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  1. MID_ABEL_STRONGEST: Prince Marth and my beloved Est\nare both so important to me.$k$pMy loyalty toward my liege,\nmy affection toward my beloved...\nBoth feelings are clear and strong.$k$pBut are my feelings toward you\nloyalty because you summoned me?\nOr genuine, growing friendship?$k$pI cannot say. The only thing that is\ that now I have someone\nelse who is important to me.$k$pI hope you will continue to count\non me as you always have.
  2. MID_ALFONS_STRONGEST: I have to confess that I never\nintended to become friends with\nyou, Summoner.$k$pBut you're always there when I need\nyou, to the extent that when you're\nnot near, I feel...not quite myself.$k$pIt's a delicate position to be in.\nThe more you have to lose, the\nworse it hurts when you do.$k$pOthers may open themselves to\nsuch hurt, but as a prince,\nI must remain strong.$k$pIt seemed reasonable to keep\neveryone at a distance. But you've\nshown me the folly of that.$k$pI would have never discovered\nour fine friendship, had I not\nwelcomed you in.$k$pAnd then what would I be?\nLess than I am. Now, I can only\nhope you feel the same.$k$pIn any case, I swear to keep you\nsafe. You're my trusted partner,\n$Nu.
  3. MID_ANNA_STRONGEST: I have an assessment to make.\nYou've become more dependable\nthan I ever imagined.$k$pFrankly, I wasn't certain about you\nfrom the start. You were new to\nus. We were new to you.$k$pBut look at you now—a great\ntactician, giving us directions that\nare often excellent!$k$pRemember when you first showed up\nand I said you didn't look like the\nGreat Hero from our legend?$k$pI'm sorry about all of that. As the\ncommander here, I should know to\nnever judge a book by its cover.$k$pThe person who was once my\nsuperior drilled that into my head.\nSo, I should have known better.$k$pYou are the Great Hero, and you\nhave lived up to the legend!$k$pStill, you're also part of my Order of\nHeroes, so don't expect any\npreferential treatment.$k$pBut until the day comes when we\nsave this kingdom once and for all,\nyou and I are in this...together.
  4. MID_AQUA_STRONGEST: You are the ocean's gray waves—♪\nSo you've come to see me again,\n$Nu...$k$pYou visit so often, I find myself\nlooking for you whenever I am\nsinging. You are a lovely audience. $k$pMy song is powerful, but that power\nis both great and terrible.$k$pIt can be used to rally and refresh\nthe spirit...or enslave it.$k$pBut it seems the song's power is\nmuch less in this world, as is the\ndanger to the singer.$k$pSo I can stay by your side to the\nend. And one day I will tell you of\nthe kingdom of silence I was born in.
  5. MID_ASAMA_STRONGEST: Ah, it is you! I should have known\nfrom the ever-busy pitter-pat of\nyour footsteps.$k$pYou must have far too much\nfree time on your hands if you're\nalways spending it with me.$k$pWhy, who am I to deserve it?\nI'm just a holy man, not worth\neven the time of day.$k$pNow, speaking of free time,\ndo you plan to ever free me of\nmy time here with you?$k$pI mean, of course, final release.\nThe good-bye. The farewell.\nThe ta-ta and toodle-oo!$k$pI shouldn't let myself be\ntroubled by the idea that we'd\nbe separated.$k$pBut I've grown fond of you.\nI'd like to give you more\nof my time, not less.$k$pSo please, don't give me any of\nthat sort of free time—not for\nyears and years. All right?
  6. MID_BARTR_STRONGEST: So, I've gotten the sense that you\nthink I should be paying more\nattention in battle.$k$pWhat, not just go in swinging?\nThat's what you should be\ndoing—swinging ALL the time!$k$pBwaaah! Yaahhh! All you need\nis lefty and righty. We all got 'em,\nso why not USE 'em?$k$pNo use complicating battle with\nall that fancy stuff. At least,\nnot for me.$k$pNow, are we all good here?\nHa! Of course we are,\nfriend!
  7. MID_BARTS_STRONGEST: I joined the Altean army after a\nstint as a mercenary... Was a pirate\nfor a bit after that.$k$pThought I'd retire to the peaceful\nlife as a woodcutter, but here's\nanother war needs my attention.$k$pHeh. That's fate for you, I guess.$k$pNot all bad, though—I got to meet\nyou. Here's to shared fate, eh?$k$pBut don't get too comfortable—\nyou never know when we might go\nour separate ways!
  8. MID_BERKA_STRONGEST: $Nu...\nI am glad to see you are still alive.$k$pWhy am I glad? ...I don't know.$k$pI am not obligated to you. You\nare not my liege—we have no\ncontractual arrangement.$k$pHowever, I...worry about your\nwell-being. Presumably because\nof your irreplaceable abilities.$k$pAssassins like myself do not get\nemotionally attached, so I'm sure\nit's your abilities that concern me.\n
  9. MID_CAMILLA_STRONGEST: Why, if it isn't the one in this whole\ngroup who makes me shiver in delight.\nYou, $Nu!$k$pI mean, that adorable face. What\nsort of meanie would think of hurting\none hair on your sweet head!$k$pAnd that weapon of yours! It leaves\nyou totally defenseless. That makes me\nwant to just squeeze you to death!$k$pYou can count on your favorite,\nCamilla, to take care of all of\nyour enemies.$k$pNow, whether I feel that way\nbecause you're the summoner and\nI'm a Hero...then so be it.$k$pI'm in favor of anything that brings us\ntogether, even if for a short time.\nI adore you completely!
  10. MID_CAMUS_STRONGEST: I wonder when it was that I first\nbegan actively shutting others out.$k$pObviously my experiences played a\npart, but since fighting at your side,\nI feel my thinking has changed.$k$pAt first my isolation protected me\nfrom the pain of losing someone I\ncared about...or so I thought.$k$pBut to allow that fear to prevent\ngenuine connection with others is\nto rob yourself of their strength.$k$pYou taught me that, and you will\nalways have my gratitude.
  11. MID_CECILIA_STRONGEST: When I first met you, my intention\nwas to teach you, much as I did\nmy pupils Roy and Lilina.$k$pBut then I saw how quickly you grew\nin your role here, to the extent that\nyou surpassed even me.$k$pIt's the bittersweet moment that\nevery teacher goes through, to see\nthose around her learn to soar.$k$pThat is the moment when she\nfeels left behind...$k$pWhat? You still need me? It's a\nrelief to hear you say that. Perhaps\nI have more still to teach.$k$pWell, then it's settled. I will be\nstaying here after all!
