MagiReco Main Story 9 - Iroha

Sep 3rd, 2018
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  1. Iroha
  3. 9.1 Iroha 1
  4. basement jail in Hotel Fendthope
  5. Iroha: "The Rumor of the Eternal Sakura was there... I knew that there would be clues to finding Ui around..."
  7. 9.1.1
  8. [flashback to Iroha standing on a Shinsei Ward street]
  9. Iroha: *In my dreams, there was a familiar-looking girl. In order to find out who she was, I came to Kamihama City to find the small Kyubey.*
  10. [flashback to Yachiyo's house]
  11. Iroha: *Since then, I remembered about Ui, and began searching for rumors together with Yachiyo-san and the others. I learned the fate of the Wings of Magius and us, and went through a brief very dark time.*
  12. [flashback to the hospital room]
  13. Iroha: *I vaguely continued to believe in my memories of spending time with Ui, Touka-chan, and Nemu-chan at the hospital.*
  14. *Even now I still believe that it really happened.*
  15. [fade to black]
  16. Iroha: *However, I have no idea how I can restore the two of their memories.*
  17. *So for now, I need to stop them.*
  18. [we see the city in the dark]
  19. Iroha: *They summoned a dangerous witch, sacrificed their allies, and plan to use everyone's despair for energy before killing everyone...*
  20. [fade to black, and we see Ui]
  21. Iroha: *Because the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura exists, part of this plan of theirs feels like a hint for finding Ui.*
  22. *By the time I find Ui, I don't want Touka-chan and Nemu-chan to have caused people to suffer.*
  23. [now we see Iroha in a cell in Hotel Fendthope]
  24. Iroha: (But for now, I just need to get out of this prison...)
  25. "But, they took my soul gem, so I can't transform..."
  26. "I wonder how I can get out..."
  27. **Chapter 9**
  28. **Surround Fendthope**
  29. [in the chapel, we see all three Magius. Nemu has her eyes closed.]
  30. Nemu: "sigh... fuuu..."
  31. Touka: "Nemu, are you feeling better?"
  32. Nemu: "Yeah... sorry..."
  33. "Somehow, it seems like the power to create rumors is eating away at me..."
  34. Alina: "The plan was to delete the intruders and the Feathers and the with a rumor, right?"
  35. "But to not be able to make one is very bad..."
  36. Touka: "It'll be fiiiiine!"
  37. "We've summoned the Walpurgisnacht, so it's already checkmate."
  38. "Now we've just gotta hole up."
  39. Nemu: "I'll also adjust this rumor as best as I can..."
  40. "If I reduce the radius of my magic's effects, it'll also make it harder to be detected."
  41. "If we make it so only the Feathers' telepathy gets through, we'll be able to move better..."
  42. "They'll give us plenty of time by acting as a wall."
  43. Alina: "I guess I'm fine with not losing."
  44. Touka: "Then, are you okay with using your collection?"
  45. Alina: "Sure, but I'd like you to indulge me in a little something."
  46. Touka: "What is it?"
  47. Alina: "I want you to bring Tamaki Iroha's soul gem here."
  48. "Together with her body."
  49. [in the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura]
  50. Kanagi: "The space is warped..."
  51. "It seems this is connected to their base of operations."
  52. Yachiyo: "Yes..."
  53. (That familiar magic that saved me during my fight with Tomoe-san...)
  54. (It managed to reach me, so I definitely have to realize its will...)
  55. Tsuruno: "Finally it's time to invade their base! Hmf hmf!"
  56. Felicia: "We'll join up with Sana and save her! Hmf hmf!"
  57. Yachiyo: "And we'll stop the plans of Magius as well!
  58. [in a hallway in Hotel Fendthope, we see a white and a black feather]
  59. green-haired white feather: "Apparently Tamaki Iroha's allies have invaded."
  60. "Let's split up and find them!"
  61. short straight-haired black feather: "Yes!"
