Half-Moon in Equestria 28

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  1. Lying on the ground, you eyes slowly start to drift shut. The drain of not only accessing the Gate but all the rest of the alchemy you performed today creeping up on you. Just as your eyes are about to close for sleep, a voice calls out "Found him!" Opening your eyes, you see Rainbow Dash hovering over you. "Hey, dude, I am sooo jealous of you, I mean THE Spitfire kissed you! How lucky can you get."
  2. "I suppose this would be a bad time to mention she also offered me a free ticket to any Wonderbolts show." The look on her face is priceless, as her jaw drops, and her eyes grow as huge as they can. She tries to stutter something out, but the sound of approaching hooves alerts you to the arrival of the rest. Twilight Applejack and Fluttershy come into view, and you wave them over.
  3. As they approach, Rainbow lunges as you, faking choking you, crying out "Why can't I be you? Its not fair, you get to not only be kissed by my idol, but you get a free ticket to one of her shows. She's probably even going to give you a backstage pass, so she can introduce you to the others. Its not fair..."
  4. Reaching up, you push Rainbow off you, and sit up. "I'm sure she wouldn't mind me bringing a friend... I wonder, Hey Fluttershy, would you want to come with me to a Wonderbolts show? I got a free ticket to any one I want, And I'm thinking of bringing a friend."
  5. "Oh, ummmm I don't know, I can't leave my animals alone too long, and ummmm The loud noises are kind of scary."
  6. "That’s okay, how about you Twilight, I’m sure you'd want to come." You can hear Rainbow flapping indignantly behind you, and you smile faintly, not letting her see.
  7. "I would love to, but with your training, and my reports I have to make to Celestia my schedule may not be free for a while."
  8. "Oh, that’s too bad. I’m guessing your too busy as well Applejack"
  9. "Yup, though I'm sure ya can find somepony who would want to go with ya"
  10. "Your right, I bet Pinkie Pie would love to go, she is one to like exciting things."
  11. Rainbow crashes into your back, and turns you over. "If you even think of taking anypony but me, I will make it rain on you so hard, you'll wish you never got that free ticket."
  12. You look at her with fake surprise "What! You want to go? I never would have figured you as a fan of the Wonderbolts. It seems much more like something Fluttershy or Rarity might like."
  13. "Dude, are you bucking serious?". Letting your facade crack, you give her a goofy grin, and she jumps off with a groan. "I shoulda known. Come on, the party isn't the same without the guest of honour."
  14. "Fine, just give me a few minutes to stretch, I’m kind of tired and sore after all that." Your jaw opens, and a yawn is released, and you shift your shoulders and they pop faintly.
  15. Twilight steps over, and her horn begins to glow. "Here, let me try a re-energizing spell." A small bolt shoots from her horn, and is absorbed into your chest. A sensation akin to pins and needles runs over your body before fading.
  16. Giving your legs an experimental  shake and step, you feel like you can stay awake for a few hours longer. "That was great Twilight, I feel much better now. Lets go, we shouldn't keep the guests waiting." The girls and you group up, and make your way back to the dining hall, only to be interrupted by a pair of guards.
  17. "Excuse me, but Captain Shining Armour requested to see you in private Anonymous. It should only take a moment, and then you will be free to return to the party." You look over at the girls, and they nod, so you turn back to the guards.
  18. "I will meet him, please lead the way." Twilight and the others continue down the hall to the throne room, and the two guards lead you to a door down a short hallway.
  19. The guards open a door, and motion you inside. When you comply, they close the door and stand outside. The room looks like a typical guards office, wanted posters and files everywhere. Behind a desk sits a unicorn in armour slightly more advanced than the regular guards ones. He gestures you to a cushion, and takes off his helmet.
  20. "Your name is Anonymous correct?"
  21. "Yes, and you would be Shining Armour I presume."
