Geniosity story

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  1. You are at the IOI competition, and you're not even here to compete
  2. > You are the deputy leader for North Korea, and hope your contestants perform well
  4. The North Korean team is in the middle of their routine when you arrive. They
  5.  look up from it, but don't seem too bothered by your presence.
  7. "Good job boys," you say. "We need more people like you".
  9. They all nod
  10. > However, you notice the fourth contestant is missing
  12. You walk over to where the fourth contestant is sitting. He looks up as he sees
  13.  you, but doesn't react in any way. He's just a normal looking man with no special
  14.  abilities or anything.
  15. He looks at you and then back down at his routine
  16. > He mutters under his breath that he does not support the supreme leader
  18. You hear this and think it was something about him being an idiot. You continue
  19.  on your way.
  20. You find out later that the fourth contestant was actually killed during the
  21.  show
  22. > Everyone thought his death was an act
  24. You know now why they were so upset. The fourth contestant had been planning
  25.  to defect to South Korea before the show started. When he found out that he
  26.  wasn't going to be able to do so, he decided to kill himself instead
  27. > You are unsure how you should report this incident to the leader
  29. You decide to tell the leader what happened. You explain that the fourth contestant
  30.  was a traitor who wanted to defect, but didn't have enough money to do so. You
  31.  also mention that he did not support the leader.
  32. You are met with silence
  33. > The silence continued for too long
  35. You continue to tell the story of the fourth contestant, and how he was trying
  36.  to get away from the country. You go into detail about how he was planning to
  37.  escape and how he was shot while attempting to do so.
  38. > The supreme leader shakes his head in disappointment
  40. You still haven't heard anything from the leader yet. You try calling him again,
  41.  but there is no answer. You call the next number you see, but it goes straight
  42.  to voicemail. You call the last one, but it is answered by someone else
  43. > This doesn't make sense since you were just talking to him
  45. You continue to call the numbers until you finally get through. You speak to
  46.  a woman who answers the phone. She seems very surprised to hear from you.
  47. > She tells you that you are brave to try to contact the leader
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