[ Beta English Softsubs ] Koi wo Ameagari no You ni LA

Nov 24th, 2018
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  1. [ Beta English Softsubs - Koi wa Ameagari no You ni Live Action / Love is Like After the Rain / After the Rain ]
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  11. I'm still in a dry spell and burnout that this took longer in translating than expected. But it's finally done and released. Was looking forward to this and was more or less decided that we will work on this since we also worked on the webseries spinoff. Being an old man myself, I kinda feel what Manager Kondo feels that young people makes me remember the irreplaceable fortunes I have. I still have many dreams I want to achieve even at my old age. This scene in the anime - - especially gave me feels.
  13. Be sure to also check out the manga from Vertical Publications and the anime from Amazon. Also check out our release of the webseries spinoff (which I found many errors now that there are Japanese captions in the film (only translated the webseries by ear, so excuse for that)).
  15. A lot of special thanks to Draiken for this release. This won't be possible without his help. Thank you also to zuihitsu2016 ( for the song translations.
  17. Kindly take note that this is a beta version softsub & made for people who can't wait. It is not translation checked, edited nor quality checked other than me, Ais, the translator. There might be errors in translations, grammar, among others. As indicated in the subs themselves, if you found error(s), please email us ( the time stamp(s) of the line(s), and how to improve that line(s) so that we can correct them. There will be a final corrected version in due time and will be released and announced at our site -
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