  22. He nods, setting aside his helmet. "You may be curious as to why I asked you here, and I have a very good reason."
  23. Sitting down, you say "You want, either information on the weapon I used on the changelings, or you want to request I teach some of your guards how to use my type of magic, Correct?"
  24. Again he nods "You are correct on both counts. Celestia did say you were rather astute."
  25. "Yes, well firstly, I can't provide you information about my weapon. It is not something that should become available in Equestria., Secondly, I would be more than happy to teach some of your guards, assuming they would be willing to move to Ponyville for a number of weeks. Currently I have two students who are learning alchemy, and I would rather continue their training where it started."
  26. "That seems fair, though I don't see why you wish to keep your weapon a secret. How many guards do you think you could train, along with your current disciples?"
  27. Pausing for a moment, you rub your chin. "Eight more I would figure, So I would suggest you make a group of your best, and I will see who has the most potential. Oh, and one more thing, They dont have to be unicorns to learn this I don’t believe. While both my Students are unicorns, they are forced to wear magic detection rings to make sure they don't cheat using their own magic."
  28. Shining Armour rises, and holds out a hoof to you. You shake it, before rising yourself. "I will have a group of likely candidates ready for tomorrow before you head back to Ponyville." As you turn to leave, he adds one thing. "Make sure you take good care of my little sister Twilight, or you will have to answer to me."
  29. Doing a 180 you give a quick salute, before spinning around and leaving.
  30. The guards waiting outside the door do not react as you leave, and make your way back to the party. Your thoughts occupied by the prospect of teaching several new students, you don’t immediately notice the happenings in the room when you first enter.
  31. A loud crash, and a cry of "Anon, do something about them!" snaps you out of your thoughts, and you see Twilight and Trixie going at it again, surrounded by a bubble of magic you can only assume is being sustained by Celestia and Luna. Seeing this, a vein throbs in your forehead, and you press your palms together.
  32. Reaching down, you transmute sections of the floor into hands and arms that wrap around Trixie and Twilight, before bringing them over to you. "YOU TWO! WAIT FOR ME OUTSIDE." Turning back to the party, you bow before saying "I apologize for the behaviour of my two students, they do not get along well, though I am trying to get them past that. If you will excuse me, I must deal with them." Turning, you clap your hands once, and repair the floor, before stepping out the doors and down the hall. The guards just outside the throne room look a little shaken, probably at your outburst, and the sight of the two mares who left.
  33. Stepping outside, you see Twilight and Trixie looking terrified, staring at the ground, and occasionally glancing up at you. "Now, What should I do with you..." Glaring at them, you step forwards, and they try and shrink back into themselves. "If I was a teacher, and we were back in my home, you would be shipped off, and your chances to take the State Alchemist Exam would be about nil." Both girls seem on the verge of breaking down, as you take a final step towards them, before kneeling down. "Therefore, its a good thing I am neither of those, so you don’t have to worry about that."
  34. They immediately perk up, but upon seeing your serious face, they tone it back down. "You will still be punished though, but that can wait until we get back to Ponyville. Okay?". The girls both nod, and follow you as you re-enter the castle.
  35. as you step into the throne room, all sounds cease, until both girls behind you step in after you. At this point many sighs of relief are heard. Taking your place by Celestia's side you lean over an whisper "What's got everypony so tense?".
  36. She leans also, and replies "Everypony was fearing what kind of punishment you would inflict, and after seeing your little act, they could only imagine the worst."
  37. You shake your head "Seriously, they thought I would punish not only one of the elements of harmony, who also happens to be your disciple, but another pony as well... I suppose my being completely strange would make ponys nervous about me."
  38. "Is there anything you could think of that might remedy the situation?"
  39. slowly shaking your head, you say "No, I cant think of any. I don't know much of how noble life works, seeing as I lived in a small village most of my life. Maybe Twilight or Trixie have some ideas."
