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Twilight Falls (Climax) (Empty Horizons OST)

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Jul 1st, 2020
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  1. [Background: Twilight’s been trying to keep The Other, a dark-magical entity in her mind, at bay for most of the fic, but in the preceding chapter she gets captured by Gava, a griffon mercenary, and needs the entity’s help – and its greatly enhanced magical power – to escape, so she lets it take control of her body. It unleashes hell and starts destroying the area. Also, this all takes place on an estate on the edge of a giant floating island. Twilight chases after Gava and catches her right as the music starts.]
  2. [0:00] The M5 run after Twilight to help her
  3. [0:25] Twilight/The Other wrecks the place and pummels Gava
  4. [1:10] The M5 desperately try to talk Twilight down, but The Other ain’t budging
  5. [2:53] Twilight/The Other builds up power and then unleashes a terrifying blast that literally rips the island apart, revealing a gaping chasm down to the ocean far below the floating island
  6. [3:26] Twi/The Other readies to drop Gava to her death
  7. [3:42] The M5 beg her not to
  8. [4:16] Pinkie, who doesn’t want Twi to become a murderer, runs at her and leaps across the chasm and holds onto Twi in a fierce hug
  9. [4:27] Twilight slowly seems to come to her senses, though she’s so distracted by Pinkie she drops Gava, who disappears into the chasm
  10. [5:13] The estate’s owner arrives, sees the destruction and Twi/The Other floating above it, and orders his troops to shoot her
  11. [5:34] They open fire
  12. [5:52] The Other regains control and releases a terrifying blast of magic, throwing everyone back, and accidentally tosses Pinkie into a tree, snapping her spine; she goes limp
  13. [6:13] Everyone’s shocked/horrified
  14. [6:43] Enraged at what happened to Pinkie, Twilight retreats into her mind and starts fighting with The Other for control over her body; The Other refuses, saying she’s weak and would just get them killed, and only needs Twilight to lose control of her emotions again to take control anyway
  15. [9:32] Twilight calms herself down, thinking of Celestia and her friends, and wrestles The Other into a mental stalemate – neither able to win, neither willing to concede
  16. [10:48] The Other lets Twi take control for now; she briefly talks with AJ, says she’s back for now, but sadly tells her not to follow her
  17. [11:43] Twi lets herself drop through the chasm, holding AJ’s stare the whole way down until she plunges into the water and disappears beneath the waves
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