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Jul 28th, 2013
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  1. After my recent incarceration for guessing eve board passwords following the death of Mino IV’s avatar, I’ve been forced to use the open Wi-Fi provided by the StarBucks coffee shop at the end of D-block during my free time, I have to sit on a pillow, as I’m unable to use the wooden chairs provided due to my repeated violation by my cell mate Rufus (he’s not a gentle man).
  3. This one’s simple: The target was one we’d been aware of for some time. A friend told us a VoC Nyx was being sold on the forums, which meant it had to be one of two. On running locators, one was romping around nullsec, the other was in derelik – thus matching the sale thread, and our home region.
  5. We convo’d the alt used to make the forum post and made an offer, which was accepted. He then told us the location of the ship (which we already knew ofcourse). After hours of attempting to find a third party (didn’t matter, we just needed him to log in), we gave up. We then offered to just send him the isk, provided we could see the ship first, and then he’d eject from it and leave. He agreed and logged in, with 5 ex-PHEW now Pandemic Legion probing alts ready to nail his spot.
  7. Sure enough, we got him, bridged – tackled and engaged. He lasted less than a minute – even with TiDi from the 4000 man fight taking place on our node.
  9. And we already have our next target.
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