Commie pet horse (working title) [Updated 15.03.17]

Feb 20th, 2017
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  1. >A local communist movement gained popularity and overthrew the “democratically” elected government.
  2. >The previous government was a corrupt shitshow so most people didn’t mind.
  3. >Long story short you live in a communist state now.
  4. >Unfortunately due to the nature of your government, international relations suffered greatly.
  5. >You were embargoed by pretty much every major nation in the world.
  6. >But who needed them anyway?
  7. >With the people in control of the government and the government in control of the production you can have almost anything you want.
  8. >You could still get anything you needed from food to electronics.
  9. >The new government has done surprisingly well, all things considered.
  10. >They put a huge amount of effort into scientific research and establishing working production systems.
  11. >Most of the things needed for daily life were produced in domestic factories.
  12. >But you could still get almost anything you wanted from outside using the unofficially government funded smuggling ring.
  13. >The only thing you could complain about was the fact that it was illegal to be unemployed.
  14. >If at any point a person was unemployed for whatever reason, they were immediately given a job.
  15. >Any job.
  17. >Be Anon.
  18. >Be 20 years old.
  19. >The last day of your mandatory basic education had just ended and you were scared.
  20. >Scared, because you didn’t want to work in a factory pushing buttons your entire life.
  21. >Even though everyone received everything they needed for a happy life, some jobs were simply better than others.
  22. >You arrive at the department of employment.
  23. >This is it.
  24. >You said your goodbyes to your father who had come to see you off.
  25. >Who knows when you’ll see your family again.
  26. >Within a few minutes you were going to find out which training facility you would be going to before moving to your new home.
  27. >There were three different facilities in three different cities.
  28. >Science and technology, Social services, and Production
  29. >Regardless of which facility you would be sent to, you will have to move far away from home.
  31. >Your hands were shaking as you walked up to the reception window.
  32. >There were a dozen people ahead of you in line.
  33. >The people ahead of you one by one walk up to the downwards escalator and disappear inside the building.
  34. >You didn’t have to wait long before your turn comes and you walk up to the window.
  35. >The young woman smiled at you and asked for your name and ID.
  36. “A-Anonymous 305CH” you stuttered.
  37. >The receptionist quickly typed your information in the computer and handed you a domestic railway travel card.
  38. >You thanked the receptionist and got on the escalator.
  39. >The escalator took you to an underground railway station.
  40. >Looking forward you see a row of dark red touchscreen stands and look at the dark red travel card in your shaking hand.
  41. >You are about to find out where you’re headed.
  42. >You stumble as you walk up to the stand.
  43. >Taking a second to muster your courage, you tap the screen with your card.
  44. >The screen comes to life and starts to load your information.
  45. >Every second feels like an eternity as you hold your breath while staring at the blank “Destination: “ field.
  47. >You exhale in relief.
  48. >Wait what?
  49. >You did not expect this.
  50. >You thought it was either going to be production or social services.
  51. >This doesn’t make any sense.
  52. >You were never good at anything in school, especially the sciency stuff.
  53. >Not that you were complaining.
  54. >This could very well be better than social services.
  55. >You had no idea what kind of job you could even get from this place, but you were about to find out.
  56. >Checking your train platform you begin to walk towards your train.
  57. >Walking inside the white bullet train you take a seat and take a look around.
  58. >The train looks only about a quarter full.
  59. >Not very many open positions in this field it seems.
  60. >It just means you got that much luckier.
  61. >You only have to wait for 10 minutes before the doors close and the train begins to accelerate.
  62. >Time for you to take your first step into adulthood.
  64. >Two hours after your departure you feel the train slowing down.
  65. >As the train comes to a stop, the doors open and you join the crowd walking away from the platform.
  66. >You wonder what kind of sciencey things they have in store for you.
  67. >Some sort of lab assistant would make sense considering your lack of knowledge.
  68. >Whatever it was, it was going to be great.
