Unarmed Perk Ideas

Jul 20th, 2014
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  1. Perk ideas for systems. While I believe neither should be officially used since they're in the works (as are the other 2-6 zillion being made, hue), I am making perks for as many systems as I can Enjoy~!
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  4. Perk Ideas for SLSS
  5. Unarmed Perk: Advanced Techniques
  6. (Pre-Requisite: Martial Artist Rank 1)
  7. -You have trained your body to become as good as a weapon, and have dedicated yourself to learning how to better fight weaponless. Your skill with your hooves has culminated to the point that you may now use your Marial Artist roll to assist in various techniques, as well as to use special abilities. Speed, however, is key. None of the below abilities below can be used while wearing Heavy armor, and you take a -2 if wearing Medium armor.
  9. MA Rank 1: Improved Trip/Improved Grapple
  10. -Your skill has reflected in your close quarters combat maneuvers. You may pic one of the two above (or both, if it is deemed 'not OP' hue). While unarmed, you gain a passive +2 to the appropriate roll.
  11. -this one has not been thought through much. Feel free to offer opinions
  13. MA Rank 2: Crippling Blow
  14. -As you have grown in skill, you have found that mobility is key to a martial artist. you have found a method to strike at your opponents' key points for motion, in order to slow them to a crawl. You may inflict a harsh blow to the underside of your opponent's foreleg (think: bruising the inside of your thighs) in order to reduce their Move by half for a number of rounds equeal to your MA skill rank (not to exceed 4). Oponents in medium armor have this effect lessened by 1 round, and opponents in heavy armor are immune(harder to hit the points if they are joints of metal). You roll your MA to apply the affect. If you fail the roll, it hits as normal. This can not be made along with a damage buff roll.
  16. MA Rank 3: Throat Chop
  17. -You have gained the level of expertise needed to deliver fast, precise, and harsh strikes. You may make a MA roll to turn a regular unarmed attack into a painfully precise 'chop', of sorts, to your opponents' roll. If the hit lands, your opponent makes a VIT based roll, DC 14. If the target fails the roll, they are stunned for their next round. The round following that they are inflicted with the couching status for one round. A successful roll negates all effects but the damage. This can not be made along with a damage buff roll.
  19. MA Rank 4: Fast Strike (probably OP, hue. Forgive me, it is 3:00 AM)
  20. -You have mastered the art of hoof-to-hoof fighting, using your speed to your advantage. If your MA roll is applied to any attack either to increase damage dealt or trigger one of the above abilities, targets in Heavy Armor do not apply their RE/DEX to their AC, and targets in Medium Armor may only apply half. This, however, will expend two points of FP for the round as opposed to one, due to the speed at which you move.
  21. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  22. Perk: Disciplined (MA)
  23. -With Martial Arts comes discipline, and discipline brings its own rewards. As you continue to grow in skill, you receive passive bonuses to various things to reflect your devotion and perseverance to training.
  25. Passive #1: Self Control (MA Rank 1)
  26. -Through your study, you have learned how to better control your body. You have also learned how to keep your center of balance in times of stress. You receive a +2 bonus to all grapple, trip, and bullrush attempts made against you, as well as a +2 to any checks involving balance. This bonus lessens to +1 if your FP falls below 5.
  28. Passive #2: Indomitable Spirit (MA Rank 2)
  29. -You have trained your mind alongside your body, and have developed a stronger mind for it. You receive a +2 on all Will-based rolls and checks made to resist against an opposing force. This bonus does not apply to any spells you cast, and lessens to +1 if your FP falls below 5.
  31. Passive #3: Perseverance
  32. -Through your discipline in training, you have learned to surpass your limits, and have conditioned yourself to push further, and hold on longer. You gain a +2 bonus to your pool of FP, and a +1 to your roll to remain conscious.
  34. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  35. Perk Ideas for SASS
  37. Passive Perk: Styles of the Unarmed Adept
  38. -As you have grown as a martial artist, you have found that you have a certain proficiency for a particular method. If you choose a particular style, you will gain penalties in other areas as you begin to specialize.
  39. -All bonuses require you to be unarmed.
  41. Style 1: Style of the Martial Master (requirements: Flurry of Blows, Pony Martial Arts, Strength 4)
  42. -You focus upon the strength of your strikes, as well as your talent with martial maneuvers in the heat of combat. From this point on, you will gain a +2 bonus to your damage roll as well as a +4 both your rolls to trip/disarm/grapple/bullrush(etc) an opponent and your rolls to resist said maneuvers. However, you receive a -2 on your Hitchance as well as your AC.
  44. Style 2: Style of the Desert Wind (requirements: Flurry of Blows, Pony Martial Arts, Guile 4)
  45. -You abandon all else to focus on your speed, reaction time, and the accuracy of your strikes. You gain a +2 bonus on your AC, and a +3 Initiative and Hitchance. However, you receive a -2 on your damage rolls, as well as a -2 to preform any of the maneuvers listed in Style of the Martial Master, and a -1 to resist said maneuvers.
  47. Style 3: Style of the Impenetrable Fortress (requirements: Flurry of Blows, Pony Martial Arts, Spirit 4)
  48. -You have focused your training inwards onto your body yourself. Your mind has become a bastion of will, and your body a solid wall of perseverance and grit. From now on, you shall receive a +4 bonus on saving throws, as well as a bonus to your health of +4. However; you receive a -1 on your chances to both preform and defend yourself from the maneuvers listed in Style of the Martial Master, a -2 on both Damage and Hitchance, and a -1 to your Initiative
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