[WordPress] Store Locator Plus: Bubble with clickable phone

Mar 5th, 2015
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  1. <!-- Read more at -->
  2. <div id="sl_info_bubble" class="[slp_location featured]">
  3. <span id="slp_bubble_name"><strong>[slp_location name  suffix  br]</strong></span>
  4. <span id="slp_bubble_address">[slp_location address       suffix  br]</span>
  5. <span id="slp_bubble_address2">[slp_location address2      suffix  br]</span>
  6. <span id="slp_bubble_city">[slp_location city          suffix  comma]</span>
  7. <span id="slp_bubble_state">[slp_location state suffix    space]</span>
  8. <span id="slp_bubble_zip">[slp_location zip suffix  br]</span>
  9. <span id="slp_bubble_country"><span id="slp_bubble_country">[slp_location country       suffix  br]</span></span>
  10. <span id="slp_bubble_directions">[html br ifset directions]
  11. [slp_option label_directions wrap directions]</span>
  12. <span id="slp_bubble_website">[html br ifset url]
  13. [slp_location url           wrap    website][slp_option label_website ifset url][html closing_anchor ifset url][html br ifset url]</span>
  14. <span id="slp_bubble_email">[slp_location email         wrap    mailto ][slp_option label_email ifset email][html closing_anchor ifset email][html br ifset email]</span>
  15. <span id="slp_bubble_phone">[html br ifset phone]
  16. <span class="location_detail_label">[slp_option   label_phone   ifset   phone]</span>
  17. [slp_location phone      wrap    tel][slp_location phone][html closing_anchor ifset phone][html br ifset phone]</span>
  18. <span id="slp_bubble_fax"><span class="location_detail_label">[slp_option   label_fax     ifset   fax  ]</span>[slp_location fax           suffix    br]<span>
  19. <span id="slp_bubble_description"><span id="slp_bubble_description">[html br ifset description]
  20. [slp_location description raw]</span>[html br ifset description]</span>
  21. <span id="slp_bubble_hours">[html br ifset hours]
  22. <span class="location_detail_label">[slp_option   label_hours   ifset   hours]</span>
  23. <span class="location_detail_hours">[slp_location hours         suffix    br]</span></span>
  24. <span id="slp_bubble_img">[html br ifset img]
  25. [slp_location image         wrap    img]</span>
  26. <span id="slp_tags">[slp_location tags]</span>
  27. </div>
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