  12. MID_CHROM_STRONGEST: It seems like a lot of time has\npassed since you and I first met.\nAt first I was bewildered, but...$k$pyour guidance has made me\nstronger. May we ever remain\nside by side.$k$pYou know, when I first met you,\nyou reminded me a lot of Robin.$k$pNot just your manner, but the way\nyou plan, help everyone, and work\nto keep all of your allies alive.$k$pThere is no one I'd rather have\nguiding my steps. This bond we've\nbuilt will last forever.\n
  13. MID_CLARINE_STRONGEST: My word! Is it just me, or is nearly\nevery single person here sorely\nlacking in etiquette?$k$pI don't mean you, of course.\nNever you—for I have the sort of\nmanners never to say so!$k$pBut I must risk offense and tell\nyou the truth. People look to\nyou to set a higher standard.$k$pWhat? They do! All are quite aware\nthat if we don't use our napkins\nproperly, it will be anarchy!$k$pSo, because I am grateful for\neverything that you do, I will take\nyou on as a special project.$k$pYou'll have manners coming out\nyour ears by the time I'm finished\nwith you. Won't this be fun?
  14. MID_DENIS_STRONGEST: Well, well! There you are,\n$Nu!$k$pI wanted ta give you these fresh\nveggies from my garden!$k$pDunno if you've seen the garden—\nI planted it in the courtyard... Sorry\nif that was wrong o' me...$k$pAw, shucks! Thanks for not bein'\nmad. I'll keep on helping the Order\nany way I can.$k$pYou're always so nice about stuff—\nthat's why I like you so much.\nJust feels natural, you know?$k$pI'll keep raisin' great vegetables\nand getting stronger and stronger...\nJust see the fighter I'll be for you!
  15. MID_DOHGA_STRONGEST: I've always concentrated more on\nprotecting my allies than defeating\nour enemies.$k$pThat's why I appreciate what you\ndo on the battlefield.$k$pI see that you care about everyone\nand want to keep them safe.$k$pI think together we can protect\na lot of people. Count on me to\nhelp.
  16. MID_ELFI_STRONGEST: *munch munch* Tasty... Oh, hey,\n$Nu!\nIs it snack time for you, too?$k$pYou brought me a sandwich?\nThanks! Nice of you to hand-\ndeliver it and everything!$k$pI've been eating even more since\nI got here. Got to be ready to\nprotect Lady Elise and...$k$pyou know...protect you as well.$k$pI need to eat a lot and train even\nmore so I can be the shield that\nkeeps you safe.$k$pThanks again for the sandwich.\n*munch munch* That was great—\npacked with kindness.
  17. MID_ELISE_STRONGEST: Yay! I always love it when\nyou come chat with me,\n$Nu!\nI know how busy you are. Wait...\nAre you hurt? Even a little?\nThen I'll heal you up real fast!$k$pWhew! There. I can't stand to see\nyou hurt. It's like I'm hurt too.\nAnd you know why?$k$pSure you do. Because I love you\nbunches and bunches—more than\nanyone from any other world!\nYou were the first friend I made\nhere. And you know what? That\nkind of friendship lasts forever!
  18. MID_ELIWOD_STRONGEST: Looking back on our first meeting,\nit now seems that we were destined\nto cross paths from the start.$k$pYou believe in every one of us,\nof course, and you give your\ us all.$k$pBut I take special courage from\nknowing you. It's as if you're\na beacon of hope.$k$pI feel as if I could overcome any\nobstacle, and I have too rarely\nfelt such strength.$k$pThis is why I hope to\nkeep fighting alongside you, for\nas long as you'll have me.
  19. MID_EST_STRONGEST: Abel and I run a small shop\ntogether back home in Altea.$k$pThat was always my wish for us,\nbut I'm glad to be here, helping you\nwith this fight.$k$pAfter all, that's how I met you, and\nyou've shown me all the different\nbonds people can share...$k$pI used to see things a bit\nchildishly, but seeing that means\nI'm an adult now, right? Haha!$k$pIn any case, thank you for all\nyou've helped me to see. I'll keep\ncounting on you!
  20. MID_FA_STRONGEST: Ha ha! I'm having so much fun\nhere, getting to play with\neveryone!$k$pEvery day, all the time!\nPlay, play, play, play,\nplay...zzz...$k$pZzzzz... Oh, what? Sorry—\ngetting sleepy. Is it nap time yet?\nNap time, nap time, nap...$k$pzzzzzz.
  21. MID_FERICIA_STRONGEST: Oh! I'm so glad I found you! Here,\ntake this! I made you a pot of tea!\nIt's basically a miracle!$k$pDon't laugh—it took me 14 tries!\nHere, taste some! ...So, how is it?$k$pYou like it?! I'm so relieved!\nI've finally been able to do\nSOMETHING to repay you.$k$pI'm such a klutz, but you're always\nso understanding and kind.\nI wanted to thank you for that.$k$pI've been working hard to be a\ngood help to you, and I promise\nto keep doing my best!
  22. MID_FIR_STRONGEST: I've fought and sparred, and\nsparred and fought, pretty much\nconstantly since I got here.$k$pI think I'm nearer to mastering the\nsword, but I have to say that you've\ntaught me something new.$k$pYou've shown me that strength isn't\njust about blades and battles,\n$Nu.$k$pIt takes far greater strength to\nwant to protect others and\nkeep the peace—as you do.$k$pI would like to stay by your side\nand continue learning what\nstrength truly is.$k$pYou seem to be great at so many\nthings—not just tactics. I look forward\nto learning from the master!
  23. MID_FLOLINA_STRONGEST: Could you maybe give me\na moment of your time?$k$pSorry to bother you, but there's\nsomething I...I have to say.$k$pYou know how hard I find it\nto put things into words.\nBut I'm...$k$pI'm really happy to have fought\nunder your guidance! I've gotten\nmore capable in battle!$k$pSo I just wanted to thank you\nfrom the bottom of my heart.$k$pHee hee! I hope that made it\nclear how much I want to\nkeep fighting for you!
  24. MID_FREDERIK_STRONGEST: Why, you're hard at work as\nalways, $Nu!$k$pIf you're on patrol, please allow\nme to assist you.$k$pI shall try to predict your path and\nremove any pebbles or weeds that\nmight obstruct your progress.$k$pMy foremost duty will always be to\nthe royal house of Ylisse—that will\nnever change. But...$k$pI feel I should make time to look\nafter you as well. Perhaps I've\ngrown attached to you...$k$pWell, enough lollygagging—I have\npebbles to clear. Please, don't\nmind me! Continue patrolling!
  25. MID_GOHDON_STRONGEST: Thanks so much for all your\nencouragement. I was only able to\nwork this hard because of you.$k$pWith your leadership, I was able to\nhelp out lots of times, and that\nmakes me real happy.$k$pI just wish I looked as grown-up as\nI feel! Hahaha—I guess that's asking\ntoo much.$k$pI do feel like I'll continue to grow as\nlong as I'm with you, though.\nThanks.
  26. MID_GUIRE_STRONGEST: Hey there. Seems like I've\nbeen seeing a lot of you lately,\n$Nu.$k$pHere to beg more candy off me?$k$pI'm not sharing this one, though—\nit's my favorite right now. Packed\nwith sweet, sweet honey...$k$pHm? You don't want candy? You\ngot work for me, then? ...No?$k$pWait, you're not just here to spend\ntime with me, are ya? 'Cause that'd\nmake you a big ol' marshmallow.$k$pOnly softies try to build relationships\nup for their own sake. And here you\nare—soft as cotton candy.$k$pHeh. I changed my mind. Take the\nhoney candy. No reason—just my\nway of saying thanks.
