Misery Enjoys Company Day 1 (Miss Eri)

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  1. >Stupid, stupid, stupid pony.
  2. >Why did you do that Eri?
  3. >You just HAD to take them again didn’t you?
  4. >You knew what they did.
  5. >Even the voices told you to take them and you listened to them again.
  6. >”Think about what your parents would do,” they had said.
  7. >And like a fool, you listened.
  8. >”You heard it yourself, if you don’t take medicine they’d cut you off.”
  9. >Like always, the voices seemed to convince you, you stupid, stupid pony.
  10. >”If you lie to them they’ll know. They’ll ask if you can still hear us and guess what's happening right now?!” another voice gleefully yelled.
  11. >”You wouldn’t ever be able to support yourself. You’re just a reject after all,” it chided then chuckled wryly.
  12. >”And lets face it... you wouldn’t last two seconds on your own.”
  13. >On some level you knew they were right.
  14. >You had feebly tried to argue that you could write but like always, the voices knew better.
  15. >So you wrote poems.
  16. >Big deal.
  17. >Nopony would buy your garbage.
  18. >And so you made a stupid mistake.
  19. >Your parents had come to town yesterday.
  20. >A visit of sorts.
  21. >Moreover, it was just one of their checkups to make sure their daughter was being a good little pony.
  22. >Your parents are, after all, very important ponies.
  23. >They just had to make sure you weren't doing something to ruin their image!
  24. >No matter how much they smothered you and kept you from doing what you wanted, you were always in the end, a good little obedient pony.
  25. >To both you parents and the voices that torment you.
  26. >Trained like the dog you are.
  27. >A stupid earth pony born to Canterlot nobles.
  28. >An earth pony born to unicorns...
  29. >How shameful.
  30. >Your father made sure to drill it into your head that you simply couldn’t be around because of what you lacked on your forehead.
  31. >It would, after all, somehow ruin their image.
  32. >Growing up, they would interact with you or acknowledge you in public.
  33. >Nopony could know.
  34. >Even at home, they were always too busy doing other things to spend time with you.
  35. >If you were a unicorn it’d be different though.
  36. >But you weren't
  37. >They wouldn’t let you out and wouldn’t play with you, so you made imaginary friends and played with them instead.
  38. >That was, until they started getting scary.
  39. >They told you to do things.
  40. >Bad things.
  41. >You told your parents about it because you were afraid.
  42. >They in turn told you something was wrong with you.
  43. >Your mother used her connections to get you a bottle of pills that made the them go away sometimes and other times it wouldn’t help.
  44. >So you kept taking them.
  45. >Anything to make them stop.
  46. >This was a double edged sword.
  47. >Sometimes you would take a little more when the first dose didn’t work.
  48. >Just a little more to stop the damnable voices.
  49. >It couldn’t hurt right?
  50. >If the voices stopped you could be a little more normal.
  51. >You learned otherwise.
  52. >Sometimes it would help.
  53. >But sometimes if you were really unlucky it would make them worse.
  54. >You’d start to see the things the voices belonged to.
  55. >And you were very unlucky.
  56. >They’d start to be more convincing than they normally were or they just wouldn’t stop until you did what they told you too.
  57. >It’s not... really worth thinking about.
  58. >It got bad one day.
  59. >Really, really bad.
  60. >You couldn’t take the constant noise.
  61. >They wouldn’t shut up.
  62. >You just wanted it to stop.
  63. >So you took a little more and you ended up hurting somepony.
  64. >You and your stupid earth pony strength.
  65. >You thought you saw a monster and did what any sane pony would do if they thought they were going to die.
  66. >After your father bribed the servant and her family, that incident was kept quiet and were silently whisked away to Ponyville.
  67. >Manehatten was their first choice but it was too big.
  68. >Somepony may notice the resemblance.
  69. >Ponyville was small and close enough to Canterlot for them to get to you easily.
  70. >The perfect place to tuck you away, a freak of a daughter like you.
  71. >You shouldn’t have made that mistake again today.
  72. >You shouldn’t have taken that many.
  73. >But you were stupid.
  74. >You let the voices get to you before you could make them go away.
  75. >And look at what you did to Anon’s house.
  76. >You stood behind the police cordon and watched it get consumed.
  77. >The flames were licking away at the roof of the building.
  78. >The inferno burned with a roar.
  79. >It sounded angry.
  80. >Almost like it was alive.
  81. >Many ponies like to say that watching something burn is therapeutic.
  82. >It almost was.
  83. >But over the sound of the fire you could lightly hear the sound of whispering in your head.
