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  1. NAME:Alivia 143# Hunt
  3. GENDER:female
  6. AGE:22
  8. [MENTAL STATUS]:Unstable,Autistic
  10. [SIZE]:5 foot 7 inch
  14. [Breast size]:F-cups
  16. [HAIR COLOR] Blond
  20. [BLOOD TYPE]:O+
  23. [CURRENT RACE]:kitsune
  25. [SPECIES]:Humanoid
  27. [FAVRITE FOOD]:Meat Pizza
  29. [FAVRITE DRINK]:Demon's Blood
  31. [ATTATUDE]:Mischievous,Careing,Brave,Accident prone,jealous.
  33. [DIET]:Omnivore
  35. [FUR COLOR]:Pink. [BELLY]:light gray. [TAIL TIP]:light gray
  37. [VISION]:20/15
  41. [WINGS]:Angelic
  45. [BODY]:Voluptuous
  48. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  49. Alivia 143# Hunt was created in a hidden underground lab on earth by a lone scientist in attempts to make a assassin that dosent feel pain and dosent feel fear and has a natural survival instinct and combat instincts and can survive in harsh conditions sadly the scientist only managed to accomplish giving her natural survival instinct and only a few combat instincts like hideing being stealthy and staying off the radar and making alivia not feel pain externally as she still felt pain internally unknown to him he gave her  the instincts of both wolfs and snakes and other ability's such as a extremely elastic like body and organs being able to expand to unbelievable sizes and the ability to fit creatures and objects larger then her inside her in many ways months went by and the scientist kept doing tests on her over time the scientist decided to use her in dna tests mixing human and wolf and snake DNA giving her a human like body but wolf fur claws  a fluffy tail and wolf facial features knowing the changes put alivia 143# hunt through alot of internal pain but not caring several years went by and the scientist started getting lonely one day he came into the room that holds all the test subjects drunk doing a usual checkups to make shure nothings wrong seeing his newest test-subject he got the idea no one will care if he has a little fun with her not like anyone knows where the facility is and whats being done here other then the people he works for not long after he turns off the machines keeping alivia 143# hunt dormant in the pod and opens the pod pulling her out and cleaning her off in one of the subject showers before taking her to the built in medical bay to have his way with her being to drunk to remember the chemicals keeping the subjects dormant need to be constantly pumped into them to work alivia 143# hunt starts waking up as shes laying on the medical bed she fully wakes up looking around and see's the scientist taking his work outfit off and everything else alivia 143# hunt with her natural survival instincts decides her best chance to get out of where ever she is and finding out what's going on is with this drunken fool useing her animal instincts she choose's to act like shes sleeping still as the man starts to turn around and walks up to the bed she leaps at the man knocking him over and hitting his head on the nearby counter rendering him unconscious she gets to her feet still rather wobbly  after a bit steady's her self and grabs the scientists keys and id unlocks the storage room not long after finding some medical I.V tubes and tieing the scientist up to a chair with the tubes and gathers up the rest of the scientists clothing and heads to the nearby shower and cleans her self off afterwards puts the scientists lab-coat and shirt on and rolls the tied up and unconscious scientist to a secured room with no cameras and a comfy bed and ties the scientists legs up and then ties his arms and legs to the chair making shure there's no way for him to get loose covering his head with a sheet she then decides to lay down and rest letting her body filter out the rest of the chemicals from the machine shes been in for 17 years and quickly falls asleep time pass's and she wakes up fully rested dry and no-longer under the effects of any of the chemicals to her surprise the scientist hasent woken up yet so she takes the sheets off his head and walks and sits in a chair across the room proceeds to wake him up by tossing a small beaker at his head shattering it on his head jolting him wide awake as he looks down seeing his arms and legs are tied to a chair he looks up seeing the pink wolf girl siting in a chair  with her arms crossed holding a sharp scalpel and one of her legs crossed glaring at him from across the room he starts to panic no-longer drunk with a site hangover but clearly able to register what kind of problem hes in alivia 143# hunt gets up out of the chair and walks over to him still holding the scalpel kneeling down by him and starts asking him where they are and what the facility is and what the hell hes been doing to her and why holding the scalpel to his neck the man gulps before telling her they are in a hidden lab 5 miles underground and that he was assigned to create a super assassin to use to send in to take out would be major threats quietly and stelthfully and refuzeing to tell her who his employers are she trys to force him to tell her after a wail alivia 143# hunt gets frustrated and tired of trying to get this fool to answer her she toss's the scalpel down and gets up and starts to walk away the scientist notiseing she made the mistake of leaving him alone and tossing the blade on the floor he starts to tip the chair over and wiggle over to the blade grabbing it with one of his hands he cuts the tubing tieing his hands to the chair and not long after cuts the rest of the tubes getting up holding the blade he plans to attempt to stop alivia 143# hunt from escaping the facility he finds her in the halls heading to the elevator and sneaks up on her and stabs her in the back as she falls down to the floor limp bloody and lifeless the scientist starts to drag her