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Aug 29th, 2020
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  1. 29-08-20 v2.3: more polish, more ponch
  2. ==
  3. +Voice lines added!
  4. +Taunt button has been added!
  5. +Custom title, inter and readme music now plays in Heretic
  6. +Replaced the Tome of Power icon when active in Heretic
  7. +Fully charged Fist spark animation is cancellable, no longer creates delay on release
  8. -Fist charging time increased from 24 to 30 tics
  9. ~Charged Fist has more visual feedback
  10. ~Fully charged Fist has an added sound effect
  11. ~Charged Fist impact sound interrupts whiff sound
  12. ~Charged Fist whiff sound quietened
  13. ~Fixed Fists idle animation playing too often
  14. ~Charged Fist emits sparks less often
  15. -Bloodwand vertical spread increased
  16. -Bloodwand fires one less bullet
  17. ~Armbalest proj speed decreased
  18. ~Armbalest proj size decreased
  19. ~Armbalest ripper proj size increased
  20. -Fixed Armbalest firing four rippers at once
  21. +Armbalest ripper damage radius increased
  22. +Armbalest altfire splinter shots have slightly increased accuracy
  23. +Brimstone Bomb velocity increased slightly
  24. ~Changed large blood ammo pickup sprite
  25. +Chicken behaviour has been improved greatly
  26. +Chickens can see more clearly and move through levels unimpeded
  27. ~Chicken aggression decreased slightly, reducing overkill
  28. ~Rage of the Cosmos is replaced with Lesser Rage in Heretic, lasting 40 secs instead of the entire level
  29. +Lesser Rage has a different sprite to distinguish it from Rage of the Cosmos
  30. +Added missing custom pickup sound for Armbalest and Ballbuster
  31. ~Fixed console errors.
  32. ~Fixed a particular death sound not playing
  34. 31-07-20 version 2.2: Menu-ificent!
  35. ==
  37. +New MDOOM, cursor and menu font!
  38. +New HELP screen!
  39. +New README theme!
  40. +New armor bonus sprite!
  41. ~Compressed some sound files to reduce filesize
  42. ~Statusbar now has icons for each ammo type
  43. ~Moved the status bar mugshot across by one pixel.
  44. ~BROADSWORD ALTFIRE REWORK: Hits multiple times, no backwards recoil on hit
  45. ~Broadsword altfire holding animation changed
  46. +Berserk Blade thrust attack charges through enemies and hits even more times
  47. ~Fists altfire now has separate "whiff" animation
  48. ~Fists "hit" animation has more impact
  49. +Fists fully charging no longer alerts monsters
  50. ~Fixed Fists altfire and winddown missing sprite definitions
  51. ~Fully charged fist altfire has a new animation
  52. ~Removed fist rapidly flashing when fully charged
  53. ~Fixed powered up Fists not returning to the correct idle animation
  54. +Throwing Knives have a 1/3 chance to be retrievable after being thrown
  55. ~Fixed Throwing Knives' missing wind-down animation
  56. -Bloodwand primary hitscan spread increased
  57. -Bloodwand primary fire animation increased by 4 tics
  58. ~Fixed Bloodwand switching to primary fire by repeatedly tapping altfire
  59. ~Bloodwand smoke puff now adheres to the player's vertical aim
  60. +Bloodwand hitscan attack increased from 4 to 5
  61. ~BALLBUSTER ALTFIRE REWORKED: Brass balls split into cluster bombs
  62. +Ballbuster projectiles lose less momentum when bouncing off walls
  63. +Ballbuster proj lifespan limit removed
  64. +Ballbuster proj vertical spread increased
  65. ~Ballbuster proj effects changed to create less visual clutter
  66. ~Ballbuster altfire projectiles causes screen shake
  67. +Ballbuster has new explosion effects provided by Skelegant!
  68. ~Armbalest shows small ammo pickup in fullscreen HUD
  69. +Armbalest proj damage increased, damage spread decreased
  70. +Armbalest ammo spawns more often
  71. +Armbalest ammo capacity increased from 150 to 180
  72. +Armbalest proj POI raised slightly, better chance to hit when firing upwards
  73. +Bracers no longer briefly immobilizes the player
  74. ~Fixed Bracer throwing sound not playing in Heretic
  75. ~Amulet proj visual effects improved, new smoke effect on impact
  76. ~Amulet proj has new impact sound
  77. +Amulet altfire rippers move in a wave pattern, speed decreased
  78. +Amulet altfire shoots 8 rippers instead of 6
  79. ~Amulet visual recoil reduced slightly
  80. +Brimstone Bomb has nicer explosion effects
  81. +Death's Finger hitscan effects improved
  82. +Secret weapon explosion effects improved
  84. 13-07-20 version 2.1: been so long I changed the naming scheme
  85. ==
  86. +Broadsword and fist melee mechanic changed. Now fires a short-range projectile with slight range increase, no view snapping and much less finnicky aiming
  87. +Sword/Fist melee attacks are no longer frozen when using the Timeout Trinket
  88. -Bloodwand altfire damage reduced. Lifesteal is still 20%
  89. -Bloodwand altfire animation increased by 4 tics
  90. ~Armbalest projectile radius increased from 4 to 8, increasing chance to hit
  91. -Heretic keys now correctly display on status bar
  92. +Removed friendly fire from exploding chickens
  93. +Fixed Fustercluck chickens getting stuck in a looping, non-damaging melee state, they will now detonate in melee
  96. 13-11-19 - b8b: the fixes never end
  97. ==
  99. Fists
  100. ~Berserk fists knockback greatly decreased
  101. Broadsword
  102. ~Berserk Blade knockback greatly increased
  103. Knives
  104. +Projectile speed increased
  105. +Altfire throws knives in a fixed pattern
  106. Armbalest
  107. +Fire rate increased by 3 tics
  108. +Accuracy improved slightly
  109. +Altfire ripper damage increased significantly
  110. ~Projectiles deal less knockback, making it easier to track enemies
  111. ???