  84. >Its getting louder.
  85. >These damnable voices.
  86. >You couldn’t stay here much longer.
  87. >You can’t trust yourself around anypony like this.
  88. >Turning to leave you caught sight of Anonymous running to the scene for all he was worth.
  89. >The whispering stopped as soon as you saw him.
  90. >No.
  91. >Please no!
  92. >He’s gonna look at you!
  93. >You could feel the guilt etched on your face.
  94. >If he looked to wave at like he normally did your finished!
  95. >You start backing away through the crowd that had gathered around.
  96. >Tears started to sting your eyes.
  97. >You needed to get out of here.
  98. >Now.
  99. >Oh Celestia, he was getting closer.
  100. >Wait...
  101. >Was he?
  102. >He’s running right at you!
  103. >You cowered and tried to look as small as possible earning a few stares from ponies nearby.
  104. “I’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorry...”
  105. >You can hear his footsteps getting closer over your feeble apologizing.
  106. >He ran right past you.
  107. >You take this time to gallop straight to your house.
  108. >He didn’t even see you.
  109. >You made it to door and fumbled with the doorknob.
  110. >Stupid earth pony hooves.
  111. >You look back and see more ponies were looking at you than you would like.
  112. >All you wanted was to get this door open.
  113. >Your useless hooves found purchase at last.
  114. >You scrambled inside  for all you were worth, slumping against the door which slams behind you.
  115. >Leaning on the door, you closed your eyes and tried desperately to control your breathing.
  116. >You started to calm down.
  117. >You really did.
  118. >But then the voices came back.
  119. >”So, do we even need to tell you how bad you fucked up?”
  120. >You really couldn’t deal with this right now.
  121. >You could still smell smoke the smoke.
  122. >Your house was far enough away that you didn’t have to worry about the fire  jumping to you house but the wind was blowing some of the smoke this direction.
  123. >Reminding you.
  124. >”Yeah. I mean did you get a load of Anon’s face? Priceless!”
  125. >”Bad form Miss Eri. You’ll never attract a special somepony like that. You’re already a freak earth pony. Nopony wants a crazy pony who burns down houses.”
  126. >”Stupid mudpony.”
  127. >But... they told you too....
  128. >”No no no, Miss Eri. We suggested you do it. You were stupid enough to actually do it.”
  129. >”Come on girl, we’re your BEST friends We’ never tell you to do something like that.”
  130. >”We never TOLD you to do anything. I guess you were... HEARING THINGS.”
  131. >You’re such a bad pony.
  132. >It was your fault
  133. “I-I didn’t mean to...”
  134. >They laughed at you.
  135. >”Well, my dear, what you meant to happen doesn’t matter.”
  136. >”I’ll say! You fucked up. Go look out the window!”
  137. >”To the window with you. NOW. Go see what you ‘not meaning to do something’ gets you.”
  138. “P-please. I don’t wan-”
  139. >You were forced to put your hooves on your head when the pressure started growing.
  140. >”Go, you insolent mare!”
  141. >”Move girl!”
  142. >”Just go look. What ONE PEEK going to do, huh?”
  143. >Celestia make it stop!
  144. >The low din of constant whispering that usually pervaded them voices became quicker and louder.
  145. >It was like a sea of tiny mice, scratching and eating away the inside of your head.
  146. >It was like they were eating their way into mind.
  147. >Building nests.
  148. >Breeding.
  149. >Eating away even more to make room for the babies.
  150. >Tears stream down your face.
  151. “S-stop it! Go away!”
  152. >”Are you denying us?”
  153. >”What are you still sitting here for?! MOVE!.
  154. >”Just. One. Peek.”
  155. >They won’t stop.
  156. >They’ll never stop!
  157. >”GO!”
  158. >You blearily get to your hooves but fell to your haunches as a wave of dizziness hits you.
  159. >You put a forehoof over your stomach as it did backflips.
  160. >”DO IT FILLY!”
  161. >That was all the warning you got before you vomited.
  162. >You wiped your mouth and did your best not to look at your bile.
  163. >”ONE. PEEK.”
  164. >You made a move to stand again but slipped on your own sickness and fell in it, hitting your head.
  165. >Black tinged the edge of your vision with the fast paced beating of your heart.
  166. >The voices quieted momentarily when you noticed something.
  167. >All you could hear was the sound of your labored breath.
  168. >You could feel the contents of your stomach working its way into your coat but you were frozen.
  169. >From your position on the floor you eye caught something that could save you.