  27. MID_GUNTHER_STRONGEST: I heard from your commander\nthat you're a...Great Hero.$k$pCome now—out with it. Are you\na Great Hero? Perhaps you're too\nhumble to say as much.$k$pYou might not have my years,\nbut embrace who you are and\ndevelop your potential!$k$pThat weapon of yours—make\nyourself into the sort of person\nwho is worthy of holding it!$k$pI have known another one in my\ndays who faced a similar\ndilemma.$k$pNow, before you dismiss this as\nthe ramblings of an old man,\nknow this:$k$pI have also sensed it while we've\nbeen in battle—a gap between your\ntitle and your confidence.$k$pNo need to apologize. It's only\nnatural, and it's also where\nI come in.$k$pLet this veteran fight for you a bit\nlonger. I offer my sword and my years,\nuntil you are great inside and out.
  28. MID_HAROLD_STRONGEST: Ah, $Nu!\nI wanted to tell you—the town is\nabuzz about the Order of Heroes!$k$pTrue heroes set the gossips to\ntheir work! Perhaps you should\nadopt a new heroic pose!$k$pI've practiced a few, but every\ntime I try one out, I am struck from\nabove by wild-pegasus dung.$k$pDoes that happen to you as well?\nNo? Just me? Then you can pose\nwithout worry!$k$pAnd don't worry about being\nvulnerable to attack when posing.\nI'll eliminate any villainous fiends!$k$pI will fight off any number of them,\nmy strength fueled by the flames\nof our friendship!
  29. MID_HAWKEYE_STRONGEST: It is time for us to have words\nof weight. You and I, now.$k$pI sense that you find me strange.\nPerhaps even stranger than\nmost people here find me.$k$pI am from the deep desert, and those\nfrom outside it see me as\noutside themselves.$k$pDo you feel the same? About me?\nOr more importantly, about\nyourself?$k$pYou and I are the same in one\nregard. We both want to ensure\nthat peace persists.$k$pLike the sands of time, which flow\nbut never change, you and I will\nalways be there for the world.
  30. MID_HECTOR_STRONGEST: I'm no poet, friend, so bear with\nme here. I have a hard time\nputting my thoughts into words.$k$pBut before I joined you, I thought\nthat as long as I just kept on\nswinging in battle...$k$pI'd always come out on top and\nbring everyone back from battle,\nsafe and sound.$k$pThen I noticed how you, as\ntactician, see the line between\nlife and death like no one else.$k$pNot sure why, but that hit me hard.\nAnyway, know that I've got your\nback—long as you've got mine.
  31. MID_HENRI_STRONGEST: Oh! Planning on sending me\nout to kill some more,\n$Nu?$k$pNya ha! That's great!$k$pWho's my target? A Hero? Emblian\nsoldier? Oh! Could it be someone\nin the Order of Heroes?$k$pHuh? Allies don't kill each other?\nWho told you THAT? Eh, if you say\nso, I guess...$k$pThen again, I like this place, and I\nwouldn't want anyone to die.$k$pYou won't die, will you,\n$Nu?$k$pIf you died, I'd have to invent a\nhorrible new hex for whoever killed\nyou. So just...stay alive, OK?
  32. MID_HINATA_STRONGEST: Hey there! Just wanna throw a\nwhole bucket of thanks on you for\nputting me in battle a lot.$k$pYou know I live for that, and that\nsorta thing helps me keep my skills\nsharp, $Nu!$k$pHave to admit that when I first\nlanded here, I was all kinds of\nhomesick.$k$pI mean, seriously! This place doesn't\nhave anything good from Hoshido!\nNo dojos. No miso soup.$k$pBut you know what? I love this\nplace now, even without\nthe soup!$k$pGood for a guy to open up to\nnew things, right? Otherwise,\nlife's just dull.$k$pBesides, battling strong foes from\nso many worlds helps me get\nbetter at protecting Lord Takumi.$k$pHa! Don't think I forgot about you.\nMe and my katana? We are\nSO here to keep you safe!
  33. MID_HINOKA_STRONGEST: Hey, you! I just finished grooming\nmy pegasus and was wondering if\nyou'd like to take a ride with us.$k$pI've been wanting something to\ndo to bring us closer together,\nand this is perfect!$k$pWe can talk while we admire the\nview, soaring through the sky—\nyou'll love it!$k$pHm? We're already close? That's\nreally sweet...and I'm a little\nembarrassed now.$k$pWell, I still think a joyride\nthrough the skies is in order—\nyou coming?
  34. MID_JEIGUN_STRONGEST: I have served many years as a\nknight, but never have I met\nsomeone quite like you.$k$pDo we all follow you because you\nsummoned us? I think not. At\nleast not solely.$k$pThere is something about you that\ninspires others to fight for you.\nI can't put it into words...$k$pIt reminds me a bit of Prince Marth,\nwho also naturally draws heroes\nto his cause.$k$pIn any case, I sincerely wish to\nspend what days I have left\nfighting at your side.
  35. MID_JOKER_STRONGEST: Oh. Did you need something?\nYou've brought me tea?\nI'm not thirsty at the moment...$k$pBut I shall drink it nonetheless.\nI wouldn't want to waste tea.$k$pIt's a bit cold. And too bitter. I\nwould never have served it. But...\nI sense the effort that went into it.$k$pRegardless of skill, there is flavor\nin devotion, a taste in affection.\nYou thought of me in making this.$k$pNext time, I shall make the tea for\nyou, and it will taste better than\nanything you have ever known.
  36. MID_JORJUE_STRONGEST: You've heard tales of me? Well, it's\nnot as if I was trying to keep my\nlife secret, I suppose.$k$pTrue or not, rumors spread like\nwildfires. There's no point in trying\nto correct or refute them.$k$pIt's refreshing to speak so frankly.\nIt's wonderful that everyone here\ntrusts each other so implicitly.$k$pBeing in such company agrees with\nme very much. Thank you for\nbringing me here.$k$pI do believe I shall stick around,\nif you don't mind.
  37. MID_KAGEROU_STRONGEST: I've been doing flower arrangements\nfrom whatever I can find in this\nworld. Here's my latest creation.$k$pWhat do you think of it? Ah. It looks\nlike something from a hellscape?\nWell, I appreciate your honesty.$k$pCurious to think how I'd have never\nbeen able to work with these flowers\nhad I not come to this world.$k$pIn a way, you have played a large\npart in the creation of this\nflower arrangement.$k$pI can thank you for many things,\nand most of all, that every one\nof us remains safe.$k$pSo I vow to keep you safe, no matter\nwhat dread events come to pass,\n$Nu.
