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Feb 10th, 2014
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  1. [b]Name[/b]: Flo Friday
  2. [b]Gender[/b]: STRONG GIRL
  3. [b]Race[/b]: Human w/Magic
  4. [b]Color[/b]: [color=#0096CC]a happy blue[/color]
  5. [b]Description[/b]: Flo is a young teen girl with tanned skin and a somewhat chubby build. She has curly hair, green with white streaks, sea green sunglasses, and a big smile with sparkly pink lip-gloss almost all the time. She has a silver jacket with green accents that's a bit tattered, light pink and purple fingerless gloves, a white shirt with a >:) printed on it, a black denim skirt, striped pink and green thigh high stockings, and big black boots.
  7. She's tough. She also does her best to make sure that her friends are safe and well, and isn't afraid to take some damage herself or make a hard choice if it means making sure they all get out of it alive. She tries to keep a happy and cheerful demeanor, no matter what the situation is, believing that she does have the power to set things right. She isn't afraid to speak her mind and go above and beyond the call, but at the end she's still a young girl so she does have some limits...
  9. [b]Items/Abilities[/b]: Besides her nigh-unbreakable will and desire to do whatever she sets her mind towards, Flo is also magic. She has a great understanding of symbol/rune based magic and has small magic runes written all over her clothes for easy spells to change her clothes slightly, make her hair a different color, or even sparkle when she goes "Aaaaaayyyy". She also has various other writing tools hidden on her person, ranging from powders to pens to markers to marbles and she also has a few runes for quickie spells.
  11. [b]Biography[/b]: [url=]The Vague Plague killed her family so she made a gang out of similarly affected people to get revenge on the nobles who obviously set the plague up to thin out the common masses.[/url]
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