Kaze no Yurikago [untypeset]

Dec 6th, 2016
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  1. Kaze no Yurikago Translation
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  4. >[Pleased to meet you, everyone. I am Sumeragi Hamao. This will be the last kancolle doujin of 2014, starring destroyers AMatsukaze and Shimakaze. This was my first time drawing AMatsukaze; bit by bit I felt out and finished drawing the doujin. Because of that feeling, the conversations and contents became relatively normal. I would be quite happy if you could feel a little of my feeling as the author as well.]
  6. >Akagi: How do the Prototype 46cm guns feel?
  7. >Akashi: Here it comes! It's okay to take it home! | We're putting it on the production line ASAP!!
  8. >(note): Talked it over with the Admiral.
  9. >Ise: Isn't it pretty good?
  10. >Hyuuga: Ah, (note: it's the japanese Ahh, so it's an affirmative. Might be better to say Yeah) | but it's because Fusou is the one handling it.
  12. >Hyuuga: I can see the results of your everyday efforts. That was some real expertise.
  13. >Fusou: Hyuuga... | Ise....
  14. >Fusou: THank you, I'm really happy.
  15. >Fusou: Henceforth, my nickname as the Benchwarmer Battleship ends!
  16. >Mogami: Even so, it's the Nishimura Fleet's turn today to be on garrison duty.
  17. >Akashi: Oh by the way, Akagi, | I've completed a prototype of "That."
  18. >Akagi: Really? | Well then, let's find those children.
  19. >[-Office-]
  21. >Amatsukaze: Ahhh! You have to wear your neckerchief right!
  22. >Amatsukaze: Don't move-
  23. >Amatsukaze: I said don't move!!
  24. >Amatsukaze: Whew, that's finally done.
  25. >Shimakaze: Those two are finally gone.
  27. >Shimakaze: Well then, Amatsukaze's free then! | Let's race, let's race!
  28. >Amatsukaze: Ah, unfortunately
  29. >Amatsukaze: Laga asked me to deliver this newspaper. | I'm not free at all, so why don't you help out?
  30. >Shimakaze: ...this kind of thing is so whatever... | Just put it down here and let anyone who wants it take one.
  31. >Amatsukaze: That's not how that works.
  32. >Laga: Amatsukaze.
  33. >Laga: I know I asked you, but could you return that to me?
  34. >Amatsukaze: Eh? But I was just about to....
  35. >Laga: You can just leave this kind of thing to some other layabout. | Hurry over to Akagi's.
  36. >Amatsukaze: O...okay...
  38. >Amatsukaze: A Prototype High-Pressure Boiler?
  39. >Akagi: Yes. This was reverse engineered from Amatsukaze's leftover schematics.
  40. >Shimakaze: Shimakaze has something like that too, right?!
  41. >Akagi: While Shimakaze's is also high-performance, it's very complicated and high-maintenance. | This model has undergone a lot of simplifications for the sake of mass production. | This prototype jsut came in.
  42. >Akagi: We wanted some field tests, using the other children in the Destroyer Divisions. | Could I ask you to run the tests?
  43. >Amatsukaze: Ah, there's two people's worth. | I got it.
  44. >Akagi: Ah, by the way,
  45. >Akagi: It's a prototype, so we haven't really tried it out yet. There's a chance that it might come apart. Be careful!
  46. >Amatsukaze: So we're the guinea pigs?
  48. >Amatsukaze: Akagi sure said some scary things.
  49. >Shimakaze: If it's serving as a test reference, I guess it can't be helped! (note: as in acting as a control group to race with the experimental group using the prototype boiler)
  50. >Amatsukaze: Ara, how will it go? | Could someone actually go faster than Shimakaze?
  51. >Shimakaze: Shimakaze won't lose to anyone!
  52. >Amatsukaze: Well then, let's get started.
  53. >Amatsukaze: I wonder what kind of winds this will bring?
  54. >Fubuki: You need to test a new-model boiler (note: literally cylinder)?
  55. >Fubuki: Leave it to me, Fubuki!
  56. >Shimakaze: I feel like Fubuki's no good!
  57. >Shirayuki: I agree.
  58. >Fubuki: How mean! Even Shirayuki-chan?
  60. >Fubuki: Shimakaze-chan, let's "Race"!
  61. >Shimakaze: Race?!
  62. >Fubuki: That's right! I will show you the new model (note: could mean Special Type) Fubuki-class' true power!
  63. >Shirayuki: don't push it too hard, alright?
  64. >Fubuki: Ufufu....Shirayuki-chan's worries are unfounded!
  65. >Fubuki: The main character of most of the official mangas
  66. >Fubuki: Is someone who can turn this kind of situation into an opportunity!