  170. >A white bottle of prescribed pills on a shelf.
  171. >You could barely make out the instruction label on the bottle.
  172. >’Take two 200mg tablets per day. WARNING: DO NOT exceed this amount.’
  173. >Your eyes widened when you realized why voices were silent.
  174. “N-no...”
  175. >A single voice whispered out to you in a disgustingly sultry tone.
  176. >”Yes~...”
  177. >The noise came back like a tidal wave.
  178. >The scratching became louder.
  179. >The voices were now unintelligible screams.
  180. “PLEASE STOP!”
  181. >Slowly you stood up against the screaming in your head.
  182. >You shakily trotted towards the shelf across the room.
  183. >In your head you were panicking.
  184. >But the bottle was inviting and warm.
  185. >It could help.
  186. >It was worth the risk wasn’t it?
  187. >Cacophony in your head wholeheartedly agreed with you.
  188. >Your hoof was already reaching for the bottle before you came to your senses.
  189. >You screamed at the top of your lungs.
  190. “NO!”
  191. >There was, however one other way to make them stop.
  192. >The pressure was already unbearable by the time you reached the stairs.
  193. >One other way to shut them up.
  194. >You couldn’t help but clutch your head in your hooves halfway to the top.
  195. >One solution you hated more than the voice themselves yet loved more than anything.
  196. “Augh!”
  197. >You don’t know how long it took you to scoot up the last few steps against the roar and the pain.
  198. >The feeling of sweet release the you got afterwards was SO good.
  199. >The crawl to the bathroom was the most agonizing thing you’ve done in a while.
  200. >That rush of happiness you felt; the feeling of liberating yourself and being in control for once.
  201. >You barely made it through the door.
  202. >But none of it was worth how much you hated yourself after doing it.
  203. >It took longer than you would have wished to prop yourself up against the sink.
  204. >That this is what it took to feel a little more normal...
  205. >You ended up breaking your mirror with your stupid earth pony strength when you opened the cabinet.
  206. >It disgusted you.
  207. >On the bottom shelf lied two things:
  208. >The fact was (and you knew it well) that you would never get the chance at being normal if you were forced to do this to yourself.
  209. >A bottle of painkillers...
  210. >You would never be beautiful.
  211. >And a box of wonderful razor blades.
  212. >You would never be loved.
  213. >You forewent the painkillers for the razor blades.
  214. >You hated what you did to yourself.
  215. >You fumbled with one for a bit because you could calm your shaky hooves.
  216. >You hated the voices in your head.
  217. >When you got a grip on it you fell to your haunches and positioned the blade just above  the hoof on your foreleg.
  218. >You hated yourself even more than them, though...
  219. >You shakily slid it across making a cut.
  220. >Because sometimes...
  221. >”Stupid,”
  222. >A the pain felt good as it flared up and the blood flowed.
  223. > can’t really tell the difference...
  224. >”Stupid,”
  225. >You made another good yet, slightly more frantic cut at the sound of the voice.
  226. >...between what the voices tell you...
  227. “Earth pony.”
  228. >...and what you felt about yourself.
  230. >They’re gone.
  231. >You were sitting on the bathroom floor.
  232. >You were alone.
  233. >It was quiet.
  234. >Only the sound of your breathing kept you company.
  235. >Thank Celestia, they’re gone.
  236. >You sighed as your troubles flowed from your body.
  237. >You felt.. good.
  238. >At least for the moment.
  239. >You know what you were doing to yourself was awful but for right now... you could just suppress the feelings of hate and self-loathing.
  240. >You just wanted to relish in the feeling you had right now.
  241. >To fade away in it.
  242. >You knew how bad you were going to feel afterwards but you really didn’t care.
  243. >At least you could pretend for right now, you were just fine.
  244. >You made another cut.
  245. >In your head, you knew otherwise.
  246. >Your mind was like a battle ground.
  247. >On the one side was the sane, rational part of your mind.
  248. >The one that knew what you were doing to yourself was abhorrent.
  249. >Wrong.
  250. >You made another cut.
  251. >You were as much a monster as the voices made you out to be for doing it.
  252. >As much of a failure of a daughter as your parents made you out to be.
  253. >On the other side was the one that was winning for now.
  254. >The one that revealed in the feeling that you got from doing it.
  255. >This was the one way you could feel any semblance of control over the train wreck that was your life.
  256. >You made another cut.
  257. >The one way you could liberate yourself from your demons.
  258. >It was the side knew it felt SO GOOD.
  259. >Why should you stop?.
  260. >It was the equine side.
