Water Girl Chapter 1

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  1. Water Girl Series Chapter 1
  3. Mayu's Boss had been thinking about doing things to Mayu for a very long time now. He had been looking at Mayu, keeping a close eye on her. He looked at her chest and wonder how it would feel in his hand and what bra she wore. He looked at her thighs and imagine himself rubbing his hands up and down those shapely legs. He stared at her butt and wonder about what it would feel like to slap it.
  5. But mostly he imagined luring the trusting Mayu into the office, locking the doors and then pushing her down onto the couch with a kiss. Maybe she would resist and push back but he would push her down, rip apart Mayu's Mizuna uniform to reveal her chest, rip away her panties and ram himself into Mayu. Gagging Mayu with his hand he would wildly thrust inside Mayu's soft pussy while kneading her chest and that sweet girl would submit to his criminal need to dominate. He has always wonder what it felt like to fuck a sweet, Highborn Mizuna girl. He would join kneading her chest and enjoy the tears in her eyes as she begs her stop before he shoots his baby making batter inside her. And best of all he would get away with it like he did with that Kosho girl cause he had the power, connection and money.
  7. But he disgressed, he knew the police were still watching and he was prepared to wait, build up her trust further until finally the time was ready to strike and catch fresh, young meat. His own meat was already rock-solid hard at the thoughts of luring in  and violating Mayu's trust and body but for now he was going to fulfill another one of his fantasies.
  9. After wanking away his boner as best he could he walked out of his office and into the staff room. There he found Mayu talking to the Professor about art restoration techniques. Noting she was distracted he located Mayu's staff mug, a simple white mug already half-filled with water. MayuBoss pulled put a satchel from his pockets. He quietly opened the satchel and poured the white powder inside. It looked like sugar but it was actually a powerful diuretic that was used at a certain piss bar in Daito. MayuBoss smiled as he stirred the powder into the water.
  11. ~~~~~
  12. Mayu finished her chat with the Professor and began walking towards the door to start her shift. Today she had to take a group of young Primary School kids on a tour of the Gallery.
  14. "Ah Mayu-chan. How are you today"
  16.  She turned around to see her kind boss holding a mug out for her. It was a usual routine for a usual job. She liked to drink water before every tour to soothe her throat. Talking non-stop for a hour made her throat sore.
  18. "I am well. How have your wife and children been?" Mayu beamed back.
  20. "Same old. My boy is a growing tyke and always runs around the house." Her boss laughed it off and held out her mug "You want a drink before work?"
  22.  Mayu took the mug from her boss and gave her thanks she started gulped down the entire mug of water. She smiled and thanked her boss then walked away. She felt a tinge in her bladder but ignored it as she had work to do. She waved to the group of gathered JS students and introduced herself, beginning her work shift.
  24. -------
  26. "Here is our collection of Dogs figurines which date back to the Jomon.."
  28. Within 10 minutes she could already feel a incredible urge to see and her bladder was close to its limits. Mayu did not know why but she already needed to go to the toilet BAD. Normally she could wait until the end but her bladder was already full and sloshing. Her mouth was on auto speak as her mind was preoccupied elsewhere on her need to pee.
  30. She finished her well-rehearsed speech and took one step forward to the next exhibit when
  32. ~~~Pssst
  34. Mayu's hand flew between her legs and pushed into her skirt after she involuntarily let out a stream of piss, desperate to stem the flow whatever it took. She managed to clench her muscles together and avoided a massive accident. But she could feel her panties were already wet and soaked with piss. She was at her breaking point and her bladder was only growing. She needed to see now.
  36. "Onee-chan are you okay?" Asked one curious boy.
  37. Forcing a smile and regaining her composure Mayu replied "No, it's okay. Onee-chan is just a little tired. Please everyone walk up ahead to the next exhibit. I will meet you there. I just need to take a rest."
  39.  The confused crowd walked forward but one of them, the teacher, briefly smiled. She knew what was about to happen and had see the telltale signs before in the many videos she secretly watched when her daughter was out with friends.
  41. After the crowd had walked away, Mayu quickly dialled what could only be described as a emergency number. Crossing her legs, she called her boss and pleaded like a little girl.
  42. "Are you busy? Yes I really need help. I need to pee so bad. Can you please come lead the tour while I go to the toilet. I know your work is important but please I need to go. I am at my limit. I am about to see. Please let me go to the toilet. 15 more minutes? Uuu. I will wait then."
  44. Mayu hung up the phone and waddled/walked to the next exhibit meanwhile a certain criminal boss monitored Camera 14.
  46. ----
  48. Desperate. Mayu was so desperate now. She had never needed to pee this badly before. Her bladder was inflated full of pee and pressing through to her urethra. The pressure was unbearable and Mayu asserted all her willpower to hold it and attempt to get to the 15 minute mark when her boss would come to relieve her. The pain was made more unbearable as she could not cross her leg. The best she could do was press her legs firmly together. She needed to pee now.
  50. "Here is our k-katana exhibit" Mayu said trying to force her words out. "Mizuna Ward was once known no no, it's coming out. It's COMING OUT!"
