On My Way (Kakuen)

Apr 6th, 2017
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  1. His left arm held solid as he drew back the bowstring, the tension on the bamboo limbs of the bow causing them to bend backwards. The man held his breath as he anchored his feet in the ground, lining himself up with the target perched on a branch a few dozen yards away.
  3. With a fluid movement, the string was released and the arrow cut through the air, leaving the spinning bow behind as it flew towards the partridge unaware of its fate.
  5. Slinging the bow over his shoulder, the man smiled as he saw the bird fall to the ground, skewered by his shot. Stumbling through the overgrowth of the jungle and towards his prize, he picked the bird up by the arrow that had stayed lodged in it, passing through one wing and out its back in a clean kill.
  7. Pulling the arrow out, he stuffed the dead partridge into the rucksack on his back and examined the projectile, finding the iron head intact, but the shaft split down the middle, rendering it useless.
  9. Sighing as he tossed the arrow aside, the man continued deeper into the jungle, not caring for the exuberance of wildlife around him, his pack already nearly full from his hunting so far. Tracing his way through a familiar path in the underbrush, one he had walked many times as of late, he found himself stumbling slightly downhill and past an outcropping of mossy rocks.
  11. Rounding the rocks, he was met by a break in the trees, a familiar brook snaking its way down the mountainside and into the valleys below.
  13. Setting down his bow, quiver, and hunting spoils on some rocks by the riverside, the man ditched his sandals and waded into the rushing water, coming only up to just past his knees at its deepest point. Reaching down, he grabbed a small stone from the bottom of the stream, moving over to sit on one of the few large rocks that rose above the water.
  15. A grin forming on his face, the man looked around him, the jungle silent save for the flowing water and distant squawks of birds in the far-off canopies.
  17. He brought the rock held in his hand down to strike against the larger rock beneath him, repeating that two more times as the loud cracks rang out and disrupted the relative peace of the muggy mid-afternoon air. The man tossed the rock back into the river, looking around at the dense forest surrounding him.
  19. A rustling to his left caught his attention, causing him to look over just in time to see a figure break through the treeline.
  21. Galloping on all fours, her hands clenched in fists as they pounded on the ground, the woman leapt into the water, the auburn and white fur covering some of her body flowing with her movement. A wild smile grew on her face as she stood and waded her way over to the man, a long ponytail – as well as an actual tail – waving behind her.
  23. The man stood, holding his arms out to beckon her into his embrace. “Hi, Shu.” he said with a smile as she flung herself into his arms, her reddish-brown spiky hair tickling his nose as they hugged. Deftly, she wrapped both of her furred legs around his, scooting herself up his chest to come face-to-face with the man, her orange eyes gazing into his own brown ones.
  25. “You’re late, Lin.” Shu chided with a grin, pressing her lips to his and tightening her hold.
  27. Lin held back a grunt as he backed himself down onto the rock, the cold water still lapping at his feet. “I know,” he said after breaking the kiss, running a hand along the Kakuen’s bare back and playing with the tie that held her top on. “I just got busy with hunting, I can’t go back home empty-handed.”
  29. Shu, still sporting a fiendish grin, looked over at the man’s goods by the side of the river, her dexterous tail wrapping around his leg as they sat. “Well, you promised we would meet here every-other day when the sun is at it’s highest.” she teased, pushing one of her fingers against his shoulder and pushing him backwards to lay on the rock.
  31. “I did say that, yes.”
  33. Now looming over the man, she brought her lips dangerously close to his, stopping just short as her hot breath washed over his face. “Well, I guess I’ll have to punish you for breaking your promise then, hmm?”
  35. Before she could do anything else, Lin captured her in a deep kiss, bringing his hand up to grab hold of her neck and keep her in place. Lower down, her could feel a faint pressure prodding at his crotch through his clothes, the Kakuen’s tail tracing lazy circles around it.
  37. Shu’s nimble fingers darted beneath his shirt, grabbing the bottom hem and dragging it up, pulling it over Lin’s head as she sat back on her haunches. She grinned as she tossed the fabric on the rock beside the man, one hand pressing down on his chest, the other reaching behind her back to fiddle with the tie keeping her red and gold top on.
  39. Lin’s hands traced across the Kakuen’s taught stomach as he looked up at her, the defined abdominal muscles rock-solid against his touches. Arching her back, the top fell free of the Kakuen’s chest, exposing the lightly tanned breasts, her small, pink nipples already stiff with arousal.
  41. One of Lin’s hands broke free of her stomach, raising up to grab hold of the beckoning mounds, but was intercepted by Shu’s strong grasp. “Not so fast!” she teased, pinning the hand down on the rock beneath them. “If you don’t show up on time, then you don’t get to touch what you want.”
  43. Shu flashed him a smug smile, bending over so that her perky breasts were dangling just above the man’s face. “You will only touch what I give you, and that starts with something else.”
  45. The weight left Lin’s chest as the Kakuen stood, turning around to provide him with an ample view of her large, tight ass, her long tail dancing hypnotically in front of it. Looking over her shoulder, Shu bent over slightly, tempting the man into reaching as she looped her thumbs through the thin red fabric covering her ass.
  47. Lin reached out with both hands, desperately trying to grab hold of the woman’s rear, only to be swatted away by her tail. “Ah-ah-ah! What did I say? No touching,” she chided with an arrogant smile. “Not yet, at least.”
  49. Bending back over, Shu completed pulling down her skimpy bottoms, resting one of her hands on her ass and spreading it apart, revealing the already wet prize that was previously hidden. “Are you ready, Lin?” she asked slightly out of breath, her voice quivering in anticipation and smile not so smug anymore.