  261. >You made another cut and said a familiar mantra.
  262. “Pain is just weakness leaving the body...” you whispered.
  263. >And you were very weak so you had a lot of pain to let out.
  264. >And the best/worst part was that you if you could, you’d do it forever.
  265. >Pain makes you forget.
  266. >Pain makes the voices go away.
  267. >You looked at the blade, a thin line of blood on the edge.
  268. >Pain made you feel so close to being a normal pony...
  269. >...yet so far away from one that it hurt.
  270. >It made you feel good at the expense of how you felt about yourself.
  271. >You monster.
  272. >You positioned the blade above your already brutalized foreleg and looked at your reflection on the metal.
  273. >You caught your eyes.
  274. >Were you really happy?
  275. >The good feelings flooded away.
  276. >You sighed.
  277. >Reality was overrated.
  278. >You flinched as you made one last cut.
  279. >It didn’t feel good anymore.
  280. >You checked over you leg and winced.
  281. >Your fur was matted with blood.
  282. >There was even more on the floor.
  283. >Quite a lot, actually.
  284. >You know this, was bad.
  285. >Really bad.
  286. >Oh boy, Eri, you did it now.
  287. >You got to your hooves to get a towel but was immediately hit with lightheadedness.
  288. >Ok.
  289. >It may have been worse than you thought.
  290. >You take a minute to steady before grabbing a towel from the rack about the toilet.
  291. >It takes you a minute to get the thing around your leg.
  292. >Blood was already starting to be visible around its edges
  293. >Any normal pony would have gone to the hospital.
  294. >You look at yourself again, this time into the cracked mirror.
  295. >You looked... tired.
  296. >Worn out.
  297. >It has been a long day.
  298. >You had a bump on your forehead from when you fell.
  299. >Bits of bile in your fur and mane from when you landed in it.’
  300. >Your eyes were red and watery from the pain.
  301. >You eyed the bottle of pain killers.
  302. >It was sorely tempting.
  303. >But the pain helps.
  304. >Pain was good.
  305. >But if it was good why did you feel so bad?
  306. >Another wave of dizziness hit you.
  307. >You needed to sit lie down.
  308. >You clearly make your way down the hallway and into your bedroom.
  309. >Normally you’d head straight to the little desk beside your bed to write but it just wasn’t in the cards today.
  310. >Unceremoniously, you plop into your blankets and stare at the ceiling.
  311. >You smiled a small, sad little smile at the words you had painted up there.
  312. >’You survived another day.’
  313. >You couldn’t find the will to move after.
  314. >You grew more and more tired.
  315. >Even more so dizzy.
  316. >Before you drifted off into a much needed rest you chuckled a bit.
  317. >At least this time you had to wash the sheets for different reasons.
  320. >”Eri, are you ok? You don’t look so good.”
  321. >Hubawhat?
  322. >What the hell?
  323. >What were you doing here?
  324. >Where was here?
  325. >You were sitting in a chair.
  326. >You looked around.
  327. >Nondescript ponies of all sorts walked to and fro around the cafe you were sitting at.
  328. >Anonymous is sitting across the table from you looking concerned.
  329. >How?
  330. >”Eri really. If you aren’t feeling up to it we can just call off the date. I don’t mind.”
  331. “W-what?”
  332. >Date?!
  333. >Anonymous looks even more concerned now.
  334. >No!
  335. >You couldn’t ruin this chance.
  336. >Your stupid earth pony brain must have forgotten somehow.
  337. >”Eri I-”
  338. “No no, I’m fine,” you felt yourself say.
  339. >Anonymous shook his head.
  340. >”I don’t beleive you for a second.”
  341. >He stood up and walked around the table towards you.
  342. >This took all of two seconds but you spent it shirking backwards into your seat.
  343. >Wow, he was tall.
  344. >Really tall.
  345. >Anon towered over you and his stature made it seem like he could pick you up and have his way with you if he wanted to.
  346. >He reached out for you.
  347. >You flinched.
  348. >Whatever it was you were expecting didn’t happen.
  349. >Instead he cleared you mane out of your face and looked you in the eyes.
  350. >Not for long because you looked away.
  351. >”Eri, tell me whats wrong.”
  352. >You whimpered pitifully.
  353. >You had so many questions.
  354. >Why did he care?
  355. >Why was he doing this?
  356. >Why were you here?
  357. >What the hell is happening?
  358. >You apparently forgot about a date with anonymous while you were in the middle of it.
  359. >There was no telling what all you did and didn’t remember.
