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  1. [  ] The Burned Man: He was a hero who fought for the Union and for humanity. He was one of the chosen to guard Cybersyn, to allow the Computer to bring utopia to mankind. When the Union came for him, he tried to reason with them. To bargain with them. He pitied the people who tried to attack it, hoped he could change their minds. He didn’t feel fear, or remorse. And he didn’t stop, until they started to kill the noncombatants and technicians. When he was finally forced to fight back in self-defense, he was scrapped by Jamelia Belltower using a tanker truck as an improvised bomb and a dozen plasma rifle shots. Then the Underworld took his confusion and anger and turned it into deliberate cruelty. His stolen body crackles with the barely-controlled fusion fires of the stygian mockeries of his prior augmentations, flesh flaking away to expose black alien metal.
  3. [ ] The Prodigy: She was a young bullied girl, and when she gained what she thought of as psychic powers, she used them to take terrible vengeance on her tormentors, a rampage that ended when Jamelia Belltower used the high school’s queen bee as bait and ended her life with a single Primium bullet to the head. If it had only been that, she might have passed on. But Belltower was thorough, and erased her existence and her revenge, attributing the deaths to tragic accidents and removing even her birth from records. Her current stolen body moves jerkily as if controlled by an invisible puppeteer, and her real body-a stick-thin teenager with long lanky hair over her face and poorly-fitting clothes-is a nearly transparent distortion floating slightly above it.
  5. [ ] The Dreamer: He joined Orpheus because he was always interested in the occult. Jamelia Belltower led the raid which shut the facility down, trapping him in an undead existence and forcing him to turn to dark powers or cease to exist. He exists as an insubstantial body-hopper now, hollowing out souls to sustain his dreamlike existence, jumping from body to body.
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