  38. MID_KAIN_STRONGEST: Sir Jagen used to always lecture\nme about my tendency to rush in\nwithout thinking.$k$pBut with you in charge, I don't lose\ntrack of myself in battle and I can\ndo my job.$k$pThanks, $Nu.$k$pWith you, I can fight with the fire\nin my belly but not lose my cool.\nThat's always been my goal.
  39. MID_KAMUI_F_STRONGEST: Ah, $Nu!\nThanks for coming to visit me\nagain!$k$pOh, sorry I keep patting you on\nthe head—it's a bad habit I picked\nup back home.$k$pBut I do think that touch can bring\nfriends closer than words can,\nyou know? Wanna try it?$k$pHeehee—you're so gentle! It's\nbeen a while since someone\npatted ME on the head. It's nice!$k$pAnytime you want to pat or be\npatted, let me know! It can only\nhelp us be stronger together.
  40. MID_KAMUI_M_STRONGEST: It's good to see you. We've spent\nso much time together, I'm uneasy\nwhen you're not around.$k$pI'd like to just keep you where I\ncan see you, but people would\ncall me overprotective. Heh.$k$pI've felt...overprotected my whole\nlife, so it's a strange feeling to\nwant to do it myself.$k$pYou are obviously essential to the\nrealm's defense, so it's natural to\nprotect you, I suppose.$k$pI guess I'm saying we've got your\nback, so don't worry about what\npath to choose. Just keep going.
  41. MID_KATUA_STRONGEST: Huh. Is that how I seem? Like I'm\nalways staring off into the\ndistance?$k$pHeehee! I guess if that's how it\nseems, it's probably true, right?$k$pBut I know how to fix it—by\nspending more time with you,\ndeveloping$k$pI know that every day I spend with\nyou will help me focus and keep me\nlooking straight ahead.$k$pAs long as I have you by my side,\nI can do anything.
  42. MID_KAZAHANA_STRONGEST: Hya! And...hyaaa-hyaaa! Whew.\nThat's enough training for now.\nI think I did pretty well!$k$pWhat? My footwork was a little\nsloppy? And my follow-up was slow?\nAnd I wasn't flexible enough?$k$pYikes, Commander, you're so\npicky!$k$pHuh? So what if I called you my\ncommander? You're really the most\nimportant one around here.$k$pOh, come on! You know it! I know it!\nEveryone knows it! Don't be\nso modest.$k$pI didn't mean to demote anyone\nelse around here. I'll just let it\nbe our little nickname...$k$pOK, Commander?
  43. MID_LAZWARD_STRONGEST: Well, this must be fate! I was\njust thinking about you, and here\nyou are, $Nu.\nThere's something I've been\nwanting to share with you. But,\nplease, tell no one else.$k$pThis isn't the first time I've been\nsummoned from one world to\nanother. No, indeed.$k$pYou see, I came to this world\nfrom Nohr—but I am not\nreally OF Nohr.$k$pI was summoned there from yet a\nthird world. I changed my look\nand my name for Nohr.$k$pI needed to tell you because I don't\nwant there to be any secrets\nbetween us, friend.$k$pMy real name is Inigo, and you have\nmy promise to always fight for\nyou—with a smile on my face!$k$pNow, how about you and I go run\noff and grab a cup of tea?
  44. MID_LEON_STRONGEST: I'm not surprised to see you here,\n$Nu.\nYou always seem eager to chat.$k$pEven when I am cold and distant\nwith you, you check up on me\nafter battle with a kind word.$k$pAnd that concern and connection\nhave made me stronger than I've\never been.$k$pThis isn't something I would\nnormally say aloud, but you make\nme feel valuable—even needed.$k$pThat's why...I want you always to\nstay by my side.$k$pI never would have imagined this\nwhen I first got here, but...I feel\nas if I could trust my life to you.$k$pArgh, I sound pathetic. I don't\nimagine you'll ever let me hear\nthe end of this, will you?
  45. MID_LEYVAN_STRONGEST: It's nothing worth talking about, but\nthere's something I might as well\ntell you, $Nu.\nA long time ago, I was from a\nroyal house—a house that was\ndestroyed by our enemies.$k$pThat was why I became a\nmercenary—to seek revenge\non those who did it.$k$pI sought power—and always more\nof it—to better exact my revenge.$k$pBut now, none of that matters.\nI've come to my senses after\nwatching you at work here.$k$pDoes any of that make sense?\nIf not, forget I said anything.\nI'll still fight hard for you.
  46. MID_LILINA_STRONGEST: There's someone in my life whom\nI dearly want to keep safe.$k$pThat is what has driven me to do my\nbest in all things. But now I realize\nthere's a limit to what I can do alone.$k$pWatching you, always working with\nour allies, has shown me that.\nPeople flock to you!$k$pAnd you're all the stronger for it.\nYou seem to share that very\nquality with Roy...$k$pSo, I just wanted to say thank you.\nI hope I'll never lose your kind support.\nI know you'll never lose mine.
  47. MID_LIN_STRONGEST: I'd like to offer my thanks today.\nIt's for all the times you've helped me.\nNothing more, nothing less.$k$pBut while I'm at it, I should also\nthank you for giving me courage\nand never failing to be kind.$k$pThose are rarer qualities than\nyou'd think. In fact...$k$pI think you're as precious to me\nas the breeze that blows across\nthe open plains of Sacae.$k$pOh my! Pay me no mind. But,\nplease, know that I'm always\nhere for you, all right?
  48. MID_LIZ_STRONGEST: Hey! I was thinking that I've grown\nup a lot since I got here. Don'tcha\nthink, $Nu?$k$pI've learned to fight, I've made\nfriends with people in the Order,\nand I always clean my plate!$k$p...Thanks! Glad you agree! Of\ncourse, it's all because of your help\nthat I'm so princessy now!$k$pI feel like I'm one step closer to\nbeing the ideal lady. I hope you'll\nkeep helping me get there!$k$pOh, and I've gotten better at little\npranks, too. I can't wait for you to\nfind the frog I just hid!
  49. MID_LLEU_STRONGEST: Sheesh. You just can't help poking\nyour nose in my business, can you?\nWell, fine.$k$pThing is, maybe since you did keep\nprodding me, I might have gotten\nbetter than I would have otherwise.$k$pHey, I said maybe. That's all.$k$pI know you only spent time with me\nbecause you feel sorry for...\nwell, whatever has me twisted up.$k$pRight? You don't need to admit it.\nBesides, I'm the one who got\nthe short end of the stick here.$k$pNow that I'm stuck with you,\nI have one more person I need\nto look out for! So, uh, thanks.
  50. MID_LUCINA_STRONGEST: This world is a truly beautiful place.\nThe white castle, clear blue skies...\nand all the flowers, of course.$k$pThey are, all of them, irreplaceable.\nWe must protect this world at\nall costs, $Nu.$k$pMy homeland was destroyed by war.\nI can't bear to let anyone else\nexperience that loss.$k$p...Hm? Thank you for trying to\nlift my spirits...$k$pI'm always touched by your\nkindness. I hope that, whatever may\ncome, we'll remain side by side.
