class was about the human body, and she had
  403. just thrown the baby! all because love interest
  404. was touching the topic she didn't want to go
  405. back to, at least not at that time, and threw
  406. the baby instead of hitting love interest.
  407. — GIVEN COMMUNITY SERVICE... because she had
  408. dislocated love interests friend who was
  409. bullying another student, and threatening to
  410. breaking his glasses if he didn't give him the
  411. cheats to next periods test. though beating
  412. another student could get you a suspension, she
  413. was only given community service because she was
  414. pleading that it was for the other student who
  415. was getting bullied, and couldn't do anything
  416. back. also kinda because she's one of their top
  417. students.
  418. — HAD TO TUTOR A CLASS... her brother was pushed
  419. around and teased, other students making hand
  420. gestures because he only understood sign
  421. language. yes, he was one of the much more oral
  422. person in the deaf community, but because teens
  423. will be teens, he was still teased. air was
  424. light teasing, but korain saw it as bullying no
  425. matter what. and because she said some very very
  426. explicit words, loudly and during school hours,
  427. she was made to teach all subjects to various of
  428. students, practically a class, and it was
  429. somewhat hell for her.
  433. ━ HOW OFTEN DOES SHE THINK OF HIM? » does she think of him at all? and why?
  434. ━ DID SHE TRY TO TALK TO HIM AFTER THEY SPLIT UP? » yes or no? why?
  435. ━ DID SHE HAVE A CRUSH OR HIM, OR DID SHE JUST SEE HIM AS A FRIEND? » not everyone sees their guy friend as their future bf, and if she had a crush explain why?
  436. ━ HAS SHE FORGOTTEN HIM? » yes or no? why?
  437. ━ CLOSENESS RATE TO THE GIRLS? » from 1 to 10. don't add your
  439. ( PARK SOOYOUNG‼ )
  440. ━ LIKES » minimum 8
  441. ━ DISLIKES » ^^
  442. ━ TALENTS » minimum 3
  443. ━ FLAWS » ^^
  444. ━ TRIVIA » minimum 10
  445. ━ FASHION STYLE » what she usually uses parties, weekends, casual days. links are preferred.
  447. ( KIM YERIM‼ )
  448. ━ EXTRA » did i miss something?
  449. ━ NOTE TO ISEUL » in other words a note to author, a note to me!
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