Koromo wo Tsuki made Tsuretette!

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  1. Notes
  2. -===-
  4. "Fly Me to the Moon!" / Nina -
  5. "Watashi wo Tsuki made Tsuuretette!".
  6. A SF manga authored by Takemiya Keiko that started in 1977.
  7. A work inspired (and named after) by the English song, "Fly Me to the Moon", by Bart Howard.
  8. Nina is the main female lead in the story.
  10. -san/-chan -
  11. Japanese honorifics.
  12. -chan is usually used for girls and children in cases where one has more familiarity with the other party than -san.
  13. Koromo likely dislike being called -chan, due to it being similar to treating her like a child.
  14. Saki really did randomly use both towards Koromo.
  16. itadakimashita -
  17. Literally, "I received".
  18. Past tense of "itadakimasu", used to show thanks towards everyone who contributed to food / a meal before eating it.
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