  69. >As the crowd arrives to a waiting room you’re greeted by a group of five receptionists who begin to call people to them by their IDs.
  70. >One by one as their IDs are called, five groups form around each of the receptionists, until you are the last one left.
  71. >You stare in shock at the groups as they start to slowly leave toward a wide hallway leading further into the building.
  72. >Confused eyes look back at you from the groups as you wonder what just happened.
  73. >Was this some sort of cruel joke?
  74. >To take you all the way here just to be left alone in some waiting room?
  75. >”Anonymous?”
  76. >You jump a little as you turn to meet the voice that snuck up behind you.
  77. “Uhhh, y-yes? Anon is fine” you quickly respond.
  78. >You’re met with the face of a tall bald man wearing a lab coat.
  79. >”Hello Anon, I’ll be handling your orientation. Now if you’ll follow me, I’ll lead you to your room.” he says as he turns around, motioning for you to follow.
  80. >You oblige him, but wonder why this man didn’t even give you his name.
  81. >You don’t know if he’s a doctor, a scientist or anything really.
  82. >However, you can’t really do anything but follow him.
  83. >He remains silent as he leads you through a labyrinth of corridors, until you reach a large white door.
  84. >Two young women wearing labcoats pass you and you can’t help but notice a slight mischievous smile on both their faces.
  85. >You think nothing of it as the white door finally opens.
  86. >”Please step inside and sit in the chair. Someone will be with you shortly.” the man says and motions for you to go inside the room.
  87. >He closes the door behind you as you step inside the room.
  88. >It looks like a dental examination room.
  89. >Clean white surfaces on all sides and a few stainless steel cupboards on the walls next to you.
  90. >And most importantly the big dental chair-looking thing in the middle of the room.
  91. >Maybe they just want to give you some sort of check-up before beginning your actual job orientation.
  92. >You sit down on the chair and relax a bit.
  93. >No need to worry after all.
  94. >You glance around the room, until you notice a stack of papers nearby on top of a smaller cupboard.
  95. >Looking closer you see your name and ID.
  96. >Scanning through the paper you see a lot of your old info about your background.
  97. >But something catches your eye.
  99. >"EMPLOYMENT: Unemployable"
  100. >”FUTURE USE: Communal stress relief”.
  101. >What the fuck?
  103. >This is not good.
  104. >It feels like your heart skipped a beat.
  105. >What happened to your status?
  106. >You used to be a C at the very least.
  107. >An average citizen with all the rights you would normally have.
  108. >Anything under a D was basically impossible to get if you weren’t a criminal.
  109. >You had never even heard of a person having status F.
  110. >”Future use?” it was almost as if you were an object and not a real person.
  111. >You needed to leave.
  112. >Now.
  113. >You jump out of your chair and run up to the door.
  114. >As you reach for the handle the door opens in front of you.
  115. >A man about the same age as you almost walks into you, as he notices you trying to head out.
  116. >”Where do you think you’re goi–” you hear as his voice cuts off mid-sentence.
  117. >His eyes dart at the papers next to the chair, then back at you.
  118. >Realizing this might be your only chance to escape you try to push past him.
  119. >He saw it coming.
  120. >He slams the door shut and you hear the lock click, followed by muffled steps as he runs away.
  121. >You’re fucked.
  122. >Flight is out of the question, so fight it is.
  123. >If you’re now really an F class citizen, you have nothing left to lose.
  124. >Backing away from the door you run up to one of the cupboards and start looking for something to fight with.
  125. >Arming yourself with a scalpel, you push yourself parallel to the door.
  126. >You should be hidden from anyone opening the door to look inside.
  127. >But once they come through the door you can ambush them.
  128. >What the fuck were you going to do then?
  129. >You were still going to be stuck underground, far away from safety.
  130. >Even if you somehow managed to get a hostage, where would you go?
  131. >Your thoughts are interrupted by a hissing noise under the door.
  132. >Before you can react your eyes and nose start to burn.