  51. He gulped, knowing what was to come. “I’m ready.”
  53. At those words, the massive rear of the Kakuen descended, stopping just short of Lin’s face as she crouched. From this closeness, Lin could smell the overwhelming scent of Shu’s arousal, the underside of her dripping pussy hovering just above his mouth, a few stray beads falling onto his chin.
  55. Cautiously, Lin extended his tongue to lap at the honey flowing off the Kakuen’s flower, electing a small squeal from the woman. Not receiving any words of protest, Lin continued his work, his tongue traveling over the hot outsides of Shu’s folds.
  57. His sight was blocked by the rear-end above him, but he could hear the woman moaning lustfully at his teasing, already panting as her normally strong legs quivered, crouched above her lover’s face. Daringly, Lin dove deeper into the woman, parting her slick folds with his tongue.
  59. “AHNN~” With a loud cry, Shu’s legs gave out from beneath her, her large ass crashing down onto Lin’s face as she came, a splattering of warm juices covering his mouth and chin. His breath was stolen away as her hips bucked on his face, the enveloping mass of the Kakuen’s butt smothering him as she rode through the orgasm. She bounced slightly on his face as she shook, pressing her rump harder down on his face as her climax crescendoed.
  61. All the while he continued to prod at her, locking his hands around Shu’s muscular thighs to hold her in place as his tongue dove further into her inner walls. He could hear her tail thumping wildly on the rock behind him, but he heeded it no mind as he continued to lick greedily at the woman, her juices flowing down his chin and onto the rock below.
  63. After what seemed to be hours, Shu’s orgasm tapered out and she rose slightly, finally allowing Lin a much-needed breath of fresh air. She chuckled as she heard the man gasping beneath her, his breath ragged. “T-tired already?” she stammered, trying to push through her flustered appearance to tease him once more.
  65. “You’re a fine one to talk, quick-shot.” Lin fired back, wiping the still warm fluids from his mouth with the back of his hand.
  67. Without so much as a warning, Shu lowered her ass back onto Lin’s face, depriving him once more of vision and breath. “Well, how about we have a little competition, then? See who can hold out the longest?” she asked, prodding with her feet at the stiffness beneath the cloth covering Lin’s nethers. He gasped as he felt Shu remove the garment, setting his erection free and grabbing it easily with her dexterous feet, holding it between her toes.
  69. Unable to speak, Lin simply nodded his head, beginning to once more lap at the woman sitting on top of him, her feet gently prodding and squeezing along his length at the same time. Her left foot held his base securely between her toes as her right foot rubbed in circles along the sensitive head, the surprisingly soft soles of her feet beginning to be covered in his pre-cum.
  71. Faintly, he could hear Shu laugh above him. “Somebody’s exited, aren’t they?” she teased, flicking one of her toes across the sensitive frenulum, causing his hips to buck and her to laugh once more. “My, I think you might just be losing this little race…”
  73. Shu doubled her efforts on Lin’s cock, bringing her left foot to run along the side of his erection in tandem with her right, the arches of her feet forming a tight hold as they rubbed and squeezed him. He moaned into her suffocating muff as his cock twitched from her teasing, but he refused to give up, plunging his tongue even further into his lover’s pussy.
  75. The Kakuen cried out as his tongue prodded at her depths, causing her to throw her head back and temporarily stop moving her feet. “Dammit…” she murmured under her breath, biting her lip and returning to work on the stiff cock held between her nimble feet.
  77. Knowing that she was rapidly approaching her limit once more, Shu resorted to her ultimate technique. Resting her feet on either side of his cock, Shu began to move her feet in a rising and falling manner, making sure that her deft toes prodded and pushed against his swollen head each time she reached the top of her movement.
  79. Lin’s hips began to buck wildly as her feet massaged his length, and Shu violently ground her hips onto his face as they reached their limits at the same time. Two cries, one muffled and one clear as day, rang out through the jungle as they climaxed together, more sticky juices flooding onto Lin’s face, and Shu’s soft feet being covered in an pent-up explosion brought on by her rough, but caring touch.
  81. The man struggled to free himself from beneath the dazed Kakuen, but managed to push her rump off him and onto the rock, leaving him once more red-faced and breathless. Covering his eyes with a forearm, Lin rested for a few moments, stealing a quick glance at the woman beside him.
  83. A blushing Shu ran her tongue along her one of her feet, lapping up the sticky cum covering her soles and toes. With another cheeky grin, she winked at him, “That was… quite the… load…” she said between licks, taking her sweet time to savour the taste of her lover.
  85. Lin said nothing as he sat up on the rock, hanging his head and trying to catch his breath. Suddenly, he felt a thin, furry something wrap around his ankle, and looking down towards it revealed Shu’s tail. “Care for another round?” she asked teasingly, scooting over and resting her chin on his shoulder as her arms wrapped around and held onto him, the soft fur tickling his skin. “I don’t think I’ve quite had my fill, yet.”
  87. “You’re rather insatiable today, aren’t you?” Lin joked, laughing slightly.
  89. The Kakuen pouted, thumping a fist against his chest angrily. “So?”
  91. He laughed again, grabbing onto one of Shu’s hand’s and lacing his fingers through hers. “Just give me a minute to recover, then.” The couple fell silent as she clung onto him, Lin able to clearly hear her heart thumping as she pressed herself against his back.
  93. “Hey, Lin?” Shu asked timidly, the usual playfulness in her voice gone.
  95. He looked over his shoulder back at the woman, her striking orange eyes staring back at him. “Yeah?”
  97. “You’ll keep coming back, right?”
  99. Lin just smiled at the obviously distraught woman. “I haven’t missed a day since we met last year, have I?”
  101. “No…”
  103. “Well, there’s your answer.”
  105. “…I love you.”
  107. “I love you too, Shu.”
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