Classroom of the elite vol 11.5 (C4 part 1)

Dec 29th, 2019
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  1. Part 1
  3. Even though her brother's back had disappeared from the main gate, we still looked in the same direction for a while.
  5. However, there are circumstances that should not continue to sink into those feelings. Horikita stiffened unable to move ..., I tried to release it with my words.
  7. "Don't feel lonely ..."
  9. "Yes ..." Although this was not the last time, let alone the figure of her brother in the next two years, even the voice will not be heard. But, Horikita's expression grew stronger, and showed a face that looked dignified.
  11. "Thank you Ayanokouji-kun ... I was saved because you were here today."
  13. "Really? I thought I was just blocking you."
  15. "That's not true. If you don't talk to my brother, I won't be able to make it on time. I'm really grateful for that."
  17. Horikita once again thanked me, A person who obviously shouldn't have appeared
  19. However, her gaze was not aimed at me, but facing somewhere at that time.
  21. "Besides, the day my brother embarked on the journey, it would be sad if no one but I came to see him off..." Even though it's the way her brother chose, there must be a feeling of loneliness somewhere.
  23. Although this was his decision, it would be a bit deserted. All of that, must be for the sake of his younger sister.
  25. To make it easier to deal with Horikita, he pushed the others away. Maybe all of that was calculated by her brother ...
  27. "I have a bond with Horikita's brother. To the extent that I also want to talk more with him ..." At first I did not accept it as a greeting, but now I think it would be better to be able to talk to him a little more ... Looks like it's useless crying over spilled milk.
  29. Two people walked back to the hostel.
  31. "Even so, your hair ... You really cut it, huh..." Even though yesterday was normal, but considering the delay, it wasn't difficult to imagine her coming up with the thought to do this this morning. It must have been the last minute choice.
  33. "I always liked this kind of thing, but somehow it feels a bit strange ..."
  35. (TLN: of course ... I just read it also feels a bit strange if Suzune is that honest. Normally Suzune will definitely answer with a lot of twists and turns ... "What the heck is that none of your business" "like that.)
  37. Yes ... Even though she said that ... she could not suddenly cut it and ruin her brother's big moments. For the sake of escorting someone's departure with the right appearance, She even bet on it. As a result, Horikita won.
  39. "But wouldn't it be better to say hello beforehand? If you're afraid you won't see your brother, wouldn't you use me to drag him to increase your chances of seeing him?" If she would have decided to come early, then we could have worked together.
  41. That's good because I happened to talk and get time for her ...
  43. "Asking for your help ... Will you be happy to work together?"
  45. "At least for today, I'll do it."
  47. "Is it true ...? That's what I want to say, but actually... I really was relying on you." Horikita answers like that. However, there isn't any history displayed on my cell phone.
  49. "Because I was in such a hurry, I forgot my cell phone in the dormitory and just left to cut my hair. I realized this after the cutting started. Really ... I could have missed it ..." In other words, that Has it become a situation where you can't do anything else ...?
  51. Instead of returning home to retrieve the cell phone after completion, it is faster to immediately run to the main gate.
  53. "Stupid ..." Horikita laughed at herself.
  55. "That much also shows Horikita feelings about this big day, of course ..."
  57. The thought of rushing to the store and at the same time going straight here ... It must be interesting.
  59. Horikita who usually moves in a planned manner, it is not surprising that she was shaken by her mistakes like that.
  61. "The hair was cut short for the purpose of dividing myself."
  63. "Isn't that about what your brother likes or dislikes in his head corner?"
  65. "Of course, I'm just returning to my past self. But ... The time when I started chasing, my legs synchronized. In that case, I think that would be the most emotional thing to do."
  67. Do you happen to be called the best policy huh? After seeing her long hair for a year, there was a feeling of discomfort that was very strong in me.
  69. "After all these years, how do you feel back to your old days?"
  71. "I'm confused if you ask me that ... It's true that I liked short hair like this when I was little. But all this time I always spend my time with long hair, of course, there will be a certain attachment about it. To be honest .., this is really complicated. " She had liked short hair for a long time. But now she accepted her long hair ...
  73. Her past self and her current self. There is no doubt that the two are Horikita Suzune.
  75. "Now ... I feel like I can accept both of me." Saying that, She touched her short hair with her fingers.
  77. "There are many things that I can't see right now ... So I will think of it from scratch, will I grow my hair long or not at graduation later ... For example, if my hair continues to grow, it might take about two the exact year when the graduation ceremony returned to the length of my previous hair ... "Her present self and her past self. Horikita has accepted both.
  79. "Yes, I know that, aside from the short length of my hair ... I can meet my brother properly." I will also look forward to it ... What will happen to her short hair ... In the end ... Horikita Manabu left many things to Horikita. If it doesn't help much, Horikita thinks she can't grow, but that might just end up as my misunderstanding ...
  81. "Do you still have regrets left?"
  83. Actually ... One hour... No ... One day won't be enough to talk to her, there should be a lot of feelings over the past few years that she can't talk about even if she wants to talk about it.
  85. "That ... Is something that cannot be done." Horikita nodded to convince herself.