  360. >What all did you forget?
  361. >You started to tear up.
  362. >You hated feeling like this.
  363. >You hated having almost no control over your life.
  364. >”Eri, look at me.”
  365. >He didn’t ask.
  366. >His voice was strong and commanding just then and set off a few memories, not all of which were pleasant.
  367. >Like dad’s.
  368. >Like a good filly, you looked at him, albeit fearfully.
  369. >He saw you look and sighed.
  370. >”Eri please. Tell me what’s wrong.
  371. >You didn’t see any kind of malice in his small eyes.
  372. >Why did he care?
  373. >”Please,” he pleaded.
  374. >You looked away and sniffed.
  375. “I-I don’t know w-why I’m here.”
  376. >”Oh. Huh.”
  377. >You shrank back even more.
  378. >You didn’t mean it like that.
  379. >Oh you made him mad.
  380. >He’ll hate you forever.
  381. >You’ll be a lonely mud pony forever because you said something dumb again.
  382. >You stupid, stupid pony.
  383. >”Hey, come with me. I’ll show you something. It usually cheers you up.”
  384. >Usually ch-
  385. >What was today?
  386. >Just how much did you forget.
  387. >At you not moving Anon asked again.
  388. >”Eri please. For me.”
  389. >You looked at him again.
  390. >Right into his small little human eyes.
  391. >”O-ok”
  392. >Anonymous smiled and led you away and out of the cafe.
  393. >The streets were surprisingly empty for the time of day.
  394. >It was really quiet.
  395. >You looked up at anon who walked in front of you.
  396. >He either didn’t notice or didn’t mind.
  397. >Both of those alarmed you.
  398. >You started to get a feeling of fear.
  399. >It came slowly at first but got worse the more distance you covered.
  400. >Where was he taking you?
  401. >Where is everypony?
  402. >What all did you forget?!
  403. >You eventually started hearing faint whispering and occasional laughter.
  404. >What was going on?
  405. >You eventually found yourself standing in front of a gate anon had opened for you.
  406. >It was Anon’s house!
  407. >But you had...
  408. >What?
  409. >This wasn’t possible.
  410. >Anon was already at his door and unlocked it while you gapped outside of his yard.
  411. >He looked over to you.
  412. >”Well are you coming?”
  413. >You couldn’t figure out for the life of you how to make any kind of sense out of the situation and instead just compiled like a good filly.
  414. >The inside was dark.
  415. >Really dark.
  416. >And quiet.
  417. >It scared you.
  418. >Yet...
  419. >You followed Anon in anyways.
  420. >The door shut behind you and you jumped.
  421. >There went the only source of light.
  422. >You couldn’t see your hoof in front of your face.
  423. “A-a-anon?”
  424. >You got no answer which made your fur stand on end.
  425. >You backed up fearfully and called out again.
  426. “A-anon?”
  427. >You bumped into the door.
  428. >You breathing started to pick up.
  429. >Celestia you felt like something was going to jump out of the black and consume you.
  430. “Anon t-this isn’t f-f-funny!”
  431. >Something shattered somewhere else in the house.
  432. >You squealed in fear.
  433. >You felt around the door, trying desperately to find the handle.
  434. >Something else broke and you heard a disturbingly familiar sound.
  435. >The small woosh of a fire igniting.
  436. >You turn around and see a small orange glow emanating from a room at the end of a hallway.
  437. >You can see the door now, though barely.
  438. >You froze when you notice something.
  439. >There is no handle
  440. >The glow was getting brighter..
  441. >You started to panic.
  442. >This couldn’t be happening!
  443. >You needed to get out of here!
  444. >You went over to the curtains above a couch and flung them away.
  445. >The window that surely was supposed to be behind them was boarded shut.
  446. >Nailed into the wall.
  447. >You look and find its the same for every window in the living room.
  448. >The glow got brighter.
  449. >You could smell smoke.
  450. >No no no no no!
  451. >You down the hallway into what would have been the kitchen.
  452. >It was covered in flames.
  453. >You cried out as cinders fell from the ceiling and burned you.
  454. >There was a set of stairs to your right that you galloped up.
  455. >There had to be a way out.
  456. >And there was.
  457. >A window in a room on your left was open, a gentle breeze blowing through it.
  458. >You started to move towards it before the floor fell out from that room.
  459. >The fire in the kitchen had burned through the floor.
  460. >You went into the other rooms to find that all of their windows had been boarded shut.
  461. >You were openly sobbing now.
  462. >You didn’t want to die like this.
  463. >Any way but this.