  67. >Fubuki: I believe that this is the right situation to demonstrate these qualities!
  68. >Shirayuki: I have a bad feeling about this.
  69. >[-Aquatic Training Arena-]
  70. >Amatsukaze: Are you two ready?
  72. >Amatsukaze: Well then, deploy and--
  73. >[Amatsukaze: Sortie!]
  74. >SHimakaze: Ahahahaha!
  75. >Shimakaze: Nobody can catch up to Shimakaze....
  77. >(everyone): Fubuki--?!
  78. >Shirayuki: Are you still alive?! Get a hold of yourself! Why did you suddenly swerve?!
  79. >Fubuki: Mhahaahahaha
  80. >Fubuki: I just nudged the rudder...
  82. >Amatsukaze: Shimakaze, that was unecessary!
  83. >Shimakaze: How is that my fault, it was Fubuki being clumsy!
  84. >Shirayuki: Sorry.... also....pleased to meet you guys.
  85. >Amatsukaze: That won't work, I need to find someone else.
  86. >Shimakaze: Can't you do it tomorrow? Leaving that aside, let's race!
  87. >Amatsukaze: No racing! Find someone else to play with!
  88. >7thDesDiv: Eh? A new-model boiler test?!
  90. >Oboro: If our speed increases
  91. >Oboro: Our resupply and support efficiency will increase!
  92. >Sazanami: With this, we'll be on our road to stardom! Real ladies! Live is life, love is victory! | Is it okay if we write this out in contract?
  93. >Akebono: I bet it was that kuso Admiral who went looking for us. | If it's a mission, I suppose we can't refuse.
  94. >[*note: Not the case]
  95. >Ushio: Although I'm not confident,
  96. >Ushio: But someone has to do it....umm...
  97. >Amatsukaze: Ah, | uh
  98. >Amatsukaze: sorry, | I've only been given one module...
  100. >[-Fleet Exercise Grounds-]
  101. >Michishio: Ah!
  102. >Michishio: THe fuck is the point of DDs and BBs exchanging fire?! | This isn't even training!
  103. > Yamashiro: Sorry, Michishio. | Are you hurt?
  104. >Michishio: You've become way too powerful for us since your remodel. | I'm leaving first!
  106. >Shigure: Yamashiro....
  107. >Yamashiro: Shigure! | Are you awake?! That's great.
  108. >Yamashiro: Are you alright?
  109. >Shigure: ....It's fine. | nobody would blame you for this kind of thing.
  110. >Shigure: Rather, they'd be happy that you've become more reliable.
  111. >Shigure: I feel that way, and so does Michishio.
  112. >Shigure: Yamashiro, you've become strong.
  113. >Yamashiro: ---mm.
  115. >Yamashiro: It's all because of Fusou Nee-sama--
  116. >[Yamashiro: Nee-sama has gotten stronger.]
  117. >[Yamashiro: In that case, I, too]
  118. >[Yamashiro: Cannot blemish the dignity of the Fusou-class!]
  119. >[Yamashiro: If only I could stand besides my sister...]
  121. >Amatsukaze: --The wind is a little disturbed.
  122. >Shigure: Amatsukaze.
  123. >Amatsukaze: I'm looking for field tester for a prototype boiler. | Is there any chance you might know a willing member of the Shiratsuyu-class?
  124. >Shigure: ...In that case, | do I count as a willing member?
  125. >Amatsukaze: Eh? But aren't you | tired from training?
  127. >Shigure: I want to do it. Please allow me.
  128. >[-Aquatic Training Arena-]
  130. >Shimakaze: THank you, Rensouhou-chan!
  131. >Shimakaze: Ah, I'm full! | Amatsukaze, eat up fast too!
  132. >Shimakaze: It's because Fubuki was clumsy.
  134. >Ushio: S...start it up again...!
  135. >Shigure: I as well.
  137. >Ushio: Stop....stop.....
  138. >Ushio: STtooPPPpPPppeeehhhhhhhhhhhh
  139. >Shigure: These storms....
  140. >SHigure: WHen will they....
  141. >Shigure: stop....
  142. >Shimakaze: I'm going to take that as a failure?
  143. >Amatsukaze: ....Ah, even the wind's stopped.
  145. >[-office-]
  146. >Amatsukaze: --To conclude,
  147. >Amatsukaze: our test results indicate that output is inconsistent, | and the boiler responds poorly to rudder shift.
  148. >Shimakaze: I can say with complete confidence that I lack confidence in this product in its current state. | Both test subjects were subsequently taken to the infirmary.
  149. >Amatsukaze: Thus concludes my report.
  150. >Akagi: already got test results? | In such a short time sure take thigns seriously.
  151. >Amatsukaze: Further testing under these circumstances would be a waste of time.