  133. >Tears blind your eyes as you feel it spread to your lungs .
  134. “URGGH!” you let out a gurgling scream as every cell in your body burns.
  135. >You fall to the floor in pain and see the door burst open.
  136. >Two dark shapes run up to you and you feel a cold bite at your neck.
  137. >Your eyes close and you see only darkness.
  139. >You wake up to a loud buzzer coming from somewhere far away.
  140. >You open your eyes to find yourself in a pitch black room.
  141. >Your eyes have no time to adjust before a blinding white light engulfs the room.
  142. >Trying to block out the light with your hands, you accidentally punch yourself in the eye.
  143. >Wincing in pain you try to rub your eyes to help alleviate the pain.
  144. >Something is wrong with your hands.
  145. >Your brain taking a second to reboot, you begin to realize what had happened.
  146. >Oh no.
  147. >They did something to you.
  148. >You raise your head from the floor and move to a sitting position.
  149. >Carefully opening your eyes you look down at your arms.
  150. >Your eyes finally focus on two light orange furred stubs.
  151. >Your hands were gone.
  152. >You must be seeing things.
  153. >There’s no way this is real.
  154. >Your heart rate shoots through the roof as you begin to panic.
  155. >Everything about your body feels wrong.
  156. >You drag your eyes up the orange stubs to your torso.
  157. >Everything was covered in orange fur.
  158. >Moving your head to look at the rest of you, you brush the hair away from your eyes.
  159. >Wait.
  160. >You were supposed to have short hair.
  161. >Looking down, your hair goes all the way down to your shoulders.
  162. >Not only that, but it is now an orange color near the top and gets darker towards the end.
  163. >At least it feels nice.
  164. >Brushing your arm stub up and down the soft hair feels strangely soothing to you.
  165. >You lift your eyes from your hair to examine the room you’re in.
  166. >You’re sitting on a thin mattress in a tiny white room.
  167. >A large steel door is the only way out.
  168. >Just like a solitary confinement cell you had seen in pictures.
  169. >And just like in a solitary confinement cell, you’re at the mercy of your captors.
  170. >Gathering your courage you examine your old hands.
  171. >There seems to be some sort of hard nail-like part at the end.
  172. >It almost looks like a hoof.
  174. >What had they done to you?
  175. >Looking at your feet you see another pair of hooves and more orange hair.
  176. >Your hair wasn’t that long, was it?
  177. >No, it’s not.
  178. >That’s a tail.
  179. >Your tail.
  180. >It’s the same color as the hair on your head, and it too getting darker towards the end.
  181. >Scanning your tail, your eyes fixate on your thigh.
  182. >On your thigh there’s some sort of picture.
  183. >An orange heart with some sort of sunrays piercing it.
  184. >The fuckers branded you.
  185. >Like some sort of animal.
  186. >Well, you really were an animal now.
  187. >An orange furred quadruped equine…thing.
  188. >How was this even possible.
  189. >Shifting your position to really examine your thigh, you yelped in surprise.
  190. >Something was very wrong between your legs.
  191. >Blood drains from your face as you turn to take a closer look.
  192. >It’s gone.
  193. >Between your legs sits a pair of leathery folds.
  194. >You had seen plenty of naked women before on the internet, but this looked nothing like that.
  195. >Not only that, but right under it there were two mounds.
  196. >You pull your head away and try to forget what you just saw.
  197. >It didn’t work.
  198. >Tears begin to drip down your face.
  199. >They had taken away your humanity AND manhood.
  200. >You can’t hold it together anymore and for the first time in a long time you unleash the waterworks.
  201. >You don’t know if it’s just the situation or your new body, but you’ve never felt like this before.
  202. >You’re soon interrupted by a loud banging and the steel door opening.
  203. >You freeze and become dead silent.
  204. >You can only stare as a figure steps through the door.
  206. >It’s the man you ran into when you were trying to leave the first room
  207. >When you first saw him he was around the same height as you.
