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  1. # Why do you want to be a staff member here, and how would you help or improve Hungry Games?
  2. #### I want to mainly focus on discord moderation, innovation, and leadership as I have focused on inside my previous moderation jobs. I would improve Hungry Games through its status in discord and social media. As a moderator, I hope to able to make Hungry Games more accessible to those inside of reddit, youtube, twitter, and various other forms of social media. I also hope to make the discord atmosphere feel more professional and make the discord a prominent source of communication from the moderators to the players of Hungry Games. The experience and vision I provide will hopefully makes Hungry Games a more pleasant experience for every person. I also provide a lot of dedication and hard work as seen through my previous experience and also through the time I have readily avaliable. I am very often seen on discord, Minecraft, or on my computer and easily contactable. Although I am not as veteran as most of the people applying, I hope to be a veteran of the server one day and improve mostly through the discord and communication aspect of the staff team. The experience that this server provides will also benefit me personally. My dedication is matched with my willingness to learn from mistakes and learn from others. I hope to learn more about moderation, leadership, and people in general by being staff inside of this server.
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