back to the pods unknown to him that shes playing dead she then quickly flips over kicking the scientist really hard in the crotch as he lets go she grabs his head and knee's him in the face knocking him onto the floor moments after she leaps on-top of him and pins him down  her eyes glowing red in hate and anger without even thinking she opens her mouth and swallows the scientist whole trapping them inside her like a snake swallows a rat after a min or two she snaps back to her normal self and looks down at her large extended moving belly in total shock at what she just did and the fact she flat-out enjoyed it and enjoys the feeling of the now helpless scientist inside her digesting burps not long after and for the first time since she was created gets a massive wave of pleasure wash over her as the scientist starts to panic inside her feeling the burning acids eat at him in her belly and the air start to get sucked out  as she burps alivia 143# hunt then falls back from the pleasure not knowing what this feeling is she starts to make her way back to the elevator  as she gets in she feels the scientist stop moving and go silent she then looks down at the id seeing the mans name was Shaun and stops for a moment and burps again licking her lips she looks back at her belly and says thanks for the first meal Shaun it was absolutely delicious giving a smirk as her belly gurgles digesting the scientist afterward looking at the wall in the elevator she see's a slot that looks as if a cards supost to be put in so she slides the id into the slot and moment later the panel on the wall splits open to reveal 2 buttons and she press's the top button and the panel close's and spits the id back out and the doors close she pause's for a moment encase something bad happens and then feels the elevator start to ascend and relax's laying on the floor stretching as she enjoys her first meal ever rather shocked at how  fast she has digested the scientist seeing that her belly is now 4 times smaller then it was before as she sits she falls asleep hours pass in the small elevator before it lets out a loud ping and comes to a  sudden halt waking alivia 143# hunt instantly looks down to see her belly is back to normal size and burps and stops feeling something start to force its way out her mouth she then gets on her knees and bends over hacking and coughing and suddenly some fabric starts to stick out of her mouth unsure what it is she starts to pull on it and to her shock pulls out a pair of underwear that the scientist had on and toss's it in a corner of the elevator before hacking and coughing to get the rest of the remains of the man out of her 5 miniuts pass and eventually there's a pile of human bones in one corner of the elevator along with blue undies and alivia sits in shock staring at the pile of bones she just coughed up that once was Shaun a hour pass's and alivia gets up and brush's the suit off she has on and notice's the scalpel lodged in her back and pulls it out splattering a bit of blood on the walls of the elevator yet not feeling any pain or loss of blood she then toss's the blade into the pile of bones along with the id and turns to the elevator doors pushing a button on the wall that started glowing red the doors open revealing the outside world to alivia she then turns to the bones and says well its been alot of fun Shaun but i think this isn't going to work out and walks out of the elevator. 2 years pass after that and alivia has been working as a delivery girl making due with what money she can to pay the bills for the house she lives in and buy food with whats left not really getting her much food the next day alivia gets a phone call from her work being told that she's fired for assaulting a coworker she says OK and hangs up the phone and grins knowing who this coworker is because she broke his nose and arm for trying to molest her in the parking-lot she then walks outside and grabs a knews paper and sits down at the table not long after the lights in the house go out and she sighs and says damn it not the damn power again she puts her head in her hands and cry's a bit saying she just has to find a way to get more money to pay these bills and get her self something other then ramens for food she then wipes her eyes and starts looking in the newspapers for other ways to get money for the bills and food finding a bunch of add's about a medical farmicy willing to pay peaple good money to test exsparamental drugs they have alivia nearly starveing and with no job and no money to pay the power and water bills decides to go to the places on the adds and valenteers to be a  test subject test after test nuthing bad seems to happen tho some intresting things did one of the drugs she took seemed to effect her eyes in a strange way makeing them start to change color depending on her mood she kinda liked that and didnt complain she then told the peaple what the did and they thanked her and gave her a check for 400$ happy for the money and the new intresting eyes she shakes the mannages hands and thanks him and walks out the door she then heads to the next building on the addvertizements and talks to them she sits down and they get the drugs they whant to test and she lets them inject her they whait a bit and nuthing seems to happen intill alivia starts to feel a sudden pain  in her shoulderblades and falls out of the chair the doctors then notise two rather strange hard rock like pertrusions that just formed and are sticking out of her back out of curosity they cut holes in the back of alivias shirt to reveal 2 large clear crystalike lumps omeing out of her back they then get a small hammer and somthing to chip some of this crystal off her to look at it under a microscope not long at all finding that alivias pain recepters have linked with