  208. >Now he towered over you.
  209. >You were barely the size of a large dog.
  210. >You feel your ears flatten on the top of your head as you back into a corner.
  211. >”Look at you. Not so tough anymore, are you?”
  212. “Please don’t.” you plead, as you hear your voice for the first time.
  213. >You sounded like a young woman now.
  214. >”Shut the fuck up and get in.” He snaps at you.
  215. >He places an open pet carrier on the ground next to him and looks at you expectantly.
  216. >He wants you to act like some mindless animal.
  217. >You hide your head in your hooves and try to make yourself disappear in the corner.
  218. >”As you wish.”
  219. >You feel his hands grip around your throat and pull upwards.
  220. >You flail your hooves around wildly trying to hit him.
  221. >You feel your hoof connect with his hand, but his grip holds strong.
  222. >”A fighter ‘till the end, huh? Looks like you might need some additional training.”
  223. >He violently throws you inside the carrier head first.
  224. >Your head hits the back of the carrier with a loud thud and you’re left dazed lying down.
  225. >The cage closing behind you, you feel the carrier lift in the air.
  226. >Additional training?
  227. >You begin to regret fighting back.
  228. >These people have got you under their thumb and all you’re doing is making it harder for yourself.
  229. >Looking out of the carrier you see a white hallway in front of you.
  230. “Whe-where are you taking me?”
  231. >Suddenly the carrier quickly flies up and down, crashing your body first into the low ceiling and then the floor.
  232. >”What did I just tell you?” he glares at you waiting for an excuse to do it again.
  233. >You keep your mouth shut.
  235. >A few minutes later you are brought to a new room.
  236. >It looks like another doctor’s examination room, except this time with a large stainless steel table in the middle.
  237. >The carrier is lifted on the table and left there.
  238. >The man accompanying you sits down on a chair in the corner and begins playing with his phone.
  239. >Not a second later a young woman wearing a lab coat steps through the door.
  240. >She has a stethoscope hanging around her neck.
  241. >You quietly observe her walking past the man in the chair and up to your cage
  242. >She opens the cage and reaches inside for you.
  243. >A surge of adrenaline hits you and all your rational thoughts disappear, as you try to back away from the hands.
  244. >You push yourself to the back of the carrier to try and save yourself from her claws.
  245. >Your efforts are rewarded, as the hands pull away almost immediately.
  246. >You see her crouch down and peek inside the carrier.
  247. >You curl up into a ball trying to hide from her sight.
  248. >Your heart is beating so hard it feels like it’s about to burst from of your chest.
  249. >”Well look at you, aren’t you a pretty girl? You turned out even better than the previous ones. ”
  250. >Your ears perk up hearing the lovely compliments.
  251. >She might be trying to get you to let your guard down.
  252. >Previous ones?
  253. >So you’re not the first they’ve done this to.
  254. >You cautiously glance at her direction.
  255. >Her eyes sparkling as she smiles at you.
  256. >You feel her smile spread to you and you cautiously stand up.
  257. >”You won’t mind if I take you out of that horrible carrier, will you?” she slowly reaches in again.
  258. >Even though it feels somewhat safe in here, you don’t mind.
  259. >You’d love to be able to stretch your legs a bit.
  260. >You flinch as you feel her hands touching your sides, but don’t do anything to stop her.
  261. >She pulls your body out of the carrier and pulls you up to her chest for a hug.
  262. >Your legs now sitting on one of her arms as the other reaches up to your head.
  263. >She begins to slowly stroke your mane and you feel your worries and fears melting away.
  264. >”There, there. You have nothing to fear from me.” she whispers in your ear as she scowls at the sitting man.
  265. >She moves from your mane to scratching your ear.
  266. >You’re in ecstasy.
  267. >You wish this feeling never ends.
  269. >You let out an involuntary groan as the experienced hands massage your ear.
