Classroom of the elite vol 11.5 (C5 part 4)

Dec 30th, 2019
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  1. Part 4
  3. After separating from Tsukishiro, I wandered around Keyaki Mall for a while. It's okay to forget for a moment about Tsukishiro.
  5. The problem is..., Matsushita, who kept hiding and eliminating her presence. I could have gotten away from her ..., but it would be troublesome if she spreads strange rumors about me and the Chairman of the board after this. After correctly confirming that Matsushita was still following me ..., I decided to ambush her.
  7. I have to find out the reason why she followed me.
  9. I don't think that's it ... But there is a possibility she is the one who sided with Tsukishiro. I don't know if it's from the beginning or in the middle of it. At that point, what is still black and white.
  11. (Tln: black and white means the meaning is unclear.)
  13. The problem is, where should I talk to her? Moreover ... This is the day that is approaching the end of spring break and Keyaki Mall is busy. If I speak carelessly here, I might be able to attract a lot of attention. Let's look at the timing and fix it immediately at the initial stage.
  15. Luckily she is Matsushita ... A student in the same class.
  17. Even if someone is watching our conversation, they might only be able to think about an ordinary conversation every day. Turning slightly at the corner of the road ..., I ambushed Matsushita.
  19. If she doesn't follow me, should I use Kei to take the next step in anticipation? About 10 seconds later, Matsushita followed of the street corner.
  21. "What!?"
  23. She seems like she didn't think that I was standing waiting, she made a shocked sound. If she doesn't try to chase me ..., there's no need for her to be too surprised like that.
  25. "Need something from me?" When I calmly asked her, Matsushita put a hand on her chest to calm her beating heartbeat.
  27. "Need something ...? What do you mean ..? That's what I want to say ..., but it seems like you have realized that huh ..." Seeing my composure ... Apparently she decided that making poor excuses won't work here. ..
  29. But, what is the reason she followed me? That is ... The most important part. If she only exchanged greetings normally, She shouldn't have to hide and follow me.
  32. "Un ... There's a little..., I really am chasing you Ayanokouji-kun."
  34. After Matsushita confirmed that there was no one around ..., she admitted that she had indeed followed me.
  36. There was no deep contact between Matsushita and myself.
  38. However ..., if you look carefully ..., without a doubt she shows quite vigilant attitude. Then ... she could also see me trying to find out the situation psychologically, which she did not want to show.
  40. "Why do you think I'm chasing you?"
  42. That's not just a simple preface ..., apparently she wants to start a psychological war against me.
  44. "I don't know ... I really don't know ... Leaving that aside.., since when did you follow me?" I didn't tell her when I realized that.
  46. When answering questions, I try to collide with other questions.
  48. "Yes ... Just now..."
  50. "Just?" By not letting Matsushita ask additional questions ..., I can hear the answer from her again.
  52. If I give her a chance ... I'm sure she will ask, [Since when did you notice Ayanokoujikun?].
  54. "Who is that ... Right... When you were having a conversation with the new Council Speaker... it seems ..." Even though she mixed it with lies ..., Matsushita admitted that she did see my conversation with the Council Speaker. But soon after that ... Matsushita slightly lowered the corner of her mouth. It seems that she realized his own mistake.
  56. I will make room for her here. If she had doubts about the relationship between the Council Speaker and me, Matsushita would definitely ask a question.
  58. "Until holding talks with the Chairman of the Council ... Did something happen?"
  60. "Looks like he wants to reconstruct Keyaki mall ..., coincidentally saw me then he asked for some opinions from me. Like what facilities I like and so on. Yes ... He asked a few things about that."
  62. "Oh ... That's how it is..." Matsushita when she saw me in the middle of the conversation. She might want to try to use the information obtained from following me for a long time, but the opposite happened ... As long as she saw the workers moving together with the Speaker of the Board, she would recognize my story as a very credible story.
  64. "So ... What's with that?"
  66. "It has nothing to do with this ... There is something that makes me a little curious ..."
  68. Saying that, Matsushita spoke directly about the main topic ...
  70. "This is about the special exam for the school year ... Ayanokouji-kun is the commander, right ...?"