  464. >You ran back downstairs and bump into Anon.
  465. “Anonymous what are yo-”
  466. >Anonymous was staring blankly into the flames.
  467. >The fire was awfully close.
  468. >He didn’t even look down when he said, “Why did you do this?”
  469. >What?
  470. “But I didn’t! Come on we need to go!”
  471. >You tugged on his suit jacket trying to get him to move but he was rooted in place.
  472. >”Why would you do this to me, Miss Eri?”
  473. >You kept tugging.
  474. “Anon we need to move! If you don’t you’ll die!”
  475. >He didn’t move.
  476. >The fire was now uncomfortably close.
  477. >There was no way back to the living room.
  478. >That corridor was wreathed in flames.
  479. “Anon please. I don’t want to leave you here!”
  480. >You couldn’t get him to go.
  481. >You were forced away when tongues of orange started licking at his suit.
  483. >He was on fire now.
  484. >You couldn’t do anything to save him.
  485. >His head turned one hundred and eighty degrees straight at you.
  486. >His face...
  487. >Oh Celestia...
  488. >It was burned beyond recognition but it was somehow contorted in the most hateful look you could have ever imagined on somepony.
  489. >He started to yell at you but his voice wasn’t his own.
  490. >”Its just like you to do something like this you stupid whoarse!”
  491. >Tears fell from your eyes as you backed away fearfully.
  492. >You couldn’t look at him anymore and turned your head.
  494. >You did as you were told.
  495. >You had to watch anon get consumed by fire as you backed away from the approaching flames.
  496. >”Do even know how much money we had to pay that servants family to keep them quiet?!”
  497. >You whimpered.
  498. >”I CAN’T HEAR YOU ERI!”
  499. >You flinched.
  500. “No, d-daddy.”
  501. >”Well let me give you a ballpark, girl. Ten thousand. TEN THOUSAND BUCKING BITS!”
  502. >You couldn’t see him through the flames anymore.
  503. >You couldn’t stop crying.
  504. ”I’m sorry daddy! I didn’t me-”
  505. >”Didn’t mean to? DIDN’T MEAN TO? Well then I guess that makes it all better.
  506. >You make it to the top of the stairs but look down at the fire hopefully.
  507. “R-really?”
  508. >”No not really you stupid dirt pony! I’m sorry, Miss Eri, but since you didn’t mean to do that to that servant, then surely I don’t mean what I’m about to do to you.”
  509. “N-no daddy please!”
  510. >”SILVER PLATTER! Go out back and break off the largest branch from the cherry tree and bring it to me.”
  511. >You try to run away but something picks you up and floats you back towards the fire.
  513. >You cry out as the flames start licking at your tail, burning you.
  514. >”You should have thought about that before you did it. Miss Eri, I’m going to teach your mother and I gave you that name.”
  515. >Your flesh starts to burn away and you scream.
  517. >”That’s too bad, dear. It’s funny really. You always seem to want attention and yet you don’t want it now that I’m going to give it to you.
  518. >You were fully enveloped in fire and agony screamed across your body.
  519. >”You shouldn’t be so ungrateful, oh daughter of mine. Even if you aren’t a unicorn, you are still my favorite daughter.”
  520. >You jolted awake breathing heavily.
  521. >It was just a dream.
  522. >A horrifying one, but just a dream.
  523. >You took a bit to calm down.
  524. >You room was bathed in orange by the light coming in through the window.
  525. >It stung your eyes.
  526. >You felt sweaty.
  527. >No wait...
  528. >Did you really?
  529. >You pissed the bed.
  530. >...
  531. >You stupid mud pony.
  532. >You roll off the bed and felt terrible.
  533. >But you need to start cleaning.
  534. >To walked to the bathroom, pain flaring up in your foreleg after each step.
  535. >You took a few pain killers and started to clean up your mess.
  536. >The blood.
  537. >The puke.
  538. >The piss.
  539. >You stupid...
  540. >Dirty...
  541. >Earth pony.
  544. >You tossed the last of your bedsheets into the washer.
  545. >That should be it.
  546. >You looked down at the towel on your leg.
  547. >Eh...
  548. >You sit on your haunches and gingerly unwrap your wounds.
  549. >Its some nasty business.
  550. >Flakes of dry blood fell as you removed the towel.
  551. >Your fur was matted with it.
  552. >Cuts run up and down your leg.
  553. >While normally you were meticulous with it, but this time it looked sloppy.
  554. >Some overlapped preexisting scars.
  555. >Most of the cuts looked closed up or were closing.
