Card Shot

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  1. Finding an open place, Fairmina attached a target to a tree and then marched back some thirty paces. “Now, each one of you shoot at that mark.”
  3. Josh’s heart sank. The target was a small card no bigger than a playing card. Nevertheless, he drew his bow and launched an arrow. It missed the whole tree, and Josh flushed. “I guess I’m out of practice.”
  5. “I can see that,” the princess said. “Now, the rest of you.”
  7. As with the sword, there were varying skills.
  9. Sarah loosed one arrow that hit the edge of the card, and Fairmina exclaimed, “A good shot! You are a fine archer, Sarah!”
  11. Reb Jackson grinned. “I’m not much with one of these things. I could do better with a .44.”
  13. “What’s a .44? Never mind. We don’t have any here. Take your best shot, Reb.”
  15. Reb managed to hit the tree, although his arrow was two feet lower than the card.
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