  72. I see ... In that one word, I understood all of it ... For why Matsushita was in contact with me.
  74. "During a flash mental arithmetic, the answer you gave and the answer Koenji-kun said ... It was the same..."
  76. It would be difficult to fix it if I said it was just a coincidence.
  78. "I did the flash mental arithmetic when I was in middle school, you could say I was relatively good at it."
  80. "I did it too ... But it's not at a relative level anymore... I think it's at the national level."
  82. After saying that, She immediately added it. It seems like she doesn't like the fact that I've taken the first step about the problem of 'following' me.
  84. "That was an event that I truly mastered. To be honest ... I have participated in national competitions."
  86. "......Is it true..?"
  88. "Yes, it's an event that came by chance ... I think you have misunderstood Matsushita."
  90. "Then ... Shouldn't you say it faster...?"
  92. "It is true. But you know my personality right ...? I'm not in a position where I can take the initiative and tell classmates about it. Coincidentally, I get a protect point and then become a commander. What's more ..., our opponent is Sakayanagi from class A. Even though I say proficient in mental arithmetic, I'm still very worried about how well I can do it. "
  94. Insecurity is the same as a statement of weakness. Our classmates have a picture of me like that.
  96. "That ... Might be true..." Even though she felt certain credibility..., she didn't want to take it for granted ... Matsushita took the next step.
  98. "I ... Saw you... Ayanokouji-kun and Hirata-kun spoke on the bench." She probably talked about Hirata was alone because of the class voting exam... I don't have eyes on my back. So I didn't know that someone saw it.
  100. But ..., no need to panic just because of that.
  102. After all it is not something strange if there is someone who saw it from afar at that time.
  104. "I was a good distance away, because I thought I would be noticed if I approached. But I knew he was crying." The scene then flashes mental arithmetic. Some material has been collected huh ... Matsushita's purpose began to emerge.
  106. Judging from her words and behavior, I judge her to have nothing to do with Tsukishiro.
  108. "In the following day, Hirata has recovered ... all of that was no accident right ...?" I thought she was just an ordinary student, but unexpectedly she was quite sharp.
  110. She felt curious about me, so she talked like this. Not being able to hold that feeling in his heart ... but it doesn't seem like it ... It does look like curiosity, but...
  112. Although a little, there's no mistaking me to see her behavior which is only bluffing. In other words she has another goal. Judging from the logic that Matsushita tried to build today ..., this was not an idea she suddenly thought of. Before making contact, she had already decided to talk to me. Why today ..? That's because she might see me acting alone at Keyaki Mall.
  114. "The ability in flash mental arithmetic that is recognized nationally, the running speed that you show at sports festivals, besides that you also help Hirata-kun get back up. If you combine all that looks ... Ayanokouji-kun ..., you hold yourself back right
  115. ...? "
  117. Just to pull it .. she came to contact me who only had a thin relationship with her ... Questioned my ability and then came to me to confirm the truth.
  119. What a different picture from Matsushita ... who has been together as classmates for the past year.
  121. As soon as I reach a conclusion, with confidence, I decide.
  123. "Do you want to work with me to go to class A?"
  125. "... So you admit it ..." Matsushita seemed to feel the displeasure at my response that acknowledged it quickly.
  127. "If what you're referring to is holding back ... yes that might be true."
  129. "Why ...? Don't we have to maintain good grades in this school?" Matsushita thought she could take advantage, She began to question and blame me.
  131. "I don't like to stand out too much ... yeah, If casually let the results come up, it will become a party to teach someone else, right? I'm not good at it ... Sports are also the same."
  133. "Oh, I see..."
  135. Likewise Matsushita, who hid her abilities. Maybe there is a part that overlaps with herself, because of that she understands it. She believes my words.
  137. "I want you to contribute to the class in the future. If you have the right abilities ... I want you to show them. So our class can win in the future. If your abilities are real, and you also have the qualities of a leader ... , then I don't mind recommending you Ayanokouji-kun ... "
  139. Yes .. The point is the same as Horikita. A conversation ... that if you have the ability, then let it out.
  141. "Right when I want to do it ..."
  143. "Eh ...?"