  51. MID_LUNA_STRONGEST: Ah, THERE you are! Hey, do you\nwant to form a team with me?\nI mean, we already hang out...$k$pGreat! We are now the\nSelen$Nu\nAlliance!$k$pWhy are you making that face?!\nIt does NOT sound dumb!$k$pI'll have you know I put A LOT of\ntime and effort into that name so\nwe could become closer friends!$k$pHuh? Oh, well, that's better.\nI knew you'd come around. Now\nthat we're a team, no secrets!$k$pMy name's not Selena, and I'm\nnot from the world you found me in.\nYou can call me Severa...privately.
  52. MID_MARIA_STRONGEST: Heeheehee! What do you think—\nthe strongest I've been yet,\nright?$k$pMy siblings have always protected\nme, and I knew someday I had to be\nstrong enough to protect myself.$k$pBut you've helped me realize that\n"someday" isn't good enough!\nI need to be strong now.$k$pFighting is no fun, but I think it's\nwhy I've gotten as strong as I have.$k$pThanks for helping me realize my\ndream!
  53. MID_MARICH_STRONGEST: It's been some time since we began\nto fight side by side, yet you still\nfind ways to surprise me.$k$pI don't mean that in a bad way!\nYou're just...a very mysterious\nperson.$k$pYou're not like anyone I've met.\nThe things you come up with...the\nrest of us have never dreamed of.$k$pYou are like a wind that blows\nthrough each of our lives and\nchanges our fates.$k$pSo please know that I believe in\nyou and your abilities. I will work\nwith you as long as you'll have me.
  54. MID_MARKS_STRONGEST: Here, take this practice sword,\n$Nu. I borrowed it\nfrom Commander Anna.$k$pYou're going to join me for training.\nWhat, don't you want to? I'm not\ntrying to forge you into a fighter.$k$pI believe that meeting a friend\nblade to blade is the truest way to\ngive voice to our inner qualities.$k$pIn swordplay, you can share your\nhopes and fears as our leader and I\ncan parry with things unsaid.$k$pI wouldn't spar like this with just\nanyone. You've proven yourself\nworthy on the battlefield!$k$pNow, what say you? Would you\nstill rather not...?$k$pOh, you'll join me! Well then, know\nthat it is my honor completely,\n$Nu.
  55. MID_MARTH_STRONGEST: Over all the battles we've fought\ntogether, I have come to see my\nown powerlessness.$k$pAs but one, I cannot accomplish\nanything. Together, we can face\neverything.$k$pThat is why having you at my side\ngives me courage beyond the\ntelling of it.$k$pI shall continue to fight at your\nside as long as you will allow me.$k$pI am eternally grateful that we\nmay count on one another.
  56. MID_MATTHEW_STRONGEST: Whoa, never a dull moment with you\naround, is there? You really keep\na spy on his toes!$k$pSpeaking of which, you know how\nwe spies stick to the shadows?\nIt's not smart to have close friends.$k$pMakes sense, right? A spy needs\nthe flexibility to do what he\nneeds to, when he needs to.$k$pFriends just muck things up.$k$pThe only problem with all this\nis you. You're the kind of person\na spy can't evade forever.$k$pOh, I'll keep trying, friend, but for\nnow, forget I said anything.
  57. MID_MINERBA_STRONGEST: I do not have what is required of a\nruler. During my time ruling in place\nof my brother...$k$pI have allowed rebellion, been\ncaptured, and displayed my own\npowerlessness and disgrace.$k$pPerhaps I could better rule with a\ntactician like you at my side...$k$pYou have a unique quality about\nyou—you make me feel as if...$k$pI still have much I can accomplish.\nThank you for that. I swear to not\ngive up and to look to the future.
  58. MID_MISHEIL_STRONGEST: I died once—did you know? Minerva\ndefeated me, crushed all my mighty\nambitions on that battlefield.$k$pI should have stayed dead, but a\nfoolish spark remained in my heart.$k$pNow I must admit that my time with\nyou has kindled that tiny spark\nonce more.$k$pWith the power I've gained at your\nside, I could dream once more of\nconquering worlds...$k$pRegardless, until I make my\ndecision, I will follow you and see\nwhat else I might gain.
  59. MID_NABARL_STRONGEST: I usually fight alone. However...$k$pI can imagine a future fighting with\nall of you.$k$pNever mind. Don't listen to anything\nI've said.$k$pIt's all nonsense, and I blame you\nfor my sentimentality,\n$Nu.
  60. MID_NACIEN_STRONGEST: I, Narcian, have a bone to pick\nwith you! I heard that you said I am\ncompletely full of myself!$k$pDid you mean it as an insult?\nBecause it's not! I am full of\nnothing BUT me!$k$pHow else would I have clawed my\nway to the top? Confidence is king,\nand I would be emperor!$k$pHmpf. You might be the first one\nto ever stand there and say\nsuch a thing to my face.$k$pI'll make you regret that you\npicked a fight with me, Narcian!\nOne day I'll make you kneel.$k$pThen I'll pet your head like a little\nkitty—and keep you at my side\nforever! Ha ha ha ha!
  61. MID_NINO_STRONGEST: I'm so happy to be here, where I\ncan spend time with so many\nnice people. Every day is so fun.$k$pI had this once before, surrounded\nby people I loved. They were\ family.$k$pThat life is over, but it was so\nmuch fun while it lasted. I'm glad\nnow, thinking back on it.$k$pThose memories were painful for\na while, but you helped me\nremember the good times.$k$pThank you! I promise to work\nso very hard for you. Just you\nwait and see!
  62. MID_NONO_STRONGEST: Found you, $Nu!\nLet's play together! How about\nsome hide-and-dragonseek? Tag?$k$pHuh? You just want to chat? I like\nto run around a bunch, but if that's\nwhat you want, we can do that!$k$pI love playing with you—you're nice\nand you're fun and I feel safe with\nyou. Hm? Aww! How sweet!$k$pWell, if that's how we both feel,\nlet's stick together forever and\never!$k$pSince I'm older, I'll be sure to\nalways keep you safe,\n$Nu! It's a promise!
  63. MID_OBORO_STRONGEST: Oh, is something wrong,\n$Nu?$k$pYou haven't ruined your nice clothes,\nhave you? Or ripped a stitch? Or\nspilled soup on yourself?$k$pOh, I'm only kidding. I know you\ncome around for more than\nmy needle and thread.$k$pYou know, I do like it when I see\nyou in your nice, clean uniform.\nIt's so dapper!$k$pI like it even more when you don't\nget blood all over it—means you've\ncome back safe from battle!$k$pClothes can always be replaced,\nbut you're one of a kind. I just\ncouldn't do without you.$k$pSo I promise to always protect\nyou...and to help you keep your\nuniform in top shape!