  87. "Besides, the wall blocking my brother and me has disappeared. From now on I only need to run past him for the next two years and talk a lot with him after that. Right ...?"
  89. "It's true ... He also said he would wait at your graduation ceremony." After the graduation ceremony is over, you can be free to contact outsiders.
  91. At that time properly, can you meet with your brother and talk together?
  93. "Everything that happened today is a big harvest, I will be punished if I ask for an award more than this." She changes quickly.
  95. Yes ... On the surface, She changed. She tried to calm down in her head, trying to change it. But changing the feelings is not an easy thing.
  97. "But ... Well, it's fine here." Horikita who stopped in her footsteps, stopped and said that. The face no longer looked at me.
  99. No ... It's true that I said I can't see, huh?
  101. "What is wrong?" I actually already know, but I'll try to hear it.
  103. Horikita who is usually calm might get angry if she realizes those words. However, there is no room for Horikita to see it right now ...
  105. "I ... Just a minute... Will take a last detour before I go back home."
  107. She tried to trick me, in an implied way to send me home.
  109. "Detour?" Horikita could not answer when I asked where she was going.
  111. "No, it means it's like a walk ..." For a moment she trembled, as she responded ambiguously.
  113. "Want me to accompany ..?"
  115. "There's no need ..." Saying that, Horikita turned to face me then walked away ...
  117. She didn't go to the Keyaki mall or go to the convenience store ... But she walked to an unpopular place. I think it would be too late to return to the dormitory with me.
  119. Horikita like that ... I followed her. Surely I would not leave Horikita alone until she could calm down like that.
  121. "Why ... Are you following me?"
  123. Horikita said that shrill voice without turning back.
  125. "I don't know ... Why...?"
  127. "If you don't have a reason ... Don't follow me..." Being refused, but I show no sign of returning.
  129. Because for the past year, I've been used to hearing bad words from her.
  131. "Then I will say my reason, because I just want to bully you."
  133. "... What are you saying..., you really can't understand?..."
  135. "Is that so ...? Then I'll say it again."
  137. "No, you don't need to say it."
  139. "No, that can't be ..." I intended to break the defensive line that Horikita was guarding, and slowly open my mouth.
  141. "When you're sad, isn't it okay to cry without holding back?"
  143. Yes. I Just say that.
  145. "... You ... Are you not listening to my words?"
  147. "I listened to it. You are really happy from your heart, Being able to make up with your brother right ..."
  149. "That's right ... Therefore, I am truly satisfied. So where ... Where is the sad part?"
  151. "Of course you are not satisfied. It's true that you can talk to him in the next two years. But humans aren't creatures that easily understand and take it for granted ..."
  153. A girl who dreams of that day ... Has to wait two more years.
  155. Not that there is no happy feeling, but not everything ends like that.
  157. "I ... I am satisfied ... I am satisfied with it."
  159. "Then can you face me now?" Horikita who keeps turning her back.
  161. Shaking his head left and right without listening to my request.
  163. "I refuse ... Why should I see you?"
  165. "I don't know ... Why is that..?" Walked quickly past her back and said a few words to Horkita who tried to escape.
  167. "It's okay, you can cry." Reunited with her brother for the first time in two years and was rejected by him. Fighting along with a high fever on an uninhabited island. Because of voting within the class, they become the object of hatred in class. Whatever it is ... Horikita never cries.
  169. "I, I ..."
  171. Stopped trying to continue.
  173. After working hard, She was able to communicate with her brother. For a long time, Horikita had to fight here at this school.
  175. Obviously, as long as tomorrow starts, you will be able to return to the relationship of laughing and talking to each other. However, Her brother has passed through this door to begin his new journey.
  177. The next meeting will be at least 2 years later.
  179. "No ... Don't..."
  181. Horikita's voice began to tremble slowly.
  183. In these long years, Horikita will have to fight here and in this school.
  185. "Though ... What else can I do ...?" Horikita who tried to argue, but she could not contain her feelings ..
  187. Right now, starting to remember her brother who had just left.
  189. "Even though....,"
  191. "Though ... When I finally realized my mistake...!" Collapse, kneeling on her knees. Covering her face with her hands and tears flowed freely, but she was unable to do anything to stop it.
  193. "Again, I am separated from my brother ...!" If she could, She would definitely want to jump out to another part of the main gate.
  195. But, She showed a younger sister who watched her brother leave proudly.
  197. "Yes ... I'm lonely ..."
  199. "Very lonely ... Really lonely ...!" That girl is crying, looks like a child.
  202. (As illustration)
  205. Filled with tears, but Horikita wants to remain to survive. For example, if this place is not a school, Horikita will probably chase her brother wherever he is.
  207. Meet when you want to meet, and talk when you want to talk.
  209. "Now ... You just need to cry until you're satisfied here. Then, show your brother that you've grown once more. You, from now on, have changed this second too ..." No need to hurry up. There are still two years. If she has two years, Horikita will definitely grow even better ... There is no mistaking that her brother would also be waiting for her.
  211. "That's right ... Manabu ...!"
  213. (TLN: touched ... Kiyo has started accepting Manabu.)
  215. My voice, which could no longer be reached, was sucked in by the blue sky that was welcoming spring ...
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