  556. >You should be fine.
  557. >You tired to move the limb and grimaced.
  558. >Maybe.
  559. >You tossed the towel in with the blankets and started the machine.
  560. >Now that you were washing your fabrics you needed to wash yourself.
  561. >If not because of the puke then for the feeling of walking with blood matted fur.
  562. >You trotted back upstairs into the bathroom and stopped in front of the mirror.
  563. >You were a mess.
  564. >Celestia were you ugly right now.
  565. >More so than you usually were and thats saying something.
  566. >You went and started a shower.
  567. >Steeping in, the hot water burned you and turned up the cold.
  568. >It still stung against your leg but it was bearable.
  569. >For a while you just stood under the steady stream coming out of the showerhead.
  570. >You liked it.
  571. >It was... relaxing.
  572. >You watched as the blood washed down your leg and made a red murky trail to the drain.
  573. >Every time you did cut and showered, you imagined that you were a warrior who just got back from a battle.
  574. >In a way you were.
  575. >You go to battle with your monsters everyday.
  576. >Your side never wins.
  577. >You always come back a little more wounded than the last time.
  578. >But you survive.
  579. >So yes, in a way you were a warrior.
  580. >You finished up washing and hopped out of the shower.
  581. >Or maybe you were just stupid.
  582. >More likely the former.
  583. >You went back to the mirror.
  584. >The damn thing was still cracked from earlier.
  585. >But didn’t hide your attractive features.
  586. >You cleared your mane away from the center of your forehead.
  587. >Where a horn would go.
  588. >You sighed.
  589. >You’d make such a pretty unicorn.
  590. >You pulled the cabinet door open and pulled out a bit of mascara.
  591. >It made you feel a little less ugly.
  592. >You liked to think that it would make up for what you lacked.
  593. >You thought it did.
  594. >But you knew better.
  595. >You put it back when you finished with it.
  596. >You then pulled out a brush and ran it through your hair.
  597. >This was a chore for your clumsy hooves.
  598. >If only you could do magic...
  599. >When you finished you looked to the mirror.
  600. >A slightly less unsightly earth pony stared back at you.
  601. >You look down at yourself but can only seem to focus on the scars and cuts.
  602. >You sigh again.
  603. >Nopony would ever love a pony like you.
  604. >You stepped away from the mirror and headed to the stairs.
  605. >And slipped on a pillow case.
  606. >You fell the rest of the way down the stairs.
  607. >Fucking great job, Eri!
  608. >You hated being clumsy.
  609. >You rubbed your head and winced.
  610. >That’s going to be another bump.
  611. >You took the case and tossed it on the washer for later.
  612. >Speaking of, the washers cycle was done.
  613. >You moved the blankets and growled.
  614. >Nopony likes a bed wetter.
  615. >Normal ponies don’t do that, Eri.
  616. >You’re such a fuck up.
  617. >You just brushed your hair and now its a mess.
  618. >You guess it hardly mattered anyways.
  619. >It’s not like you were going anywhere.
  620. >You finished moving all the stuff into the dry in started it.
  621. >You really wanted to get out of the house for a bit.
  622. >You needed air.
  623. >You trotted into your living room and an object caught your attention.
  624. >A certain bottle.
  625. >An inviting bottle.
  626. >The one that promised to make them go away but didn’t work half the time.
  627. >You glared at it.
  628. “This is all your fault you peice of shit.”
  629. >You kept up your look of hate as if it could make a response.
  630. >And it couldn’t.
  631. >”But guess who can?” a voice sing-songed in a volume akin to that of a whisper.
  632. >No not now!
  633. >”Oh stop it, earth pony.”
  634. >”You’ve screwed up enough that you deserve a break. It’s just that you need to be corrected on one little fact.”
  635. >You ran outside in a vain attempt to get away from the voices in your head.
  636. >There went your mascara.
  637. >You were such a crybaby.
  638. >”This is all...”
  639. “S-stop.”
  640. >”Your fault.”
  641. >You sat on the steps and sighed.
  642. >They were right.
  643. >”You peice of shit.”
  644. >As always.
  645. >After that you didn’t hear anything else for a while and you just looked up at the moon.
  646. >Your house happened to be at the end of a T-junction in the street which also happened to give you a view of a familiar place.
  647. >Canterlot.
  648. >The mountain city hung of the face of cliff in the distance.
  649. >The moon hung above it making the scene look almost picturesque.
  650. >But you hated the view.
  651. >It only served to remind you of all your screw ups.
  652. >And just how much of a failure you were.