  270. >”I understand your reaction, you know. You weren’t supposed to find out what was happening before the change.” she spoke reassuringly.
  271. >”But someone left some compromising documents inside your room and made everyone’s job harder than it should’ve been.” she continues, as she glares at the man.
  272. >You frown as she stops scratching your ear and she sets you down on the table.
  273. >”Fine, doc. I fucked up. Still doesn’t change the fact that she planned to attack Laboratory personnel.” he mumbled.
  274. >You glance at the man anxiously.
  275. >The doctor notices.
  276. >”I’d like to conduct this examination in private. I doubt this lovely girl is gonna give me any trouble.” as she pats your head.
  277. >”Suit yourself. You’ll have yourself to blame when she panics and kicks out your teeth.”
  278. >You frown at his response.
  279. >You’d never do something like that.
  280. >You follow him with your gaze as he walks towards the door.
  281. >Just before he disappears behind the door, he stares right into your eyes and grins as he slams the door shut.
  282. >You recoil at the sound.
  283. >Luckily the doctor is there to keep you calm.
  284. >”Sorry about that. I think he’s miserable working here and tends to take it out on you guys.”
  285. >”So, where were we? Oh yes. I work as a vet here and I’ll be giving you your first physical.” she adds while giving you a comforting smile.
  286. >She walks up to a cupboard and begins to pull out all sorts of medical equipment.
  287. >The calming effect of the pets now beginning to dissipate, you are reminded what is really going on.
  288. “Why did you do this to me?” you ask, your eyes beginning to tear up again.
  289. >The young doctor gets caught off guard, but quickly recovers.
  290. >”Oh, right… Because of the little incident, you were placed in additional security. You haven’t even been properly briefed yet.”
  291. >She approaches you slowly, careful to not scare you again.
  292. >”I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer. I expect you’ll get some sort of briefing, after we finish the examination. I’m sorry.”
  293. >Her hands brush away the tears from your cheeks and move up to your mane.
  294. >Once again you feel your whole body relax as she slowly strokes down your mane.
  295. >You can’t help but feel a little betrayed by your own body.
  296. >You were supposed to feel angry and upset, but you simply can’t.
  297. >Not while you’re getting this type of treatment anyway.
  298. >”Is it okay if I begin?” she asks.
  299. >The words barely register in your head and you just nod.
  300. >You bask in the afterglow, as her hand moves to your mouth.
  301. >She begins to prod and probe you with all sorts of equipment, starting from your head moving towards the rear.
  302. >If you’re good you might get some pets afterwards.
  303. >If you’re good?
  304. >These people imprisoned you.
  305. >And messed with your body.
  306. >Why are you thinking like this?
  307. >The pets feel really nice, though.
  308. >There must have been some mental changes.
  309. >People didn’t think like this.
  310. >Still, the doctor is treating you well.
  311. >You shouldn’t take it out on her.
  312. >The sooner this is over, the sooner you find out what’s going on.
  313. >You patiently wait, as she quietly mutters to herself while writing something in a notepad.
  314. >Other than the awkward part, where she measured your temperature, everything went smoothly.
  315. >”Everything seems to be in order. You’re a perfectly healthy little pony.” she gives your head a pat.
  316. >Pony.
  317. >So that’s what you really were now.
  318. >It makes perfect sense considering the hooves and tail, but weren’t you way too small to be an actual pony?
  319. >Suddenly there’s some strange animal on the table in front of you.
  320. >It looks like some alien equine thing.
  321. >It’s staring right at you with it’s big light brown eyes.
  322. >It’s covered in light orange fur, just like you.
  323. >Where did this thing even come from?
  324. >That thing is way too close for comfort.
  325. >You instinctively push all the air from your lungs through your nostrils.
  326. >A warning snort.
  327. >You take a step back trying to get some distance between the two of you.
  328. >It does the same.
  329. >It’s mimicking your movements with perfect accuracy.
  330. >Weren’t you orange too?
  331. >You close your right eye, and it closes its left eye.
