By the river pt. 1

Jun 28th, 2017
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  1. "Whats taking her so long?" Trevor said to himself, "hope she's not gonna take forever."
  3. Trevor wasn't quite sure how long he had been waiting, it felt like ages since he had sat down by the edge of the river. The noon sun hung overhead casting no shadow, yet Trevor didn't feel all that warm. To him it felt more like a warm spring day, than anything else. Looking down at his wrist, Trevor hope to check the time. Only remembering withing second he never had one to begin with. With a sigh he laid back on the soft grass under him. The sky above cloudless, as the sun's light reflecting off the surface of the river.
  5. "'EY BUDDY!" A hoarse voice crowed. "YA COMIN' OR WHAT?"
  7. Trevor sat up, looking around for the source of the voice.
  9. "OI! OVER HEAH!" The voice shouted.
  11. Trevor looked at down towards the river, there an old man stood in a boat moored to a dock.
  13. "GIT OVER HEAH," the old man shouted. "I AIN'T GONNA HAVE A SHOUTAN MATCH WITH YA."
  15. Trevor sat up and brushed himself up, "ALRIGHT." He shouted back, "I'LL BE RIGHT OVER."
  17. Trevor jogged down the bank and onto the dock. As Trevor came to a stop, the old man looked up at him. Being so close Trevor could see the hazel eyes under the old man's tattered baker boy he wore.
  19. "Ya crossing over son?" The weathered old man asked, "I ain't got all day."
  21. Trevor shook his head, "not yet." He said, "waiting on my wife to show up. I told her I'd wait, she should be right behind me."
  23. "Fair enough," The old man said nodding a few times in agreement. "Makes my job easier since I don't have to play twenty questions when your spouse comes along asking where you are."
  25. "So...uhh, I didn't get your name."
  27. "Folks call me Ron," the old man said extending a wrinkled hand. "And who would you be?"
  29. "Trevor." Trevor said giving Ron's hand a firm shake. "Like I said, I'm just waiting for my wife Mio."
  31. "Well that's fine son, there ain't no loitering laws here...Least none I was ever told of."
  33. Trevor nodded, taking up Ron's offer and sitting on the edge of the dock next to him. The two sat in an awkward silence till Trevor broke it.
  35. "So Ron, do you just wait here all day for people?" He asked
  37. "Ayup," Ron replied. "Been doing it for ages, ferry people across and whatnot."
  39. "So how's it...oh hello."
  41. Trevor's words were cut short as a pair of foot steps caused him to turn around. There on the dock behind them was a tall man clad in a tuxedo, his brown hair combed back and neat. By his side with a wing hooked around his arm stood a stout harpy, her pink feathers making her appear plump around the thighs. Her formal dress complimented the man beside her as the two stood side by side.
  43. "Hello~" The harpy said in a bubbly tone. "We're in the right place right?"
  45. "Ayup," Ron replied. "An' you'd be?"
  47. "I'm Claire~," she said giving the boatman a warm smile. "The gentleman next to me is my hubby."
  49. "Andy," the man said holding out a hand. "I take it we're not late?"
  51. "Nah," Ron said. "Yur in time. The boy next to me is just waiting on his lady friend to meet him."
  53. Claire let out a squeal, "Isn't that adorable!" she said bouncing up next to Trevor. "Your wife must be a spoiled by you."
  55. "I guess..."Trevor mused aloud. "Though Mio fusses when I do things for her."
  57. "She just loves you a lot." Claire said plopping down next to Trevor. "What's she like?"
  59. Trevor dug into his pocket, producing a photo. "This is us when we first started dating." He said
  61. The photo was faded, creases worn into it from years of folding, unfolding, and outright cramming it into his pocket. In the photo stood a younger and more wiry Trevor standing next to a danuki almost as tall as him. Her black hair was combed and neat in contrast to Trevor's own messy dirty blonde.
  63. "She's pretty~." Claire said looking at the photo, "when did you take this?"
  65. "Ages ago." Trevor sighed.
  67. "Though it's odd." Andy said as he bent down to look at it, "haven't seen a Polaroid since I was a kid."
  69. "Yeah," Trevor said putting the photo back. "I had one, always preferred physical media to digital."
  71. Andy frowned, "how long have you been waiting though?" He asked.
  73. "Not very, kinda just got here so Mio shouldn't be too far behind."
  75. "Ahem," Ron coughed. "I hate to hurry you folks along but you two crossing or...?"
  77. Andy laughed while stepping into the boat. "Sorry about that," he said holding his arms out for Claire. "Come on Claire, wouldn't want to be late."
  79. "OK!~" Claire said as she gave Trevor a quick pat on the head. "Bye Trevor, and say hello to Mio for me!~"
  81. Trevor watched as Claire fluttered down from the dock into Andy's arms. The two of them snuggled against one another as Ron untied the boat from the dock and pushed off.
  83. "I'll be back inna bit boy," Andy said as the boat floated away. "If ya need anything help yourself to whats in the shack behind ya."
  85. Trevor watched as the boat shrank into the distance. Claire's pink plumage becoming a dot on the horizon. Digging the photo out of his pocket again, Trevor smiled and sighed as he ran his thumb over it. Closing his eyes he tried ot recall how he had met the woman that would become his.
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