  152. >Akagi: Let's see, let's see...
  154. >Shimakaze: Hey,
  155. >Shimakaze: Those two are still going, you know. | Is that okay?
  156. >(on board: Do One Good Deed a Day / 一日一膳. It also translates to One Meal a Day.)
  157. >Amatsukaze: Eh?
  158. >Amatsukaze: What are those two doing?! | The boiler is clearly a failure!
  160. >Amatsukaze: ....really, take a break.
  161. >Amatsukaze: Even if it's a little rude to say...
  163. >[Ushio: Ehhhh]
  164. >[Ushio: But I....]
  165. >[Ushio: I....]
  166. >[Ushio: Leaving it to someone like me....]
  167. >[Sazanami: Don't say "someone me!"]
  168. >[Sazanami: We all know]
  169. >[Sazanami: Who is the most qualified!]
  170. >[Akebono: You are our Ace!]
  171. >[Akebono: Believe in yourself!]
  172. >Ushio: Please!
  174. >Shimakaze: Rensouhou-chan--
  176. >[Shigure: She accepted me.]
  177. >[Shigure: She was the one]
  178. >[Shigure: who showed me the way forwards.]
  180. >[Shigure: I want to catch up to]
  181. >[Shigure: That sihlouette.]
  183. >[Shigure: So that person]
  184. >[Shigure: Will not leave me behind]
  186. >Laga: Beautiful!
  187. >Shigure: Am-azing!
  188. >Akagi: Why do people | wish to become stronger?
  189. >Akagi: Is it to show their own strength? | Or to keep up with their rivals?
  190. >Akagi: Or is it to become the hero of justice who will save our world? It's all very romantic, right?
  192. >Akagi: For me, it's quite simple.
  193. >Akagi: To become strong is to become the strength of those close to you.
  194. >Akagi: To bring happiness to those important to you through your strength
  195. >Akagi: Isn't that happiness?
  197. >Amatsukaze: Shimakaze?
  199. >Shimakaze: Eh?! So we still can't use it?!
  200. >Amatsukaze: Obviously. Without further modifications, that kind of dangerous thing can't be used.
  201. >Shimakaze: When will they be ready~
  202. >Amatsukaze: Who knows? | They might just treat it as a write-off and put it into storage.
  203. >Shimakaze: Ehh--how can they do that?
  204. >Shimakaze: In teh end, it's just anotehr failure! Ahhhh, today was completely wasted!
  205. >Amatsukaze: Shimakaze! | you musn't say that!
  206. >Amatsukaze: Everyone did their bests for today's result. | Are you saying that they were wrong to do so?
  208. >Shimakaze: Ahh-hhh, my race with everybody's been postponed again.
  209. >[Shimakaze: Race, race][let's race!]
  210. >[Akagi: To bring happiness to those important to you through your strength][Isn't that happiness?]
  211. >Amatsukaze: Ah
  213. >Shimakaze: Afterall,
  214. >Shimakaze: Nobody
  215. >[Shimakaze: can catch Shimakaze!]
  217. >Amatsukaze: Well then, want to test that out with a race?
  218. >Amatsukaze: The loser | Will ahve to clean the pool tomorrow!
  220. Shimakaze: Mm!
  221. >Shimakaze: I told you! Shimakaze was definitely the first to get there!
  222. >Amatsukaze: Haaah?! Where'd you see that?! Ehh? Rensouhou-kun, I was the one who got there first, right?
  223. >Shimakaze: See, Rensouhou-chan agrees with me!
  224. >Amatsukaze: Hold on, she didn't say anything! Hey!
  226. >Amatsukaze: Okay, then rematch!
  227. >Shimakaze: Eh? Is that alright?
  228. >Shimakaze: Is that really alright? You know Shimakaze's going to win anyway.
  229. >Amatsukaze: Wasn't this inconclusive already?
  231. >Amatsukaze: It's a good wind tonight.
  232. >Laga: Speaking of which
  233. >Laga: Who is Akagi's important person?
  234. >Akagi: Eh? Mhmhmhm | Nevermind that, I'm hungry.
  236. >Laga: Please don't try to change the subject, didn't you just eat....
  237. >Zuikaku: Kaga, so you were here! | Hey, let's have a quick match
  238. >Akagi: Ara ara, Zuikaku's been full of energy lately.
  239. >Laga: Just a little upstart aiming for my position.
  240. >Zuikaku: It's okay, old lady, it's fine to retire and leave it to your successors.
  241. >Laga: A turkey that can only squeak and squawk should stay out of adults' affairs.
  242. >Laga: Ah, hold on, Akagi!
  244. [why did you even bother translating the preface if you you're not willing to translate the postface you piece of shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit]
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