  332. >You hear a muffled giggle from where the doctor was standing.
  333. >You turn your head to look at her and she’s covering her mouth, trying not to laugh.
  334. >From the corner of your eye, you see it looking at the doctor too.
  335. >It’s a fucking mirror.
  336. >You feel your cheeks blush as you realize how you just reacted.
  337. >They really did a number on your brain.
  338. >”Awww, that was adorable. I’m sorry, but you’re just the cutest thing.” she says while trying to regain her composure.
  339. >Unsure how well the fur covers your blushing cheeks, you turn your head away from her in embarrassment.
  340. >It’s time you saw your new body, as a whole, for the first time.
  341. >You can definitely see the resemblance to a pony.
  342. >You stare at your huge brown eyes.
  343. >Right between them, there’s a small round muzzle protruding from your face.
  344. >And last, but not least, a pair of perky pony ears on top of your head.
  345. >Adding insult to injury, it’s a very feminine face overall.
  346. >The long eyelashes and the delicate curvature of your muzzle actually looks…
  347. >...Cute.
  348. >The rest of your body looks just like when you examined it for the first time.
  349. >Your build looks strong, yet soft.
  350. >The doctor is probably not going to be the only one who acts like that around you.
  351. >You’re not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing.
  352. >So far it has been kind of nice.
  354. >”Sorry again, I didn’t think you’d react like that. Just thought you might like to take a good look at yourself.”
  355. >You can’t really blame her.
  356. >You didn’t think you’d react like that either.
  357. >Your ears perk up at the sound of the door opening, and immediately pin back against your head.
  358. >Two men wearing lab coats enter the room.
  359. >Your heart rate accelerating again, the doctor senses your reaction and puts her arms around you.
  360. >One of them stays at the door and the other walks up to you.
  361. >You have nowhere to escape as he stops right in front of you.
  362. >”I am Dr. David Martin. I run this branch of the Laboratory.” the man introduces himself.
  363. >He slowly reaches his arm out for you to sniff, and gives your mane a ruffle.
  364. >”We’re just here to explain what has happening. There’s no need to worry.”
  365. >Feeling a bit calmer, you feel the doctor's arms slowly pull back.
  366. >Following her with your eyes, she walks away from the table and goes to sit on a nearby chair.
  367. >You feel quite vulnerable sitting alone in front of the man.
  368. >Still, it’s time to get some answers.
  369. >You turn back to face Dr. Martin.
  370. “What did you do to me?” you waste no time asking.
  371. >”You were selected to join our new program, and we’ve given you a new body to help you perform your new role in society.”
  372. >”You will be assigned to a community, no bigger than a neighborhood, and you will live with the people in this community. You'll befriend them and support them through day-to-day life. You will live a life of comfort and happiness.”
  373. >”Now, we know this comes as a bit of a shock, but it is important that you approach this with an open mind. There is no way back.”
  374. >No way back...
  375. >How are you supposed to live the rest of your life like this?
  376. >”80% of the subjects before you have adapted to their new lives without any problems, and the other 20% adapted with minor intervention on our part.” he says with a sinister look.
  377. >You really don’t want to find out what this “minor intervention” means.
  378. >”I do apologize for the way you’ve been treated, though. Your situation is highly unusual, so we had to take some precautions.”
  379. >”We rarely have subjects actively try and fight back, never before the actual change itself. But then again, our program is rather fresh, so there has to be a first time for everything.”
  380. >”Because of the sensitive nature of our program, we felt the need to make sure you were extra docile. You were given an increased dose of our usual neurochemical mixture.”
  381. >”You might have noticed this especially in the form of increased skittishness and increased responsiveness to human contact. However, you shouldn’t worry about the skittishness, you should get used to meeting people fairly quickly.”
  382. >So that’s what it was.
  383. >They really fucked up your mind.
  384. >All because you figured out what was going on too early.
  385. >Why would they do this?
  386. >How could they do this?