the lumps and she yelps in pain as they chip pices off of the lumps altho not use to feeling pain alivia kinda likes it thinking if you cant feel some form of pain your not human at all the doctors come back and are shocked to see the spot they chiped away at has already fully healed and looks as if nuthing was missing turning back to alivia they start to tell her that it seems the crystal lumps are organic partly and seem to be a part of her  they tell her to come see them after a few months to check in to see if any new changes appear and she agrees and they hand her a check for 140$ she thanks them and walks out heading to the last place and talks to them and again she just sits whaiting for them to bring the untested drugs out and shes shocked when they come out with 4 bright red  bottles with a rather sinister looking logo on them she starts to get a bad feeling about the drugs but knowing she needs the money she dosent say anything and lets them inject her with the drugs time pass's and nuthing seems to happen and she shrugs and looks at the doctors and says i dont feel any diffrent they look at her and frown and she asks what the drugs where for and they say they where told they are for helping with specific mental defects and seconds later alivias blood go's cold and she turns pale when she hears they had somthing to do with mental deformitys the doctors notise this and ask if shes ok and she snaps back as they tuch her arm grabing the one doctor and snarling looking them dead in the eyes with now 2 glowing hellfire red eyes and says in a evil tone DON'T EVER TUCH ME! befor flinging the doctor back across the room as if he was as light as a feather both the male doctor and the other 3 then turn and stair at alivia as she falls to her knees and 2 fully grown crystaline wings form out of thin air on closer inspection they seem to be made of sortof reanimated petrafied skin cells and frozen water forced into fully working crystal bat wings looking back at alivia they see her mental state has changed from what seemed to be a pure evil state to what seems to be a less hostile but evasive state moveing away every time one of the doctors try to tuch her saying back off!, do not tuch me and i dont whant to hurt you but i will if you dont back away, and again her mental state changes again to somthing strange as alivia falls to her knees again and her face turns bright red blushing and the wings on her back change to a bright pink and as alivia looks up at the male doctor they see her eyes have done the same thing and she starts messing with her self infrunt of all the doctors still looking at the male one and says hiya cutie did i do that to you? im sorry why dont we go somewhere private and i maby make it up to you and winks at the man as the other 3 doctors look at him he gulps looking at them alittle aroused and terrified at the same time at what just happend all 4 back away from alivia and turn back to look at her as her eyes turn white and blank and her wings turn colorless and she just sits there on the floor saying nuthing looking at the man when they ask if shes ok she answers back that shes fine says she dosent feel any pain or emotion or anything when they ask her again to there shock her eyes turn green again and her wings turn transparent and vanish as she falls over flat on the floor with a thud
  50. the doctors still terrified at what just happend knowing its there job to make shure shes ok rush over to alivia lifting her up and takeing her to a room with a bed  and shine a lite in her eyes seeing that shes out cold they get a blanket and cover her up and keep a eye on her takeing blood samples and makeing shure nuthing bad happens 4 hours pass and alivia wakes up siting up on the bed grabing her head and moaning befor looking over at the doctors in the room seeing the looks on there face and she says what? why are you looking at me like that? what happend? howed i get here in this bed? the male doctor then takes a seat near alivia and starts to exsplain what happend the best he can alivias face turns pale and her blood runs cold when they tell her about the first mental state she went in and how damn hostile it was and how it was able to toss him across the room with one arm as if he waighed nuthing and then she relax's a bit when told about the next one  and blush's when they tell her of the third she looks flat out confuzed when told of the forth one and the man then tells her about what else happend and she nods and says sorry to the man for tossing him like a ragdoll befor geting up and geting her stuff and the man hands her a check for 2000$ and says this is for any problums we may have caused you to go though in the feuture and alivia looks at the check and grabs the doctor and hugs him tight tearing up saying thank you so much the man hugs her back befor showing her to the door and waveing goodbye alivia then heads to the bank to cash her checks then heads to the  power  and water building and pays her bills and heads home laying down and reading the rest of the newspaper befor jumping up after seeing the advertisement for centcom saying they are now hireing and welcomeing anyone to join and get to exsplore space meet new peaple and assist anyway they can she then jumps up off the couch and grabs the phone and calls the company and asks if they got a position open and that if so she will take it afterwards she gets dressed and heads out to her new life and new job telling her self she will tell no one of what happend that day at that hidden lab she then walks into centcom and lets them do the tests they need to and scan her into the company data banks and she recieves her id and pda and walks into the shuttle and thus begin's the new life of Alivia 143# hunt.
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