  145. Maybe she didn't think that I would obediently cooperate. Matsushita made a strange noise.
  147. "But don't expect too much ... In fact, I now have the strength to play a 70-80. Even going all can not be achieved Hirata as academic and athletic level." For now ... I will close my eyes to my future school life. Right now, I have to convince Matsushita to some degree.
  149. Also... I won't mention that Matsushita hid her abilities. On the other hand, of course..., She must feel she has an advantage in psychological warfare, and in being able to accumulate my abilities for a while
  151. "Wait ... Did you say that you already spent 70 to 80%... is that true ...?" Matsushita should have ingredients that I think are more than just Hirata. However ... she seemed to be trying to find out whether it was true or not.
  153. "Yes ..." Once again ... Matsushita seemed unwilling to accept it.
  155. "What about Karuizawa-san?"
  157. "What do you mean by that?"
  159. "... Her break with Hirata-kun ... Isn't Ayanokoujikun related to that?"
  161. "Where did the information come from?"
  163. "I feel it personally ... but I think ... there's no mistaking you about that." Apparently, a large number of initial searches have been done.
  165. Obviously, Matsushita was obscured by her confidence.
  167. "Why does Karuizawa-san look at Ayanokouji-kun specifically, ... even to the point of breaking up from Hirata-kun ... Tell me what is the reason?"
  169. "That reason is yes ..." If I'm lower than Hirata ..., that means she can't understand Karuizawa's motives.
  171. "Will you answer that there is no special view from her?"
  173. "... yes ... maybe there are ..." When I said that ... she nodded slightly as if convinced of that.
  175. "It turns out to be true ... it should be more than that ..."
  177. "No ... I think you really have misunderstood Matsushita."
  179. "Misunderstanding? Didn't I hear confirmation from you."
  181. "I think Karuizawa and I ... do have an unusual relationship."
  183. "I want to know that ... Your true ability ... Ayanokouji-kun."
  185. "Not that..."
  187. "You have come this far ... Don't you want to tell me?"
  189. "It's not like that ... It's hard to say ..." I averted my eyes two to three times.
  191. To Matsushita, who wanted to continue to question me, I reluctantly continued to speak ...
  193. "It's hard to explain ... But it's not difficult either... I simply showed Karuizawa's fondness, and I think it's all because Karuizawa was aware of that. From a special point of view ... it's just unusual attention."
  195. "Eh ...?"
  197. "... Eh?"
  199. The two of us looked at each othe
  201. "Didn't Karuizawa see Ayanokouji-kun's abilities and look at you specifically?"
  203. "It should have nothing to do ..."
  205. "But-I don't think that someone who has conveyed good intentions will look at that point." I approached Matsushita and grabbed her shoulders.
  207. Not thinking that I would hold onto her ..., She showed very surprised eyes. I firmly caught that sight and said.
  209. "I like you Matsushita ... date me ..."
  211. "Hah.....!?"
  213. For a moment Matsushita must have panicked inside her head. I immediately released my hand from her shoulder.
  215. "If you are confessed in this way, no matter what the outcome, wouldn't you care about it later?"
  217. "So ... So it's just a joke ... That's it... It turns out like that... huh ..."
  219. (TLN: sad and lol together.)
  221. If I let her experience it first hand, She will definitely fill in the blanks after getting true experience. If you receive a statement of serious love from someone of the opposite sex. At least not from people who are hated, it's only natural that you will get more attention from him.
  223. "I think it's just a coincidence that she broke up with Hirata. I even confessed my feelings for her after that ... "
  225. Since the beginning Matsushita didn't have a way to confirm the authenticity of this truth because I haven't expressed my feelings in front of her...
  227. "I see ... So that's what happened. To the point of following you ... I'm sorry ..."
  229. "I have one request. About Karuizawa ..."
  231. "I know. I won't spread rumors about you guys."
  233. I can't say that she's 100% satisfied with my answer.
  235. But, with this it should be finished. I really intend to give her that much material. She definitely wouldn't recklessly talk about something about Kei.
  237. It would be a loss for Matsushita because if she refused to cooperate with me then it would make me unhappy.
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