  112. ~Fixed janky HUD sprite offsets
  114. 09-11-19 - b8a: actually a hotfix this time
  115. ==
  117. General
  118. ~Removed unused placeholder sprites and sounds from WAD file
  119. ~Streamlined some DECORATE code
  120. +Deth Gun explosion sounds no longer deafening
  121. +Corrected one sound not playing ingame
  122. Pendant
  123. ~Cleaned up HUD sprites, no more rogue pixels
  124. ~Projectiles now leave a particle trail
  125. +Altfire deals additional 48 splash damage on impact
  126. +Altfire proj speed increased from 24 to 32
  127. -Altfire proj impact damage reduced from 12 to 8 damage
  128. -Altfire proj no longer shoots projectiles independently
  130. 03-11-19 - b8: Let's Go, Legion of Men! Thunder Bro Force 8 Awakens!
  131. ==
  133. General
  134. +New status bar and mugshot!
  135. +Status bar displays all ammo types
  136. +Custom player hurt/death and oof sounds added
  137. ~Knives ammo counter no longer missing image in fullscreen HUD
  138. ~Made volume corrections to some sounds
  139. Fists of Raeg
  140. -Altfire and charged altfire damage reduced slightly
  141. Berserk Blade
  142. ~Fixed player pitch not returning to normal after altfire swing
  143. Bracers
  144. +Rate of fire increases by 3 tics when autofiring
  145. -Primary and altfire damage reduced from 256 to 224
  146. ~Altfire no longer causes warp storms when passing over teleport lines
  147. Pendant
  148. ~Primary fire projectiles now travel in a wavy pattern
  149. ~New, less obstructive HUD sprites
  150. ~Visual recoil reduced
  151. +Projectiles fly straight
  152. +Projectile damage spread reduced
  153. +Fire rate increased from 4 to 3 tics
  154. +Windup and windown animations reduced severely
  155. -Alternate fire rate increased by 5 tics
  156. -Alternate fire rippers damage reduced from 6 to 3
  157. Secret Weapon...?
  158. ~hey what if you tried [REDACTED]?
  159. +Increased impact damage
  160. +Alternate fire rate increased
  161. ~Increased screen shake
  162. ~Reduced "squeak" frequency
  163. ~Altfire throwing velocity increased
  164. ~Laid mines are now animated
  165. ~Removed unnecessary "no gibbing" flag
  167. 01-11-19 - b7: oh, one more thing
  168. ==
  170. Added a new weapon.
  172. 31-10-19 b6: you should really download this mod I worked hard on it and (released
  173. ==
  175. General
  176. ~Fixed weapon selection priority
  177. Broadsword
  178. ~Animation tweaked slightly
  179. +Swing speed increased slightly
  180. Armbalest
  181. +Primary fire rate increased
  183. 26-05-19 - b5: Spritational Tangents (released
  184. ==
  186. General
  187. +Ammo and armor pickups have custom sprites and pickup messages!
