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DA Press Release - Clean Up

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Oct 13th, 2011
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  1. Brookfield property group has informed Occupy Wall Street of their intent to “clean” Liberty Square, our home and community. OWS views this as an attempt to evict over 500 peaceful and nonviolent protesters form Liberty Square, a tactic used to evict occupations in Austin, TX, Barcelona, Spain, and Bloombergville, NY.
  3. OWS is a highly organized community with a sanitation working group that works tirelessly to keep our plaza clean. In a show of good will, OWS organized a full day of cleaning on Thursday, 13 October 2011 in response to Brookfield’s concerns.
  5. We have no intention of leaving our park. We have spent weeks building a strong community of mutual aid and empowerment. The city government has brutalized and intimidated us and the media has attempted to censor and belittle our message. Despite these challenges, our message has been heard by millions around the world, and they are taking up the call to action by occupying spaces in their communities and opening them up to practice direct, horizontal, non-hierarchical democracy.
  7. OWS invites Brookfield property group to re-clean Liberty Plaza in 1/3 increments starting at 7am as they have proposed. We will maintain physical presence in two thirds of our plaza at all times while they re-clean.
  9. The possibility of eviction doesn’t simply threaten the immediate occupiers of Liberty Square. As a symbolic home to the growing movement against global injustice, any attempt to evict Liberty Square will be met with strong resistance by occupiers, community groups, local unions and organized labor, as well as individual supporters world wide.
  11. Occupy Everything.
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