  62. [they leave]
  63. Sana: "pant... pant... pant..."
  64. "What now? They've been spotted..."
  65. "But..."
  66. (Please wait for me, Iroha-san. I'll find you...)
  67. [overview of the city at night]
  68. *"Kamihama's weather has taken a sudden change from clear skies. Over the ocean, a low pressure suddenly developed into a cyclonic air pattern."*
  69. *"Intense rains are forecasted which may bring disastrous flooding. Those people living in landslide-prone areas must immediately take shelter. Take care to follow the directions of the evacuation warnings."*
  70. [fade to black; there's some faint music audible]
  71. [at the Adjuster's]
  72. Madoka: "Homura-chan, let's go save Iroha-chan!"
  73. Homura: "Yeah!
  74. (And this time, I definitely must defeat the Walpurgisnacht...)
  75. TO: 8.2.1 (Sana 1)
  77. 9.15 Iroha 2
  78. in a basement hallway in Hotel Fendthope
  79. Iroha: "..."
  81. 9.15.1 (from 9.6.1 Sana 5)
  82. [black screen]
  83. Iroha: *...*
  84. *H..huh? I...*
  85. [we see her in an underground hallway]
  86. Iroha: "..."
  87. "sigh..."
  88. [she wakes up]
  89. Iroha: (What happened?)
  90. [two black feathers appear around her]
  91. long black black feather: "Please do not move."
  92. Iroha: "Eh? Black feathers!?"
  93. "Ugh, I can't move!!"
  94. long black black feather: "If you're awake, that means your soul gem is close."
  95. "We'll keep taking you to the Magius."
  96. Iroha: "..."
  97. (If I stay captured, I'll get closer to my soul gem...)
  98. (As long as I can retrieve it, I can get out of this situation...)
  99. long black black feather: "I thought you'd struggle a bit more."
  100. Iroha: "If I can't transform, then you'd recapture me easily..."
  101. long black black feather: "I think you're right about that."
  102. "Without some sort of miracle, there is no way you can escape."
  103. TO: 9.16.1 (Iroha 3)
  105. 9.16 Iroha 3
  106. in a basement hallway in Hotel Fendthope
  107. Iroha: "I remember seeing this black feather. Did I fight them before?"
  109. 9.16.1 (from 9.15.1 Iroha 2)
  110. [in the underground hallway, Iroha talks to the long black-haired black feather]
  111. Iroha: "..."
  112. "You're the black feather from before, right?"
  113. long black black feather: "What about it?"
  114. "Even if you try to reason with me, I won't change my stance."
  115. [flashback]
  116. long black black feather: "All the Feathers here have sworn to protect the release of magical girls even over the Magius."
  117. "And, equally..."
  118. "I believe in those who the person who protects the Feathers believes in."
  119. [back to present]
  120. Iroha: "But there's no guarantee that the release of magical girls will go as planned."
  121. "Since they're using witches, it might end up being even worse than before."
  122. long black black feather: "We'll deal with that when it happens."
  123. "Sooner or later, our fates will catch up with us."
  124. "If that's going to happen either way, we might as well cling to even the smallest chance."
  125. "Even if there's a chance that Magius will only continue using us..."
  126. Iroha: "I think that's way too optimistic..."
  127. long black black feather: "You're able to face our fate as magical girls head-on..."
  128. "There's no way you'd be able to understand."
  129. Iroha: "Even I am scared of becoming a witch... I really am..."
  130. long black black feather: "If you saw someone important to you become a witch before your very eyes, then you'd understand..."
  131. Iroha: "Someone important to you?"
  132. long black black feather: "My little sister became a witch."
  133. Iroha: "!?"
  134. "Your sister... was very important to you..."
  135. long black black feather: "Yes, she was..."
  136. "I haven't been able to accept my fate since I saw my sister become like that."
  137. "But we can be saved if we manage to release magical girls."
  138. "That would itself be closure for my sister..."
  139. Iroha: "..."
  140. "I too... I too have a little sister..."
  141. long black black feather: "...I see."