  188. -Removed unused placeholder sprites
  189. Broadsword
  190. ~Fixed Berserk Blade impact sound not playing
  191. Fists of Raeg
  192. ~Now has different sprites when rage powerup is active
  193. +Increased visual feedback when rage powerup is active
  194. +Altfire melee range increased from 96 to 128
  195. -Fixed altfire flash effect damaging monsters
  196. ~Added a wind-down animation
  197. ~Received minor sprite cleanup
  198. Armbalest
  199. +Primary fire's first proj always has perfect accuracy
  200. Slot 7
  201. ~Fixed altfire not correcting the player's pitch properly
  203. 25-05-19 - b4: Mick Fixem's Grand Day Out
  204. ===
  206. BloodWand
  207. ~Fixed altfire not displaying correct bulletpuff
  208. ~Primary hitscans now leave decals on walls
  209. BallBuster
  210. +Primary fire shoots out one extra medium projectile
  211. +Medium mace spheres split into 3 tiny spheres, increased from 2
  212. +Increased bounciness on all mace projectiles
  213. -Altfire horizontal spread slightly increased
  214. -Tiny mace sphere damage reduced from 4 to 3
  215. Armbalest
  216. +Projectile hitbox reduced
  217. -Damage reduced slightly
  218. Bracers
  219. ~Altfire reworked: Spawns earth spikes in a random spread in front of the player
  220. ~Added a winddown animation, which can be interrupted
  221. ~Primary fire now has visual recoil
  222. +Boulder proj hitbox reduced
  223. +Boulder speed increased from 32 to 40
  224. +Reduced attack animation by 3 tics
  225. Pendant
  226. ~Altfire projectile splits into 6 rippers in a fixed pattern
  227. +Altfire ripper damage increased from 4 to 6
  228. +Altfire ripper speed reduced from 32 to 28
  229. Slot 7
  230. ~Primary and altfire now has visual recoil
  232. 17-05-19 - b3: EVERYTHING IS BUFFED!: (tl;dr almost everything has +dmg and +speed)
  233. ==
  235. Broadsword
  236. ~Altfire reworked: Swings twice in quick succession
  237. +Damage increased slightly
  238. +Attack animation reduced by 3 tics
  239. ~Berserk Blade altfire swings thrice
  240. +Berserk Blade attack animation reduced from 27 to 21 tics
  241. Fists of Rage
  242. ~Altfire reworked: Hold to charge a heavy punch
  243. +Altfire damage increased dramatically
  244. +Berserked altfire damage increased ludicrously
  245. ~Now takes priority over Broadsword in Slot 1
  246. Throwing Knives
  247. +Damage increased
  248. +Primary attack animation reduced by 5 tics
  249. +Altfire rate now equal to primary
  250. Bloodwand
  251. ~Primary reworked: fires out multiple non-lifesteal hitscans
  252. ~Now moved to Slot 3
  253. +Now has visual recoil for better feedback
  254. +Can be fired during its wind-down animation
  255. +Altfire lifesteal rate increased to 0.2
  256. Ballbuster
  257. -Tiny mace sphere damage REDUCED, was accidentally set to 3x the desired amount
  258. -Altfire projectiles explode for 100 dmg
  259. +Projectiles now make explosion sounds happen wheeeee
  260. Armbalest
  261. +Armbalest proj damage increased
  262. +Armbalest altfire fires full damaging projectiles
  263. +Attack animation reduced by 2 tics
  264. +Armbalest altfire ammo usage reduced from 6 to 5
  265. Bracers
  266. +Lift animation reduced by 5 tics
  267. +Boulder shatter damage increased from 200 to 256
  268. +Boulder explosion wave damage increased from 150 to 256 per explosion
  269. +Primary fire forces radius damage, making it useful against bosses
  270. Pendant
  271. +Primary proj speed increased from 32 to 48
  272. +Altfire proj damage increased from 8 to 16
  273. +Altfire proj attack interval reduced from 3 to 2 tics
  274. Slot 7
  275. +Primary hitscan count increased from 15 to 25
  276. -Primary hitscan damage reduced from 30 to 20
  277. Misc. changes:
  278. ~Compressed some large WAVs to OGG format, reducing filesize
  279. -Removed unused broadsword lines in DECORATE lump
  280. -Removed definitions for nonexistant weapons in SNDINFO
  281. ~Made a few minor edits to LANGUAGE lump
  283. b2: Sprites 'n' shit
  284. ==
  286. General
  287. +All weapon and ammo pickup sprites flicker
  288. +All non-melee weapons have decals
  289. +Added HUD/pickup sprites for all weapons
  290. Broadsword
  291. +Berserk Blade damage increased
  292. ~Berserked Fists of Raeg do radial damage on hit instead of lifesteal
  293. Fists of Raeg
  294. ~Fists of Raeg altfire is now a heavy punch
  295. Knife
  296. +Throwing Knife primary and altfire attack animation reduced
  297. ~Throwing Knife and Bloodwand weapon order swapped
  298. -Fixed knife throwing sound occuring twice
  299. BLoodWand
  300. ~Bloodwand altfire changed to a fast melee attack with lower damage but higher lifesteal per second
  301. +Bloodwand no longer pulls player's view around
  302. ~Bloodwand sprites cleaned up
  303. Ballbuster
  304. -Ballbuster primary fire damage severely reduced
  305. +Ballbuster altfire damage increased
  306. Armbalest
  307. ~Armbalest pickup sprite redone
  308. ~Armbalest altfire fires two additional projectiles
  309. +Armbalest vertical spread reduced
  310. +Armbalest ripper speed reduced to 64
  311. -Armbalest ripper dmg reduced from 6 to 4
  312. ~Fixed wonky offsets for Armbalest ammo pickup
  313. Bracers
  314. +Increased Bracers fulldmgradius, dramatically increasing damage
  315. +Bracer lifting animation has new sound effect and quake effect
  316. -Bracer lifting animation increased
  317. Pemndanmt
  318. ~Pendant altfire now shoots a slower projectile that homes in while firing smaller homing projectiles
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