  64. MID_ODIN_STRONGEST: Ha! My third eye told me you\nwould appear in this holy shrine\nto heroism and warfare.$k$pI would speak with the anointed\nchampion, plucked by fate from—\nWait, come back! Don't leave!$k$pI just wanted to say I knew I'd run\ninto you if I waited here. I actually\nneed to talk with you.$k$pI feel like we've gotten real close,\nand I don't want to keep secrets\nfrom you.$k$pI must therefore reveal that I am\nNOT Odin at all but a warrior of\nhope from another time...Owain!$k$pYeah, yeah, enough with the\ntheatrics... But let me tell you this:\nI have not and will not lie to you.
  65. MID_OGUMA_STRONGEST: Since meeting you all, I've learned\nthat strength comes in many forms.$k$pThe strength to protect peace...\nis not the strength I learned as a\ngladiator, killing for sport.$k$pI've learned much from you,\n$Nu. And I will\nlearn more yet.$k$pI will become stronger. I will learn\nto swing my blade in service of a\nlasting peace.
  66. MID_OLIVIE_STRONGEST: Umm... Thank you for always taking\ntime out of your busy day to come\nand watch me dance!$k$pI've traveled a lot, but I've never\nbeen somewhere like this before.\nI was pretty nervous at first...$k$pBut you always stayed near me and\nkept a friendly eye on me. I think\nthat's why I've adjusted so well.$k$pI...I hope this isn't too forward, but\nI'd like you to see my newest\ndance.$k$pI chose the choreography in\nhonor of our world...and the\nrelationship you and I share.
  67. MID_PAORA_STRONGEST: Of course, Princess Minerva will\nalways be my liege and foremost\nin my thoughts.$k$pAnd obviously my two sisters are\nvery dear to me. However...$k$pI must confess that someone else\nis now occupying many of my\nthoughts. Someone I met here...$k$pAhem. I hope I can continue to stay\nby your side and make you proud.$k$pOh, thank you so much! You've\nmade me so happy!
  68. MID_PIERI_STRONGEST: Oh, I've been looking for you.\nI have something tasty-wasty\nthat I made for you!$k$pCooked it myself. Oh, and I sliced\nand diced the meat—and all\nthe veggies too!$k$pEat up while it's hot. Like it?\nScrumptious, right? YAY!$k$pMy mommy was great at cooking.\nThat's why I want to be good at it too.\nThat way, it's like she's with me!$k$pMore than anything, it means\nthat I know how to make you\nhappy-wappy!$k$pSo, count on Peri to spice\nthings up in the battle AND the\nkitchen from now on!
  69. MID_REFLET_F_STRONGEST: We've been through a lot together\non the battlefield, and I've watched\nyou every step of the way.$k$pNot to be presumptuous, but the\nway you fight, your tactical skill, the\nway you keep everyone safe...$k$pIt all reminds me of myself and how\nI led my friends in battle back in my\nown world.$k$pThat means I also know how much\nyou care about all of us and how\npainful your position can be.$k$pIf that weight gets to be too much,\nI want you to lean on me. After all,\nI've been at this for a while...$k$pI might just come up with an\namazing plan that solves all your\nproblems, on or off the battlefield!
  70. MID_REFLET_M_STRONGEST: I appreciate the opportunity you've\ngiven me to observe your battle\ntactics in depth.$k$pEvery time we head out, I can't\nhelp but be proud that you've\nchosen me to fight at your side.$k$pBut I do feel bad for interfering\nwith the bonding process between\npartners.$k$pYou and Alfonse share something\nspecial, right? Similar to the bond\nbetween Chrom and me?$k$pBut there is also an understanding\nbetween fellow tacticians, and I\nvow to support you to the end.
  71. MID_RIFF_STRONGEST: I must admit...being surrounded by\nso many young people has me\npushing myself beyond my years.$k$pBut the journey has been very\nmuch worthwhile. I have seen that\nthere is still much I can do.$k$pI will keep my prayers with those\nwho have guided me on my way...\nand that includes you.$k$pPlease continue to use this feeble\nold man in whatever way will help\nyour cause.$k$pLet all be as the gods will.
  72. MID_RINDA_STRONGEST: Excuse me—not to embarrass you\nor anything—but I wanted to thank\nyou.$k$pMuch has happened since we first\nmet, but I've made a lot of happy\nmemories with you and the others.$k$pBack where I came from, I had just\nlost my father, and I$k$pSorry. I'm OK now. But I wanted\nyou to know how grateful I am for\nthis new life.$k$pThank you for your concern and\nyour kindness. You are an\ninspiration to everyone.
  73. MID_RONKUU_STRONGEST: You're here again. Why? What\nhave I done to deserve this\nattention?$k$pI have no wealth, no power.\nNothing but my skills as a\nswordsman.$k$pWhat? You value my presence?\nYou find my help...reassuring?$k$pNo one has ever said that to\nme before, but I am glad my\npresence gives you strength.$k$pUnderstood. I shall be your\nbodyguard, then.$k$pI will stay by your side for as long\nas you want me.
  74. MID_ROY_STRONGEST: I must become as strong as I\ncan to ensure that I can keep this\nand all other good worlds safe.$k$pI want everyone to find their happy\nendings in life. But to do that,\nthere's still much I need to learn.$k$pOn the bright side, I feel that I have\nlearned so much just by being\nnear you, $Nu.$k$pI don't mean only about battle tactics\nbut also about you—where you're\nfrom and what inspires you.$k$pI hope that you and I will forever\nbe good friends. Know that you\ncan always depend on me.
  75. MID_RYOUMA_STRONGEST: Care to join me for some meditation?\nThen close your eyes. Empty your\nmind. Envision a relaxing place.$k$pI am thinking of Hoshido—cherry-\nblossom trees in bloom...rain in the\ngardens...a moon on the wane.$k$pI must admit that when I've been\nmeditating of late, I have also\nenvisioned something new.$k$pPlaces from this realm...the faces\nof members in the Order of\nHeroes...and, most of all...$k$pI see you, standing on the battlefield.\nThat image lets me achieve inner\nbalance like no other.$k$pI hope that you would feel just the\nsame from my presence here.$k$pOne more thing—in my own kingdom,\nI would never pledge my katana\nin service to another.$k$pBut here, it is my honor and my\nprivilege to serve you to the\nend with my blade.
  76. MID_SAIZOU_STRONGEST: Hmpf. You always spot me now\nwhen I'm around. Not bad,\n$Nu.$k$pYou couldn't for a while, you know.\nI'd be standing right here, in front of\nyour face, and you'd be oblivious.$k$pYou, our great summoner, were\nwide open to attack from the\nshadows! Truly disturbing.$k$pAnd that's not all. I could follow\nyou for half the day without you\never noticing that I was there.$k$pOh, now before you run away with\nany foolish ideas, like maybe I\nwas watching out for you...$k$pI should set the matter straight—\nthat I was only monitoring\nour weak link.$k$pIf you get taken out, then I'll be put\nin danger. If I get taken out, then my\nlord, Ryoma, loses my protection.$k$pWhat I'm trying to say is since\nyou got better at taking care of\nyourself...$k$pI may be willing to watch out for\nyou from the shadows. A little.
