DeviledText - Something to Remember [SAD]

Oct 13th, 2014
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  3. The artist's paste:
  5. >Luna levitated Celestia's... Hoof-thing off her hoof
  6. >What are those called?
  7. >Not that it really matters
  8. >Her elder sister sighed, sinking into the bed
  9. >This was the first time Luna joined Celestia on these massages
  10. >She'd been getting them one a week, ever since she started showing signs of the pregnancy
  11. >Said it helped her relax
  12. >Luna needed that right now
  13. >Ever since Anon left, Celestia hadn't trusted herself to run the country
  14. >Doing her sister's job was stressful as hell
  15. >Not that she could blame her, after what happened
  16. >Luna's eyes drifted to her sister
  17. >She was gazing at the opposite wall
  18. >No doubt thinking of her
  19. >She was very close to term now
  20. >Not more than two weeks
  21. >Luna lifted the other hoof-thing off her sister
  22. >"They don't fit right anymore."
  23. >"What?"
  24. >"The pregnancy -- I have a bit of bloat. They don't fit correctly."
  25. >Celestia's voice was serene, melodic
  26. >A far cry from the screaming rage that still haunted her dreams sometimes
  27. >She'd only seen her sister like that once
  28. >Right after she became Nightmare Moon
  29. >Luna smiled, trying to put on a cheerful face
  30. >"Hm. I'll have to remember that, if I ever have foals."
  31. >Celestia nodded, closing her eyes
  32. >Luna's eyes kept drifting to her belly
  33. >So many questions... Not just those that she had, those that everybody had
  34. >All her citizens
  35. >"Luna."
  36. >"Yes?"
  37. >"I want to apologize for my behavior the last few months."
  38. >Luna shook her head
  39. >"No need to."
  40. >"No, there is. I should have been stronger."
  41. >"Nobody can expect that kind of strength. Not with-- the hormones, and all."
  42. >Luna was reminded of a filly she met a school once
  43. >Trying so hard to hide all her anxiety at talking to the Princess...
  44. >"Also my fault."
  45. >Luna's eyebrows jerked upwards, slightly
  46. >Celestia turned to her, tilting her neck backwards
  47. >"You have wondered, no?"
  48. >"Wondered-- What?"
  49. >"When I conceived."
  50. >"Yes. I have."
  51. >Celestia shrugs
  52. >"Some think it a bastard. Created as a result of whatever I was doing for those two weeks I disappeared."
  53. >"What? No, of- That's silly."
  54. >Luna forced a laugh
  55. >Celestia's face remained stoic
  56. >"Do not think I have not heard the rumors, even in solitude. They are wrong, of course. The child is his."
  57. >Oh thank god
  58. >Luna would never think her sister to be so... reckless, but...
  59. >Well, she didn't talk about the baby much
  60. >Almost avoided it
  61. >She was beginning to get suspicious.
  62. >This information gained, Luna felt her confidence start to rise
  63. >She was bold enough to ask a question
  64. >"How long after his departure did you realize?"
  65. >"Well... I knew what was going to happen on the day he left."
  66. >Celestia sighed, closing her eyes and turning her head to face the wall again
  67. >Her eyes opened, avoiding the sight of her nocturnal sister
  68. >"The minute those dreadful beasts demanded him as tribute... Well, I knew he didn't have very long. They were kind enough, at least, to give him one final wish."
  69. >She re-adjusted her shoulders, trying to get comfortable in what suddenly felt more like a bed of rocks than one of foam and cotton
  70. >"So, of course, he wanted to make love to me one final time. They seemed to like that. More emotion to feed on."
  71. >Luna nodded
  72. >"He was... Well, brave as always. I could see some fear, but he hid it well. He asked at the start for me to not try to change his mind. Not that I would think about it, knowing it was my last chance to feel him in my arms, his lips against mine, his-"
  73. >Celestia closes her eyes for a second, re-gaining composure
  74. >"Sorry. Well, normally, I would cast a spell on myself to remove fertility. He always wanted children, but neither of us thought we were ready. So, when the time came to do the deed, I light up my horn as always. But..."
  75. >Celestia's eyes lose focus on the wall, her vision turning towards the past
  76. >"I cast a fertility-increasing spell. I knew it was-- well, in all likelihood, the last time I would ever see him. And he had been so selfless, and-- I needed something to remember him by."
  77. >Celestia turns to her sister, tears in her eyes
  78. >"Which brings us to today. Me, carrying two of his foals in my womb, and him... God knows where."
  79. >She sniffles, starting to cry in full
  80. >Luna bites her lip
  81. >She'd never seen her sister this upset
  82. >From this close, anyway
  83. >She had vague memories of tormenting a screaming Celestia in dreams on full moons, when her power was at its height
  84. >That was all fuzzy now, of course
  85. >What to do...
  86. >Slowly, Luna extended a wing, wrapping it around her sister's upper body
  87. >Celestia closed her eyes
  88. >When she opened them, they had a distinct, practiced lack of emotion
  89. >"I can only hope they are healthy. And that I might-- Be able to protect them better than I protected him."
  90. >Luna wanted desperately to speak
  91. >But no words reached her lips
  92. >The masseuse entered the room a few minutes later
  93. >As always, she relieved the tension in Celestia's joints
  94. >Removed the knots in her muscles
  95. >Pampered and cared for her in all the ways she could, but very few that she needed
  96. >Luna left the room immediately after the massage, going off to royal business
  97. >Celestia, however, remained still
  98. >Laying on her bed, an arm on her belly
  99. >They were going to be such beautiful foals
  100. >Just like their father had been
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