Mahou Shoujo Naka-chang Fleet drei [Typeset]

Dec 21st, 2016
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  1. Mahou Shoujo Naka-chang Fleet drei Translations
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  4. >Naka: Today's expedition was another great success!
  5. >Jintsuu: Indeed, it was quite a great success.
  6. >Naka: I'd better let the Admiral reward me when I get back~ | Eh-
  7. >Naka: Hm? Was there always a door like this at the Naval District...?
  8. >Jintsuu: Could we be in the wrong place?
  9. >Naka: But, this definitely is the Naval District. [See, it's written there]
  10. >Jintsuu: Na....Naka-chan...
  12. >Naka/Jintsuu: The Naval District has been turned....
  13. >Naka/Jintsuu: Into a hotel!
  14. >(Sign to the right of the gate, top to bottom:) [Rooms Available] [Filled]
  15. >Jintsuu: Who could have done this....?!
  16. >????: Ah, guests. Will you two be staying over?
  18. >???: At the moment all our rooms are currently filled, so could I ask you to wait a little while?
  19. >Naka+Jintsuu: The culprits!!
  20. >Akashi: How rude! Those are false charges!
  21. >Akashi (note: this is the speech bubble between Akashi and Yuubari's head, not the one to the bottom right): We are simply
  22. >Akashi: devising ways to improve the Naval District's financial situation!
  23. >Yuubari: The Admiral tasked us with taking care of the Naval District while we were away!
  24. >Yuubari: As such, we are building this hotel to increase Naval District revenue!
  26. >Akashi: Even if you did something praiseworthy for the Admiral, I don't think you guys have the right to accuse us so. [there are quite a lot of people checking in, you know.]
  27. >Naka: We definitely have the right!
  28. >[Naka: Really--]
  29. >Jintsuu: messed up the Naval District like this!
  30. >[Jintsuu: That's because a lot of people live here (to begin with)!]
  31. >Akashi: We had to work all night to do this too!
  32. >Naka/Jintsuu: Just one night?!
  33. >Yuubari: How could you use such terms on our hard work!
  34. >Jintsuu/Naka: Aren't there a lot of issues with this?!
  36. >Jintsuu: I guess words won't solve this!
  37. >[Jintsuu: This is bad for Naka-chan's education (note: may be better as "This is a bad example for Naka-chan!")!]
  38. >Naka: Jintsuu-chan! Let's go!
  40. >Naka: The Light Cruiser of Love and Justice! Idol Magical Girl Magical Naka-chang!
  41. >Jintsuu: What she said! Light Cruiser Magical girl! Ma....magical....! Jintsuu....chan...
  42. >Naka: We shall deal with you by torp in the Admiral's place!
  43. >Akashi: [Ohh--] I've heard the rumors, but to think they could actually transform
  44. >Yuubari: Mere magical girls | stand no chance before the power of science!
  45. >Naka: Although I don't know what you're saying! Even so!
  46. >Naka: The first strike decides the battle! | Hyaaaaa---!
  48. >Yuubari: Did I not say that you stand no chance before Science?
  49. >Yuubari/Akashi: Detransmogrification Ray! (literally: Transformation Removal Shot)
  50. >Yuubari/Akashi: Firing!
  51. >Naka: Ahhhh....
  52. >Jintsuu: Naka-chan!
  53. >Jintsuu: Naka-chan, are you alright?
  54. >[Naka: so bright...]
  55. >Naka: It's fine...that kind of second-class weapon can't harm me
  57. >Naka: Whew...
  58. >Naka: AAaaAAHhhHhHH
  59. >Yuubari/Akashi: It worked!
  60. >Yuubari/Akashi: The Experiment was a Great Success! Our Naval District's Science is truly the best in the world! (note: probably a reference to Stroheim's quote from JoJo?)
  61. >Jintsuu: N-naka-chan, calm down! Transform again!
  62. >Naka: I-
  64. >Naka: I just tried....! But I'm not transforming at all...!
  65. >Jintsuu: Nani?!