  653. >You caught the smell of smoke still lingering in the air.
  654. >You couldn't do anything right.
  655. >You looked away and sighed.
  656. >Somepony stands in your field of vision.
  657. >Or rather some human.
  658. >Anonymous was a mess.
  659. >His normally laid back demeanor was gone.
  660. >He looked tired.
  661. >Defated.
  662. >His normally well kept suit was worn and covered in soot and ash.
  663. >You did that.
  664. >He was usually so happy.
  665. >At least on the surface.
  666. >Whenever you saw Anon in public you used to watch him out of curiosity.
  667. >He was odd.
  668. >He would talk and be sociable but had little moments of quiet.
  669. >You could see the sadness in his eyes sometimes.
  670. >You often saw a little of yourself in him.
  671. >He must be so lonely.
  672. >The only one of his kind...
  673. >And he had lost his house.
  674. >Because of you.
  675. >...
  676. >You are the worst kind of pony.
  677. >The both of you made eye contact after looking each other over.
  678. >There it was again.
  679. >His eyes may have been way smaller than anypony’s but they could still show the same emotion.
  680. >There was that look of deeper sorrow.
  681. >You always saw him talking with somepony...
  682. >But...
  683. >..maybe he was just as lonely as you.
  684. >For different reasons obviously, but still just as lonely.
  685. >No.
  686. >He shouldn’t associate with you.
  687. >He wouldn’t.
  688. >You freak.
  689. >He stood on the side with your uninjured fore leg so you moved the cut up one back in an attempt to hide it.
  690. >Hopefully he didn’t see it.
  691. >After some unknown internal debate he put on a little smile and walked over to you.
  692. >He’s doing it!
  693. >Anon came plodding slowly as if he was unsure.
  694. >You looked at him and could only think one thing.
  695. >He was tall.
  696. >Really tall.
  697. >Anonymous sat down next to you on the steps without looking at you.
  698. >You scooted away a little bit because you're an awkward piece of crap.
  699. >He doesn’t spare you a glance and instead looked up at the moon.
  700. >You weren’t really upset by it.
  701. >Even a rock in the sky was prettier than you.
  702. >“Looks like were both a little down on our luck, eh? Somepony decided they didn’t like my house,” he says with a sigh.
  703. >You actually flinched when he said that.
  704. >Come on, Eri.
  705. >Don’t fuck this up.
  706. >You whimpered.
  707. >...
  708. >Great job.
  709. >After that you both just sat there.
  710. >You don’t know if he was enjoying your company but to be honest with yourself...
  711. >You were actually enjoying his.
  712. >You at least hoped he was enjoying yours.
  713. >Hey, maybe he was.
  714. >Anon would have left if he wasn’t right?
  715. >You don’t really know but you didn’t want to fuck anything up.
  716. >If you kept your stupid mouth shut maybe you could make him feel better by being there.
  717. >Like he’s somehow doing for you.
  718. >So that's the way it was.
  719. >Two lonely souls down on their luck sitting together trying to enjoy one anothers company.
  720. >Or at least, it was like that for another five or so minutes before Anon stood abruptly and stretched.
  721. >“Well, it’s been nice Miss Eri but I need to get going. See ya around, I guess.”
  722. >And just like that, the person making you feel better gets up and walked away.
  723. >No!
  724. >You should say something you fool!
  725. >Anything!
  726. >You wasted most of those precious moments fighting your own damnable introversion to say something.
  727. >When finally you opened your mouth you could only whisper as he went out of sight.
  728. “W-wait...”
  729. >And he was gone.
  730. >You blew it.
  731. >He noticed you and you blew it.
  732. >Good job.
  733. >Anonymous gave a stupid pony like you the time of day and you cocked up.
  734. >For the longest time, you were staring at the last place you saw him walk to.
  735. >But a little fledgling thought wormed its way into your head.
  736. >You needed to find him.
  737. >You needed to do something for him.
  738. >You didn't know what.
  739. >You didn't know why.
  740. >You just... need to do something.
  741. >And you know what?
  742. >You may know what to do....
  743. >To say you had no friends would be a lie.
  744. >She might be a little upset about you knocking at this hour but you needed to do this.
  745. >You had to make up for his house somehow.
  746. >It was a stupid little plan but then again you were just a stupid earth pony.
  747. >You got up off your flank and start walking.
  748. >Everypony should already know who your one friend is.
  749. >It was Ponyville after all.
  750. >And Pinkie Pie knew everypony in Ponyville.
  752. END OF DAY 01
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