  52. A unbearably loud hissing noise could be heard as a jet of yellow pee blasted from Mayu's suffering urethra through her skirt and onto the floor striking it with a loud pattering noise as it expanded outwards into a large puddle. Droplets of pee bounced from the floor and onto Mayu's school shoes. Streams of pee streamed down Mayu's pale white legs and into Mayu's black kneehigh socks soaking it as it made it's descent downwards into her school shoes. Mayu's hands gripped both side of her skirt in a iron grip trying to pull it down as if she were a backhand attempting to pull down the curtain early after a embarrassing mishap on stage. Her face was that of both relief and disgust. The gathered school kids backed away from the growing puddle and watched in a mix of shock, horror and fascination that this was happening to a High School girl from Mizuna, someone they were supposed to admire.
  54. The pee slowed down to a lighter stream, dribbles down her legs and eventually soft drops. When Mayu was done she crawled up into a foetal position and sobbed in humiliation. Her face and eyes red, tears coming down her face and into her leg. She did not even care if the children could see her soaked white cotton panties turned into a stain of yellow clinging to her girlhood. She wanted to crawl up and die.
  56. And then as if to rub in her humiliation even further there was a announcement over the PA
  57. "Janitor to exhibit 12. Janitor to exhibit 12"
  59.  Mayu sobbed even harder as she knew what that PA meant. The Janitor, a nice cleaning lady arrived and saw the mess. Mayu's soaked yellow panties, the droplets of pee on her shoes, the streak down her knocks, the droplets of pee on her thighs and leg and the large puddle of yellow pee that she was kneeling in.
  61. She patted Mayu on the back, hugged and re-assured her then led her away to a changing room all while the crowd continued to murmur. Some more crude boys and girls saying "Onee-chan peed so much, do all Mizuna girls pee in public?"
  63. The Janitor came back and announced the tour was cancelled. The class was told to go home. If you were a student from Daito or Kosho Ward you inwardly thought about how much that Mizuna bitch deserved this public upcoming. Some sympathise with her. Others would gradually develop a lifelong pee fetish and this was but their catalyst. Meanwhile one teacher maintained her composure as best she could as she shuffled away another kind of wetness in her panties and pantyhose. She knew what she was doing before dinner.
  65. ------
  66. Mayu's Boss was watching the scene the whole time. Replaying the scene over and over again he imagined his right hand was Mayu's cute mouth and that Mayu was being made to suck him off as 'punishment' for peeing herself and ruining the floor. He imagined Mayu begging him to let her go as she had to go again.
  68. He imagined refusing to let Mayu go until Mayu made him cum and since Mayu was inexperienced she would not be able to make him cum fast enough before the inevitable. He imagined that at the moment he came into Mayu's mouth he could hear her murmur something into his dickgag and a puddle would grown beneath Mayu soaking her kneesocks an wetting the sole of his shoes.
  69. -----
  70. Over and over the Teacher thought about what she just saw as she touched herself, rubbing herself intensely with her left hand. Her right slipped beneath her shirt, squeezing her right bra as she twiddle the areola in a circular motion with her index finger. She thought of the streams, the tears, the look of utter humiliation. The loud hissing noises. She rubbed faster as she thought of the moment that Mizuna girl could no longer hold it in and the pee came out. And fantasize about making a haughty, black-haired Mizuna girl full of pride and arrogance, disdainful towards her, break into a whimpering begging mess before being broken into a little girl peeing herself uncontrollably. Those thoughts brought about a amazing orgasm and she arched her back and moaned in pleasure as she came into her panties.
  72. When the pleasure subsided she looked at the clock. Good she finished just in time to prepare dinner. She dialled a number to her beloved only daughter and smiled.
  74. "Yes Reira. How was your day? Good to hear. Yes I had a great day as well. Say before you come back could you please pop by the grocery and buy some leeks and mom's favourite pudding. Thanks. Yes, I love you too."
  76. Mrs Ibuki hung up and got changed into a clean panty. It was a amazing day but she was still a mother and she had to get dinner ready.
  78. ------
  80. When Mayu got home her woes continued. Her mother screamed at her for ruining her uniform, because it was Mizuna and her uniform was 30 times more expensive. She was sent to her room without supper and she cried herself into her pillow until she fell asleep.
  82. When she woke up she found out she was lying in a puddle and that she had wet her bed for the first time in ages. She sobbed in her bed and refused to get up for school. She lied in bed until her mom forced the door open to drag her out of bed for school. Her mom yelled and screamed at her to get out of bed and she pulled her blanket closer. A struggled ensued as she pulled her blanket close trying desperately to keep her second humiliation under wraps and her angry mom determined to get her disgraceful teenage daughter out the door.
  84. Finally with a mighty yank her grip loosened and Mayu's mom pulled the blanket away. She screamed when she saw the sight. Her daughter with her pyjamas transparent and wet lying in a large puddle that smelt only of piss. She disgraced herself again by wetting the bed and that the expensive cotton and satin were ruined and soaked by a large puddle of piss. Like the uniform the bed was expensive and her shameful daughter ruined it.
  86. Mayu was pulled out of bed and made to lie on her mom's lap. Her pants were pulled down and her mom spanked her buttocks as hard as possible. It hurt as much as the humiliation. The fierce spanking and berating until her ass was spanked raw and left red. Mayu's mom pushed her daughter off and left her sobbing daughter in her own room to clean up the mess.
  88. Mayu cried and cried until she could cry no more and started to change out of her wet clothes. This was the worst moment in her life.
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