  142. Iroha: "I don't know if she's even alive; only I remember her."
  143. "But even so, I think that one day I'll find her..."
  144. long black black feather: "Your sister has nothing to do with my sister."
  145. Iroha: "I don't think my sister would want that."
  146. "She wouldn't want to sacrifice many to save herself..."
  147. long black black feather: "You can say that because you two sisters are strong..."
  148. "My sister and I would just grieve, hoping to escape from our fate."
  149. "I won't forgive anyone who would ridicule us for that..."
  150. "I'm not like you."
  151. "I've long since worked up the resolve to sacrifice others."
  152. "I will fulfill my own selfish desires."
  153. TO: 9.17.1 (Iroha 4)
  155. 9.17 Iroha 4
  156. in a hallway in Hotel Fendthope
  157. Iroha: "I knew it. Just like me, the feathers had a reason for seeking release."
  159. 9.17.1 (from 9.16.1 Iroha 3)
  160. [in the underground hallway]
  161. long black black feather: "I'm not like you."
  162. "I've long since worked up the resolve to sacrifice others."
  163. "I will fulfill my own selfish desires."
  164. Iroha: "But what's wrong with how things are right now?"
  165. "Even if you are only saved in Kamihama City, wouldn't that be closure enough for your little sister!?"
  166. brown braid black feather: "It's pointless if it's just Kamihama."
  167. "You can only say that because you live in this city."
  168. Iroha: "Because I live here? You two..."
  169. brown braid black feather: "Came from outside Kamihama City. My parents and siblings are still in another town..."
  170. "That's why I cling to this."
  171. "To the too-good-to-be-true words of a girl saying that in Kamahama City, magical girls will be saved."
  172. "You can't possibly understand..."
  173. "How relieved I felt when I learned of the existence of doppels..."
  174. Iroha: "In Kamihama City, magical girls will be saved..."
  175. [flashback to the Kuchiyose Shrine]
  176. Ui: "If you want to change fate, come to Kamihama City. In this city, magical girls will be saved."
  177. [back to the hallway]
  178. Iroha: "Ui..."
  179. brown braid black feather: "Ui?"
  180. Iroha: "That girl might be my little sister..."
  181. brown braid black feather: "I didn't see either a magical girl nor even an ordinary girl."
  182. "Most of the Feathers who came from outside the city heard it from some kind of shape..."
  183. Iroha: "But among them, maybe..."
  184. brown braid black feather: "I have no reason to answer that."
  185. "All I'll say is that we won't let you get in our way..."
  186. "So that the other feathers and I can live peacefully in our own cities..."
  187. "Even if that requires sacrificing others. Even if that's being selfish..."
  188. [upstairs in a different hallway]
  189. Iroha: "That's right... I'm sorry."
  190. "Everyone has their own situation that lead to them becoming feathers..."
  191. "But do you really think it's right to use a method that involves using witches?"
  192. brown braid black feather: "It's not that I don't see where you're coming from."
  193. long black black feather: "To hatch the Eve, we use witches."
  194. "We understand the risks in doing that."
  195. brown braid black feather: "Also, we don't know what Magius will do with us after release."
  196. "We know the risks there too."
  197. Iroha: "But then..."
  198. brown braid black feather: "But release is right before us!"
  199. Iroha: "..."
  200. "We'll never see eye-to-eye."
  201. "I will never accept a method that causes danger for other people!"
  202. "Before Touka-chan and Nemu-chan remember Ui..."
  203. "I won't let them accumulate sins!"
  204. (And also, if there are girls who came to Kamihama because of Ui's words...)
  205. (Then somewhere, Magius's plan definitely has something to do with Ui...)
  206. (I also heard Ui say that in the Kuchiyose Shrine.)
  207. "That's why I... I will stop Magius for my own sake."
  208. "That is my own selfish desire."
  209. *shuffle*
  210. Iroha: (Sana-chan, please notice...)
  211. TO: 9.14.1 (Momoko 4)
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