  77. MID_SAKURA_STRONGEST: Oh! Thank you so very much\nfor checking up on me,\n$Nu.$k$pI'm doing well, but may I tell you\nsomething? When I first got here,\nI wasn't sure how to act around you.$k$pThey call you a Great Hero, so I\nthought I should respect such a\ngreat person by keeping my distance.$k$pBut then I got to know you.\nYou're so kind and put everyone\nat ease—most of all, me.$k$pIt's almost like you've become a\npart of my family. I mean, here we\nare now, simply chatting.$k$pS-so now...I have s-something to\nask you. Would you consider\nthinking of m-me...$k$pas a friend?$k$pWhat? You already do? Why, that's\nwonderful! I am so glad you\nsummoned me into your life.$k$pI promise to help you any way\nthat I can...friend!
  78. MID_SALLYA_STRONGEST: Ah, excellent—it seems my hex\nto summon you worked\nimmediately.$k$pYes, that's right. You came here\nbecause of a hex—a hex that made\nyou want to talk to me.$k$pI sprinkled powdered lizard on this\npaper, and you were drawn toward it.\n...Hm? The lizard's worn off...$k$pSo you came here of your own free\nwill? Surprising, yet...not.$k$pHeehee... I already have someone\nI'm destined to be with, but you're\njust as precious to me.
  79. MID_SERGE_STRONGEST: Thank you for always supporting\nme and my precious Minerva. We\nboth feel so safe with you!$k$pTo be honest, I was worried at first.\nAbout living in a different world...\nAbout fighting new enemies...$k$pI did leave home once before, but\ncoming here is not the same as\ncrossing from Valm to Ylisse.$k$pBut spending time with you—learning\nabout this world—has filled me with\ndetermination to protect it.$k$pMy homeland of Rosanne is a green\nand beautiful place, just like Askr.\nI hope to show it to you someday.
  80. MID_SERRA_STRONGEST: By Saint Elimine, you certainly\nhave turned my life upside down\nsince you brought me here!$k$pGo here...battle there...heal this\nperson...then that person...$k$pWhy, don't you realize that I'm\npretty as a petal and TWICE\nas fragile?$k$pBut I do need to offer my thanks.\nI have developed a...thicker\nskin, thanks to you.$k$pAnd by that, I mean that my skin\nhas actually gotten THICK,\nbeing in such harsh conditions!$k$pStill, it's not entirely awful having\neveryone dote on me, hoping\nthat I'll help them out.$k$pDon't worry. I'll always make time to\nhelp you too—as long as you call me\nLady Serra at all times. Got it?
  81. MID_SETSUNA_STRONGEST: Woo-hoo. It's you, Summoner.\nYou going to do more of\nthat summoning thing today?$k$pI like a crowd. It's nice. And more\nof us means more people around\nto help if I fall into a trap.$k$pThat happens all the time,\nyou know. Have I ever\nmentioned it?$k$pBut you know, more of us also\nmeans you have less time\nfor me. Sad.$k$pWhat? You promise you won't\nforget about me? What?\nYou never could?$k$pYay. I feel the same. Are you\nsure we're not the same person?\nIt wouldn't surprise me at all!
  82. MID_SHARON_STRONGEST: You know, I consider it a high honor\nand an exceptional privilege to\nspend these moments with you.$k$pAw, who am I kidding,\n$Nu?$k$pHa! Let's drop all that royal\njibber-jabber. It's just us,\nright? Right!$k$pThe thing is, I love being around\nyou. I've never been happier!$k$pSure, you're a valuable addition\nto the Order of Heroes—blah,\nblah, blabbity, blah.$k$pBut after spending so much time\nwith you, I just think of you\nmore like...a close friend.$k$pDo you feel the same? Are we\nfriends? Best friends? On our\nway to being best friends?$k$pWe are? Er, which one?\nNever mind. I'm just delighted...\nso very...$k$pWaah! You've made me cry,\nyou silly goose.$k$pI won't forget this day. Why, I'll\nsave all my tears of happiness in\na vial to remind me—forever!
  83. MID_SHEEDA_STRONGEST: Your strength has always impressed\nme. I've always felt weak, needing\nprotection from others.$k$pI was envious of your strength,\nbut I think I've got it figured out\nnow...$k$pYour strength comes from your\nbelief in your allies. My "weakness"\ncould be your strength.$k$pI would like to stay with you longer\nand learn more from you and your\nstrength, if that's OK.$k$pHeehee! I appreciate it. I look\nforward to observing you right\nup close...
  84. MID_SIMA_STRONGEST: I have heard that you are not\noriginally from this world.$k$pSo why is it that you continue\nto fight for it?$k$pIs it simply that you value the\nfriends you have made here and\ndo not wish to abandon them?$k$pIf so...I can understand your\nfeelings. I, too, cannot abandon\nthose who need my help...$k$pAs such, I will not leave you here.\nAs long as you remain, I promise\nto support you as well.
  85. MID_SOFIYA_STRONGEST: Your future...has shifted and\nswirled since we met.$k$pAt first, your future was a fog\nthat not even my eyes could\npierce.$k$pOver time, I made out the faintest\nnimbus around you. A weak\nglow, if you will.$k$pThat glow has grown, illumined\nby light—many lights, from\nmany sources!$k$pThese have mystified me until\nrecently, when I realized that\ one of those lights.$k$pYou invite such lights to you,\nand your glow is becoming like a\nbeacon, banishing the fog!$k$pAnd so...I want to stay with you\nto see what your future will look\nlike when the gone.
  86. MID_SOIREE_STRONGEST: Hey, you gonna be fighting by\nour side again today? Good to\nhear, $Nu.$k$pFighting here has been a great\nexperience for me. And you're\npretty damn inspiring, you know?$k$pI know you can't fight directly, but\nyou still always seem like the\nbiggest deal on the field.$k$pSomeday maybe I'll inspire courage\nin my allies like you do. That's my\ndream since I came here.$k$pUntil that dream comes true,\nI guess I'll just have to stay near\nyou! Thanks, partner.
  87. MID_SORT_STRONGEST: Whew, good training session! Must\nbe time to find a sna— Oh, hey,\n$Nu!$k$pAwww! You brought me a sandwich!\nI was just about to grab something\nto eat! Thanks!$k$pYou're always looking out for me.\nI can't even count how many times\nyou've saved me on the battlefield!$k$pBut I've noticed that people who\ntake care of others sometimes\nforget to take care of themselves.$k$pThat's why I'm keeping my eye on\nyou! Don't push yourself too hard,\nand I'll do my best to support you.
