mom can't look (glimx(you), OS, short, comedy/feels)

Nov 7th, 2018
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  1. >>I just wanted to read about Starlight getting nailed while Twilight takes notes...
  3. >"Wha-what?! No!"
  4. >"Why not?!"
  5. >"Why?! Because it's weird, Twilight!"
  6. >"It's not!"
  7. >"It IS!"
  8. >"How so?!"
  9. >"How?! I swear Twilight, sometimes I really wonder if you even live on the same planet as the rest of us,"
  10. >"Because I'm curious?!"
  11. >"Because you're asking for us to have sex in front of you while you're taking notes and recording it!"
  12. >"I fail to see how that refutes--"
  13. >"Ugh! Anon! Back me up here!"
  14. "Eh, it is kinda weird, twibtwab,"
  15. >"It's not!"
  16. "Kinda hot too, but still kinda weird,"
  17. >"It's not hot!"
  18. "Hey, you just asked for my opinion is all, and I reckon you didn't mind us giving Trixie that little show last heart's warming--"
  19. >"What?! Why is Trixie allowed to look and not me?!"
  20. >"I-I was drunk!"
  21. "Maybe, but it was still hot,"
  22. >"That's not the same!"
  23. >"How so?! Because I'm not your 'best friend', that's it?!"
  24. >"Ugh, Twilight please!"
  25. >"No, no, it's okay, I can see how it is," *sniffle*
  26. >"Oh come on, Twi, don't be like that!"
  27. >"I-it's fine, I get it, I guess I just thought that, you know, you would trust me enough to do something like this but I guess we're not close enough, unlike Trixie,"
  28. "Gosh babe, I never thought you could be so cruel to Twilight!"
  29. >"You! Don't you dare help her try and guilt trip me into this!"
  30. "I surrender,"
  31. >"And you! Trixie watching us was... fine, because she's just a friend, but--"
  32. >"And we're not?!"
  33. >"--BUT! But you're like, I don't know, a mom or something, and that'd just be weird,"
  34. >"A mom...?"
  35. >"Y-yeah, you know? Still a friend! A great friend! But--"
  36. >"Wow,"
  37. >"..."
  38. >"..."
  39. "..."
  40. >"I just made the whole thing even weirder, didn't I?"
  41. >"N-no! No, I just didn't think... I never realized you felt this way, Starlight,"
  42. >"Yeah, huh... I'm not great at dealing with this kind of stu--ooh, okay, huh, I guess I'll let you hug me, just this once,"
  43. "God, this is just so adorable, I think I'm going to cry,"
  44. >"S-shuddup!"
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