  40. Celestia ponders this a minute, before rising and moving over to where the girls sit. Their heads come together, and they whisper to each other. They occasionally throw a glance your way, and you begin to feel uncomfortable.
  41. After several minutes, Celestia motions you over. Speaking a fair bit louder than necessary, she says "Anonymous, the girls would like to apologize, and thank you for not punishing them." Both girls get up and move to opposite sides of you.
  42. Standing on their hind hooves, they lean towards you. "Thanks!"
  43. "Its no problem girls, just rememb...." You are cut off by both of them jumping up and kissing your cheeks. Your face goes crimson, and a number of laughs can be heard throughout the room. Looking down, you see them both blushing, and you reach down, setting one hand on each ones head, your thumbs resting right above their horns. Immediately you can feel them tense up, and you smile, pulling both of them against your side.
  44. Awwwww's can be heard throughout the room, and you smile, before whispering down at them "Try something like that again, and you will wish I had punished you." Both give tiny squeaks, and you sit down between them, gesturing for them to do the same. Sinking into their cushions, they nervously look over at each other, and then to Celestia who has gone back to her seat. "Hey, don’t worry, I'm not going to do anything. Its just... some rather unusual memories talking." Turning, you glare at Celestia and Luna, who just smile, and wave back.
  45. The festivities are interrupted by the sound of ripping, and a translucent portal appears in the middle of the table. Everyponys attention is drawn to it, and out step two humans, alike and yet different.
  46. "Looks like we ended up in Equestria again." One says to the other.
  47. Looking around, the other speaks up "Sorry for the interruption, we have been jumping dimensions, and found ourselves here. We apologize for any problems."
  48. "HEY CELLY! Try to lighten up and get that stick out of your ass!"
  49. The younger looking one shakes his head "Seriously Mous. Could you try and be polite in the worlds we visit?"
  50. The older laughs "Come on Anon, I haven’t been like this in century’s, and you are worried about some sound advice for a princess I have met across dozens of existences who all have the same problem."
  51. "Come on Mous, We are leaving. NOW!" He reaches into a bag, and pulls out a glowing crystal. Tossing it, it shatters, creating a new portal, the other one having disappeared moments after they left it. Anon drags the still laughing Mous through the portal, and it vanishes, leaving everypony stunned in its wake.
  52. You are the first to regain your wits, and you move over to the princesses. "Hey, Celly you might want to try and, you know, DO something." It takes a moment to sink in, but the princesses finally snap out of it, and rise.
  53. "Everypony" Celestia shouts "While we enjoyed the party and the show, we must unfortunately end this party now. Due to the recent happenings, we have much to analyze, and to make sure such spells cannot be used to gain access to Canterlot or anyplace else again."
  54. After much grumbling, the party winds down, and everypony goes home. You find yourself in a guest bedroom, along with Trixie and Twilight. Apparently, there are not enough guest rooms available, so you are "allowed" to share a room with your students. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, except for one fact.
  55. There is only one bed.
  56. Silently, you curse Celestia while the girls examine the room. They both immediately come to the same conclusion you did. "Trixie claims sharing the bed With Anon, since it is his room."
  57. Twilight glares angrily at her "No, I get to share the bed with him. He has known me longer, so he would be more comfortable sharing with me."
  58. "Who said I was sharing?" You exclaim "Like Trixie said, its my room, and I could just as easily keep the bed for myself, and pin you two to the floor, or a wall." You watch as the realization hits their faces. Man it felt good to get some revenge after that incident earlier. "Don't worry, I plan on letting you two share the bed, I have my own business I have to attend to tonight, but I will join you later." Both open their mouths to complain, but a single glare, and they nod, before slinking off to bed.
  59. Extinguishing the candles, you plunge the room into the soft darkness of night, and you step out onto the balcony attached to the room. Some very careful transmutation, and you have yourself a comfortable beach recliner, ready for you to sleep on it. Laying down, you mentally prepare for whatever dream the royal sisters have planned for you.
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