  88. MID_TAKUMI_STRONGEST: I've been wondering... How do you\nthink of me? Am I just another\nHero to you?$k$pNot that it matters to me. Just\ncurious. But I feel like you\nacknowledge me and my skill.$k$pIf you didn't, why would you spend\nso much time looking out for me?\n...I appreciate that, by the way.$k$pI guess that's all I ever wanted—\nto be acknowledged for my own\nabilities. Thank you.$k$pNow just you watch—I'll be the\nstrongest Hero you've ever\nknown.
  89. MID_THANY_STRONGEST: Some people say I'm childish.\nNot nice to say, but maybe not\ntotally wrong either.$k$pBut since I've come here and\nfought alongside everyone, I feel\nlike I've grown up a lot!$k$pHey, and here you are, I bet,\nthinking that ol' Shanna looks\njust the same, right?$k$pHow do I know? Oh, I know.\nEveryone always looks at me\nlike I'm just the same.$k$pLooky there—it's Shanna!\nAnd there—it's Shanna!$k$pThe thing is, I like being me.\nSo I wouldn't mind putting off\nthis whole growing-up thing.$k$pThat is, if you don't mind. Ha!\nI knew you wouldn't!
  90. MID_TIAMO_STRONGEST: Let's summon Heroes, first I'd\nhave to pose, then fire a shot like so...\nYes, I have the moves down perfec—$k$pAhhh! Were you watching me?\nWhy didn't you say something\nsooner, $Nu?!$k$pHm? Because I let my guard down?\nYou're very rude to spy on me\nlike that!$k$pBut I must's nice that you\ncan see me this way and not just\nas everyone's "natural talent."$k$pI won't let my guard down on the\nbattlefield, though. You are precious\nto me, and I swear to protect you.
  91. MID_TIKI_STRONGEST: Heeheehee! I'm so happy not to be\nalone anymore!$k$pI have so many friends here—so\nmany people to talk to!$k$pAnd it's all because you\nsummoned me here.$k$pYou're my favorite, you know.\nLet's stay together forever!
  92. MID_TIKI_A_STRONGEST: Tell you look forward to\nor dread the day you'll go\nhome from this world?$k$pPersonally, I can't stop thinking\nabout the sad day I will have to\npart with all my new friends.$k$pThe thought of saying good-bye to\nyou is especially sad. I suppose it's\na sign of how close we've grown.$k$pHeh. That's borrowing trouble from\nthe future, isn't it? Better to\nconcentrate on the happy present.$k$pThere is still plenty of time for us\nto spend together, and I plan to\nenjoy every moment of it.$k$pSomeday, when I look back on\nthese days, you will shine ever so\nbrightly in my memory...
  93. MID_TSUBAKI_STRONGEST: You and I have been in battle\nplenty of times now. Haven't we,\n$Nu?$k$pI'm sure you've seen me make\nlittle mistakes now and then.\nIt's only natural.$k$pBut it still bothers me, especially\nhere where I rank among the\nHeroes called upon in this world.$k$pI feel like I must be even more\nperfect here than back home.$k$pAnd you, Great Hero! You must be\nunder an even greater pressure\nto be the best...of the best!$k$pWhat? You say sometimes your\ntactics aren't up to snuff?$k$pAha! How wonderful. You and I have\nbeen hiding our little failures. Well,\nyour secret is safe with me.$k$pWe will help each other achieve\ntotal perfection. Until then, you\ncan count on me—absolutely!
  94. MID_URSULA_STRONGEST: You may have gleaned that I will\nserve only a perfect master,\n$Nu.$k$pI have no friendship to offer you.\nNor will I take any. It would be\nan insult to the both of us.$k$pWhy, what are two friends but a\npair of failures who've merely\nagreed to cover for each other?$k$pI give you my loyalty because\nyou're worthy. You don't battle, but\nyour tactics are exquisite!$k$pBut...$k$pI will say that if you falter, even in\nthe slightest, you do know how\nour little arrangement ends, right?$k$pHmm, yes, I think you do. Then\nbest you make yourself productive.\nThe Blue watching.
  95. MID_VIAUR_STRONGEST: Ah, may I steal a bit of your time,\n$Nu?$k$pI've grown fascinated with the\nboard games of other cultures\nlately. Care to play one now?$k$pTake a look—this board is the\nbattlefield and this dazzling little\ngemstone is yours truly.$k$pAll of these pieces—you move\nthem around the board as you\nwould fighters in a battle.$k$pYes, yes... Of course... Very good.\nYou grasp the game quickly, as\nI suspected you would.$k$pBut I see that you're not willing\nto sacrifice that dazzling little\ngemstone...$k$pWho can blame you? It is more\nscintillating than all the rest!\nStill, I need to tell you...$k$pYou're playing that wrong. It's\nbetter strategy to sacrifice any\npiece for the greater good.$k$pMuch as you could choose to\nrid yourself of me from your\nteam to serve your purposes.$k$pThere are other Heroes to bring\ninto the fold. But do I sense...that\nyou're repelled by the idea?$k$pYou don't want to sacrifice anyone,\ndo you? Very well. Then as the\nfirst Hero you summoned...$k$pI will make it my duty to keep\npolishing myself into the most\ndazzling stone in your possession!
  96. MID_WENDY_STRONGEST: I've got to say that I appreciate\nall of your guidance in battle.$k$pBut sometimes I worry that you\ntry to protect me too much out there.$k$pAm I failing to do my part as a knight,\nprotecting others, if you're always\nworried about my safety?$k$pMaybe you think that I draw too\nmuch attention to myself by wearing\nsuch colorful armor.$k$pBut that's exactly why I do wear\nthis—to draw foes to me and\naway from others!$k$pI know that we need to act as a\nteam out there, but my role really is\nto put myself in harm's way!$k$pStill, thank you. I'll always have the\ncourage to protect everyone, knowing\nthat you're looking out for me.
  97. MID_ZEFHYR_STRONGEST: I've long had the conviction that\nhumanity had no more worth\nthan the least of all fleas.$k$pAnd$k$pYour deeds here, and those of\nthe others... Every good act has\nwhittled at my certainty.$k$pWhat I am saying is that you\nhave earned my attention.\nStill, be careful.$k$pThe last person to toy with my\nrespect was my father. Ultimately,\nI had to put an end to him.$k$pNow, you have a throat. And I,\na hand. Let us hope the two\nnever have need to meet.
  98. MID_ZERO_STRONGEST: Here you are. And here I am!\nAren't we a pair.$k$pI must confess that I've grown\nafter each of your visits—really\nand truly, I have!$k$pI must also say that when I first\nmet you, Summoner, I thought you\nwere a fussy bit of butter.$k$pI served you, but not happily.\nBut now! Oh, what a difference!\nI long to always be with you.$k$pI wonder, have you only indulged\nyour servant Niles? Or are we\nbecoming friends now?$k$pI know some see me as unsavory.\nTo them I say, variety is the spice\nof life! But, what say you?$k$pEh? You trust me? How curious.\nSomeone dear to me once\nsaid the very same thing.$k$pSo, you and I will be friends through\nthick and thin. And, you know me...\nI always delight my friends.
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