  66. >Yuubari: As we predicted! Those rays (literally: shells) | Temporarily jam the power source magical girls use to transform!
  67. >Akashi: As a proof of concept, these results fall well into our predicted acceptable bounds.
  68. >[Akashi: I'd better document my results.]
  69. >Jintsuu: To be able to develop such a powerful weapon directly from predictions....
  70. >Akashi: Well then, let us strip and ship you as well to our glorious love hotel...
  71. >Jintsuu: Hiiii...
  73. >Yuubari/Akashi: Come....come on, come on....
  74. >[Jintsuu: Until now, Naka-chan always handled all the combat. With just my strength...]
  75. >[Jintsuu: Sorry, Naka-chan....I can't do anything...]
  76. >???: Stop right there, Mekboyz (literally: Stop right there, Construction Uncles)!
  77. >Akashi/Yuubari: Who?!
  79. >Definitely not Sendai: Glowing brightly in the darkest night...while the night battles of a love hotel are also quite intriguing
  80. >Quattro Bagina: Those night battles cannot be shown in an all-ages doujin!
  81. >Yuubari/Akashi: Nightbattleman! (literally, as always: The Night Battle Masked Man/Hero)
  82. >Yuubari: I've never heard of a third magical girl!
  83. >Akashi: I....I haven't heard of anything like either...but!
  84. >Akashi+Yuubari: We have countermeasures for this as well! Ready to fire!
  85. >Akashi+Yuubari: Detransmogrification Ray! Fire!
  87. >Akashi + Yuubari: Nani?!
  88. >Nightbattleman: If they can't hit, they naturally won't have any effect.
  89. >Akashi: Ehhhhhhh
  90. >Yuubari: This isn't some kind of manga....
  91. >Nightbattleman: This is a manga.
  92. >Akashi+Yuubari: Ehhhhhh.... [seriously?]
  93. >Nightbattleman: Jintsuu, stand!
  94. >Nightbattleman: Fight!
  95. >Nightbattleman: But I....can't stand....
  96. >Nightbattleman: FIghting alone is too scary...
  98. >Nightbattleman: Believe in urself!
  99. >Jintsuu: But....
  100. >Naka: Jintsuu-chan!
  101. >Jintsuu: Naka-chan...
  102. >Naka: Jintsuu-chan, you're really strong and really kind....
  103. >Naka: That's why we fight as a team!
  104. >Naka: There's no problem! If it's Jintsuu-chan, you can definitely do it!
  106. >Yuubari/Akashi: This isn't an anime, you know, we're not going to wait for you to finish.
  107. >Yuubari/AKashi: Detransmogrification beam, fire!
  108. >Naka: Jintsuu-chan! >Yuubari/Akashi: NANI?!
  109. >Jintsuu: Whether it's with the Second Torpedo Squadron or with Naka-chan...
  111. >Jintsuu: If I wasn't with somebody, I couldn't fight. | But maybe that was just something I decided for myself.
  112. >JIntsuu: But...I've always worked hard, so I could fight shoulder to shoulder with others.
  113. >Jintsuu: But now, I (literally: I)
  114. >Jintsuu: Am done thinking! (literally: have thought this through!]
  115. >Nightbattleman: Jintsuu, focus your feelings into your sword!
  116. >Jintsuu: Feelings...
  118. >Yuubari: What is with that huge sword?!!!
  119. >AKashi: I...I don't know!
  120. >Jintsuu: Surrender!
  121. >Jintsuu: You've already lost!
  123. >[Final Secret (Kyūkyoku ōg/究極奥義) Undefeated]
  124. >[Magical Girl Batoujutsu/Sword Draw (抜刀術:]
  126. >Jintsuu: I | I did it....
  127. >Jintsuu: Naka-chan, I did it!
  128. >Naka: Mm! Jintsuu-chan did it beautifully!
  129. >Jintsuu: N-Naka-chan...!
  130. >[Naka: did you grow taller?]
  132. >Jintsuu: Your clothes...
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