  387. >This was inhumane.
  388. “Why?” you begged.
  389. >”Originally this program was planned to be used only on undesirables, but due to its success it had to be expanded.”
  390. >”Productivity and happiness skyrocketed in the communities introduced to our ponies.”
  391. >”So we started looking for more subjects in the lowest scored brackets. Basically, people who were going to be working the worst manufacturing jobs.”
  392. >”If you ask me, you are quite lucky. This is a much better opportunity than anything you were going to get working in manufacturing.”
  393. >...
  394. >You don’t know what to say.
  395. >Hell, you don’t know what to think.
  396. >What if he’s right?
  397. >If you really were in the lowest brackets before, you would’ve lived a miserable life.
  398. >Did they really save you from that?
  399. >You don’t really want to believe that you could be happy like this.
  400. >But the vet has given you quite a demonstration on what it could be.
  402. >What could you even do?
  403. >You were in an unfamiliar body, in an unfamiliar place, and surrounded by unfamiliar people.
  404. >It was either fight back or play along.
  405. >And you knew that they were prepared to put you in your place if you tried to fight.
  406. >Guess that only leaves you with one option.
  407. >”Unless you have anymore questions, there is just one more thing before we’re done here,” he gives you an expectant look, then turns to the vet who’s been quietly observing nearby.
  408. >The female doctor seems to know what he meant and grabs something from the cupboard next to her.
  409. >She turns back to face you and shows you what she’s holding.
  410. >You feel your whole body freeze as you see some sort of gun with a large needle in place of a barrel.
  411. >She wouldn’t hurt you, would she?
  412. >”Don’t worry, it’s only for a biochip that we implant on all new ponies.” he clarifies.
  413. >Oh, right...
  414. >Even if you received somewhat humane treatment from these people, you were still just an animal.
  415. >Still, it doesn’t help to know what it’s for.
  416. >You’re still feeling quite intimidated by it.
  417. >The female doctor gives you a pat on the head, as she prepares the chip gun.
  418. >”Now hold still. You’re gonna feel a little pinch, but it’ll only last a second.” she reassures you.
  419. >She reaches her other arm around your body and holds you close in a half-hug, while the other carefully operates the gun.
  420. >Having her so close soothes you, and you let go of your worries.
  421. >You let out a quiet grunt as you feel a fleeting pain on the back of your head where the spine meets the skull.
  422. >That’s odd. Don’t ID chips usually go on the lower neck?
  423. >You could be wrong.
  424. >It’s not like you were going to argue about it with the actual medical professional and…whatever Dr. Martin is.
  425. >”There we go. Nice and easy,” she whispers to you as she gives your ear another scratch.
  426. >You unconsciously push your head against her hand.
  427. >You’re never going to get tired of that.
  428. >”So here’s what’s going to happen next: we’re going to move you to temporary housing where we can easily check up on you and make sure nothing unexpected turns up. And when we feel you’re ready, you’ll be transferred to your new home.” the man explains.
  429. >New housing area?
  430. >At least you won’t be returning to that tiny cell.
  431. >”I apologize for the crude form of transport, but we can’t have little ponies running around this part of the facility. Now, if you’d be so kind as to get in the carrier again, so we can get going.”
  432. >You do as you’re told and lower your head as you walk inside.
  433. >Turning to face the door and laying down on the hard plastic, you see the cage door close in front of you.
  434. >Looking up at the people towering over you from the small air holes, the female doctor gives you a friendly smile and waves you goodbye.
  435. >Dr. Martin motions for the man who has been quietly standing at the door until now.
  436. >He walks up to the carrier and you feel yourself being lifted in the air again.
  437. >Dr. Martin following closely behind you, a small frown forms on your face as you’re forced to leave the nice veterinarian behind.
  438. >Shortly after leaving, you’re taken inside a nearby elevator.
  439. >The three of you remain quiet, as you begin your ascent and soon feel yourself coming to a stop.
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