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Mar 3rd, 2021
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  1. So they promote shit like sunblock, right. It happens to cause all kinds of problems, cancers included. Firstly, sunblock in terms of principle. The sun provides the earth with both matter and energy, it grows the earth. Not only physically.
  3. So Imma explain real simply how all of their notions of viruses are broken. See, other than their industrial medical establishment as a derivative of OIL monopolists...there is this thing with seasonality.
  5. Firstly, people get "colds/flus" (more generally RTIs), in winter. The obvious implicated factor is mainly sunlight. Because they wear a lot of clothes and stay indoors. Other than the tryptophan, serotonin, melatonin and other beneficial factors from sunlight, vitamin D as an example, is a genetic regulator. As a result, it affects "immune" function, hormonal, endocrine, mental and developmental function, other than repair, and genesis.
  7. The thing is, if you have say, vitamin D deficiency, your genetic material breaks real bad (as you are constantly in a state of regeneration/degeneration), there are a number of ways that manifests, misfolded proteins, DNA to RNA breaks, transcription errors, mutated, broken, ejected proteins, etc.
  9. Have you noticed, that despite all the exposure to "cold and flu" "viruses" people just do not get immunity, and they recurringly get "colds and flus" in winter? Is it any sort of mystery?
  11. Based on those very fundamental existential factors, there is no "herd immunity" (ironic that sheep are the main sources of vitamin D supplements, just before winter). It is purely personal, results from deficiency and toxicity, accumulated. There is no contagion whatsoever for ANY "virus", which is entirely fundamental misattribution of results as causes, but also conflated and misidentified (they are amazingly shit).
  13. And even individually, there is no immunity, the reason people tend to get RTIs, is because they are INDIVIDUALLY sunlight deprived and refuse to acknowledge it. You cannot be immune to vitamin D deficiency. cough cough
  15. Additionally, because ALL vaccines avoid addressing fundamental imbalance issues from the perspective of treating results as causes for industrial profit (because it is an industry that relies on sick people), they only ever toxify. You cannot, existentially, benefit from vaccines. They add EXTRA toxicity, for instance, with fundamental fraud. Never addressing the causative factors.
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